A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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PostSubject: Qalendra the Phoenix   Qalendra the Phoenix EmptySat Feb 02, 2013 6:39 am

• Qalendra • Nirid • Doronalaeh •

Qalendra the Phoenix Vanessa-paradis-il-y-a

Name: Qalendra Nirid Doronalaeh
Nickname: Unusually “The Phoenix”, most used : Qa’.
Age: 426 years old.
Weight: Around 147 pounds.
Height: Five feet and ten inches.

Eye color: A kind of mixed brown and blue.
Hair color: Sort of blond, bordering the red.
Race: Phoenix.
Residence: Librium.
Nationality: Europe.
Affiliation: On her own.
Occupation:Little anonym jobs.

Face Claim: Vanessa Paradis

• all in the details •

A long time ago, Qalendra decided to keep her human form until the day to rise her wings will come. But for the moment, she looks like a female human like others, long hair cascading on her shoulders, a fine and pretty face almost always showing a smile or a curious expression in her eyes. She has an entrancing body, not looking too fat or thin. She don’t usually care about her vesture, but when she does, the Phoenix makes sure her appearance give the feelings she intends to give. Also she wears some tiny earrings, small black disks pressed against the skin of her ears, it’s more for the “fun” of wearing some jewelry of that kind than to impress a little more.

But one day, she will rise again as a Phoenix. Her natural appearance looks like a big owl, long sharpen claws, strong wings and sweet feathers. That's nothing but graceful. She sizes a bit more than in human form, but keeps approximately the same weight. She wears a beautiful white dress with random little dark dots on the back or on the wings. Her eyes are made in a sharp-eyed yellow which allows the Phoenix to notice some one from far away.

Curious, kindly, sometimes helpful, but even if she looks like a cute rose, no one should forgot about snakes hidden behind them. She sure is a nice person on the first look, a bit wise we can say, more simple-minded than intelligent, but the detail she cannot arrange is her spiteful side. She appreciates jokes, but not harsh or wicked ones, peoples who spread bad ideas, hurt folks or prepare some meant plan are… Unforgivable, from her point of view. Of course she knows about “Good and Evil”, she knows that sometimes violence is the solution, but she just can’t accept that. However, she remained silent for a while, hiding her origin is primordial, she can allow herself to risk her safety for everything. This decision made her depressive and sad, that’s why she somehow acts like a curious children when she meet interesting characters, or encounter some kind of technology she enjoys compare to a bomb.

Mana Reach – The ability to “grab” any mana residue. Any enchantments currently working or some other magical stuff that is not dangerous to touch can be affected. It allows Qa’ to pick a enchantment before destroying it or use it on something else. In the same way, she cans slightly modify it.
This move require some time and energy depending on the power of the spell, and a picked spell slowly evaporate until it’s used again on something.

She can pick up magical aspect from weapons, stuff or any other things, from runes as well... She can do the same on living entity such as Humans, Others, animals or plants with curses or any other magic spell that affect them.

Phoenix’s tears – As said in legends, Phoenix’s tears have the power to cure any wounds or disease. But one isn’t enough to heal entirely, and it only works where the tear fall.

Phoenix’s feathers – That is a secret, but the feather of a Phoenix contains a great amount of magic essence. In her human form, her hairs have a little of this amount.

Shift form – Simple spell that allows Qa’ to transform into a human or switch back into her Phoenixs’ appearance. In both forms, decapitation make her unable to rebirth.

Rebirth – Phoenix’s racial. When she dies, she drop an egg that do nothing for months before hatching. If the egg is broken, she cannot rebirth.

• the tale of a lifetime•

-You know why you are here. You know your objective. But it became obsolete the day Humans used their Great bomb on Hiroshima.

I was here, standing in front of someone I knew well. He’s not an adorable person, neither a charitable personality, but his judgment and decision can’t be ignored. I didn’t have to listen to him, I didn’t had to, nor I had to ask for his help. Yes, Humans used what they call the “Nuclear bomb” on their own kind, I’d say it wasn’t the first time they killed themselves, I even could say they are the one who developed the art of war. My mission was to observe them, that’s all, he only means I don’t have to complete my task anymore since everyone from everywhere came and claimed the planet. In this day, Terra is ravaged by a terrible maelstrom, the so called “Enlightenment”. While Terra is being destroyed by her inhabitants, I’m standing here, waiting for my friend’s choice.

-Everything stopped to be what it has been since the Enlightenment first appeared, so you will. We… You are one of the last remnants of your kind, but hiding you is meaningless. A bird shouldn’t be jailed in a golden prison… I shall give you a new life, an escape to somehow keep being who you are.

-You are going to leave me on Terra ?

He remained silent for a moment, maybe he thought “yes” was too harsh to be used spontaneously. Maybe…

-I am going to leave you on Terra, but there is a condition.

He stopped speaking when I was waiting to learn the condition. The silence killed me and I couldn’t waste more time in waiting.

-What is the condition ?

-You will learn about it when my job here will be done.

He were approaching me, his hand slowly charging magic energy for a spell. When I noticed it, I immediately understood what his “job” was about. I swallowed, a little frightened. I decided to ignore my fears and to close my eyes, because now, the only thing I could have done is waiting… Waiting for my friend to complete his mission.

Ten years… Ten years ago, the Enlightenment ravaged the world. I don’t remember how Terra looked like before, but I was certain landscapes were beautiful. When the words “ten years” crossed my mind, a remembrance from that day also crossed my mind. This stranger told me about the world before sending me here, in the city called “Librium” in order to… Do nothing, if I remember well… Yes, I have nothing special to do, just taking care of an… Of my apartment. Well, this isn’t really mine, I only rent a place to sleep, eat, take a shower, exetera exetera… I earn some money with little jobs, I’m paid to work a day or a weak, but rarely more time. The thing I do the best… “Fixing” people’s magic. I don’t know why, but I have a good comprehension with the mana, I even can touch it, I suppose this is my ability… This is how I remain alive, because this stranger gave me one mission, I cant’ forget his words when he pronounced them… It was something like…


The “stranger” is gone, Qalendra’s memory has been wiped and she lives in Librium where she practice to help people use their spell. Sometimes, for something else, but she kept being paid, even for a little price.

Is this a Canon?: No.

Is this your second character, and if so, who is your first?:First character.

Aaaaaaand it's done ! \o_

Last edited by Qalendra on Sat Mar 09, 2013 10:12 am; edited 2 times in total
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PostSubject: Re: Qalendra the Phoenix   Qalendra the Phoenix EmptyThu Feb 14, 2013 3:01 am

Sending you a PM about your application
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Qalendra the Phoenix
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