A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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PostSubject: Arya Sinclair   Arya Sinclair EmptyMon Mar 11, 2013 6:09 pm

• Arya • Evelyn • Sinclair •

Arya Sinclair Alicia_silverstone_16112

Name: Arya Evelyn Sinclair (Project Name Bastet)
Nickname: Bastet
Age: 20
Weight: 120lb
Height: 5 foot 4 inches

Eye color: Emerald Green
Hair color: Dirty Blonde
Race: Werecreature (New Breed: Leopard)
Residence: (Chicago, IL (Former)
Nationality: American
Affiliation: Omni Corporation (Project)

Face Claim: Alicia Silverstone

• all in the details •

Arya has long dirty blonde hair that she often ties up loosely in a ponytail and short messy bangs that are brushed away from her eyes. She also possesses bright emerald green eyes that are almost always alive with curiosity and interest, which fit with her rather cheerful nature. Her skin is rather pale as a result of the extent of time spent within the facility she was kept, as she is not used to the outside world and its environment. Her most unique traits are her mutations, as the result of being a failed project back during the beginnings of the New Breed experiments. In human form she maintains the ears and tail of her feline counterpart, both of which are functional. She also has slightly larger canines, as the creature that she was based from is of a predatory nature. She tries to hide her mutations as best as she can, hiding her tail within her somewhat baggy dark grey pants, and using a large tuque (hat) to keep her ears hidden. She sometimes wears a headband with holes cut out, in an attempt to make it appear as if her ears are simply costume items. She also likes to wear a white tank top, preferring lighter clothes rather than things that will slow her down. In terms of physique she maintains a well-toned build: not extremely muscular, but with muscle showing in her arms, as well as strong legs to compliment her endurance.

Prior to the tests that she endured to put her in her current predicament, Arya had a calm and rather easygoing personality. She would follow her superiors' orders without question, and often did as she was told. When dealing with her equals she sometimes became short tempered, wanting to see things done the right way, rather than leaving things to the less qualified. She always wanted to see things done the right way, and so would often volunteer for jobs just to accomplish things. Because of this she would also prefer to work alone than with others, though was by no means antisocial. She still had friends that she got along with, a rather kind person to those that she maintained ties with.

After having been awakened with no sense of her past life though, she has developed a rather warm outgoing personality. She has become much more social and easygoing, though the stigma of being a mutant at times forces her to maintain some sense of distance from others. At times her animalistic instincts poke through the surface, and she reverts to actions or behaviour more akin to a cat (such as being distracted by small animals to pouncing on small moving objects), which she never seems to fully realize. She has a fondness for children, and enjoys having the small space behind her feline ears scratched. She also loves to receive attention and pampering.


Normal Form:
Mutated: Because of her origins, Arya has retained a couple of her were traits in her human form. She always maintains the ears and tail of her werecat self, which while act as a stigma within society, allow her inhuman hearing and balance maintained by her race.
Telepathy: The ability to read and project thoughts to another living being by thought. Requires some level of consciousness to do, so she cannot use it in her sleep. While it does not require line of sight, it requires her to know the target, and to be within 20 meters.
Psychic Bubble: The ability to conjure a visible bubble of life energy, up to the size of a 10 foot diameter. The conjured effect appears to be a transparent bubble with a slight purple colour and rubbery texture, and its strength is determined by thought: in the weakest form it requires little thought to produce can be used as a cushion to catch a falling object of up to 400lb, but with greater concentration it can be used as a defensive barrier that protects those inside from external attacks. Both concentration and energy are required to use it defensively, and attacks to the bubble drain Arya of strength. The weakest forms can be destroyed by either projectile or sharp objects, while the 'concentrated' form require her to exhaust herself of strength, leaving her vulnerable. While capable of deflecting physical attacks, overly powerful blows such as having a car crash against it will cause the barrier to break. If she is fully refreshed, then she can maintain it for a total of five minutes at its greatest strength (assuming no attacks are made against it) and she cannot use any other power while maintaining it. In its weaker form however, it can be sustained for as long as it resides in her thoughts.
Telekinesis: The ability to move and manipulate objects by thought alone. She is capable of lifting something almost twice her own weight, but the heavier or larger the target, the more focus is required. Cannot be used to manipulate minute things, such as firearm triggers or grenade pins.
Psyshock: The ability to amplify and project her own body's electrical energy in the form of an offensive strike. Can be used as either a close ranged attack (shocking something by touch), or as a ranged attack in the form of a projectile. Since it requires her own energy to create and manipulate the attack, she is forced to use the ability sparingly.
Meditation: By ceasing all physical distractions, Arya is capable of focusing on her psychic power to improve its strength. While in her meditative state, she no longer stands, and instead remains suspended by psychic means. She also becomes unable to move or physically speak, as to reduce the distractions of the outside world. The entire process becomes extremely tiring, and so is only used in dire situations.

Were Form:
Enhanced: While in were form Arya can not use her psychic powers, but instead relies on brute strength. Having been based off of a predatory hunter, she possesses great strength and speed while in her more animalistic form, able to compete with the strongest of normal humans with ease. However her instincts act before the rest of her, and so she may become distracted by other priorities.
Focused: Despite her animalistic nature, Arya can minimally tap into the powers she held in human form to attempt to gain control over her animalistic side, allowing her some time of clarity when primal instinct would take over. Though it will allow her to think more clearly, it requires a great amount of concentration, meaning that she cannot use it when in the heat of battle. She is still also rendered unable to perform tasks that her race cannot take on normally, such as use a firearm.

Both Forms:
Rending Claws: In both her human and were form, Arya has sharp feline claws as her most basic form of attacking. In human form she can will her fingernails to elongate into long sharp cat claws, while in her werecreature form they sprout out from her paws. This ability is much stronger in her were form, where they can extend out to a maximum of six inches and are as strong as steel. In human form however they maintain the size ratio and strength of her feline counterpart.

Agile: Due to her were genetics, she has an uncanny ability to run and climb with greater ease than a normal human.
Keen Senses: Due to her were genetics, she has an improved sense of sight and hearing, and is more sensitive to loud sounds.

• the tale of a lifetime•

Born and raised within the city of Chicago, Arya has always shown interest in military training, having been physically fit as a child. Her favourite past time was engaging in the 'sport' of free running: the idea of leaping and moving between some of the most absurd of places for the sheer thrill. At the age of 19 she signed up for the military, when the war against the non human races was still a fresh concept in the mind of most, and she was transferred to the Omni Coporation to work with their security. Having shown a level of physical prowess that brought attention to herself, she was selected as an appropriate test subject for the initial stages of the New Breed project. In her case her employers wanted to find a way to pass on the strength and speed that the were curse offered, but without the animalistic changes that ensued. She became known as project Bastet, named after the female feline goddess in Egyptian myth, as they had chosen to use the DNA of a leopard in her case. The project was a minute success, for while she still suffered the transformation granted by the were curse, she maintained the enhanced senses of the animal of their choice. This was at a cost though, for due to some genetic error she would maintain a few feline traits in her human form.

As she had been one of the very few to survive this experiment, she became to focus of yet another experiment. While her creators had found the inability to prevent the change caused by the magic's curse, they still wanted to find a solution to the New Breed's inability to use man made firearms in combat. The idea of having a creature with terrifying speed and strength, that could stalk prey with an animalistic cunning, and be able to use military firearms was a rather tantalizing dream. Their idea was simple: find a way to improve the intelligence of the New Breed when having changed, to allow them the know-how to use military weapons, despite the limitations that the animal mind would face.

This time however the test proved to be a failure, as rather than improve the intelligence of Arya in her were form, her brain's activity became rather erratic, causing some fear that the increased activity could cause an increase in pressure which could kill one of their few successful projects. At this point she was placed in suspended animation, where they had hoped to keep her until they had found a way to reverse the problem that had been caused, and save one of their few surviving projects. Time however soon took its toll, and with other things in the outside world taking greater importance, their creation was soon forgotten, and was left to drift through time. Despite the suspension her physical self was placed into, she still found herself floating in and out of consciousness as time took its toll, and eroded her memories of who she once was.


Is this a Canon?: No

Is this your second character, and if so, who is your first?:Second (First character is Tayva Aschaund)
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Arya Sinclair
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