A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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PostSubject: Bronwyn W.I.P.   Bronwyn W.I.P. EmptyMon Apr 01, 2013 2:42 pm

• Bronwyn • Rosalyn • Clay •

Bronwyn W.I.P. 26uz6

Name: Bronwyn Rosalyn Clay
Nickname: Wyn
Age: 19
Weight: 110
Height: 5'8"

Eye color: Blue-Grey
Hair color: Light blonde with strawberry highlights
Race: Human
Residence: Librium
Nationality: U.S.
Affiliation: None
Occupation:(What your character does for a living)

Face Claim: I hate doing this. I really do. I have no respect for this individual as a musical artist, however her face is perfect for Bronwyn... Obviously, this is the face of Taylor Swift.

• all in the details •

(Please write at least a paragraph explaining your appearance. We understand that you have an image, but you may differ from it in some way. So please describe your character here.)

(Write at least a paragraph explaining what your character is like. What their personality is, how they act on a daily basis or in different situations. Flesh them out a little bit.)
(Tell us what, if any, abilities that your character has. Flesh them out completely. Give strengths and weaknesses to any abilities. There is no strength without a weakness, so put thought into your abilities.)

(Any skills your character has whether they are from the race they are, or perhaps from something they have studied and learned.)

• the tale of a lifetime•

Like many of the individuals of her generation Bronwyn's childhood was one that lacked security and support, whose wouldn't when growing up in a war that seemed as though it would never end. With a mother who had children for no reason other than to attempt to leach off the unwilling fathers she was one child out of more than a half dozen. Not all of her siblings were fully human either, and some were taken away by their fathers shortly after their birth; Bronwyn was jealous of those ones. There were times when her mother bit off more than she could handle when she would pick individuals to father her next child, times were all of them were at risk due to a careless woman who saw her progeny as a food ticket and seldom more.

Tyr was the one who really took care of everyone until she was old enough to help. He was already 13 when she had been born and plenty old enough to go off on his own if he had wanted to. Despite the great age difference they were close and Tyr always paid special attention to her, Bronwyn sometimes wondered if they had the same father as they both had the same steel blue eyes a stark contrast to their mothers muddy brown ones. Besides being her best friend Tyr was also the eldest of them all, even the ones who had left. He always did his best to take care of his siblings, even if there were times with the half bloods that he didn't know what to do. To Bronwyn's knowledge there had only been two hybrids born before her and each had left as soon as they were able. As she grew older she helped to take care of the little ones allowing her brother to find work during the day to supplement the living their mother never tried to make.

It was only when Bronwyn started to turn into a woman that her mother paid attention, waiting for the day when her daughter would be old enough to work on her back as well. Ever watchful it was Tyr who protected her, and eventually Tyr who sent her away. By that time the war had been over for a few years, a tentative peace that always seemed on edge. Though she was a far cry from an adult it was time for her to step up and take charge of her life least she end up living the same life that her mother had. With three months worth of wages from Tyr Bronwyn left their small, dirty hovel like home with a promise from Tyr that their mother would not be having anymore children. She didn't ask how her brother would keep that promise, only sure that he would. The youngest was Anya, a half blooded shifter, who was 6 and Tyr said that he would wait til she was old enough and take her away too. Maybe someday they would see each other again, he had said as he sent her on her way.

Bronwyn wasn't sure where she would go; she had only a few skills, some coins to her name, and two extra sets of clothes that had seen better days. With a resolute set of her chin she left Librium, they had relocated there when the war ended, and set toward Bastion. It took her a few months to walk up the coast and in doing so she fell in love with the ocean. It reminded her of Tyr's eyes, and by association her own. She knew that she would have to be strong like Tyr if she were to survive the way he would want her too. She arrived to the city 30 million strong in the summer of her 14th year. It didn't take her long to settle in the massive city, nor did it take her long to find work with her pretty enough face. She started working in a pub at night, working her way up from cleaning tables, waitresing and serving, until she was one of the most skilled bartenders in the place. On her off nights and during the day she baby sat others children for extra money. That money she set aside to save for a time when she would really need it.

For five years Bronwyn made herself a comfortable life in Bastion, it was only when a small bone thin girl of 11 showed up that Bronwyn felt the need to return to Librium. Anya had shown up with a grizzly man who was distinctly other, she knew that it must of been her half sisters father. The girl had only one thing to do, give Bronwyn a message. Tyr had disappeared about 2 months ago, and Anya would have surely been dead had the man with her not found her. It was clear that the man wasn't really sure what to do with a half grown child, let alone with one that was his but he seemed to care enough about her to take his half blood child, and him a shifter, into the huge human city to give a stranger a message. The group left Bastion that night, all headed back to Librium.

Upon entering the city they separated, and Bronwyn realized that it was the summer of her 19th year; exactly five years after she had left.

(A place to write anything that didn't quite fit in the above sections. Phobias, criminal records, anything you feel the staff should know or that you want to keep track of and have written down.)

Is this a Canon?: (yes or no)

Is this your second character, and if so, who is your first?: First character.

W.I.P. I'll be back at it after class
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PostSubject: Re: Bronwyn W.I.P.   Bronwyn W.I.P. EmptyThu Apr 11, 2013 6:30 pm

I appreciate your interest in the site, but unfortunately it is no longer open. This site was started a year ago as a temporary measure to give a handful of displaced writers and very good friends a place to write while we waited for others to finish making their new site. That new site never launched, and Dark Renaissance was forced to be come a more permanent solution. In recent months it has suffered from inconsistent members, and a great deal of plot stagnation and thread death. We were working on revitalizing the site, but were unsuccessful due to the diminished player base and unreliable writers. There is a silver lining to this cloud however, another group of writers from our original site got tired of drama and bs, and decided to organize a mass exodus.

Dark Renaissance was born out of a desire to keep all the people that I have come to respect and care for together, because there is nothing worse than seeing your friends scattered to the four winds. It has always been about them so when the opportunity came along to unite old friends with old friends, and introduce them to new ones, the choice was clear. The result is a brand new site, with a large and active player base, made up of talented writers who enjoy the people they write with as much as the writing itself. I extend to you this invitation to come write with us in our new home. All of the members of Dark Renaissance's writer base and staff are there, and we are all very active.

The name of the site is Chaotic Origin.

Its Url is http://www.chaoticorigin.com/

My administrator name on the site is Zen. Please feel free to contact me through the PM system and I will do everything I can to assist you in joining the ranks of Chaos.


The Admin Formerly Known as Knight

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