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 Tormented Truth (Conners)

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PostSubject: Tormented Truth (Conners)   Wed Jan 02, 2013 12:02 am

Ahhhh, lunch.

Second best time of the day. And, it was pay day. Normally, Amelia would wait until she got off to hit the ATM or whatever, but today she had plans with Amanda and she didn't want to cancel those just to go to the bank. So she planned to go to the bank and then get herself a bit of lunch before heading back to the station. Jack was still there, he had brought his lunch today, she really wished sometimes they could eat together.

It was hard hiding something so important to her, was really wearing on her.

Luckily, she came home every day now, to their place. Or rather it was still his place she just lived there. Which was one of the reasons that she and Amanda were going shopping. They were looking at paint chips, curtain fabrics, and some new throw pillows. Things for here and there so that she could make her own small impressions on the place. She still had her own apartment, for appearances, and for anyone at work looking into it, but she never stayed there anymore.

The bank lot was not too full but it was the regular lunch time crowd. She got out of her black car and locked it back with the little remote and headed into the bank. Dressed in her finest grey slacks with a deep blue blouse of silk that accented her eyes. She had a bit of silver embelishment jewelry, and the bracelet she had gotten from Jack for Christmas. She entered the bank her heels making noise on the tile as she stood at the counter filling out her withdrawl slip.

She might.. buy Amanda a few things, and so .. she needed a bit more than she had initially intended to get.

Remy was in here often enough, that they knew her but she wasn't one of those asshole customers that refused to show her ID, she was glad to, because she would rather they ask then not ask and give her money to someone else. Waiting in line she wasn't really thinking about anything. Scrolling through the days' text on her phone and thinking about hitting the local burrito joint for lunch and bringing some back for her partner too.


Ohhhhhh fuuu-

Amelia knew that she had no chance. No chance in hell of doing anything to the four guys that were holding guns with skii masks over their faces. She had one small gun on her ankle, her police issued hand gun was in a lockbox under the seat of her car. She didn't usually take it into the bank with her, especially when she wasn't wearing a coat and she hadn't put on one figuring she'd only be in here for a few minutes.

She slowly worked her way to the floor. Laying her purse down, and was verrrry glad that her badge was around her neck because that would be bad.. if they saw it. She lay down and put everything they asked for on the floor. For the most part, the robbers wanted in, and out, if no one did anything stupid then they would all be just fine. They would take their money and go. That tended to be the way things were done.

Except.. she knew for certain, through a hushed whisper from behind the counter, that someone had pushed the panic button.

They were screwed.

**meanwhile at the office**

Benjamin, was the first to get the news. It came over dispatch through the opperator, who called the desk in the MHD because you never knew if it was a Meta-Human being an ass on the world, or if it was a regular joe. As a precaution, the MHD was generally called out to just about anything of any sort of scale. But, what caught Ben was the name of the bank.

He looked at the clock, and then he quickly typed on the keyboard, locating his partner, REmy's phone.


He got up and charged into the Captains office without knocking. Obviously, it had better be something important. No one at the office knew about him and Rem, but it was one of 'them' and they needed to get there. The MHD protected it's own.

Cap we got a call. Bank of Terra just got held up. Prob is, the po po are already there, and now theys got hostages. Worse still.. Rems is in there, boss.

Ben was a huge man. He didn't speak very well but when paired with tiny little Remy they were a force to be reckoned with. Ben was like an older brother to Remy even though he had only been working with her for a few weeks since his graduation and hiring here at the MHD. She had taken him under her wing and enjoyed the fact that he was just a giant teddy bear at heart. Most huge men were. But right now, he looked like he was ready to kill .. skin.. and hurt some people that would dare threaten his Remy.
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PostSubject: Re: Tormented Truth (Conners)   Thu Jan 03, 2013 12:06 am

The MHD was usually a bustle of activity and noise. Crime was a never ending problem, as the level of activity showed. Jack was proud to command such a great group of officers. Over the past couple of months the Division had developed a good reputation and high success rate and thus were given more responsibilities. Bank Robberies, for one. In the last couple of months, the MHD had dissolved multiple attempts, and robberies in general were down.

Conners jumped as Detective Marks cursed loudly, causing the pit to grow eerily quiet. Grumbling to himself, Jack went back to his paperwork. The door crashed open, a lumbering man letting himself in without a knock or any aforementioned warning. Conners jumped again, but this time straight to his feet. Rage flooded over his face as Marks was the one to step in to his office.

Cap we got a call. Bank of Terra just got held up. Prob is, the po po are already there, and now theys got hostages.

Marks! What the hell is the meaning of this!?! You barging in here for a stupid bank robbery is no reason...

Worse still.. Rems is in there, boss.

Jack's face dropped as Marks, who was Amelia's partner, explained that she had gone to that bank on her break. It was just something she did, apparently she had plans today, or something. Listening to Marks talk, Jack knew where Amelia was planning on going, and the bank run was because of Amanda...because of their family.

Marks, get there...NOW, and speak like a human. Gods Damn it.

Ripping his vest from the coat hanger, Jack grabbed keys off a desk for a cruiser, and double check his service weapon. People were staring at him as he stormed out of the office. The thought about their relationship being found out wasn't important at that moment. Amelia was in danger.

Get back to work or get moving to that robbery people! Quit your staring and MOVE! People scattered like scared roaches. Officer Jensen, contact dispatch and dispatch tactical teams 1 and 2 to the Bank of Terra. Tell them we have an officer trapped. She is one of our own!

Stalking out to the car, Jack never realized the commotion he had created. Captain Conners never snapped about response times simply because his officers knew what to do. The possibility of Amelia being in danger rattled him to the bone, and it was very obvious something was wrong. Getting in to the patrol car, Jack sped out of the garage, lights on and siren screaming.

MHD Command, responding to 10-18, Bank of Terra. Speaking with authority and calm in to the radio, Jack weaved through traffic as he replaced the radio receiver.

I'm coming Amelia...I'm coming.
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PostSubject: Re: Tormented Truth (Conners)   Thu Jan 03, 2013 12:19 am


Amelia winced. Common protocal among banks was to let the cameras do the work. Give over the money and let the men leave. There was no reason for a hostage situation, and the teller that had pushed the button had just created one which was unfortunate. Because, now, someone might actually die, and that wasn't going to do anyone any good. Especially because they were going to have demands so that they didn't have jail time, and that was when all the fun started.

No one answered the man's question.

The cops had pulled up outside, the loud speaker was all ready talking.

We have you surrounded. Come out with your hands up. Remy rolled her eyes, could they be any more cliche about it. She supposed she should be scared, and she was.. but she also couldn't help but pick on the people out there being idiots. She had no idea if MHD would get called out or not, she hoped not. She hoped Jack didn't know, he would be worried sick and they had done so good trying to keep their relationship secret.

Get up! Get up ho! You're gonna be my body shield!

Amelia watched as they picked up some little girl. She was probably eight.. close to Amanda's age and her heart lurched. It could BE Amanda if she had come with the girl today. Luckily, she hadn't, and probably never would again. ATM or nothing forever more, she swore to herself.

Take me instead! She's just a little girl! Remy said before she could stop herself lifting her head off the floor which got her a gun barrel in the face. He lifted her chin up with the barrel and glanced at her pretty teal eyes and her blonde hair which had been tied back.

Tossing the girl to the floor she curled up with her Mommy crying as the man grabbed Remy's bun and hoisted her by her hair off the floor. The pain was intense, shooting stars across her eyes. At least the little girl was safe. Remy's hair half fell from it's bun and the man stopped ripping the barret out of her hair and tossing it to the floor as her hair tumbled from it's carefully done bun, and down her back.

Much better. Might take you with me, when I get out ya know. Have a lil' fun with ya first. He mashed his lips down on hers and she fought him, like any woman would. If she pissed him off, he would probably shoot her, and she'd rather not die. But she did NOT let his disgusting excuse for a tongue enter her mouth, and hef inally pulled her forward by her arm, whirling her around facing outward in front of him with his pistol to her neck. You stay real quiet like, okay Miss. Maybe you'll live, maybe you won't, we'll have to see how good you are. he whispered in her ear.

She shivered as he brought her to the glass doors, using her body to block most of his except his head but only barely. The phone rang close by and he answered it.

I want a helicopter, on the top of his building. All the cash I can carry out of here, and to be left alone. You have two hours before I start killing people. Starting with the children. And this here pretty lady.. well she won't walk so good after, understand? He hung up and grinned at the police outside.
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PostSubject: Re: Tormented Truth (Conners)   Thu Jan 03, 2013 12:53 am

[10-4 MHD Command. Officers have perimeter on scene. Unknown contact.]

The dispatcher was clear over the sounds of traffic and sirens as Conners neared the bank. His rear-view mirror showed a similar blue armored truck, lights and sirens blazing, about a block behind him. It was one of his tactical teams...only MHD had armored bank cars for SWAT vans. A smile crept over his face. These asshole had no idea what was coming for them.

Turning the corner, screeching his tires, the bank came in to view, and Jack hit the gas. Once he got on scene, he threw the emergency brake and exited the car, letting his lights remain on. Stalking to the back, he pulled a light windbreaker that said 'COMMAND' on the back on to his frame as well as an assault rifle with a decent scope and a portable radio from the trunk. Sliding the rifle behind him, he pulled the radio to his lips.

Headquarters from MHD Command.

[HQ is on. Go ahead.]

I'm assuming command of the scene, designation Eagle 1. If we don't have one, call in a negotiator. I also want a mobile command center established a half block away. Get me architectural plans for the building, and reps from BP&W.

The dispatcher confirmed what he asked for and he heard the converted RV sign on and respond. The Mobile Command Unit was a useful tool, and then the people could discuss the next steps. Meanwhile, a patrolman jogged over to him.

Captain. We just made contact, they are asking for a helicopter and free rein with their cash in the next two hours. Then...

...they start killing hostages. How many, how are they armed?

As the patrolmen went through the essentials, the two heads of his tactical teams strolled up and offered a stern greeting. His two SWAT team leaders were gruff, serious and focused. They were the best damn police officers you'd want in the middle of hell. Their presence actually relaxed Jack a bit. Releasing the patrolman to expand the perimeter, Jack turned to the SWAT officers.

Alright, we are going to play it for worst case scenario. I need every sniper trained officer with a LR rifle, I want every Tango covered. I want the rest of the two teams to take perimeter locations and prepare for entry as needed. We don't know numbers of hostages yet, but we got one of our own in there. Friendly fire is not acceptable.

The duo nodded and ran off to take their orders to where they needed to go. Jack grabbed a pair of binoculars and saw Amelia with a gun pressed to her neck. Stifling a sound as he nearly dropped the binoculars, Jack stood up and called for a phone. He called the bank.

You heard my demands, pig.

I didn't actually. This is Captain Conners with the Bastion Police Department. I want to speak with who is in charge....so we can work something out.

All Jack knew at the moment was his call was risky and a gamble...and he was going to kill whoever was threatening Remy at the moment.
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PostSubject: Re: Tormented Truth (Conners)   Thu Jan 03, 2013 1:04 am

The phone rang again.

Amelia was trying to concentrate on any thing that she could. Anything but her olfactory senses because the man obviously ate some sort of asian cuisine this morning and it was coming back up with every breath. Remy just felt lucky that she hadn't pucked on him yet because there were moments when he spoke a lot that she wanted to do just that. He held her tightly. Occassionally, he would whisper dirty things in her ear and revel in the fact that she actually trembled.

She might be a strong woman, but she had an imagination, and with how strong her senses were.. things that he was talking about would most definitely cause her a great deal of harm.

She could hear him though.


She nearly sagged in relief. His voice was on the phone, he was here, she knew that he would get her out. Tears threatened to fall from her eyes but she blinked them back before she let them open and looked out the window. And there he was, phone pressed to his ear, rifle on his back. She gave him a very weak smile, but .. she was so glad he was here.

She knew that she could do something. Something internally that could really help. Or try. But she also knew that she could take out one.. two tops before they got her. If it came to that, she would make the sacrifice, but it would be best not to have to and so she stayed where she was. She was actually in a good position, considering that .. if she needed to make a move she could. Knowing martial arts would certainly help. But, this man thought she was weak and thoroughly scared.

That didn't mean she was incapable of reacting though.

I am the one in charge, you idiot. I want a chopped, the cash I take out of this place, and to be left alone. If my needs aren't met in two hours then I will kill hostages. Starting with the children and then.. then I'm gonna have some fun with this woman here, and I might let you listen, chief. he grinned for a moment looking over Remy's shoulder. Remy was tall, and in heels, she was taller yet, but he still towered above her a little bit. His nose to his hair could be seen over her head. Still that was the only place barren.

If Jack could somehow get word to her, she could become dead weight and drop. They could shoot him quick and easy. But she couldn't use that trump card until it was the right time.

If I have to repeat myself again, You lose an hour.
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PostSubject: Re: Tormented Truth (Conners)   Thu Jan 03, 2013 1:24 am

Jack listened to the brash man on the phone. He was confident, stupid as hell, and aggressive. That meant he couldn't be pushed too far. That, and he wasn't bluffing about killing people. His tone of voice told Jack that he might actually enjoy killing children or doing bad things to others. Then he saw the man's hostage: Amelia. She smiled weakly as their eyes met. Jack had to concentrate for a moment before he continued.

Of course she's the hostage. She probably volunteered. Insufferable woman.

No one's going to make you repeat yourself. Calm down, I'll work on your chopper. You know that takes some time. Are any of the hostages hurt?

If you so much as pulled a hair on Amelia's head...I will kill you, revive you, and kill you again.

[Echo Snipers in position, I see three tangos.] The voice spoke softly in Jack's other ear as he tried to keep the criminal on the phone. The more report, the better. [Delta Snipers in position, Four tangos. Shots on two.]

Jack softly smiled, his snipers were in position. Six men with rifles for four idiots with a greed problem. The ground teams would be in position within a couple of minutes. That meant his second option was in place. Trying for a peaceful resolution wouldn't be easy.

Now, what's your name? I can't keep talking to you without knowing your first name, or something to call you. I want to make sure we can do this without bloodshed.
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PostSubject: Re: Tormented Truth (Conners)   Thu Jan 03, 2013 1:34 am

Amelia listened to his voice. Right now, it was keeping her sane. She knew that there would be a plan. There always was, it just took time, time was all she had right now and what she really wanted to do was cry. But Jack wasn't here, and she would have to save her tears for later anyway because as much as she wanted to there was not going to be any running into his open arms when she got out of this. They still had to hide and it wasn't something she could readily give away.

I could arrange for one to be hurt. Im sure this pretty face could use a scar or two couldn't you sweetheart, because when I'm done with you, you'll be too ugly on the inside to account for much of anything so we might as well have fun with the outside. he laughed into her ear and she trembled as his tongue came out and he LICKED her face.

Oh Terra.. she was about to wet herself.. just because of how nasty this was. She could feel it. Nearly HEAR his germs on her face, and she trembled. The man thought she was afraid of him, but it wasn't him so much as the overwhelming sensations that racked her body because of him.

Jack's voice came again, and she closed her eyes, concentrating on his voice... If he could just keep talking. If he could just be heard.. she would make it. She knew that she would because she could concentrate on every syllable coming from his lips.

You don't need a name, Chief. You need a chopper, and to get the fuck out of my way. That's what you need.


Remy's eyes shot open as he slammed the phone shut. Dropped it for show and then slammed his .. tennis shoe? on it to smash it into smitherenes. Now there was no way to contact them, and he didn't answer the bank phone when it rang. He could only grin as he twirled her hair aorund his fingers and inhaled it's scent. She swallowed loud and hard. Waiting for someone to do something. He turned to his buddies, with only his head moving.

We're waiting on that chopper. So you get the money! In the bags! Hurry boys! We're going to blow this joint and live the high life! he yelled before turning back to Remy and her hair.
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PostSubject: Re: Tormented Truth (Conners)   Thu Jan 03, 2013 3:53 am

The criminal was rude, crude and disgusting. When he threatened Amelia, Jack almost lost it. When that foul piece of shit licked her face, Conners was reaching for his rifle. When the guy smashed his phone, hope seemed to drain from Amelia's face. He looked her deeply in the eyes as that man put his filthy hands in her hair....his hair. Jack did his best to convey confidence, solidarity, assurance. She needed to know he was going to get her out of there...

...even if he wasn't sure he could.

Get me a chopper, and put me on with the Terran Guard. If all else fails, I want to know if they can shoot down a chopper.

The thought suddenly occurred to him. He pulled his radio to his lips and ordered his SWAT team leaders to the newly arrived MCU. Once they had assembled with the various other leaders, Jack laid out plans for the block and began giving orders.

They asked for a chopper, not a pilot. We'll give them what they want. Snipers will take position on adjoining roofs and once all four of the robbers are confirmed to be on the roof, they can go weapons free.

I'm not letting this kind of shit happen in my city.

One of the mayor's aides shifted nervously in back and Jack shot him a glare. You got something on your mind, pencil pusher?

The man looked visibly taken aback, his hand softly touching his chest as he cleared his throat. Don't you think that's rather...terminal? It seems more like an execution than any sort of justice.

Conners rose to a full standing position and got in this aide's face. Now you listen to me, you worthless bureaucratic piece of waste: I will not have this in my city. If robbers start to understand that this sort of thing won't be tolerated...they won't do it. You understand?

The mayor's aide had turned white and was trembling after Jack left him there. This was a new side to Conners...a meaner, more ruthless Conners. This was what happened when you threatened someone he loved: no surrender, no mercy. The group in the RV seemed to notice, as no one spoke, nor dare move a muscle.

What the hell are you people waiting for!?!? Get going!

People scattered, leaving Jack in the RV practically alone. He stared at the bank, his mind turning. He had to figure it out...if not only for his sake, but for his life's sake.
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PostSubject: Re: Tormented Truth (Conners)   Thu Jan 03, 2013 10:22 am

If they knows what's best for them, they'll make sure they get me my chopper and let me and my boys leave. Wouldn't want these children's deaths to be on their consciosnesses now would we?

He said out loud and the boys in the back laughed. One of them came out with a bag weighing heavily with cash. Still using Remy as his shield figuring they wouldn't risk a shot at him even if his back was turned because they would kill the woman too, he turned to check the bag and make sure that the boys had done a good job. All the people watched, fear written heavily on their faces. The mother of the little girl that Remy had hopefully saved, mouthed a thank you to her.

Remy didn't nod, she just gave a knowing look to the woman. Remy was a mother.. of sorts too, and she would have done the same thing were it Amanda in here, and not her. Luckily, she wasn't due to pick up Amanda til after school. Thank the Divine the little girl was safe.

She swallowed heavily.

I have to use the bathroom. she whispered.

You hear that boys, Pretty here, has to take a piss!

All the boys laughed, though the youngest one looked very uncomfortable with the whole situation. He had a kind face, and it seemed as though he didn't really want to be here. Well let her go, Rick. There ain't no harm in havin' to pee. he said in a kinder voice.

Shut up! No one asked your stupid opinion Ted, you're just here to hold the fucking gun, at the fucking people's heads, and oh.. pull the trigger if the twitch! he growled.

All right sweetheart, you can go potty. While I watch. He grinned sadistically. Or you can hold it

Remy swallowed. I.. I'll hold it. she whispered.

I'll take her, she aint no problem, Rick. There ain't no reason to make her suffer more than she has all ready, I mean... you already got a gun to her head.


Ted shut up, Amelia winced heavily as the man had screamed right in her ear. She felt almost light headed from the sensory overload.

It's fine, I'll hold it.

See, Pretty is smart, she'll hold it.

Ted didn't ssay anything, but went back to his work, as they waited. Thirty minutes had passed since the police had been called and everyone was getting anxious. Would they get a chopper on the roof, would everyone get out of here alive.


Benjamin Marks paced back and forth. He was a Hulk to be sure. His uniform, when he was on the beat, had to be custom sewn because he was so big. He was a muscley kind of guy with the huge roping muscles that showed how much time he spent in the gym and out of real life. But, he loved that Remy, like a little sister, and he was not happy that she was the hostage. She'd always been real nice to him. Giving him coffee in the mornings, bringing him his favorite donuts (a dozen just for him) every Friday and she wasn't afraid of him at all. Most people were.

Hey boss. You's think we could negotiate for like.. some hostage removal or sumthin'? Cuz... Dispatch, they says the chopper is on the way, but how we gonna get the pilot off the roof if.. he has to fly the chopper up there first. He could repel down though.. all like.. superman or sumthin' though. That'd be cool I guess...
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PostSubject: Re: Tormented Truth (Conners)   Fri Jan 04, 2013 12:02 am

Marks was waiting for Jack outside the MCU, pacing in his gentle giant way. Conners always felt for Amelia since she was paired with the slower officer. As it turned out, Jack was wrong about Marks. He learned a lot about him through her, and he began to truly respect the man. Now, the hulking man seemed to act like Jack felt: worried, nervous and helpless. He gave a suggestion about a swap, and about various acrobatics the helicopter pilot would have to perform. Conners simply smiled, softly touching the mans arm.

I know what you mean Ben. If I could make an exchange for Amelia, I would...but you know as well as I do, she would be the last one out. We'll get her out. I promise.

The tall man simply nodded and looked up as a helicopter made a circle around the block. Jack smiled as his radio came to life.

[Eagle 1 from Whirly Bird, I have your special pilot on board, where can we switch?]

Jack rose his radio and clicked the transmit button. I hear you whirly bird, get to the rendezvous point. Alpha and Bravo nests, prepare for exit strategy.

The snipers radioed back they were in position. Things were going to happen. Once the last guy left the lower floor, SWAT was going to raid the building, making the stairwells a virtual trap. When the robbers hit the roof, the snipers would take what shots they had. That, and the helicopter pilot happened to be a SWAT officer.

The plan was coming together.

I'm coming for you Amelia.
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PostSubject: Re: Tormented Truth (Conners)   Fri Jan 04, 2013 12:12 am

The boys grinned from inside hearing the chopper that was circling the building. The guy holding Amelia dragged her over to the doors and looked up. Sure enough he could see the chopper and the pilot sitting inside. His grin widened as he kissed Remy on the cheek with a loud sound and looked back over at his boys.

Lets get ready to blow this joint boys! We've got our ride. And all because, of me!

He laughed happily as he hugged Amelia to him with one arm and watched his boys gathering up all the money and the bags. Making sure they had their guns. Wouldn't matter about finger prints once they were on that chopper and heading out. Rick grinned over at Amelia and ran his finger down her cheek, watching and reveling as she trembled. He kissed her full on the lips again before he tossed her angrily to the floor and she collapsed in a heap.

Lets get to the roof boys!

The bank robbers began to make their way to the staircases. Amelia trembled on the ground. Too frightened to get up, and she was certain there was a plan in place. No one was going to let those four get off the roof alive, and if they did, they'd find a way to crash them where no one would get hurt. She felt sick, and she wanted nothing more than to take a damn shower and curl up in Jack's arms.

Also.. to burn her clothes. And .. maybe scour the skin on her face off....

She was so overwhelmed, that all of the fear.. and the overwhelming sensations of her abilities seemed to hit her at once and her eyes faded slightly with the shock that her body was currently going through. She shivered slightly on the ground, waiting.. waiting for him to come for her like she knew that he would.
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PostSubject: Re: Tormented Truth (Conners)   Fri Jan 04, 2013 12:36 am

[Tangos are out of sight, bank looks clear.]

Entry authorized. Go Blue Leader.

Glass smashed and flash-bangs crumpled as the SWAT teams made entry from two different directions. Women screamed and people hunkered down. The police had to make sure that at some point the robbers hadn't infiltrated themselves with the hostages so they could escape. All, with exception of Amelia, would be cuffed and brought to a staging area for evaluation.

Shouts of "Clear!" rang through the bank, and Jack charged in through the smoke and broken glass. Rifle in his hands, he made a beeline to the stairwell, four SWAT officers on his tail. The door flew open and boots hit stairs. The climb was difficult in gear, but Jack could do it as well as any man. His radio earbud hissed with chatter.

[Alpha 1, two tangos...three...] [Bravo, I got four tangos. I have a solution.]

Clicking his microphone softly, Jack spoke with authority as he reached the roof level. Scorpio...you are weapons free.

Shots rang out and automatic fire followed it. One of the SWAT officers got a ahead of him and checked the door, Jack close behind. Four heaps laid on the ground, a bag of money by each one of them. Jack stepped carefully out on to the gravel, checking weapons and confirming kills.

All clear. Clean up boys. Good job.

Conners stared at the face of the pig who dared touch Amelia. His face looked...surprised. He had made it to the helicopter, to find it locked and with a police pilot. Spitting softly at the man, Jack walked back to the stairs.

Quicker than he deserved.

Now, he had to find Amelia...he had to see her. Now.
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PostSubject: Re: Tormented Truth (Conners)   Fri Jan 04, 2013 12:44 am



Everything went silent. Everything went dark. Amelia was blind and deaf. She didn't know what had happened. Her mind struggled to keep up with what she already knew. But, couldn't. All ready in shock, she was incapable of being able to think about everything she needed to in a logical sense. Amelia cried softly on the floor not moving. While the other people were only disoriented, she was completely lost.

It was something so strange for her.. to go from hearing and seeing everything .. even microscopic things.. to nothing at all.


Benjamin burst in the door as soon as he could and found Amelia Remington crying on the tile floor. He knelt beside her, and touched her shoulder. She jerked away, crying harder, because she didn't know who was there. He said her name, but she couldn't hear. He remembered, slightly, about her talking about how she had something that made her senses extra strong. He felt bad for her, cuz.. well.. she had to hurt now.

He took her hand gently and pressed it to his face. A small scar ran just in front of his left ear. She felt it with her fingers, and then his slightly crooked nose from his high school days and then she flung herself into her partners arms.

Marks smiled softly as he lifted Amelia up off the floor and carried her out of the building. There was a lot of cheering. She had been saved, and she was okay. The ambulances were all ready there, and Marks carried Amelia over to one of the free ones.

She hurt. She feels things more than normal people. She was a hostage.

The paramedics loaded her onto the bus and Marks made the thing weigh down as he stepped in and kept hold of her hand which she held in a death grip.

Jack, she whispered, her voice muffled like she had cotton in her ears.

Not sure, who's Jack, Rems. But, you shoulda seen the Cap. He went all nutto cuz you was in there, Rems. He don't like no one playin' with his own. Ya know how it is. Gotta protect our own.

Amelia heard bits and pieces and deciphered some of it through the muffled tones she could barely get through her badly damaged ears. She felt the tears running down her cheeks again.

Jack... she whispered as her lower lip trembled as she tried to hold back sobs.
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Conners carefully weaved his way down the stairwell as crime scene technicians, detectives, and other officers made their way up to the top. He tried to hurry, but the sheer mass of people who needed, whether the need was true or of their own volition was to be determined, to be on the roof. Jack got more than a few handshakes for a job well done. They had four dead bank robbers and zero injured hostages. Not a single fatality! It was something of a miracle. Despite all the success, Jack had one thing in mind.


Once Jack hit the ground floor, he searched for the people who would know where Amelia had ended up. The ambulance that was creaking and down a couple of inches from where it was supposed to be told him all he needed to know. Walking up and carefully opening the doors, Jack met Ben's eyes and simply told him to leave. Detective Marks complied, and he was there....with her.

Its ok Amelia... I'm here. You're all right. That's all that matters.

She softly called his name and he took her in his arms, holding her softly. He wasn't letting her go until she was ok. Rules be damned.
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Her hearing was back only slightly. She could hear things they were just vastly muffled and it came and went a little bit. She was certain that if her senses weren't so oversensitive she'd probably still be completely deaf. As it was, her eyes had not yet come back from the flash. The doors opened and the cool air rushed in finding her holding Ben's hand and asking for Jack.

Benjamin squeezed her hand gently. Caps is here, Rems. I'll come see you at the hospital.

Remy nodded softly as he let her hand go and lumbered his way out of the ambulance which bounced with his weight loss for a second before it settled. Then he was there. He didn't waste a moment picking her up and curling her into his arms so that she was safe again. She cried into his chest. Clutching at him, and burrowing her face into his chest. He held her like his life depended on it and she held him much the same. She loved him so much and she was so glad she got to see him again.

Remy wasn't really a crier. Not because she was 'tough' but because she tried not to let things get to her. This however, was something she could not hold back.

Ben looked at the two, clutching one another and it dawned on him that Jack meant Cap.. and that.. they were holding each other like.. like they were together. His eyes widened for a moment then he shrugged. Rems was a good girl, she was the only one that put up with him, and listened to him, and took care of him. Rems stood up for him when other people called him stupid just because he wasn't so good with words and sometimes spoke when he shouldn't. But, Ben had his own abilities, and it helped out when they were needed.

You take care of Rems for me, okay? She was askin' for you. Ben said as he closed the ambulance doors and left them to their privacy. Though he was pretty sure someone might have seen somewhere, there was not to be done about it. Though he stood guard outside the ambulance just incase people tried to get to Rems.

Amelia finished crying after a few moments and she inhaled his scent. She couldn't see him, and he was in tactical gear so he was highly uncomfortable to cuddle with, but she put her face into his neck so she could inhale his scent and loved the way that his hand went through her hair calming her down.

I was so scared. she whispered as she clung to him but before she could say anymore they were interupted by the paramedic coming in to talk to them.

We're gonna have to take Miss Remington to the hospital. She's in shock, and with her burst ear drums and her lack of vision, we need to get her checked out. Not sure if she comes with fast healing or not, so we'll have to check her out and everything before she can go home.

He headed back to the front of the ambulance and the engine started. Ben would meet them at the hospital since, that was his partner and he wasn't gonna have her be alone. Amelia lay on the gurney with Jack, holding onto him as best as she could. Running her fingers over his face, over his cheek, and his nose, and his brows. She couldn't see but.. touching him, felt familiar and he didn't have much exposed skin.
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Jack held Amelia tight in his arms, and just felt her weep in to his chest. He knew Remy, and she wasn't a crier. For her to cry and let it out with him in the back of the ambulance, it must have been quite the traumatic experience for her. He held her close, and let her let it all out, and there seemed to be quite a bit.

Its ok, let it all out. I'm here...I'm not going to leave you.

Marks looked to Conners and asked him to take care of her. Jack could only nod and smile at the gentle giant. It seemed that there was more to Detective Benjamin Marks than met the eye. After a few more moments, the tears dried up, and Amelia sat up to hug him tightly. Jack figured that she wasn't all there sensory wise, and she was smelling him, making sure it was him. He smiled.

I was so scared.

Jack had his hand softly in her hair as the paramedic explained what was gonna happen. Conners simply nodded and asked him to wait just a few moments. The ambulance roared to life and Jack set Amelia back on the stretcher, using his finger to slowly trace 'brb' on her arm. He knew she would understand that if she couldn't see or hear.

Stepping from the ambulance for a moment, he grabbed a patrolman. Patrolman, take these and put them in my cruiser. He handed the lanky man in blue his keys and the rifle. Take that cruiser to Bastion Memorial and park it in the MHD spot. I trust you can find a way back to your patrol afterwords? The patrolman scurried off and got to handling Conners' orders as the man himself returned to the ambulance.

The vehicle slowly lurched towards the hospital, and Jack cuddled as best as he could with Amelia, glad to have her in his arms. Sighing as they drove, he kissed the top of her head, letting his lips rest on her skull.

I may have given ourselves away...I'm sorry baby.
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He held her. And that was all she needed. She closed her eyes and let him take care of her. When she had none of her senses, she felt so vulnerable. So, when she was putting her entire well being in his hands, it meant a lot. She trusted him completely. He slipped out from underneath her and she started to panic slightly that he was going to leave her, but she felt his finger on her arm, and she could tell what he had spelled, so she lay down and let the paramedic pull the blanket over her before he disappeared to the front again.

She waited, and then the doors closed and Jack was back. She snuggled into him as the ambulance raced off into the streets. She wasn't hurt, so they weren't turning the sirens on right now. But, she needed to make sure that she was safe, that was the most important thing. Her being in shock meant she needed to be observed for a little while.

He said he thought they might have been found out, and she gave a weak smile.

I don't care. They were bound to find out anyway. If they give us an ultimatum, I'll walk. I would never have you give up the baby you created. she whispered to him softly.

The hospital wasn't far, and by the time they got there, she was relaxed enough that she wasn't shaking like she had been in the beginning. She was still cold and couldn't get warm, she could only see fuzzy black and white, and she could still hear only like there was cotton in her ears. It was annoying, and she was ready to be back to her normal self. For now though, she was wheeled out, and Jack was made to walk so that he could fill out the paper work on the girl that couldn't hear well enough to answer all the questions.

She was put in a quiet room, probably curtesy of Jack, on a mostly empty section of the hospital, where silence enveloped her, and the lights were turned low. She knew the moment that he came into the room, because the squeak of his shoes. While muffled she could tell his steps from anyone elses. She held her hand out for him and sighed when he took it. She moved out of the way, she had an IV in her arm, to keep her calm, to help her get some sleep, and to get some fluids in her just incase.

She curled up putting her head on his chest.

You don't have to stay. I know Amanda needs you and... I don't want her to be frightened. So, you just .. just say the word and you can go. I don't know when they're going to release me. I heard a few words like Tomorrow. Which.. which really sucks... hospitals smell horribly. she wrinkled her nose. Trying not think about earlier, trying not to think about.. any of that stuff, about Rick and.. what happened, or any thing.. at all... that reminded her of the day she had today.

She didn't even care about them maybe being discovered. It wasn't that important. It was what it was, and she wasn't going to let it bring her down. At least, not forever, she would buck up and get over it, quick. That was the only way to be.
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I don't care. They were bound to find out anyway. If they give us an ultimatum, I'll walk. I would never have you give up the baby you created.

You don't get to tell me what to do...you're still on the job.

He chuckled as they drove slowly to the hospital. No rush, no fuss, nothing hectic or noisy, just peaceful. If you negated the earlier moments from the day, the ride was actually quite nice. Once they got there, Jack stepped off the cot and followed as she was wheeled in to triage, and then to a personal quiet space. It wasn't hard for Conners to swing that: it was a police case, and she was a witness and a police officer.

Once the doctors had checked her, they had let him in. They held hands and Amelia spoke about him leaving.

You don't have to stay. I know Amanda needs you and... I don't want her to be frightened. So, you just .. just say the word and you can go. I don't know when they're going to release me. I heard a few words like Tomorrow. Which.. which really sucks... hospitals smell horribly.

He squeezed her hand softly and shook his head. I'm not leaving, and Amanda is fine. She's glad you're ok, and she has been insistent that she get to visit you. She also told me that you two can shop anytime, so don't worry.

I swear, that little girl mothers you...

He chuckled and kissed her cheek. Love you. Sorry about the flashbangs.
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Amelia smiled as he told her that Amanda was safe and happy and he wasn't leaving. She didn't want him to leave but she understood that with him being a father there were sometimes she was not going to come first. Or rather, rare times that she would. She couldn't help but want to snuggle into him like she always did and if their secret was out anyway she hoped he was going to share her bed.

That little girl tries too hard to please everyone, she can come visit when ever she's ready.

She patted the bed beside her an in moments she felt his weight on the bed and smiled softly. Wishing she could see him, and really hear him. The doctors mumbled something about it would just take time. She would recover quickly the eyes and ears were amazing things.. or something. She just.. was so used to overloaded senses, being denied them was rather.. creepy.

She curled up into his arms the moment he was settled in and she made sure that he was under the blanket. He said he didn't have to be anywhere and she was holding him to that. She ran her fingers over his sweater, and smiled knowing it was the beautiful blue one that she had bought him for Christmas. She loved him in those sweaters they both brought out his eyes and his figure. He was a very good looking man when he wasn't wearing Creepy Old Librarian Sweaters.

What are we going to say? Are we going to tell the truth? When we're asked .. when we started dating? Just.. say it happened... I mean, it did. Neither of us planned it, it just kind of .. did, and I think they should know that. I also think the more truth in the statements the likely our stories will match too... but is there anything you want me to.. to change?

She knew it was coming. He was laying in bed with her, and he was not leaving, and she knew eventually the other cops would come to get a statement and see them together. If they hadn't already realized things were big between them when they were out at the bank still.

Wait! YOU WERE THE FLASHBANGER?! she shot up in bed for a moment and then she lay back down and sighed. Only you would know how much that sucked for me... I can't hear, I can't see.. I feel naked... she whispered as she snuggled back into his chest with a sigh. She didn't hate him she just.. wished he had offered some sort of.. other option.
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Tormented Truth (Conners)
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