A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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 Sousuke Tokugawa Asakura

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PostSubject: Sousuke Tokugawa Asakura   Fri Mar 09, 2012 8:11 pm

• Sousuke • Tokugawa • Asakura •

Name: Sousuke Tokugawa Asakura
Nickname: The Boss, Saint, Don Asakura
Age: 27
Weight: 187 pounds
Height: 5 foot 10 inches

Eye color: Light Gray
Hair color: Brown with Blond Highlights
Race: Human
Residence: Bastion
Nationality: Bastion

Play By: Ian Somerhalder

• all in the details •

Sousuke has a lean athletic frame to him a runner's body so to speak. His hair is cut short often having messy bangs that seems to fall into place in a picture prefect look that any media would adore to snap a picture over. His eyes showing that passion that he views life with and that smirk that seems to cross his face always makes you feel like that he has a card to play. He's got tanned skin from being out in the sun a lot a natural tan that is the envy of those whose skin always burns when they're out in the sun too long. Take off the clothes and you'll see several scars all over his body from a life of fighting ever since his preteen years, a fight survival, a fight to be somebody rather then a nobody.

Sousuke has a single-minded goal in his life. To not be a nobody, to not be something that history just passes over, to be acknowledged and recognized by his deeds both good and bad. He has a compelling charisma that shares that drive and that passion to those around them to make them want to be a part of his dream so that they too will be recognized. Sousuke never abandons his crew he has a loyalty that is not unlike a daimyo had for his samurai, and inspires that loyalty in others.

He knows where he is going, he knows that there is no goal he can't reach, he has an unshakeable confidence that he will be on the top, that he will be a man history whispers in awe at his achievements. His dreams are tempered by a sharp and calculating logic willing to make sacrifices and lose battles so he can achieve that greater dream. The dream of being a somebody, the dream of being the one that people look up to. He refuses to let open fighting boil out into the streets where innocents can get hurt. It's not there war and he'll be damn sure they won't become bystanders to be caught in the crossfire.

In that regard Sousuke is an anti-hero, he will do what is necessary to achieve his goals but there are some lines that he will never cross, some beliefs he will always hold strong to.

If you want to get anywhere you have to know how to talk, Sosuke has a natural talent for bluffing, lying, inspiring others to see his side of things...in truth he would have made a damn good Politician or International Spy. Sousuke always seems to have a card to play and always makes it look like he has the upper-hand. He's good at keeping his cool and staying level so he can talk his way out of a bad situation.

Cybernetic Enhancements
Sousuke has been embedded with cybernetics in his spine, both of his eyes, and his left arm. This is a result of both augmentations to make him sharper and better able to survive as well as treating a frag grenade wounds to his spine when he protected an innocent child from a gang fight that had erupted on the outskirts. The cybernetics have enhanced his reflexes to near olympic athlete levels making him better able to survive and move.

As a side note the cybernetic eyes have some useful features including being able to snap pictures which he can send wirelessly to a storage device or even record moments. They have nightvision and infrared filters installed on them rather basic but Sousuke hasn't seen a need to upgrade them further.

The cybernetic arm is also of note, it is a complete replacement to an arm he would have lost due to infection in the injuries. It is made to pass for a normal person's but has the ability to punch through walls provided they aren't too thick. There's an eight-inch piston-driven blade in the arm that was installed allowing Sousuke to make a quick assassination and then hide the blade with nobody the wiser, something that has served him well.

Mechanical Empathy
Ever have a gut feeling about something? For Souske it is that little thing that allows him to quickly figure out technology, it's what allows him to figure out the controls for military and civilian vehicles, fire a weapon, and work with complex devices such as lock decoders. It is that gut instinct that Sousuke blindly follows and while he isn't prefect with a device the first time he handles it nobody would see him as a rookie either. The more complex the device or controls the more precious seconds or possibly minutes it will take for Sousuke to figure out how to use something.

Because Sousuke has that innate gut instinct on tech allows Sousuke to jury-rig something or put together something from discarded scraps to get a similar effect to what he might need even if he doesn't have it on hand. Sousuke learning random things throughout his life has added up to him learning how jury-rig, hot-wire, or put together things that can give him a similar effect he might need using substitute materials if it's possible. This is a supernatural ability that Sousuke is using sub-consciously he understands A and B makes C but don't ask him how he got to C.

Sousuke has learned to survive and one thing about surviving is learning how to fight. Sousuke doesn't have some trained martial art or fighting style he's just improvised and pulled tricks that he's seen over time and implemented the effective ones. Don't expect him to go Jet Li or Jackie Chan on someone because he isn't going to fight fair he understands dirty fighting is MUCH more quicker.

Weapon Skills
While Sousuke is NOT military trained being self-taught for the most part he is fairly accurate with most firearms or ranged archaic weapons. In a melee fight he'll quickly reach for a stun baton or a pair of knuckles rather then trying to do something fancy with a sword.

Improvised Urban Combat
Sometimes you don't have the right stuff handy but hey the internet and libraries are full of resources. Sousuke has over time picked up the know-how to build home-made explosives, basic pyrotechnics, and of course some crude but effective drugs for getting past stubborn opponents (knock-out gas being a favorite here as well as poisons).

Basic Electronics and Basic Mechanics
Let's face it Sousuke's jury-rigging and monkeying around often leads him to breaking things. And the last thing you want is your equipment breaking on you in the middle of a job. Sousuke has the ability to do basic repairs and diagnose things to some degree anything complex and he's more likely to hit it with something blunt and heavy. If it's something complex like rebuilding an engine or rewiring a computer you can forget it. Solder stuff back in place and make sure the power is flowing properly? That's more Sousuke's speed.

Stealth and Thievery
When you killed for a living for several years you learn a few things. Sousuke has a decent ability at stealth and thievery skills because of the years of practice he's had with it having to survive and handle his jobs.

• the tale of a lifetime•
Sousuke was born to hard-working parents. Parents who believed in the mantra that if you worked hard in this life that you would be rewarded in the next. That if you stayed out of trouble that you would be seen as a good person. Sousuke wasn't satisfied with that right from the start. Sousuke wanted more then the life of a simple blue-collar worker that would marry that girl next door...he didn't want to fade from history with a boring and forgettable life. His childhood was spent reading history, Sousuke was fascinated by it hearing of all these famous names how their deeds would forever be echoed by the historians of the world.

Sousuke knew he would want that. He would want to be remembered the day he died, he would want to be acknowledged, be it hero or villian he would see it that way, he would be the name that historians acknowledged amongst the various legends of history. That would know the name Sousuke Tokugawa Asakura.

The catalyst that started all of it though didn't hit until he was eleven. Two like-minded groups wanting the easy life had erupted in a fight, a gang-war that was happening on the out-skirts of Bastion where Sousuke and his family lived. His family and others were caught in the crossfire, and Sousuke knew dead-on that to be acknowledged he would have to fight to survive. He managed to survive by hiding and even then had been grazed by several bullets and was bleeding out. He felt ashamed by it...he decided he had to take matters in his own hands and due something about it if he intended to be remembered.

As the fighting died down and filled with a burning vengeance Sousuke had grabbed a gun and killed one of the surviving men of that horrible crossfire who were laughing at how they had 'won' that fight and how stupid people shouldn't have gotten in the way of the fight. They never saw that angry kid holding a gun...hands shaking as he leveled it at them, all they heard were gun-shots and the trio dropped dead to the ground. All Sousuke heard afterwords were the empty clicks of the gun no longer firing no matter how long he pulled the trigger. Everything went black and Sousuke fell unconscious...

Fate it seemed was watching Sousuke that day...someone had wanted the lead man that Sousuke had gunned down with his two goons dead and Umbra had been about to dole out a contract out on the guy. What they found was an eleven year old passed out holding the gun that had taken the man's life. When Sousuke woke up he found himself in a nice lavish bedroom, with comforts he could only dream of. There was a single invitation...an invitation that if Sousuke wanted more nice things...all he had to do were some jobs to make himself stronger...to make himself better.

Sousuke became a hit-man a contract-killer. In the nine years that followed that incident he had trained himself up, took on various jobs and become efficiently good at killing...in those years he lost quite a bit of innocence and had hardened quite a bit...even becoming a little cold to anyone who tried to get personal with him. After all Sousuke was frustrated, he had money, he had power now...

But he wanted more...

It was an incident on his twenty-first birthday that was him stopping another gang war by killing the leaders. Unfortunately one of them had a dead-man's switch to a grenade...but all Sousuke saw was a shocked child who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Sousuke got in the way of the blast shielding the kid and protecting him from what would have been a gruesome death. Even with the body armor Sousuke was wearing he had taken nasty injuries...

When he woke up in the hospital Sousuke hearing a nurse commenting they had to replace his eyes...put cybernetics in his back, and even amputate his arm due an infection starting there and so much nervous system damage...he lay there having an answer. To stop the pointless gang-wars...to be acknowledged...to put the money he was acquiring to good use he would dare to go bigger then the local gangs had ever dreamed. Sousuke in that instance saw a world ripe for the taking for a new crime syndicate and while he knew he couldn't challenge Umbra at their game he knew their was plenty of the underworld pie left waiting to be taken.

Sousuke invested in businesses, bought up clubs, and began procuring armaments and equipment from arms dealers that no longer had a war to profit off of. He began building his own crime group simply letting himself be referred to as The Boss or Don Asakura by those he had rallying to his cause. People from various walks of life who saw the passion in Sousuke and knew he was out to make history to be a name that people would know about. To the out-skirts and other towns that simply didn't get the same level of protection from the Terran Guard that say downtown did he was known as Saint.

Flash-forward again to today. Vector Entertainment and Media is the legal front that launders the money that the organization is getting from drug deals, and more...questionable adult entertainment. Sousuke has established himself the leader of the criminal group known as The Enlightened Kings. In comparison to Paladin, Umbra, or Omni, or the other major powers VE&M and The Enlightened Kings are small time...but Sousuke intends to put down gang-wars for good and create a legacy that history will remember.

Theme Musics
Power by Kanye West
Blaze of Life by 403 Forbiddena

Sousuke's Supernatural Abilities
Sousuke is a Natural Technomancer, it is something that will develop over-time and he is currently using sub-consciously Re: Mechanical Empathy. Getting trained in that regard will probably help him develop his abilities better.

VE&M and The Enlightened Kings
I will gladly sit down and hash out with the admins what the group can and can't do but right now they are finally getting organized and starting to enter the picture. Part of Sousuke's roleplays will be further devloping the group and them getting more and more powerful.

Criminal Record
Will flesh it out over time.

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Sousuke Tokugawa Asakura
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