A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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PostSubject: Marcus Whitfield Khaine   Marcus Whitfield Khaine EmptyThu Apr 11, 2013 1:26 am

• Marcus • Whitfield • Khaine •

Marcus Whitfield Khaine Killer

Name: Marcus Whitfield Khaine
Nickname: Shade
Age: appears 20, hasn’t really thought to keep track
Weight: 188
Height: 6’2

Eye color: blood red
Hair color: pitch black
Race: Shadow fiend
Residence: his private castle in Librium, which is nearing completion
Nationality: N/A
Affiliation: Has done some contract work with Umbra
Occupation:Professional Assassin

Face Claim: Rain

• all in the details •

When on the warpath, Khaine is usually barefoot, wearing either in cargo pants or shorts, spattered in blood from head to toe. Madness gleams in his eyes, and a cruel grin twists his lips. His physique is reminiscent of a whipcord, and the world seems to darken almost imperceptibly around him. His hair hangs long around his face, framing his crazed visage. In times of “peace,” however, he is usually in an immaculate suite, armed with a crisp military saber at his hip.

Absolutely, undeniably, unquestionably insane. Khaine is a twisted being, with no other purpose than to exist, to conquer, and to kill. He revels in the Dance of Battle like nothing else. His end goal is to create a kingdom of his own to rule, and to this end, he will require many affiliates and underlings. He fears the sun, a cage strong enough to hold him and for some inexplicable reason, needles. Khaine is also masochistic. Whether or not this is due to his insanity or some demonic trait is unknown.
Khaine can craft weapons and objects out of shadows, usually clothes or swords, but these will dissolve under intense (brighter than normal indoor lights) light or direct sunlight. Has superhuman strength and speed, but under direct sunlight is as weak as a kitten. The effect can be replicated on a lesser scale with artificial light. Can transform into an ethereal cloud of shadow with increased speed, but cannot interact with the world in any way in that form. Cannot be killed unless by divine means (i.e. divine blade, priest, celestial, etc) but can be defeated or banished for about a month where he will not be able to manifest a physical form, and when he can, will be pathetically weak for a period of about three more months. Also, if caught outside during the day and defeated, even a small child could kill him. The human “shell” he creates for himself is physically weaker and can be broken to reveal his true form, which is a hulking monster appearing to be entirely made of shadow. His shell can also be broken by intense light. He has the power to bleed madness to those around him, the natural side effect being increased madness in himself. He can also make contracts with people, absorbing their souls to increase both his power, and theirs. They then, naturally, serve him, though they are usually able to pursue their interests to some extent.

He is well versed in both swordplay and the usage of a bladed chain, one of his preferred weapons. Very acrobatic, he rarely ends up where he doesn’t mean to. Throws tomahawk sized axes with terrifying accuracy.

• the tale of a lifetime•

Darkness and violence have been all Khaine has ever known. The only thing he is more acquainted with is the jagged edge of madness, wedged into his brain like a shard of ice. As a fiend he excelled, his savagery leading him to be a respected and feared being amongst the rest. But eventually he grew bored of the world he was in. He craved another place, ripe for the taking. Seeking routes to other worlds, he rather unexpectedly found himself in the human world, a seemingly perfect place to run a campaign of blood. So he set about learning the ins and outs of the new world he was in, gaining various contacts in the criminal underworld, including several in Umbra, a company he found most amusing.

Marcus had brought in a couple specimens for them, silenced a few people, the usual. It earned him a good name in the underworld, and as such, the work began to flow in. It was absolutely delicious how many people it would seem were willing to pay to have others eliminated. And so he began his climb up the ladder until his name was whispered in hushed tones accompanied with shivers and anxious glances into the shadows. They feared this Shade that was able to ghost targets most would never attempt with a heavily armed squad. Khaine drank it up, relishing their fear and respect. He knew then that he would be able to flourish in this world.

However, to fulfill his plans, he needed underlings, his own organization, and a true base of operations. He needed a castle. So he started up his company Shade Securities, an elite private security agency. Naturally, it was all a front. While the grand majority of his staff were professional assassins and mercenaries, a strong support staff of engineers, hackers, and medics backed the organization, along with the few business-minded people required to keep such a company running with a good name. So began the construction of Khaine’s castle in the outskirts of Liberium, a city in which he thought he would have a little more leeway with the sort of staff he hired, given their not entirely human composition. Of course, he had an office building in the city, but most of the day-to-day work was handled by several managers working under him. The castle was to be his residence and where the true business of the company was conducted.
Now, with his castle nearing completion, he turns his eyes to the future, to the bright, shining world of the humans. If he has his way, he will cover it with madness and shadow. First though, he’ll have to take Liberium.

Friends with the corrupt of the law enforcement

Is this a Canon?: Nope

Is this your second character, and if so, who is your first?:First on the site Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Marcus Whitfield Khaine   Marcus Whitfield Khaine EmptyThu Apr 11, 2013 6:29 pm

I appreciate your interest in the site, but unfortunately it is no longer open. This site was started a year ago as a temporary measure to give a handful of displaced writers and very good friends a place to write while we waited for others to finish making their new site. That new site never launched, and Dark Renaissance was forced to be come a more permanent solution. In recent months it has suffered from inconsistent members, and a great deal of plot stagnation and thread death. We were working on revitalizing the site, but were unsuccessful due to the diminished player base and unreliable writers. There is a silver lining to this cloud however, another group of writers from our original site got tired of drama and bs, and decided to organize a mass exodus.

Dark Renaissance was born out of a desire to keep all the people that I have come to respect and care for together, because there is nothing worse than seeing your friends scattered to the four winds. It has always been about them so when the opportunity came along to unite old friends with old friends, and introduce them to new ones, the choice was clear. The result is a brand new site, with a large and active player base, made up of talented writers who enjoy the people they write with as much as the writing itself. I extend to you this invitation to come write with us in our new home. All of the members of Dark Renaissance's writer base and staff are there, and we are all very active.

The name of the site is Chaotic Origin.

Its Url is http://www.chaoticorigin.com/

My administrator name on the site is Zen. Please feel free to contact me through the PM system and I will do everything I can to assist you in joining the ranks of Chaos.


The Admin Formerly Known as Knight

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Marcus Whitfield Khaine
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