A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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 Wooden Dolls (pride) COMPLETE

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PostSubject: Wooden Dolls (pride) COMPLETE   Sat Mar 10, 2012 1:29 pm

The weather poured just outside. Raindrops rattling upon the pavement like the shell casing of bullets falling from the sky. When the weather man had said they were under a heavy rain watch, he wasn't kidding. People were huddled underneath awnings, hidden away in buildings. No one really wanted out there. The vault of sky above them almost feeling as if it were closing in.

She watched it all crash down. Here in some ice house, which she had already forgotten the name of. The large garage doors open, allowing the rain to splatter at the legs of tables nearby. Just beyond, the clatter of drops beat upon the rooftop and the rolled doors, almost drowning out the bad bar music someone had actually paid for in the juke box. She was settled at a table. The wood so old and worn, she wasn't sure if the dark sepia color was from age or varnish. Numbers, names, quotes and phone numbers were itched into the grain. Some of the lines marked with ink from pens. There were lovers. Names of those who had been here before. Blunt fingers scratched over the 'scroll' work blindy, as if she were reading their stories beneath like braille.

In her left hand, a dark amber bottle of beer slowly nursed her thirst. A bowl of peanuts sat half empty before her. Lunch. It was cheap. A little liquid, a little protein, and she would be sure to go. Soon.

Just where soon to go meant, she didn't know. Since the end of the war, life moved like an unwritten story. Blank pages that were yet to be filled. Time had proved an undependable friend. All she had was the money in the billfold tucked in her back pocket, her leather jacket, and life stuffed away in the olive drab backpack resting against the side of one boot. And memories. The war. The loss. A few scars.

The bottle was brought to the pout of her coral lips, as not far behind her, Cyd could hear the rumblings of a drunk attempting to argue politics with a young man dressed far too civilized for the establishment. She tried to ignore them. Focusing on the pounding rain. Pushing away the words like Paladin, Umbra, Omni, and were. Each one made the fine hairs on the back of her neck stand up. Arguments that had to do with were creatures never ended well. Especially, if there was one among them.

"Hell, I don't mind them. I think we should all have one or two. Just on the end of a damned leash," the man contended with a hard smack of his fat hand on the back of the other's shoulder, "I mean, would be good to have a bitch or two, when the wife ain't willing to let you have a good fuck." He laughed, as if it nothing but a good old boy joke. A few others chuckled around him.

Cyd glanced down at the bowl of peanuts. Her fingers fumbled through the salty mixture, then picked up a few and popped them in her mouth. It was better to stuff food in right now, then to accidently find her mouth entering the conversation. Especially, at this point.
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PostSubject: Re: Wooden Dolls (pride) COMPLETE   Mon Mar 12, 2012 2:27 am

"Weeellll... we came up a bit short and decided that you're going to give us a really good discount, since you're alone and all." The words spoken in the scratchy voice that seemed on the verge of laughter had Malik thinking about how he came to be sitting here at this table.......

Malik had contacts all over, most of them were friends from the war that he made sure he kept in touch with. One of them, a human who always had a way of getting things that were in rare supply. After the war, this contact turned his ability to acquire into a lucrative business. He dealt in elven contraband, that brought a high price because the human government outlawed its possession. Thanks to that contact, Malik came into possession of Elvish Dream Potions, magical elixirs that give unbelievably vivid and lasting dreams, at a very good price. Leave it to humans to develop an addiction for something benign. The plan was to smuggle the goods into Librium, meet with a buyer, and make a profit off the sale. There was always a market for anything people weren't allowed to have.

The key to good smuggling was having a good cover, and the best cover was the truth. Librium was the Pride's normal port of harbor. It was the main headquarters for The Omni Corporation, a company that they had frequent dealings with. It was time to check in and see if there were any jobs that were being farmed out. The Pride also needed to resupply, so there was unquestionable reason for the visit to Librium. At the city limits Malik had to park the Mule and disconnect the cargo section. The Mule was a armored troop and equipment transportation vehicle, a relic of the war that he spent every credit he had saved, to purchase from a scrap yard and repair. The trailer was armored, with three machine gun turrets as defense. Combat capable vehicles weren't allowed inside the city limits. The trailer was cumbersome on cramped streets anyway, so Malik left part of the Pride behind to keep watch over things.

The drive section detached and had no weapons of its own so it was allowed in. The Mule stopped at the edge of the slums, dropped off Malik, and then pulled away so they could do what shopping was needed. It a two mile walk in the pouring down rain, but Malik didn't mind. Only house cats didn't like the rain. His black boots and pants were surplus military issue, and thus waterproofed for all weather deployment. His coat had a hood, and the backpack with the goods was sealed good and tight. There was no need for anyone else to come along, as it was just a routine exchange with people he had dealt with before.

He'd managed to walk two miles through the rain, right into a trap. Malik shifted his head to the side after the brief moment of reflection was over. Two men at tables behind him were staring with the same unsavory intent as the two that were sitting at tables behind the man who just renegotiated their bargain. "I don't think the rest of my people will be too happy with me if I go giving out discounts. They know what their cuts are, and I don't like shortchanging them," Malik said with the flat tone that came when emotions were pushed aside. He was running the numbers and the outcome didn't look good. There were five of them all together and one of him. The ones he could see were letting him get a good look at the handles of the guns they were hiding. He couldn't take them all on. He would have to shift to get out of this alive, and shifting inside city limits was almost a crime. They couldn't outlaw what he was, but the law could sure as hell come down on him hard if they wanted to.

"Well, Mal..... they aren't here, so I guess you can pay them what they lose out of your share." The words were followed by a sarcastic laugh, ".... which is exactly nothing."

Deep brown eyes stared across the table, and let their focus relax. Instead of watching every detail of the moves the man across the table from him made, Malik watched the silhouettes of the three he could. If one of them moved for a gun, Malik wouldn't go for the gun he had holstered on his hip. He would lung across the table and tear out Devin's throat while he shifted into the beast. While he waited to see what they did, he tried to pick out the sounds of the two men behind him. He wanted some clue as to what they were doing, but all he got was some ignorant asshole's were creature joke. The last thing he needed was insult to injury . "Ignorant prick...." he rumbled to himself as the beast inside started pacing restlessly. It wasn't out of anger that the Lion within him stirred, it was necessity that moved him.
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PostSubject: Re: Wooden Dolls (pride) COMPLETE   Mon Mar 12, 2012 4:26 am


Rain. Disgusting. Wrinkling her nose in her annoyance, Nessa reached up and adjust the hood of her trench coat so it covered her face better. The fur lining on the inside kept her nice and toasty, just the way she liked it. While she was perfectly capable of surviving in shit weather, she currently shouldn't have needed to. She'd watched Malik walk off by himself, eying his retreating form as a bad feeling wormed it's way up her spine. She figured out the hard way what the feeling meant, and the fact that it hit now made her growl softly. Turning back to the Mule, Nessa tried to ignore the feeling, tried to tell herself that Malik was a fur ball who could take care of himself. But it wouldn't go away, in fact, it got worse as the seconds dragged on. Finally, she gave in.

Moving over, her black boots splashing through puddles, Nessa tapped Lisette on the shoulder. "Dash, something is wrong. I'm going after Malik, you coming with?" She knew full well that Lisette wouldn't be able to pass up an adventure that might result in saving Malik so they could both hold it over his head later. She motioned to their remaining Pridemate, letting them know that they were leaving and that they'd be back. That was the nice thing about working with former military, they all knew the hand signs. Malik didn't have that much of a head start on them, and Nessa decided they'd let him on thinking that he was alone. She pressed one black nailed finger against her lips, letting Lis know she wanted to trail Malik in silence.

Stealth for the Cheetah wouldn't be hard, if anything, Nessa felt like slow, fat kid amongst the Pride of Werecats. A normal human, even one with her massive amount of training, was bound to feel inferior. She would never be as fast as Lisette, nor as strong as Malik, but she made up for it. While she kept her left eye on Malik ahead of them, Vanessa's right eye was scanning their surroundings. The cybernetic marvel responded to her every thought, when she wanted to see something closer, it would instantly respond by zooming in on the object, or switching to one of her other viewing mods. That was one thing the Cats couldn't best her on...seeing in the dark.

She had an odd place in her heart for the Pride, a place she had never known existed within her. Trained to be perfectly emotionless for as long as she could remember, she was now forced to learn how to be human...as silly as that sounded even in her head. She kept her hood up, her pistol concealed beneath her Coat. The sleeves held a row of throwing knives she could pluck out before her target would be able to blink.

As Malik entered the bar, Vanessa knew they wouldn't be able to get inside without alerting Malik of their presence, but then it wasn't Malik they were trying to hide from. That uneasy feeling was beginning to make her nauseous. Motioning for Lisette to stay close, Nessa sauntered across the street and into the bar. She sat down at a table far enough away from Malik that they wouldn't raise suspicion, but close enough that Lisette would be able to hear what they were saying, and her eye would be able to focus in on their lips. Malik wasn't alone, and it seemed they would be just in time for the fun to start. Judging by Malik's posture and the small vein about to pop on his forehead...things had taken a turn for the worse.

"We jump in only if he needs us, we let him handle this." She spoke softly, a tone just barely loud enough so that Lisette and her feline hearing would be able to pick it up. She hadn't lowered her hood yet, some of these men might recognize her, she'd been working with Malik for a long time now.

With her senses on full alert, Nessa picked up on the conversations of a table near them...conversation that would get those men slaughter by the very Weres they were so freely talking about. If Lisette heard them, Nessa would look her directly in the eye and shake her head. The last thing they needed was to rough up a couple of civilians who couldn't hold their tongues.
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PostSubject: Re: Wooden Dolls (pride) COMPLETE   Mon Mar 12, 2012 3:19 pm


Rain beat down in a rhythmic drum on the roof of the mule she was seated in. She didn't mind rain, it made running a bit more challenging, but nothing that the cat couldn't handle. The grin on her face was simply because of Nessa's displeasure in the whole ordeal. Oh robotcop didn't like the rain and her complete disgust was very entertaining to the young cheetah. Her body language clearly indicated that she was fed up and at the sight of Ness turning around and walking towards her, Lis smirked. At the question posed to her, the cheetah only replied with on word, "Duh.." and slipped out into the rain. It was cold on her legs, but she wouldn't complain, last thing she needed was to give Nessa a reason to chew on her.

As they walked, Vanessa indicated that she wanted to go in silence. Lisette raised an eyebrow at her and turned one of her palms face up as if to say, Really?! Duh… but said nothing. Instead she walked along Vanessa's right side, in case the human decided to tell her anything. She was not sure if Malik would appreciate the impromptu help, but she didn't care. Rather have him home and angry than dead and full of regret. Her boots slushed through mud and muck as she trailed the human, no words passed between them, but body language was key.

Lisette figured the only real reason Vanessa wanted her to o along was because Nessa was a bit socially retarded. Often, Lisette would speak for her in situations that required careful wording and details, and for payment, Vanessa would see it certain that no one knew Lis's dirty little secret. They entered the place and she followed, taking a seat to Vanessa's right, her head tilted towards the human, her eyes were set on Malik's lips.

Though she had no hearing in the left ear, her right worked perfectly fine. In Vanessa's silence, she hear the murmurs of the idiots a few tables over. A growl rumbled in her throat as she rose to her feet. She'd handle this soon enough, her head turned to meet Vanessa's disapproving eyes. Delicate feline teeth bared in annoyance, but she did as she was told and seated herself again. "How many are armed? she asked, turning her head so that she could hear Nessa's words and watch Malik's actions again. All he needed to do was say the words.

A breeze fluttered through the place, bringing several smells along with them. Lisette's nostril's flared as she took them all in. "We are not alone…" she muttered to Vanessa, indicating that there was one among the humans in the room that was not human. Of course, Malik and Lisette were not, but Ness knew that… someone was there, she just couldn't tell who. "Which one of these things doesn't belong here Nessa?" She had no idea the capabilities of the robotic eye… perhaps it could identify between species.
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PostSubject: Re: Wooden Dolls (pride) COMPLETE   Wed Mar 14, 2012 10:36 pm

She exhaled a supine breath. Blue eyes becoming trained on the pearls of liquid raining down from the darkened sky. Azure oculars attempting to catch single drops, as they fell before her view. She didn't want to hear the contemptible conversation being performed behind her. It was only a cause for anger, for energy to be wasted on a plebeian bit of human trash. The trained soldier new better than this. Energy was to be held in reserve. For Danger, For Battle.

Cyd looked down at the bottle in her hand. Eying the dark amber round lip, then brought it to her lips. Lips parted, her tongue snaked out to lick at the glass. It was then that she tasted it. The rich spice of feline musk. The blonde flared her nostrils, and sat up a bit straighter. Keen senses inhaled the scent of warm sun brushing through fur in the wind. It was heavy, thick. It was male. Within her body she could feel the obsidian creature stir. Lifting on thick paws, it pushed upon all fours in the darkness of Cyd's belly.

A quiet rumble rolled under her skin, as she put the bottle down on the table. Carefully, she turned in her chair. Following the scent, it wasn't far. Bright blue eyes glanced over the curve of her right shoulder, Cyd scrutinized the figures there. Her dark blonde lashes narrowing upon each one. It was a room filled with bodies. So many voices, some where low and mumbling, some loud and obnoxious. And then, there was his.

Her chin lifted in a knowing gesture. A feline taking in the 'scent of the wind'. He had a voice that resonated of a warrior, of the creature within that was drawn to the hunt. She could only see his profile from where she sat. The straight line of his nose, the strong bones of his jaw. Shoulders that were broad, flexing powerful sinew with just the faintest turn of his body. His hands were capable. Digits that surely could tighten their grip against the windpipe of a foe. He had beautiful black lashes that narrowed as they performed a keen inspection of those he was with. And flesh like warm coffee....

Within her body things tightened. Ivory pores began to open, like flowers thirsting for the rain that was falling outside. The heavy silent paws of the beast began to move, finding their way over the metaphysical trail within. Their pace quickening. Paw in front of paw, tempting to race. Cyd huffed, turning around to place her back to him and the others. An inner growl rose, before she would slam down the 'iron' walls about her beast. Shields holding back the beast, but not the alertness that had come over her skin.

So much for calm, she thought. Promptly the ale was brought back to her lips. Yet, this time, the dark liquid would tumble much faster past her lips. She wanted to drown away the sensations that had come in a sudden rush. She was irritated. Cyd had been around many males of her kind before, fought beside them. She had fought beside them. Even slept with a few of them. But, rare were the ones who could lure her beast so easily. And those where the three alpha males she had mated with for Omni Corp.

Soft lips settled into a frown, as she forced her attention now on her drink. Throwing back deep swallows, until another thick wall of soft furry scent rushed into her nostrils. Cyd shot her eyes to the door. Two women, both temptingly beautiful, rich brunette, strolled inside the watering hole. Quickly, she picked out the one, moving with a fluid grace only known to those of feline running through their being. But, she shot her eyes down to the bowl of peanuts quick. It wasn't often that she ran into others of her kind. Not since after the war.

Damn, she thought. Hoping within that she hadn't just stepped inside the boundaries of a local pride. Some where very territorial. Still hard warriors, they were willing to fight other werefelines off of their 'grounds'. Cyd had found this out the rough way.
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PostSubject: Re: Wooden Dolls (pride) COMPLETE   Fri Mar 16, 2012 3:09 pm

Malik never sat with his back to a door if he could avoid it, but thanks to Devin's choice of table and seating, there was no choice. He angled his body enough so that he could keep the door in the corner of his vision, so he saw the two new comers enter the bar but, couldn't tell who they were. Another thing he did when he sat down was look for reflective surfaces so he could see as much of the room as possible. Good military training were skills for life because they kept you surviving. "It's good to finally know how much you're reputation's worth, Devin. I didn't think you were the type to break deals," Malik said as he shifted in his seat slightly. He eased to the side and rested his arm on the back of his chair as if getting comfortable.

When the ignorant loudmouth was done telling his joke Malik caught a glimmer of movement in one of the mirrors on the far wall. It was just a small reflection, but his heightened senses allowed him to see the head of blonde hair and to the side, and tilt an ear towards the funny man. 'Dash...... dammit,' he thought to himself. She was deaf in one ear, and had a habit of turning her good ear towards the things she wanted to hear. It was a habit of the cat in her, but in human form her ears couldn't swivel about. That type of comment would definitely send her into a frenzy, but it hadn't. She stood up and then sat back down which meant she wasn't alone. Nessa was the only one other than him that had any hope of reigning in the wild child.

They followed him against orders, and it made Malk want to laugh and roar at the same time. It was easier to fight alone, you never had to worry about anyone other than your enemies. Being a new breed soldier taught him that other people were a liability. Even though Nessa and Dash were more than capable of taking care of themselves, Malik still felt responsible for them. His entire life was a blur of battlefields and the people on them were apparitions. They vanished like smoke when his claws passed through them. Only a rare few in all that time had substance, and they became the foundation of his life. People he could depend on were a strength, life taught him that. They always watched his back, and he would always watch theirs.

Finally the beast within him, the lion resting on its hill, stirred. Slow to anger, Malik would let the jackals circle and yip. He'd watch unfazed as even as they nipped close at his heels. It wasn't until they were foolish enough to bite, or threaten something he cared for that he would rise. And when they made him get up, he would drag their bloody carcass back across every boundary they overstepped. Dash and Nessa were his family and Devin unknowingly put them in danger. Powerful paws flexed in the earth beneath, as his left hand raised to grip the bottom edge of the table before him. Muscles flexed and as the lion rose, Malik stood from his chair, lifting the edge of the table up with him. The lion's jaws parted wide with the right hand quick draw of the 9mm from beneath his coat, and roared.

Three crisp shots fired off as Malik stood in one smooth motion, using his left hand to lift the table up as a shield at his back, and to obscure the view of the two gunmen in front of him. His right hand drew, took aim, and fired three shots at the two men behind him. The first shot hit its mark on the man's chest, killing him, while the second gunman took a bullet to the stomach. Standing to draw his gun in reaction to Malik's moving was the only thing that saved his life, a life that the third bullet ended. The two men slumped lifelessly to the floor, and Malik gave them no more thought. His brown eyes already swept along the room to find Dash and Nessa. Along the way he saw more of the bar patrons moving with deadly intent to draw concealed weapons. "FLANKS!!!" he yelled out to let them know they had hostiles on both sides.

In his quick sweep he saw at least another five, and one of them was the loudmouth with the bad jokes. This deal was broken from the start. Devin had come with enough manpower just in case Malik wasn't alone. Things had just gone from bad to worse. There was no way to get an accurate count of what they were up against, because anyone could be the enemy, and he was now being shot at. The wooden table erupted around him as bullets tore through it, trying to find flesh. Devin had fallen backwards and started scrambling to safety, and the two men who already had hands on guns, drew, and open fired.

Malik knew that the table wasn't going to be able to stop bullets, but it did give him cover, making him a harder target to hit. The few moments it bought were finally used up when he felt wood shatter behind him, and a bullet rip through the muscle of his shoulder. Having heightened senses was a blessing and a curse. You could pick up on details no one else noticed, but when you got hurt the pain was that much more vivid. He could feel the bullet tear through his skin, ripping muscle in its wake, and mushroom when it struck the bone of his shoulder blade. Hot searing pain burned through his nerves, making his jaw clench against crying out. This was nothing new, he'd been shot before, and there was no getting used to it. He needed to move. The center of a room full of guns wanting to shoot you was not a good place to be.
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PostSubject: Re: Wooden Dolls (pride) COMPLETE   Fri Mar 16, 2012 6:16 pm

That horrible feeling in the pit of her stomach that was makes her so damn nauseous came to a sudden and rather unsettling end. As much as she would have loved for that to mean the danger had passed already...she could never be so lucky. Nessa and Dash were still just patrons of the bar, no one knew they were with Malik...which gave them the precious few moments with the element of surprise. Already, Nessa had planned out which direction she'd move first when the trouble hit, and it would hit...of that she had no doubts. Those feelings had never steered her wrong before and the last, and only, time she'd ignored them had nearly ended in a botched mission. Vanessa Sirnos had vowed never to make that mistake again. The moment she saw Malik rise to his feet, she reached beneath her trench coat and wrapped her fingers around the pistol hidden there. She needed to know exactly what she was dealing with before she could just start taking out civilians.

Malik's next actions made it abundantly clear that they were vastly outnumbered. She didn't need to worry about Dash, that girl could handle herself just fine and in these close quarters, her speed combined with the knives she was no doubt hiding were quite the deadly combination. As a man stepped too close to Nessa, raising his own pistol to point it past her at Malik, Nessa finally began to move. As any soldier would tell you, the moments in a life and death situation like this tend to slow down. Vanessa's fluid upper cut as she rose caught the male off guard. The heel of her hand smashing up into his bottom jaw and breaking it. Her other hand came free, pistol snapping up as she caressed the trigger in the direction of his friends behind him. She used his stunned body as a shield, one of his own shooting him in the back in an attempt to get to her. Vanessa didn't waste ammo, where as the group they were fighting seem to be the "spray and pray" kind, Vanessa only needed one shot for each one she took down. She didn't waste time with body shots either, one shot, directly between the eyes. Seeing as her pistol had small enough caliber bullets that they had enough force to enter the skull, but not enough force to come out the other side...the bullet would just bounce around inside for a bit, shredding brain matter like a hot knife through butter.

Vanessa Sirnos was not the forgiving type.

She heard Malik's warning roar and couldn't help the urge to roll her eyes. "Really? I hadn't noticed!" Her crisp voice cut through the air as she elbowed one of their enemies directly in the nose with a sickening crunch. Fire flared up her leg and Vanessa growled in annoyance, turning her gaze downward to see her first victim's broken jaw hanging at an odd angle while his fist clamped around a knife in her thigh. Nonchalantly she brought her pistol up and shot him between the eyes. Yanking the knife out of her leg, she hefted it through the air. It slammed into the neck of a female aiming a shotgun at Lisette's back, forcing blood to spurt out between her fingers as she tried to pull the knife free, choking on it as it welled up into her mouth.
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PostSubject: Re: Wooden Dolls (pride) COMPLETE   Sat Mar 17, 2012 3:02 am

"It's good to finally know how much your … something… is worth. I didn't think you were they type to break a deal…" She said about a half a second behind Malik's own lips. She was repeating the conversation best she could to Nessa. Taking in a breath, she grumbled, "Nessa, nothing too thrilling is happening…" She snorted, "And, I'm pretty sure Cat Daddy knows we're here." Her body flexed when the fighting broke out, but she made no move. As long as it was physical, Malik would be furious with her if she got involved. Then again… it was always more fun to beg his forgiveness than ask his permission.

"And just when I try to turn into an honest woman…" He said, realizing that they'd made a liar out of her. Nessa stood into action and that was Lis's signal. The Cheetah turned and looked at the number of Dev's men. She couldn't read or write worth a shit, but she understood numbers, better than most, and the odds were not great, even for the three of them. Malik had strength and a mean right hook, Nessa could shoot a fly out of the air… so what was missing from the equation…? "Ah!" said the small cat as she pulled her leather jacket from her body.

While Nes fired off a few rounds, Lisette moved behind her. Her hands roamed Vanessa's body, and if you were not in the middle of a fire fight, some might find it very arousing… but this was no sexual moment, the cat had another plan. Reaching her hand into the humans front pocket, she produced the Zippo she was looking for. "Need this." was all she said and then bolted across the bar and moved behind the counter.

Golden eyes quickly scanned all the bottles there. Looking through them she clicked her tongue, thinking. 151… Soco… Nasty, damn it, where are the trashy liquors? AH! Everclear would be best ,but of course, not to be found so…. peppermint schnapps will do!" She said, grabbing the whole bottle. The man there wanted to protest, but Lisette gave him the middle finger. "You wanna live man? Shut up." She rose from behind the bar and hopped on top of it. She scooted herself to the edge and jumped down.


They needed a distraction, she'd give them a fucking show. She studied the bar for a few seconds and then smirked, "Oh, of course. Turning to Nessa, she saw her knife the girl who held the shot gun. "I need that." she said, holding out her hands. The human picked it up and tossed her the 12 gage, then returned to her duty. " I need ten feet!" [/i][/color] she said triumphantly and then did something nuts. Firing a shot aimed at the rows of liquor, Lis shattered the top two shelves. Liquid exploded everywhere, but that was the plan. Bringing the bottle of peppermint schnapps to her lips, the cheetah took a big, long swig and held the burning liquid in her mouth. Clicking the zippo, Dash blew all the alcohol out of her mouth. The flames burned like dragon's fire from her lips and caught the back wall on fire.

"YEE HAW!" she hollered estacicly and fired another round, allowing more bottles to shatter and further feeding the fire. Taking another drink of her schnapps, Lisette nodded. This distraction would pull eyes towards her, giving Malik and Vanessa time to do major damage within a few precious moments. Doesn't matter what kind of soldier you are, when things explode, you are bound to look. Satisfied with her work, she hopped from the bar just in time to see Vanessa nail someone else who'd sighted on her. Malik popped the neck of another man and Lisette announced,
"Time to go… "
she pointed to the door and quickly motioned for them to get out of dodge.

Her eyes fell to the blonde that witnessed it all. She was not part of Dev's group, that was obvious. "Not telling you want to do lady… but get out. You are not immune. Everyone out… "What Lisette had forgotten to mention was that under the bar was 2 or 3 gallon buckets of ammonia for cleaning purposes. The fire would heat them rapidly and once that happened, that whole place was going to go up. They needed to get out in the open to have the advantage, and now, the Cheetah gave them a smoke screen. She knew Vanessa's eye could see through the smoke and Malik's strength would allow him to push passed the suffocating air. Dash took the blonde's hand in her own and said, "No time. Just think, now you don't have to pay your tab. You can thank me later." and with that, the cheetah started to make her way quickly to the exit.

This is why Malik forbid Lisette to have a lighter… she was a bit of a pyro with the head knowledge of what would get the best boom. Outside they could do more damage, the two cats could take form and Nessa could cover them with fire power. Tigers in cages were spectacular… but seeing them free to roam was awe inspiring.
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PostSubject: Re: Wooden Dolls (pride) COMPLETE   Thu Mar 22, 2012 5:56 pm

The air would remain still within the open ice house bar. Not a single push of wind would shift or be felt, before the one 'lone' man would grip the edges of the table and bring it up like a shield before him. Yet, she felt it. The sudden updraft of a preternatural tempest rushed through the bar to assault the keen senses of the blonde feline were. Fine hairs on the nape of her neck rose. Ivory flesh began to prickle with goose flesh that sent quick shivers to the base of her spine. Within her being, the ebony cat would brush electric beneath her skin. Danger, it sensed, wanting to be freed to fight. Metaphysical fur pressing within.

Cyd didn't need any further provocation to rise from where she had been sitting in her unattached bit of world, when the crackling sound of bullets fracturing wood could be heard around her. Inside her coat, she reached within to withdraw the silver glint of her gun. It wasn't that she had a 'side' to be on. But, finding oneself immediately thrown into a small war made you pick one. Natural instinct and the lure of feline chose the smaller of the two armies.

With natural silent grace, she rose. Long legs stepped from the bonds of the bench table, as Cyd slipped from it's trappings. The tall woman spun about, heading for an exposed I beam of the building. Her back slammed into the old iron, as bullets were shot across the room. Her first target the man who had made the comment earlier about using weres as his personal whores. It was a shame that she 'missed' his heart, as lead pierced the front of his jeans.

As the battle continued to move in her view, Cyd shifted. Spinning carefully to look on the other side of the I beam, she shot two more of those seeming from the other side. These would meet their targets. One in the heart. One in the back of his head.

Cyd's nostrils flared, when her senses made contact with the thick fuel of spilled alcohol. It was far too much for drinks that had been left behind. Suddenly, the young feline were appeared at her side, her scent almost matching the warm sun of the males. Cyd's blue eyes pierced the girl's for a moment, when she spoke to the older woman. Not immune?

Suddenly, she was being yanked out of the bar by the little brunette. Cyd followed her, grabbing her backpack and dashing out of the bar just before a maelstrom flash fire began to explode and rush through the building. The frightening sound was so much like war, that it was nearly hard to contain the cat inside. Cyd couldn't let it loose. Not and lose all she had somewhere along the way.

Outside, the older woman took charge. Wrapping her long fingers into a tighter grip of the brunettes, she charged towards a gray building across the street. She moved swift, boots making not a sound in the quick rush of animal short burst of speed. Cyd yanked the girl around the corner, and slammed her body into the wall. Her own pressed suddenly against Lis' to protect her, as the eruption of fire boiled into the streets.

Smoke and ash tinted the air around them. Flakes peppering the leopard woman's saffron hair, as she took careful breaths in the smoke, "Like fires.. do you?" She looked over her shoulder, and turned with her gun held ready. Ears listening for movement, and more bullet fire.
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All at once the surrounding area erupted in violence and the ramshackle bar became a battlefield. For all of the Pride it was a welcomed home coming. This is where they honed themselves, and this is where they thrived. Malik turned from Lis and Nessa knowing they could handle themselves. He had his own problems and the burning piece of iron in his shoulder was a constant reminder that he needed to get to real cover. The wooden table he used as a shield was about to be repurposed. At the same time, Malik let go of the table, brought his leg up, and thrust it straight back. The hard back kick sent the table flying backwards at the two initial gunmen. While it sailed through the air Malik sprinted in the opposite direction, and through himself over another table.

To anyone else watching him leap through the air, the way he twisted his body, and kicked out his limbs looked awkward. However, to Malik the movements were second nature. The feline aspect of his being had been there since birth, so all its eccentricities where as much a part of him as the human aspect. Muscles twisted and threw limbs like counter balances on instinct, to ensure he was oriented the way he chose at all times. Malik twisted at the hip so his shoulder and back would roll over the round table top, and his extended arm linked fingers over its edge, so that he could topple it over with him as he fell. In the brief instant that he was prone atop the table, strong abs and back muscles flexed to lift his legs up so that they could swing above his waist, making him into a V shape. While the table fell over, Malik dropped his legs over to one side and let go of the table top, so that he could roll as gravity took control.

Just as the table top hit concrete, booted feet hit the floor, and Malik landed in a crouch, using the momentum to spin so that he was now facing the direction he just come from. Leaning to the side of the table, Malik assessed the target field as he raised his gun. The two gunmen were recollecting themselves from dodging the splintering table. Devin was getting up off the ground and running towards the door. After a slight shift of his arm, Malik pulled the trigger and the back of Devin's thigh erupted as a bullet through his flesh. 'Four.' Devin yelled and collapsed to the floor clutching his leg, and the bar exploded in a glorious blaze. Malik along with everyone else turned towards the destructive glow and saw the petite brunet in all her glory. "Fuck my life.... WHO GAVE HER FIRE!!!!

With the other two gunmen regaining their bearings, and still wanting Malik, he knew he had to keep moving. Malik let his weight carry him backwards and pushed hard with his legs to throw himself backwards as he squeezed off a few more rounds. 'Five, six, seven, eight.' It took three rounds to drop one of the gunmen, and the fourth round was all he could get off before the pain blossomed in his shoulder. Malik landed on his back and rolled over his injured shoulder, to come back up into a crouch. He wasn't the only one who was distracted by Lis's fire, but some didn't recover as quickly. One of the gunmen near him was still stunned by the Cheetah's shock and awe tactics.

The wounded shoulder did nothing to slow the lion's human feet or his movements. Dashing to the side, Malik slipped up behind the large man while he was deciding to abandon his comrades and run for his life, using that brief moment of opportunity born of hesitation. The fingers of Malik's left hand spread wide and closed around the man's throat, but not in the way that a human would think. Malik straightened his index finger, and jammed it straight up into the jaw of the man, forcing him to raise his head, and lose his balance. The remaining fingers and thumb closed their power grip around his wind pipe to cut off the air way. Panic set in to the man who could no longer breath, and Malik pushed him forward.

His feet moved out of instinctive panic, hoping forward motion would keep him from falling flat on his face. Malik used the man's large frame as a meat shield and made his way to the bar's exit. "Some rescue! I'm gonna burn instead of getting shot!!" he yelled at his two comrades. Devin's men didn't seem to hold the same esteem for their colleagues because they shot at Malik, not caring that some of their bullets hit the man he was hiding behind. 'Nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen.' Malik opened fire as he crossed the bar floor following Lis's lead, keeping track of how many shots he fired. He started with fifteen bullets in the clip, and one in the chamber. That last round he saved for after he changed the clip as he had been trained. It eliminated the need to waste movement chambering a round.

Malik burst through the door and black smoke billowed out after him. The man he used as a shield fell dead at his feet, but Malik kept going. His prey was limping out into the middle of the street as people ran this way and that, fleeing the burning building and shoot out. He wasn't going to let Devin get away. Malik wanted that rat and a bullet was too good for him. Each of his steps built more speed, until Malik leapt into the air. One booted foot slammed into Devin's back knocking him to the ground. Malik rode him like a falling plank, keeping his balance with unnatural grace. "Rat." , Malik growled as he looked down.

"Mal.... Plea>Haugk<" Devin tried to plead for his life, but the words were cut short. A booted foot came down hard on the back of Devin's neck. The fragile bones bent the wrong way and cracked beneath the heavy heel. That was a death fitting a rat, a man who did not honor his own deal. Malik didn't bother with the other gunman that may still be inside the bar or in the street. Nessa was watching his six, and there was no better watchful eye to have.

Off in the distance there was the sound of sirens filling the streets. The gun shots and fire had no doubt inspired someone to call the authorities. They were quickly closing in on the scene of the crime which meant the three of them could not be anywhere near here. "Dash! Back to the Mule," he yelled to Lis. Gritting through the pain Malik pulled the backpack strap from over his head, and threw it to the brunette. The goods were safest in her hands. Even if they were surrounded, Lisette would be able to get away. The payday was safe. No one could catch her.
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Vanessa had felt Lisette's hands roaming the expanse of leather and kevlar that encased her lean form, and if it had been anyone else Vanessa would have responded with an elbow to the face. But it was Lis, and this was the middle of a fight which meant Lis had other things in mind. Nessa frowned as the Cheetah produced her lighter from one of her jacket pockets, knowing full well she'd be getting a talking to later for allowing Lis to have fire. Vanessa, on the other hand, knew they were out numbered and they needed a distraction to thin the herd as it were.

"I didn't give it to her! She stole it! She yelled back to Malik, talking during a fight was something she learned after Enlightenment, when she'd joined the Pride and found something she'd never had before...a family.

Vanessa instinctively ducked behind a support pylon as Lisette's fireworks exploded the bar, glass and debris sent flying past her. She wasted no time however, using the smoke screen to her advantage, Nessa reloaded her pistol and dropped to the floor of the bar, beneath the billowing smoke so that she could breath and see. Rolling to the side, Vanessa's body collided with the ankles of a coughing female. As the female fell over, Vanessa drew Damon, her lucky combat knife, and unceremoniously jammed it into the woman's heart. She cried out, clutching her chest as Vanessa pulled Damon free. Something attached to her vest caught Vanessa's eye and she all but grinned in sheer delight. Snatching her new prize from the female she rolled back to her feet in the direction of the doors, taking two more men out as she ran. Her precise movements meant she rarely wasted energy on anything less then killing blows, and Damon did his job perfectly, severing their spinal cords just below the skull and bringing instant death.

Finally clear of the smoke, she fired one shot into the skull of a fleeing enemy. Vanessa was the take no prisoners sort of gal, and the fewer they let go free, the fewer times they'd have to look over their shoulders later. She was ruthless, but that was the way she was trained. Sometimes a sniper got the shitty orders, and in a magical war sometimes that meant doing things the rest of the world would call you monster for.

Squeezing the trigger three more times, she brought down an equal amount of fleeing assailants, ones she knew had tried to kill them inside. Her time with Malik had tempered her resolve some what, now, if she wasn't sure they'd been trying to kill her, she tended to let them live. Vanessa barely managed to stop herself from shooting Devin as she turned, knowing Malik would want that one himself. The alpha male didn't disappoint her either as he came barreling out of the smoke and right at Devin. With the Pride now clear of the Bar, Vanessa brought up her new toy and depressed the lever while pulling the pin on the military grade grenade. She had no idea where this band of mercenaries had gotten their hands on such a prize but she wasn't about to waste it.

Running up to Malik's side, Lucy's shots ringing out as Nessa picked off anyone coming out of the bar who raised a weapon in Malik's direction. She heard the sirens too and frowned slightly, they were out of time."GRENADE! Vanessa threw the grenade into the bar, grabbed Malik's uninjured arm and took off running. Her warning yell would have told him all he'd needed to know, Vanessa wasn't going to leave lose ends. Her current destination was just to put enough space between them and the bar before it exploded.
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She hadn't wasted any time in making a distraction. Explosions ripped through the air as the fire caught more and more flammable objects in the restaurant. Hope they had insurance, she thought to herself as she lead the blonde around by her hand. Strangely, there was a change of pace in her life. This other took her lead and drug Lis behind. Now, it was not often that anyone could out run a cheetah, actually, no one could… this was a first, being lead. They took a turn and Lis's body was whirled around and pressed against a cold brick wall. She could feel the rigid rock against the backs of her thighs through her fishnets. She was completely shocked when she felt a warm body against her own.

She was small compared to the normal were soldier, and Cyd's body completely covered her. Pressed tightly next to her, Lis's body betrayed her with a purr. It was a known fact that some New Breed solider's could purr in happiness… just not Lions, tiger, and leopards. Taking in the blonde's scent, the cheetah's body was alerted of a few things in a very quick amount of time. 1. The was no human. 2. She was New Breed. 3. She was older than Lisette. 4. and she smelled delicious. A husky voice rang through her lungs and chest into Lis's ears. "like fires… do you?". The cheetah pulled her face from the blonde's chest and grinned slyly, "I like anything that's unpredictable, beautiful, and overall dangerous." She gave the blonde one of her famous deviant smiles and then turned her head towards her pride members.

Sirens filled the air as the authorities made their way to come calm everything down. She heard Malik's baritone voice boom through the smoke, "Dash! Back to the Mule!" She nodded, and held her arm to catch the backpack. Her hand snatched the bag, she pulled it in close to her. Eyeing Cyd she quickly explained. " Lots of shit is about to go down. Everyone saw you with me, cops will be after you. If you go with Malik, you'll be safe. If not, well that's your choice. Sorry you picked the wrong gin joint tonight. Thanks for the cover." And with no warning, what-so-ever, Lis leaned forward and kissed her comrade.

She was never this friendly. Usually, she was flirty but no one touched. Those allowed to touch her were Malik and Nessa, and they were already high tailing it to the Mule. Lis pulled from the other's lips, winked, and ducked under the protective arm. In a flash, she slipped on the backpack over her shoulders and took off. Her speed was impressive, even to a New breed. She felt the wind brush against her face as she tore through the street running to try to disappear. Even in knee high boots, the was pretty swift. Lis knew she'd be faster in the animal form, but like hell she would ruin another outfit! She was quick, but anyone who managed to catch a glimpse of her would see a victorious smile on her face.
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A chuckle rolled back at the back of her throat. The younger woman sounded as if she'd spent time around a soldier's camp. She certainly fought like she did. However, Cyd giving it thought realized she was far too young. Still, she had a delightful spunk, even if she did like to blow up things.

And just like explosions were oft to do, the lure was set and soon the clarion call of police cars barreling their way to the scene could be heard. The sharp signal collided with the brick walls around them, then bashed into her already sensitive ear drums. It was like salt on a wound left by the eruption only moments earlier.

"It sounds like you are talking about yourself," for she certainly was that in these few minutes that the petite figured girl had stepped into the bar. No sooner had a scuffle began, and the brunette had set fire to the place.

Cyd followed the younger girl's gaze to see the woman she had been with earlier and the male who had caught her attention earlier. She pivoted back on one boot, her gun still held ready. It wasn't that she thought they were a danger to her. Well, it was that most everyone was anymore. You had to be careful who you trusted, and at this point there wasn't anyone Cyd was certain she could allow this, except for the cocky girl next to her.

The blonde watched as the pack sailed through the air to the brunette. It was quickly made clear that the alpha male was their leader, at least for this small little group. Orders were given, and he and another brunette had taken off away from the scene.

"Malik?" She echoed the name with a questioning lilt to her voice. Cyd glanced over her shoulder towards the flashing lights that lit the far side of the street. Yeah, this wasn't going to be good. Her mouth fell into an almost stoic frown, just before she was surprised by the soft pressure of lips on her own mouth.

She lifted a brow, and looked down at the woman who the man called Dash. Her head bobbing in a questioning nod, "You're welcome."

At this point, Cyd realized that she didn't have much choice where she stood now. She would certainly be fingered for the blowout at the ice house. And these, well, they were fighters certainly, and were felines at that, "What the hell..."

She shot off towards the other two who were moving quickly, but not to the lightening speed of the youthful Dash. If anything, they might be a quick ride out of town. And certainly, out of this sudden batch of trouble.

(not feeling well, so I apologize it's not my best)
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Misread a crucial detail. Editing my post
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Killing business associates was never good for business. It made you a risk for others. Killing those who betrayed you was excellent for business because it sent a much needed message. Vanessa's yell was a rude intrusion on Malik's silent revelry. It felt good to crush this rat underfoot after it had not only betrayed him, but endangered his Pride, his family. The woman was a sniper through and through. When she broke her silence it was wise to listen, and when she yelled, it was best to run first, and understand later. Malik set into motion even before he felt Nessa's hand clasp around the bicep of his uninjured arm, and he easily fell into step with her. They were no strangers to this dance and knew the music by heart.

He didn't know where the Mule was, because he had left it with them. He did know that it was nowhere nearby. Had they followed him in it, or stashed it on a side street near the bar he would have picked out the distinctive sound of the engine. It was their home after all. Lisette and Vanessa knew where it was and he trusted their lead. Lisette had already donned the backpack and taken off down the alley way she had taken cover in. The blonde that she was with was left standing there one moment and then running towards them. Either she had business with them or the kitten had adopted a stray. He had picked up the scent of a mature female when he entered the bar. She had been there a while before him, and her scent had settled into the air like sweet perfume. He couldn't pinpoint exactly who it belonged too without searching it out, but Lis wasn't likely to drag just anyone away with her without good reason. Though, she was reckless enough to leave someone to tag along with them.

Smoke billowed out into the sky as the former ice house met its end in fire, and melted to ash and rubble. While Lis took one path away, Malik and Vanessa took another with the stranger in hot pursuit. Even if there route was shorter, Lis would beat them back because she was faster and more agile. Malik was fast when compared to a human, but his bulk came with a price. Running through the flooded streets, Malik and Vanessa kept themselves moving away from the sounds of any sirens that his sensitive ears picked up.

Eventually they broke out on to a main street and the familiar purr of the Mule's engine greeted his ears. Lis was reckless but she was dependable. Having got there first she knew to get the engine running, and be ready to lay down covering fire in case they were coming in with someone on their tail. Thankfully they had managed to reach the rendezvous without attracting any unwanted attention. "Damn, she's fast." he mumbled to Vanessa as they split their way around the Mule.

Hitting the driver's side door and coming to a complete stop, his large hand was already pulling on the latch to open the door. Well greased hinges opened smoothly and Malik pushed his way up into the cabin. Usually he would have pulled himself up, but the bullet that was still lodged in his shoulder kept that from happening. His bulk dropped into the driver's seat and the leather hugged his form like a glove. As the air stirred he caught the unfamiliar scent once again and looked over his shoulder to Lis. "Your new friend have a name yet?" he asked her with a slight bit of sarcasm, wondering if Lis had even exchanged names in the short meeting. The run over wasn't the best conditions for small talk.

Once he was sure Lisette was safe and sound, Malik would put the Mule in gear and pull away from the curb. Traffic in such a large city was easy to get lost in. It was also easy to get trapped in. "Nessa, Keep an eye out for road blocks and checkpoints." , he said to the sniper. With her watching the way ahead, she would be able to spot any sort of activity that they would need to avoid. With advance notice he would be able to divert them on to alternate routes and not arouse suspicion. " Thank you for helping us back there. I'm sorry we drug you into this?" he said to the new face in their midst. He didn't make introductions because he wasn't sure who this person was. Trust was something that needed to be earned. "Once we're clear of this, we'll drop you off where ever you want." It was the least he could do and at the moment the best. The resupply trip would need to wait for another day when the police weren't on high alert. They would also have to keep a tight fist on spending until he found another buyer for their no legal merchandise.
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Wooden Dolls (pride) COMPLETE
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