A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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 The weakest link (THE PRIDE!)

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PostSubject: The weakest link (THE PRIDE!)   Wed Feb 20, 2013 2:00 am

The car pulled up outside an old abandoned factory with two men standing guard at the front entrance to the place. It was a rather massive place that seemed to have been left here years ago. The four level factory seemed to withstand the test of time even out here in the unknown, it was also the perfect place for an ambush to be set. Sand surrounded the place for miles in every direction one might think of which kept it isolated, and on top of that one could see in every direction given a high enough vantage point. Two sturdy iron doors marked the front entrance of the factory which was guarded by two gruff looking men holding AK-47's in hand. On the roof of the factory eight men holding sniper rifles were positioned to cover every direction of approach,one man for every direction. The car was about a mile out now, and as it approached the factory it made what seemed to be odd and unnecessary turns as if avoiding something.

The car pulled up to the front door making sure to stop a few feet away, and upon stopping all four doors were opened in unison. From the driver side stepped a large male standing at nearly eight feet tall. His body was littered with scars from the many battles he had seen, however they all seemed so small when compared to the sheer size of the wrecking ball code named Ares. Running a hand over his bald head he turned to the right so he could watch the second member of the team exit the car. This was a female who was fussing over the blood which stained her shirt from the wound Nessa had inflicted during her capture. She seemed like your typical female with nothing odd about her except for the fact that the knife wound had already healed, and as she brought a fist down on the roof of the car it caved under the blow creating a huge dent.Hera was not your typical woman.

The man who had sat behind her made his exit from the car next, and unlike the others he seemed bother older and more in lax.Hermes was dressed in all black from head to toe, and a pair of designer sunglasses sat upon his face which he seemed to peer from under in the direction of Hera before sucking at his teeth with a slight chuckle. It caused the woman to growl but she made no move in his direction, which only caused Ares to shake his head in response. The last member to emerge from the car seemed to have all eyes on him. Unlike the others he had no code name, but instead was simply called Boss. Adjusting the jacket of his tailored suite he looked to the three others before him and snapped his fingers before walking in the direction of the doors that led to the entrance of the facility.

Hermes followed closely behind Boss while Ares and Hera moved to the back of the car where they planned to open the trunk and retrieve the woman inside. The two men at the door move into position so they stood before both Hera and Ares at the back of the trunk. Ares lifted the keys and pointed them at the trunk to open it, but was stopped as Hera reached out to stop him."Hold on , I want a smoke before we grab the bitch." Ares let out a series of low grunts and mumbles before lowering the keys to once more while Hera lit up a cigarette. "So? What's five more minutes of waiting so that I can enjoy a smoke? It isn't like the pride is going to show up right this second. We have plenty of time to prepare for the slaughter."

More grunts and groans escaped the throat of Ares, and a frustrated look came over Hera's face. "It doesn't matter if she dies from lack of air. dumb ass! We captured her because we knew the pride would want to get her back. They aren't gonna know she is dead, and even if she does die then they are still gonna look for revenge. Win win." A long and exaggerated groan escaped Ares as he raised the keys once more. Hera flicked the smoke away as it was obvious she wasn't going to be able to win this argument. The two armed men took aim at the trunk while Ares pressed the button to open it up. the spring released and the trunk popped open exposing a surprise for all four of them..

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PostSubject: Re: The weakest link (THE PRIDE!)   Wed Feb 20, 2013 4:45 pm

It had taken Vanessa some time to cut her way free from her restraints, though not nearly as much time as it would have taken someone who wasn't trained to use a knife and didn't have the amount of flexibility Vanessa had. She braced herself against the trunk walls to keep from being knocked around anymore and focused on what she could hear and smell. The longer she was awake, the more her head cleared, though she knew if she hadn't been trained in poisons from a young age, exposed to a variety of toxins and man made chemicals to strengthen her immune system against them, she'd still be unconscious. Only someone who had been a member of the Pantheon Projects would know it's inner workings and exactly what their soldiers were put through. The members of the Pantheon Projects were always human, the New Breeds were a part of a whole other project, so they had to compensate for what their bodies lacked genetically...like Nessa's robotic eye, which would still be out of commission for a bit as the drugs messed with the connectors to her nerves. The nano bots that helped her eyes self repair would fix it eventually.

She left the phone on, but stuffed it into the sidewall of the trunk, carefully hiding it so if they opened the trunk to pull her out, they wouldn't see it. Closing her eyes, she used her other senses to figure out what was happening around her. She could hear muffled voices at certain intervals, one female, though she couldn't discern the amount of males. From the size of the trunk there could easily have been five passengers in the cab, though it'd be squished so it was more likely only four, which meant one female and three male. The female had been the one to grab her on the streets, and her grip had been like iron, so not human. Nessa spent far too much time around Weres to not be able to pick them out of a crowded bar, and even less when they had a death grip on you.

The sound the wheels made against the pavement shifted, they were no longer inside the city, and the sound she heard now was all too familiar....the wastes. The sand and dried earth of the Wastes where little vegetation grew had lulled her to sleep on many a night inside the Mule...taking her out of the city would be their downfall, they thought they were hiding, but it would only make it easier for the Pride to attempt their rescue when they didn't need to worry about harming civilians in the process. She kept quiet, trying to make out the sound of voices and gain any other knowledge she could of them. One of the voices carried better then the others because it was do deep, and she instantly knew it had to belong to a black man. No amount of Caucasian genetics could ever let a voice reach such timbers. Still the car turned as if they were trying to disorient her, but if she was supposed to be unconscious, there would be no point...and then it dawned on her. Landmines, they had a defensive perimeter set up and they were smart enough not to leave a straight path through it. As much as she wanted to tell the others, she knew they'd figure it out and the Mule was essentially a small tank, it could handle a blast or two if they didn't.

When the car came to a stop and the roar of the engine died down, Nessa pulled her other boot knife free and prepared herself for the moment that the trunk opened. She braced her legs on the trunk walls, perfectly ready to come out swinging and stab anyone or anything within arms reach. Still she studied their voices. So they knew exactly who they were kidnapping. That narrowed the field down considerably to a list of enemies that would love to see the Pride knocked down a peg or two. And an even smaller list of enemies who could afford operations like this one.

The moment the trunk lid popped and light, however remote, poured in through the opening, her robotic eye spun, instantly calculating the distances between the figures she saw before her, the nano bots having had time to repair the connections. With a flick of her wrists her boot knives launched from within the trunk, using the small space that had opened without flinging the lid up to keep her protected for the time being. Her knives would fly true, burying themselves in the necks of the guards holding the automatic weapons. However, she hadn't waited to see if her knives would land, she knew they'd reach their targets, she never missed when she used her eye. Launching herself forward out of the car, she took down the one nearest to her, her nimble fingers snaking around the gun as she rolled over his lifeless body to fall onto the ground on her back, the AK-47 expertly held in her grasp as she took in the two others, the gun pointed at Hera.

While her bad eye watched the two of them, her good eyes was picking out the snipers on the roof. Shit, there was no way she was getting out of this alive. She'd be lucky if they didn't just off her right here and be done with it.
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PostSubject: Re: The weakest link (THE PRIDE!)   Sat Feb 23, 2013 12:22 am

Hera arched a brow at the spectacle of Vanessa jumping from the trunk to lay both of the guards down. Her eyes followed each movement with a vague sense of amusement hidden behind them. The woman now had an AK-47 in hand, and was aiming it right at her ready to pull the trigger at a moments notice, but as Vanessa hesitated Hera smirked. It would seem the super soldier was not as dumb as she first appeared to be, and the team had expected nothing less of her in that regard.

Hera raised her hands and proceeded to clap slowly, almost mockingly while locking eyes with the wily human member of the pride. "Well done genius. Now all you have to do is shoot myself and Ares, Make it out of sniper range before catching a bullet to the brain, and navigate the mine field. After that you should be home free right?" Hera yawned and tugged upon the sleeve of Ares while motioning for him to follow, as if they were heading for the door.

Snapping her fingers both Hera and Ares stopped as she turned around to regard Vanessa once more. ""Oh that's right! You are in the middle of the wasteland with no food or water. A good day or two from any kind of shelter or civilization. Lets also not forget you haven't had anything to eat or drink since we took you....so in short....your fucked. Why don't you put the gun down, and we will take you inside all nice like to talk with the boss." Hera seemed not only proud of herself, but also like one of the most cocky little bitches in the world. Ares looked between the two a moment before stepping in between Hera and Vanessa.

A series of grunts was issued to Hera who's jaw seemed to drop as Ares cleared his throat rather harshly. The next thing that Vanessa would hear was the perfectly clear words of the bruiser before her. ""If you set the gun down I promise to let you walk in on your own legs. Hera lacks the ability to speak with others using grace or civility for which I apologize on her behalf. Miss Sirnos please use clear judgment with regards to your own safety. " He stopped speaking abruptly as a coughing fit took hold of him. Hera's eyes never left Vanessa, and Ares continued to cough until blood leaked from his lips to hit the sand.

After a few moments Ares was able to catch his breath, and taking his hand he wiped the blood from his lips with the back of his hand. The grunts resumed a moment later to which Hera looked back at Vanessa while arching a perfectly plucked brow. "Why are we wasting our time here? Drop the gun or I order the snipers to shoot. Your friends are most likely on the way. Wouldn't it be a shame for them to go through all this just to find a corpse when they get here?" With that both Hera and Ares fell silent once more while leaving the ball in Vanessa's court.

The sound of guns cocking could be heard on the roof, and if Vanessa was to turn she would notice that five sniper rifles were pointed in her direction. It was a standoff at this point since Vanessa could mow them down before getting nailed herself. The winds picked up slightly holding with them a slight chill to signal the dying of the sun as it gave way to the moon. Light would be a resource not easily acquired, and she had maybe another hour of it before the biting chill of the wasteland night would grip the area.
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PostSubject: Re: The weakest link (THE PRIDE!)   Sat Feb 23, 2013 2:49 am

Vanessa's steely eyes narrowed as the girl opened her mouth, and her urge to squeeze the trigger grew. She wanted to do it just to shut her up, and the more she talked, the more Vanessa was beginning to lose her care for her own life if it meant taking the snarky bitch first. However, with all of her talking she revealed far too much about their operation and how little they actually knew about Vanessa. When Enlightenment had hit, Vanessa had been out on mission, which left her stranded in the Wastelands for nearly four months...no food, no water, eventually no ammo, and plenty of rift beasts to deal with...some of which turned out quite tasty. She could survive out there, but they apparently didn't know that. Good.

It was only when Ares began to speak that Vanessa altered her gaze to take in the mountain of a black man. Never moving her aim from Hera, Vanessa rose to her feet, bracing herself in case she did have to pull the trigger. She might not have been holding Raif, but at this range she wasn't going to miss. she watched him, waiting, knowing that Snarky would have one more biting comment to throw in...and she wasn't disappointed...predictable. Predictable meant it would be easy in pissing her off and making her falter. She also took note of Ares apparent problem, her eye focusing on the blood for a moment as it lay upon the sand.

The sun was setting, the beginnings of twilight filtering across the sky... night wasn't far off. She kept her gaze on Ares, deciding if they made it out of this, she'd put in a good word for him with the Pride and potentially save his life...if he wasn't too far beyond saving already. Never breaking her eye contact, she took her hand from the trigger of the gun, clicking the safety on as she did and held it out by the barrel with her other. She let it drop to the sand and settled her arms back at her sides. "Do not apologize for her, you are not responsible for her actions, just as I am not responsible for yours. Let's go see this boss." She would let them lead her away into gods knew what, because Ares was right.

As she passed Hera however she would look the woman square in the eyes, unwavering. "I am going to shoot you in the head, right between those hateful eyes and I am going to laugh when I do it. Then I'm going to rip the heart from your chest and eat it." Should Hera even try to touch her, Nessa would pull away from her, using force if necessary, but only enough so that everyone watching would get the point. Nessa didn't like Hera...and she never put up with things she didn't like.
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PostSubject: Re: The weakest link (THE PRIDE!)   

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The weakest link (THE PRIDE!)
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