A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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 Ethan Kelly

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PostSubject: Ethan Kelly   Sat Mar 10, 2012 5:00 am

• Ethan • Kelly •

Name: Lieutenant Ethan Kelly
Nickname: Bragol Amarth (Elven for “The Swift Doom”, pronounced brah-goal ah-marth)
Age: 35
Weight: 225 pounds
Height: 6’ 1”

Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Dark Brown
Race: Human with cybernetic enhancement
Residence: Bastion
Nationality: Bastion
Affiliation: Paladin – Corporate Security Consultant

Play By: Karl Urban

• all in the details •

Ethan generally tends to keep himself well groomed, with the one exception of his varying amounts of facial hair. He usually doesn’t let it get much longer than a scruffy goatee, but usually sports some degree of five-o’clock shadow. The majority of his time is spent wearing the standard uniform of a Paladin Security Officer: black and gray BDU jumpsuit, shined combat boots, nylon/Kevlar finger gloves, and light ballistic armor. However, when not on duty, Ethan will usually walk in comfortable clothing, mostly denim pants, a slightly wrinkled button-down shirt, and a faded brown leather jacket. They typically emphasize the hard lines of his body, chiseled from years of rigorous military training and extensive fitness regimes.

Ethan is a generally quiet, cold individual. Since his enlistment at fourteen for cybernetics research, he had been around military facilities and secret facilities exclusively up until the past couple of years. His social skills developed as a child were partially erased by a combination of cybernetic implantation and a relearning of protocols through military hierarchies. He doesn’t talk much, except for within military circles, and his mouth is more suited for an underground bunker than the local family restaurant. As a general rule, he never got personal during the war with the Others, but over the course of the last decade, he is slowly learning to up and face his humanity and be more than a soldier.

For all intensive purposes, Ethan is human. All the advances he possess are due to the multiple, extensive surgeries and implantations that occurred during his adolescence upon entering the military. Kelly had 5 major surgeries to implant and facilitate a symbiotic relationship between synthetic cybernetic devices and his biology, and better his function as a soldier. The devices/adjustments below were implanted/implemented within Ethan’s body, along with the functions they serve:

-Cybernetic Brain Overlay: The CBO is a web-like device that is fitted on top of the brain and, in specific areas, deep within the brain tissues. It is designed to coordinate the signals from all cybernetic implants within the patient's body, in addition to quickening the speed signals are sent and received in the brain. This allows the proxy to think faster, have slightly better night vision, and use other cybernetic enhancements without killing themselves.

-Cervical Processing Station and Fiber-Optic Nerve Relays: The nerve relays are fiber optic tubes that run congruent to the seven major cranial nerves and facilitate faster signalling between the nerves and the brain. The central processors serve as a hub for interface with the patient at the base of the skull as well as a decoder of nerve signals to be transferred to the CBO for implementation. This allows the user to have faster reflexes and superior strength with the proper diet and exercise.

-Ferrous Marrow Augmentation: To compensate for the implantation of the CBO and Processor, the bone marrow of a patient is augmented to contain Ferrous (2+), Nickel (2+) and Cadmium (2+) ions to replace the Calcium ions. Over time, with the assistance of the CBO, the body slowly replace the Calcium with harder metals to an approximate 35% of the bone tissue. This allows the recipient to run and lift to the extent of their enhancement with out shatering their skeleton in the process.

-NOTE: Long term effects of these cybernetic enhancements are unknown.

Ethan has all the basic skills that one would expect from a highly trained special forces operative. He is a fierce opponent in hand to hand combat, knife fighting, and other forms of non-projectile related violence, superior strength notwithstanding. During his basic training, he earned marksmanship honors with pistols, assault rifles, long-range rifles, submachine guns, and knife throwing. He has a basic knowledge of explosives, wilderness survival, field medicine, field cybernetic medicine, and the Elven and Avian languages. (At least, enough to know when they are about to kill you.)

• the tale of a lifetime•

According to his Military and Paladin dossier, Ethan Kelly was born April 22, 187 AC. The only child of Tyler and Kyra Kelly, both deceased, there is little record and memory of Ethan before his fourteenth birthday. He attended school and presumably lived a moderately happy life considering the deterioration of the world. At fourteen, Kelly’s household was destroyed, killing his parents and leaving him in the capable hand of the Human military.

Given a choice between enlisting and an ever-overcrowding orphanage, Ethan chose to fight for his race. He immediately volunteered for a cybernetic super-soldier program offered through Paladin Corporation, which not only made him faster, stronger, and quicker thinking, it also removed the majority of memories Ethan had prior to the surgeries, including his family. After basic training and mild tweaking of his implants and enhancements, Ethan was deployed deep in the Elven Wood front. His ability to make speedy, brutal guerilla attack on Elven encampments, patrols, and villages led to him being known as “The Swift Doom” throughout Elven fighting units in the war. At the end of the campaign, his commanding officers would often comment that the newly promoted Lieutenant Kelly’s intercession was instrumental in humanity besting Elven forces on their particular front.

All in all, Ethan spent the last decade of the war traveling to warzones that could utilize his unique skill set best for humanity. Other soldiers with similar enhancements were crucial to the war effort, albeit a top secret one, lest they be specifically targeted. It was often rumored that Kelly’s unit was involved in the capture of war criminal Elias Grove, yet that is a highly classified secret, to which the answer may never be known. Through the Enlightening and the eventual end of the war, Kelly received dozens of commendations and medals for his service, all well overdue per his movement across multiple fronts. The only honor greater was to be expelled from his only home, the military of humanity, per the Treaty of Terra. Without a place to go and a small armed services pension, Kelly was hired as a clandestine operative for Paladin, the company that installed his cybernetics. Of course, on paper, he is a simple private security consultant for their facilities in the Bastion and Librium.

In his spare time, Ethan likes to try his hand at amateur cybernetic experimentation, namely, improving himself. Thanks to his (minimal) training in cybernetic field medicine, Kelly has tried with limited success to improve his abilities and equipment to suit his enhancements. Most recently, he tried interfacing his prototype Paladin Assault Rifle with his Cervical Processor, and received such a shock through his CBO that he tasted feelings for a week after.

While Ethan works for Paladin Corporation, he holds no ill will towards the Others. They fought well and with honor, and to Ethan that was privilege enough. Despite his own personal feelings, he knows that not everyone feels the way he does, so he always keeps a set of weaponry on him for personal defense. Beyond his superior strength and hand to hand combat skills, he usually has with him a small nickel plated 9mm pistol tucked in to the small of his back and a large knife tucked in a calf-holster by his boot.

His marrow-restructuring surgery had an unintended consequence: it turned him in to a fairly accurate meteorologist. Just like a metal plate on a joint or other such surgery, Ethan’s bones hurt when there is an upcoming storm. However, this pain- what might be considered a dull ache by some- radiates throughout his skeleton from approximately three hours prior until two hours after any sort of natural precipitation.

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PostSubject: Re: Ethan Kelly   Sat Mar 10, 2012 12:01 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Ethan Kelly   

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Ethan Kelly
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