A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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PostSubject: Kiran Acarudo   Kiran Acarudo EmptyThu Apr 11, 2013 6:39 pm

• Kiran • Acarudo •

Kiran Acarudo 1599a41c-dd25-47ab-bcd3-5ab8a4f0507c_zps9fef6588

Name: Kiran Acarudo
Nickname: N/A
Age: 20
Weight: 140
Height: 5’4’’

Eye color: Light green
Hair color: Dark, almost black
Race: Shifter: Feline
Residence: Nomadic, currently moving in the general direction of Liberium
Nationality: Hails from a small clan in former West Virginia
Affiliation: Welcomed among the clan of her youth, accepted among the main feline clan but not a true part of either
Occupation: Hunter

Face Claim: Jessica Alba

• all in the details •

In her human form, Kiran is of an average height, and though she’s kept in shape by her work, she isn’t overly muscular. By human standards, she’s attractive, but growing up in the wild, she never cared much about her appearance. She has light green eyes that border on yellow. She generally wears her straight, dark hair loose and messy. Her clothing is generally dark in color, and anything she finds both comfortable and easy to maneuver in, or anything she can get a hold of. Her favored feline form is that of a black jaguar.

Kiran has always had a rigid sense of hierarchy; she’s very protective of those below her, but submissive and helpful to those above her. Her curiosity often leads others to believe she has a problem with authority, merely because she’s liable to question anything that isn’t a direct order. Naturally, along with this curiosity comes a love of learning and a desire to see the world outside of her Clan’s territory. She tends to be very meticulous and is rarely satisfied with the quality of anyone else’s work. At times, however, particularly in her animal state, she can be extremely susceptible to emotional influences, especially fear and anger, which can easily push her over the edge into madness. As a defense mechanism against this instability, she sometimes attempts to numb her emotions and think purely logically, but this is difficult in her animal form.


  • Shifting between human form and various feline forms
  • Sometimes when hurt, enraged, or scared, she won’t immediately remember how to shift back
  • Minor, untrained ability with druidic magic, which so far has only manifested in a few inexplicable instances of plants moving near her when they shouldn’t (I hope to develop this at some point during RP)


  • Hunting
  • Tracking
  • Survival skills
  • Climbing
  • Acrobatics

• the tale of a lifetime •

Kiran grew up in a wooded area of what was formerly West Virginia with her small clan. She had always known their clan was different, being primarily made up of jaguars and other cats preferring the woodlands, which tend towards a more solitary life than the large prides of the Great Plains. It was a delicate balance that held her clan together. Their human sides drew them together while their feline sides kept them nearly as solitary and territorial as would be expected of their breed. To maintain this balance, the clan was divided into family groups with their own small territories, each family consisting of a mother, her mate, and all of her children too young to start their own families. Some of these would leave the clan when they came of age. Many wouldn’t even make it to that point. However, those that stayed had to earn their place.

While Kiran was more than capable of providing for herself—the tough environment demanded self-sufficiency when there wasn’t enough to go around—she had a harder time finding her place in the clan. Her curiosity got her into trouble enough times to make relations with the clan outside of her family tense, and when she came of age and decided to leave the clan, everyone seemed relieved.

Two years since that bittersweet day she said her goodbyes and set out into the world, a lot had changed. It became obvious how isolated her clan had been. Rumors of the Others had of course reached their clan, and occasional sightings, but they were rarely affected by the outside world. To Kiran, both humans and Others were alien: fascinating and dangerous. She had been warned, in her short time with one of the great prides of Kakosan, that she was better off among her own kind, but she didn't stay long there. Continuing her nomadic lifestyle, she went back to the east, hating the wide open plains.

Sometimes she would visit the outskirts of some human or Other civilization when she grew lonely. Her fascination never dwindled, but she was intimidated by the complex social structure. The humans rarely noticed her, and in her human form, they didn't even know she was different. The Others were far more likely to sense something lurking, and it was heeder to get close to them without having any connections to begin with. Most of her experiences, therefore, were with humans, but her fascination with the Others only grew. She heard in a small human village she visited once that there was a city called Librium where man and Other attempted to coexist. Naturally, this seemed like the perfect place for her, and slowly she made her way further east.

Sometimes she thinks back on the relationships she’s had throughout her short lifetime with regret for the way they all ended: she left. While her clan didn’t force her out, everyone but the youngest of her sisters knew it was best for everyone and it amounted to the same thing. She most regretted leaving her two brothers; they had been unusually close to her. One had already found a mate and left the family by the time she left, but was still on clan territory and visited often. Kiran herself had failed to find a mate. There was a male she had been attracted to, and longtime friends with, but as they grew older, she watched him fall for someone else. In her time in Kakosan, she avoided making enemies, but didn’t make close friends, either. Every time she would meet someone in the human world or a friendly Shifter clan, sooner or later, the wanderlust would take over again and she’d move on. She told herself that she would settle down when she found the right place, but some part of her knew she would never find such a place, for no single place could ever hold her attention long enough.


Is this a Canon?: No

Is this your second character, and if so, who is your first?: First character on this site
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PostSubject: Re: Kiran Acarudo   Kiran Acarudo EmptyThu Apr 11, 2013 6:57 pm

I appreciate your interest in the site, but unfortunately it is no longer open. This site was started a year ago as a temporary measure to give a handful of displaced writers and very good friends a place to write while we waited for others to finish making their new site. That new site never launched, and Dark Renaissance was forced to be come a more permanent solution. In recent months it has suffered from inconsistent members, and a great deal of plot stagnation and thread death. We were working on revitalizing the site, but were unsuccessful due to the diminished player base and unreliable writers. There is a silver lining to this cloud however, another group of writers from our original site got tired of drama and bs, and decided to organize a mass exodus.

Dark Renaissance was born out of a desire to keep all the people that I have come to respect and care for together, because there is nothing worse than seeing your friends scattered to the four winds. It has always been about them so when the opportunity came along to unite old friends with old friends, and introduce them to new ones, the choice was clear. The result is a brand new site, with a large and active player base, made up of talented writers who enjoy the people they write with as much as the writing itself. I extend to you this invitation to come write with us in our new home. All of the members of Dark Renaissance's writer base and staff are there, and we are all very active.

The name of the site is Chaotic Origin.

Its Url is http://www.chaoticorigin.com/

My administrator name on the site is Zen. Please feel free to contact me through the PM system and I will do everything I can to assist you in joining the ranks of Chaos.


The Admin Formerly Known as Knight

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Kiran Acarudo
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