A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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 Treasure Hunters Assemble (Open)

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PostSubject: Treasure Hunters Assemble (Open)   Sat Feb 16, 2013 4:17 pm

Outside Librium, where few dare to tread. Noon.

Whispers and rumors could pay off if one knew how to listen. Or if one was just that desperate to earn some extra credits. Jack certainly was. Even with Valentine's Day having just wrapped up, many of the residents learned there was no such thing as a True Love potion. His 'mood setters' had picked up in sales though. This city was full of kinky freaks. As long as he had sex addicts and klutzes, Jack would still be able to put food on the table.

But what did any of this have to do with whispers and rumors? Well supposedly, a cache of Conflagration Era items had just unearthed itself a giant's stone throw from the Treaty City. Collectors would go bonkers for old uniforms or weapons. Fortunately, Jack knew a few of them. The trick would be to locate this mysterious cache before anyone else. He set off for the hills with his trusty backpack full of tricks and his two shop companions, the recently refurbished Prometheus and Archimedes hommunculi. The human didn't own a car, so they all had to walk. Archimedes flew, but he was animated clay owl and could break the laws of physics like that.

Even if this cache didn't exist, Jack saw quite a few plants that could restock his ingredient cabinet for weeks. Profit is profit after all. Archie had gone up ahead to scout the area. Jack knew he had found something when the bird began to circle around overhead. He jogged over to the site and found some freshly turned soil. Neither man nor Other had been responsible, though. Jack's lessons in horticulture from his mother instantly noticed there was no indication that farming equipment had touched this region of land. Nor were there animal tracks to suggest wild hogs had been looking for truffles here either. The displaced earth had a nice sweeping quality to it like that of a landslide or erosion. Being the ever curious person that he is, Jack took out a test tube and collected a soil sample. Maybe this region had other nutrients in it that would work his other herbs.

Glancing up from the dirt, Jack noticed a crack in the ground. Strange. He couldn't recall any caves in this area. Perhaps this one had been covered by the Enlightenment? A mental command sent the bird down into the depths. When Archie came back up, Jack knew there were no bears lying in wait for him.

"Alright, Prometheus. Let's get the climbing gear out." The clay man silently slipped a pack off it's own shoulders and began rooting around through it. Two sets of harnesses, carabiners, pitons, and ropes were layed out neatly next to the bag. Jack put the hommunculus in a harness first. "I swear, there has to be a version of the ritual that allows you to dress yourself. You're getting too old for this shtako." He even had to set up the anchor pitons for the helper as well. The thing didn't have the intelligence needed to do that, but Prometheus could sure whip up a mean chili.

Once they were all set, Jack leaned back and started repelling. Prometheus needed a little extra motivation. He had never sent a homunculus rock climbing before. He was surprised the automaton was able to find footholds on its own. Jack clicked on his head mounted flashlight.

"Let's see what's down here, shall we?"
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PostSubject: Re: Treasure Hunters Assemble (Open)   Sat Feb 16, 2013 11:00 pm

Lana hated rumors. She also hated being told that even though they were just rumors she still had to look into things. Fucking humans and their fucking superstitions. Fucking Umbra and those fucking pricks on the board. Apparently it was going to take some time for those asses to warm to the idea that she now held Flynn's former post in the faction. Even with that knowledge that didn't stop them from all "suggesting" that she personally look into these rumors. Well what did you expect?

His voice was mocking as he commented on her silent fuming. So here she was, hiking through the outskirts of Librium. A backpack full of gear used to propel herself down (which was a lot harder than climbing up). Luckily for her she had no fear of heights or falling. However she had a small problem with claustrophobia. The fact that she would have to be going inside the earth did present a bit of a problem for her well-being.

Mentally she was giving herself a pep-talk on the way there. Engrossed in her mental motivation as she was, Lana didn't pay much attention to her surroundings until she was upon the crevasse in the ground. Lana knelt to study the anchor that was already drilled into the ground, attached to a rope that hung taut over the edge and disappeared down into the hole. So she wasn't the only one investigating. It was to be expected. Be careful. It's dangerous down there. Well no shit, was what she wanted to tell him.

Dumping her pack to the ground, she went about her own business of setting up to propel down into Terra's depths. The harness fit snug around her hips and thighs and with the rope secure she stood at the ledge, looked over her shoulder into the darkness of the cavern and took a deep, calming breath. Lana eased herself down at first; cautiously letting the rope slide through her hands as she lowered herself down into the ground.

Gradually as she got deeper, the redhead was pushing herself off the wall so that her descent moved more swiftly. Her landing was emphasized by a cloud of dirt as her feet hit bottom. Even to her heightened eyesight, it was pitch black down there, so as she disengaged from the rope she also retrieved her maglite from her utility belt. It was enough to illuminate the area in front of her by a few feet, which was all she needed. Hello? She called out to the darkness ahead of her, then swiveled around to look behind.

Is that wise? Announcing yourself? You don't know who else is down here. Budete li vy bytʹ spokoyny? YA ne mogu dazhe slyshatʹ sebya dumatʹ, s vashim golosom v moyey golove. Living with Flynn's spirit was hard and made her wonder if he had been this difficult in life or if she had simply overlooked his overbearing qualities.

OOC NOTE: For those who are unawares, Lana is being haunted by the spirit of her former mentor Flynn Salander (the italicized orange font) who died in this thread. She is now often found talking to herself. This is for future plots.
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PostSubject: Re: Treasure Hunters Assemble (Open)   Sun Feb 24, 2013 9:57 pm


Jack shot a look at his flying homunculus. Archimedes was the only one of the three that could mimic someone else's voice, and the alchemist certainly hadn't said anything recently. Had he imagined it? Archie didn't repeat messages unless they were back in the shop. The bird was essentially sleeping on a rock. Some bodyguard he made.

The alchemist wondered what he was supposed to do. He wanted to say hello back, but the treasure hunter in him wanted to pretend he wasn't there and abscond with the loot all by himself.

{Maybe they don't know I'm here.

You fool. You left the pitons up. Do I start growling like a hungry bear? What does a hungry bear sound like compared to an angry bear?}

"Hi!" he instinctively called back. So much for hungry bear.

=="You" may still join in. I just wanted to keep this thread from stalling out.==
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PostSubject: Re: Treasure Hunters Assemble (Open)   

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Treasure Hunters Assemble (Open)
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