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 A Thing Worth Wishing For (Senshi)

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PostSubject: A Thing Worth Wishing For (Senshi)   Sun Jan 13, 2013 12:33 am

Kimber moved quietly, as she stared out the window. She had purchased the entire penthouse on the roof of her building, the roof top itself, and the floor below it. Not because she flaunted her money, actually, to see her apartment it was the opposite of the case. While the room was spacious and extravagant the furnishings were that of any normal person gotten at any normal store. The thing was, Kimber Grace was a mute, in many different ways. Meaning when she let her aura go, she silenced the world around her, and when she slept she could not keep her aura in check, which made people angry. So she had done what she needed to, to survive.

Only now, she felt as though she were lost.

She remembered him fondly, with his long dark hair, rogueish looks, and.. the way that he had made the world come alive for her in a way that she had never known before. While being completely silent, she had been on a few dates. Here and there. But, they all fell through for various reasons, and it was those that she was fine with because.. it was those that she could not change. She was what she was, and she could not alter herself, though something had changed inside Kimber.

The young musician crossed the room. In the pale pink flowing knee length dress.. her hair was down and curled softly around her... she sat upon the small ottoman that she had placed her newest cello in front of. It was a beautiful, hand carved number, a gift to herself.. in the hopes of cheering up an otherwise demolished heart.

Of course, she wrote. She always wrote. She wrote him long letters. Pressed pretty flowers within them and sprayed them with the perfume that she wore from time to time. She wrote and wrote, she knew that he probably recieved a letter almost daily out in japan where he was, but she felt.. she felt it was the only connection she had to him and there were even letters marked with the tears, blurring the ink that she used.

Sometimes, she sent him seeds from her very own garden.

Kimber sniffled silently. Reaching up to the cello, she began to play. For some reason, this new album had an aire of sadness to it neverbefore heard from Kimber Grace. Kimber closed her eyes, as she sat in the studio side of her apartment and placed the bow against the strings. With a silent breath released she let the beautiful mournful instrument play gently. Playing her heart. Playing her loneliness. Playing everything that she wished she could tell someone, but, she had no one to tell. Liam was in Librium with his new girlfriend and she was alone. This was not something to be told in a letter.

This was too big for paper and pen.

And so, she would tell the world, in the notes in her mind, in her heart, as Kimber's fingers moved softly along the cello neck and the bow swung back and forth in graceful motions. A ballet symphony in her hands.
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PostSubject: Re: A Thing Worth Wishing For (Senshi)   Sun Jan 13, 2013 12:59 am

The trip was long and was one that cost Senshi everything he had except for the clothes on his back and the sword at his side. He had done favors for people to acquire passage and had sold his armor off in sections to the highest bidder all in the hopes that he would find the women who had touched him in a way he never before felt. Koutai sat upon his shoulder keeping his eyes peeled for the symbols on the piece of paper that they both carried. It had taken him awhile to get the information on where she lived because he did not speak a word of English but he did learn to sign while he was working on the arrangements that would carry him here. He walked along the muddled streets as the rain beat against his wooden flesh but he was moving with purpose and he was not going to rest until he saw her again. People looked at him like he was some kind of freak and it was not only because of the fact that he was a woodling but also because of the way he dressed and the sword he carried at his side. He looked as though he had stepped out of the history books on feudal japan and now walked among them. He ignored them all as he looked from paper to street sign a few times and finally smiled as the symbols matched up on the paper.

He slowly walked along the street examining the buildings and looking at the paper once more trying to match the numbers on the paper to the buildings he was passing. It was all very odd to him and he felt helpless as he kept trying to match everything up. None of how he felt mattered however because no matter how alone or upset he felt he was not going to stop until he saw her again and was able to hold her in his arms. He had thought it through on many levels and knew that the very real chance was there for her to laugh at him and turn him away when he got to the door. He never got the letters she sent because he was always on the move months without a word and every waking moment spent thinking of only her had pushed him into making this journey to see her even if it was the last time.

He finally stopped and entered one of the buildings he had been looking at. The symbols on it were the closest thing to what he had written down on the paper and he made his way up the stairs and stopped one floor from the top apartment. This was the place in which she was supposed to live and he felt himself grow anxious and for the first time he was nervous and scared. He raised his hand and knocked on the door and the sound of his fist rapping against the wood sounded like an extra loud heartbeat to him. He waited in silence for someone to come to the door but nothing happened and so he tried again. He stood for a few minutes but no one came to the door and so he jiggled the handle and the door fell open. He crossed the threshold and looked about the room which was empty and cold.

He felt his heart fly into his throat as a lump formed and he fought it back as hard as he could while going from room to room in the hope that he would find her. There was nothing but the dark grey light of the rainy skies outside and the sound of rain tapping against glass. Koutai to looked sad and wrapped his arms about Senshi's shoulder while making small whining noises. He was back to square one and had no idea where to look or how to find her in this massive place. She might not even be on this side of the planet anymore and might have gone to do a concert somewhere else. The whole situation was overwhelming and he silently dragged his feet back to the door with his head cast down and an ache in his chest that felt like a thousand swords being driven through his body at once.

He moved to the stairs and took two steps and that was when the sound of music drifted to his ears. It was a somber tune and he could barely make it out as it competed with the sound of the hard rain falling outside. He moved back to the landing and around to the flight of stairs that would lead him up another level. As he climbed the music got louder and he felt his heart begin to race as he knew no one else could create such music and convey such emotions. He moved slowly as he was scared he might be wrong and that he would be let down yet again but finally he stood outside the door and the music was clear. He raised his hand and rapped against the door three times before stepping back and waiting for a response.

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PostSubject: Re: A Thing Worth Wishing For (Senshi)   Sun Jan 13, 2013 1:12 am

The soulful loss of something so important. Knowing that she would likely never see him again. She had gotten to japan on a happy accident. She was not sure how, and because of a strange man, she had gotten back when she had rid herself of her wooden shell and the fake city they had been housed in for a time. Now, back in America, she was lonely.

Heartbroken, devestated.

It was the only way to describe the feelings and emotions that she pushed through her fingers and into the song that played from an instrument that was synonomous with the word sadness. She continued to play. Moving slowly from one note to another, stringing them together to create a symphony of heartache and loss. To see him again would be a miracle. Was it her destiny to only find love, and to lose such a thing that had been so beautiful when they were together.

She was in the middle of a extremely tearful number when a bang came from the door. The instrument's bow slid creating a slight screeching sound in her surprise. No one ever knocked on her door. She was not expecting a delivery. Majority of the patrons in the building had no idea that she even lived on the top floor. She spoke to no one, paid her rent via the internet, and she never really.. had anyone over.

Perhaps it was the police again, asking about the strange bird-man that had been here for a little while.

Rising up, she smoothed her dress down with on ehand and set the cello in it's cradle. Making her way to a small mirror on the wall she quickly wiped the slew of tears from her cheeks and dabbed at the rivers that had been created because of them. She never wore make up, however, tears always left marks.

her soft slippers made no noise as she moved through the overly large apartment and to the door. She checked her dress again, the fine silk folds were not wrinkles and swirled and swished softly when she moved. Like a ballet dancer, she supposed. She had always wanted to study ballet, but her parents would never hear of it, especially once her musical talents became prevalent.

Unlocking the tri-bolted door, she opened it. Blue eyes looked up and then... widened. Her hand went to her heart. Because there, standing in front of her, was the most beautiful man in all the world and the only one that she had ever wanted to see. Kimber launched herself into his arms, hitting his body with a bit of force, and curling her fingers into his hair. Fresh tears, tears of joy, relief, and happiness, flowed from her body. Telling of the loneliness without him as she clung to him.

"Senshi." she whispered so lightly it was barely on the wind.
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PostSubject: Re: A Thing Worth Wishing For (Senshi)   Tue Jan 15, 2013 10:47 pm

He was not sure what to expect when the door opened but secretly he was dreading that someone other then Kimber was going to be standing there and then freak out because of the way he dressed and looked. He made sure to cast his eyes downward so that he could look up at the person and should it not be kimber he could at least build himself up to it somewhat. The door opened and his heart pounded against his wooden frame in a painful way that caused the emotion of being let down well up tears in his eyes. He was Samurai and was not supposed to be scared but there were things that training had not prepared him for and love was one of those very things. It opened fully and before he could look up to see the person he was able to see the face through Koutai's eyes and he saw Kimber looking back at him in shock. Was she mad that he was here? Did she think that what went on in Japan was going to stay in Japan? Did she convince herself that it was all just some nightmare?

His mind was racing for the two seconds in which it took her to go from the door to his arms as she leaped against him and wrapped herself around him. His arms moved as if having freewill and wrapped around her frame to hold her in a tight embrace. The smell of her was something he had longed for because not matter what the circumstance they had found themselves in she also managed to smell so very beautiful. Tears did finally spring down his cheeks but they were not of pain or hurt anymore but joy as he held her in his arms and did not move an inch except to rock side to side while holding her and rub her back. Nothing mattered in this world anymore because the only thing that truly existed at the moment for Senshi was he and Kimber holding one another again.

After a few moments he would set her down and place a hand on either side of her face before pulling her into a loving and deep kiss. He tried his hardest to convey every emotion he was feeling at that moment love,joy,relief, excitement and many more were pushed into that kiss as he pressed himself closer to her. Koutai however broke the moment by slapping Senshi on the head and then jumping between the two so he could hug Kimber. A laugh escaped Senshi and he lifted his hands which moved quickly in conjunction with his arms as he signed out to her. "He missed you almost as much as I did." He smiled and then thought about that for a second and signed again. "When you left I studied sign so that when I found you again we could have conversations. I hope I was taught correctly.""

It was the truth. Senshi had done some work for a man who's brother was a teacher and rather then payment in the form of food,shelter,clothing or anything else they could give him he decided to ask for lessons from the man. He spent months wowith him for hours a day every day learning what he could of sign language just so that he would have a way to clearly communicate with Kimber. He wanted to do something for her because she had given him more then she would ever understand. Joutai refused to let go and Senshi simply smiled and moved around the macaque to kiss Kimber on the cheek before signing once more. "Shall we step inside?" He looked into her eyes and waited for her to either invite him or shake her head. He didn't know if anyone else was in the house and he knew that at first he could come across as a rather scary creature to look at.
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PostSubject: Re: A Thing Worth Wishing For (Senshi)   Tue Jan 15, 2013 11:43 pm

He held her.

It was all she had ever wanted. It was spring time, and the first touches of summer. The first snowflakes of a year. It was fireworks in the darkness, and celebrations everywhere. It was a moment she had longed for, since they had parted and thought it would never come. Traveling was nigh on impossible, or she would have gone to Japan herself. There was nothing keeping her here, nothing that she couldn't leave and enjoy elsewhere and .. they did always say that home was where the heart was.

She didn't want to be sat down.

But, she was an adult, and let herself be lowered to the ground. Looking up at him with those great innocent blue eyes, as he gripped her face. Her hair was long and gentle, framing her face. It moved only slightly as he pulled her in and kissed her. She kissed him back. Her fingers finding his hair. The strange root like leaf covered hair that he had. She loved it. It felt soft and fine and yet sometimes there was a bit of grittiness to it. She loved his skin, and the way his tears fell as sap and she just.. loved the way that he was.

The kiss broke, and she stepped away hearing his laughter as the sound returned to him half way through and he explained. It took her a moment to realize. She could understand his signing as well as if he were speaking to her. He had studied. For her he had studied. He had learned, and new fresh tears of joy poured out of her eyes as the monkey came and gave her a hug. She gently squeezed the tiny creature, and pet him on the head. Straightening out his little mane. She always thought he looked like a skinny lion when he was angry.. though right now he was as cuddly as a bear.

he explained that in their time apart he had studied, confirming her thoughts on the matter and then she smiled warmly. Askign if he could come in her eyes widened realizing how rude he had been to him.

~Please! Please! My home is your home you may stay for as long as you wish. Both of you.~

It was a relief for him to understand her. To be able to use her hands the way they were meant to be used. She would.. if he would.. share her room with him tonight. She was certain she could find a place for the small Lion Monkey to sleep. Perhaps a little bed, or perhaps his own room, her place was large enough for either. Once inside, she closed the door behind them.

The entire wall facing the balcony was mostly glass, affording her amazing views of the city around her, and there was an iron terrace staircase that lead from the balcony and onto the roof where her vast garden was. Something she prided herself in.

~I .. I wrote you, almost every day. I was not sure .. I would be lucky twice in my life that I would see you again. But, I had hope. It has been lonely here.. without you. But that is all in the past now. Are you tired? Do you require sleep? Food? Thirsty? Koutai too? Anything at all? Please, tell me immediatly!~
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PostSubject: Re: A Thing Worth Wishing For (Senshi)   

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A Thing Worth Wishing For (Senshi)
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