A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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 Paradigm Shift (Superpower Rp)

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Dr. Ran

PostSubject: Paradigm Shift (Superpower Rp)   Fri May 24, 2013 3:13 pm

To control and manipulate the world around us. To create the ultimate weapon. Nearly a decade ago our Government set out to create super powered soldiers to ensure the permanent safety of our nation. The means for developing these powers were inhumane experiments often on unwilling test subjects. The program was terminated once the experiments came to light. But that was not the end.

The Military Application of Paradigm Project (MAPP) was far from over even with funding cut. Tests continued by rogue and terrorist groups who got their hands on the test data, and soon the world was plagued by super powered threats. A solution was needed and the program was reinstated along with Paradigm Academy.

The serum was perfected to grant powers without side effect. Though it only worked a subject who has not yet reached full maturation of their cellular structure. Using the best and brightest of our youth they were able to stem the tide of threats to the general population. However, the golden age of Paradigm could only last for so long.

Ties with the Government were severed after public opinion turned against Paradigm and MAPP users in general. An anti serum was devised, and Paradigm was not exempt from the witch hunt that ensued as they attempted to eradicate MAPP from the world.

Everything changed with the Awakening. People everywhere developed powers and the world was in trouble yet again. Paradigm stepped up once more as a place for people to learn to safely use their powers in addition to taking up their old duties of policing super powered threats.

Now a new generation of hero is needed as Paradigm does it's best to recruit MAPP users of all ages to join forces with them to preserve the delicate balance that has been achieved. Will you answer the call?
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Paradigm Shift (Superpower Rp)
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