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 5 Alarm Amanda!! (Wes)

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PostSubject: 5 Alarm Amanda!! (Wes)   Thu Mar 07, 2013 11:38 pm

Where are we going? You said we were going to go shopping. Amanda chimed in from the backseat of Amelia's new black SUV that she had bought. For the future, where she and Jack planned to have more children it was more practical. Not to mention it was safer for Amanda and as she grew up she would be getting into doing more and more things.

We are. We're picking up a friend first.

Is this a blind date? Cuz those never go well...

Amelia laughed. And what do you know about blind date's missy?

I see things. I read things. I hear things.

Amelia laughed as she pulled into the side lot of the firestation. Amanda's eyes were glued to the building as she honked her horn twice and waited. Sending a text too just incase he was too busy talkin' with the guys to have heard her horn.

Amelia got out of the car when she saw Wesley crossing the parking lot and then she was in his arms for a long friendly hug. Wesley was... like a brother to her. Everything she ever needed or wanted she knew that she could always count on Wesley for. It seemed that people thought Jack should be that person, and he was getting there, but Wesley knew her in ways that she wasn't sure Jack did just yet and so for now, she kept Wesley as close as ever.

She was seeing a therapist, and often times when she was confused or upset after the appointments she would pull over to the side of the road and call Wesley and talk some things out. Knowing that while he might tease her, he was never mean and he never really judged her. He was always supportive and it was good to have someone there that didn' thave a stake in her like Jack did. He wanted her to get better so they could get married, be physical, and do the whole bit. And because he loved her. But, Wes loved her in a different way and when she needed him to be frank, he was.

There's someone I want you to meet. she told Wesley warmly as they walked to the car and she opened the back door. There was Amanda, watching them with her big eyes, taking it all in. Wesley this is Amanda, Jack's daughter, Amanda this is Wes.

Is he your guy on the side?

Amelia laughed. No.. he's my best friend in the whole world.
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PostSubject: Re: 5 Alarm Amanda!! (Wes)   Fri Mar 08, 2013 12:26 am

Wes hung out at his firehouse for an extra twenty minutes after his shift, bored out of his mind. The guys had left on a fire call almost immediately after the shift change, and he had no interest in watching television during the middle of the day.

If I started doing that, I might as well start being my grandmother. Next thing I know, I'll be more obsessed with gossip than the real world. Oh, Amelia would love that.

A couple of honks alerted him from his pensive state to the new black SUV in the rear driveway. Without much time to stand from his seated position on the couch, his phone buzzed with a text message from Amelia. Once he stepped outside, Wes saw Amelia step out of the new truck, and they exchanged a long hug.

Hey you. You didn't need to exit your fancy new vehicle for a hug. Everything ok?

Once the hug pulled apart and she nodded, Wes smiled at his little blond friend. Amelia explained she wanted to introduce him to someone, and Wes followed her to meet Amanda. Turned out Amanda was Jack's daughter...another mystery man who Wes technically had never met.

Is he your guy on the side?

Wes laughed as Amelia explained that they were best friends.

She just wishes she could get a guy on the side like me, Wes let out in between guffaws, Its nice to meet you Amanda.

I know, lots of people like meeting me. I should be a celebrity.

Casually sitting in the front seat, Wes looked throughout the new car and whistled, impressed.

Very nice. Starting the family sooner than anticipated? When do I get to drive this? What's the plan for today, anyway? You just told me shopping and lunch and that lunch was on me. What gives, Ames?
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PostSubject: Re: 5 Alarm Amanda!! (Wes)   Fri Mar 08, 2013 12:36 am

Amelia was proud of her new baby.

The money she was making from renting out the condo allowed her to get this without having to worry ab out where the money to pay for it was going to come from. And she hadn't had to touch her savings. She sat in the car now that the introductions were over and Wes climbed in whistling at the leather and all black interior with chrome accents here and there. Not to mention a Nav system, and various other nice computerized components that she hadn't had on the last car. Her favorite part was the double sun roof.

Wesley! Seriously!? she glared at him. The places your mind goes!

I want a sister!

Amelia glared at Wes. Mouthing thanks. Well you have to talk to your Daddy about that one kiddo. There are a few steps to achieving that, only he can do.

She glared at Wes again. Keep. Your. Mouth. Shut!.

As she put the car into drive and they circled the lot she pulled back onto the street and Wes was all ready bombarding her with questions. Honestly, he was worse than the nearly 8 year old in the back seat when it came to those. He always had been. She remembered the summer that his Grandmother had promised him the newest gaming console if he could keep himself from saying a single word for an entire day. He'd made it one hour, and no one thought he'd make it that long. He was the biggest social butterfly she had ever met, not to mention the most inquisitive.

We are going shopping. Amanda is our special guest! I figured Jack could use a little alone time after the whole trial and everything, and Amanda and I have been needing to shop. Plus, I figure it's time that someone got to meet you in the Conners family. she laughed.

He asked what was up and she shrugged.

Nothing you don't all ready know about. she didn't talk about her therapy in front of Amanda. In fact, she was getting a lot better. Jack and she had finally been fully intimate a few days ago and the raise in Jack's personality and demeanor had proven how happy that made him.

What's new in the firehouse? she asked curiously.

Do you fight fires everyday? Do you get to ride in the big red truck?
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PostSubject: Re: 5 Alarm Amanda!! (Wes)   Fri Mar 08, 2013 1:03 am

I want a sister!

The glare spoke a thousand threats of death, and all Wes did to counter was his most innocent face and inquisitive What? Me? You're crazy! look. Working hard not to laugh when Amelia explained to Amanda about steps to getting a new sister, Wesley made sure not to continue the line of questioning until they were in private. The last thing he needed was Amelia or the mysterious Jack on his case about discussing the birds and the bees with Amanda on accident....or purpose. Whatever was funnier anyway.

We are going shopping. Amanda is our special guest! I figured Jack could use a little alone time after the whole trial and everything, and Amanda and I have been needing to shop. Plus, I figure it's time that someone got to meet you in the Conners family.

She shrugged about the new things in her life, explaining that nothing was new except the things he already knew about. That mean therapy was going well, and Wes was glad things had been getting better since the hearing. It was unbelievably stressful on Wes to see Amelia in such a position, and he knew Kali was worried about him since they basically held hands the entire time. She would've known everything he was feeling...he just hoped she was feeling the love he had for Amelia in the right context. Kali was the girl for him...Ames was just the person who he could count on for everything...but in a friend way.

Do you fight fires everyday? Do you get to ride in the big red truck?

Wes turned in the seat to face the little girl in the back, who sat with an expectant look on her face.

Well, I don't fight fires every day, thankfully. I do ride in the big red trucks every day, though. If you'd like we could take a ride in a fire truck after lunch and shopping.

Amanda's eyes turned wide and she looked at Wesley liked he had promised her the world.

Can we really!?! That would be awesome! You're the coolest!!

See Amelia? I'm the coolest.
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PostSubject: Re: 5 Alarm Amanda!! (Wes)   Fri Mar 08, 2013 10:08 am

Oh.. My... God....

This. This was an epic mistake. Amelia groaned out loud as Amanda said that Wesley was the coolest. Of course... he was the coolest but telling him such things lead to MONTHS of him reminding the people around him of such things. His ego had never suffered. She was never sure if it was because of his rich life and lifestyle or if it had something to do with just.. knowing being cocky was annoying as hell and therefore decided that was his way to go.

When Wes turned back to reitterated that he was the coolest she gave him 'the look'. Not that he wasn't immune to it. He'd been seeing it from her since she was in the second grade. It was something their Grandparents had always talked about. How adult they always seemed at times when Wesley was doing something Amelia didn't like. She didn't even say anything, she just.. glared until he stopped.

Probably why their Grandparents were still talking like one day the two of them were going to wake up and realize they loved each other. Funnily enough, they both loved other people.

Don't feed the animals, Amanda.

But,.... two could play this game and it was about to get REALLY fun for Wes. Because she knew something that Amanda didn't and it would make Amanda soooo excited. As they pulled up to a stop light she twisted in her seat for a moment leveling her teal eyed gaze at the almost 8 year old.

Wesley dates Miss Kalinda. From the office.

Ohhhh darn! Greeen light!

She grinned at Wes and turned to keep on driving. Today was going to be a blast. Exhausting but a blast. This right here was why they would never get married and have children. Because they would totally, be the kind of parents that used fun little comments like that to get their kids to...

Amanda gasped as realization settled in.

MISS KALI!!! Amanda squealed. Are you gonna get married and have babies! I bet the babies would be cute! I want to be in the wedding! I want to wear a pink dress though, so you need to tell Miss Kali that... Amanda nodded firmly. It should be in the summer, so that we can all wear pretty and short dresses, and we can have lots of flowers.

Amelia just grinned. Oh.. it was going to be a good day.
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PostSubject: Re: 5 Alarm Amanda!! (Wes)   

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5 Alarm Amanda!! (Wes)
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