A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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 Who stole my Cookies?! (Canon ICC)

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PostSubject: Who stole my Cookies?! (Canon ICC)   Sun Dec 30, 2012 9:57 pm

August 3rd, 222AE

Vanessa Sirnos was rooting around in the kitchen compartment of the mule, shuffling through cupboards like a woman on a very specific mission. Deciding not to go out tonight meant that she had chosen to stay on the Mule, with Lisette as her form of entertainment. "Dash? Have you seen my cookies?" She called out towards the living section of the mule. "Can't have vodka without cookies!" she added, becoming a tad agitated at the fact that her newly acquired stash of sugary confections was already missing. Her fiery hair was pulled back into her commonplace ponytail, and for once she wasn't wearing her combat outfit. Instead she wore a pair of comfy shorts and a sports bra, not very tactical but everyone needed some relaxation.

Lisette Lovett only grinned at the question. "NOPE!" was her only answer as she did not bother to even look up from the concoction that she had on the wooden table. It was all marked in letters, HCL, NH4CL, BaSO4... the list went on and on. Lis was doing what she did best, tampering in very, very flammable devices, drunk, and hoping not to go BOOM. "Sure you can.. pansy. You just do it. Eat some beef jerky, it's all the same." that was the feline antidote for hungry, jerky. Dash was bent over the counter, ass out, lip between her teeth concentrating. She made a chemists job look like child's play, but still, a steady hand was a necessity. Dressed in spandex shorts and a tank top, she was on the same comfort level as Nessa. Tonight was their night off, and they knew how to spend it. Vodka, disappearing cookies, and bombs... what could go wrong?

Vanessa Sirnos frowned and shot Dash a look. 'It is most certainly NOT the same thing, you cannot replace everything with meat miss kitty." she said pointedly as she opened another cupboard and rooted around some more. Finally her quest proved fruitful and she pulled her bag of cookies out of the cupboard. "Ya know, if the Furball saw you experimenting on his table like that he'd have kittens." she stated as she snatched up a bottle of the vodka sitting nearby before flopping down onto the sofa. "Speaking of the Furball, what say we rearrange his knife collection tonight?"

Lisette Lovett grinned at the obvious sexual innuendo Nessa had absently said. Lis decided to let that one go. Sure, she'd seen the cookies, hell, she was notorious for eating others things and then denying it after the fact. It wasn't a lie, it was a game. Everyone knew she did it. "He will get over it. How else can I make a grand entrance without a little flare? And where else would you suggest I do my work, huh?" she snorted and turned to look at the redhead now. "And, what the hell, you are full of feline jokes tonight." it wasn't that it bothered her, it was just very out of character for her dearest friend. At the mention of fucking with his stuff, Lis grinned slyly, "Baby, you read my mind." she held out her hand for the bottle. Friends shared. It was never wise to let the cheetah drink too much. Lis was loud, young, irresponsible, and always on the verge of fucking with the wrong person. She was cocky and arrogant, but nine out of ten times could back it up. If she couldn't beat them in a fist fight, she damn sure could out run them. Why worry? "I say we just hide them all over the place and make a scavenger hunt. He'll love that shit." She took another drink and handed the bottle back. "How ya feeling? Numb yet?"

Vanessa Sirnos arched a brow at Lisette as she mentioned a grand entrance. "And when exactly were you planning on using a grand entrance that required so much power?" she asked of her favorite cheetah. As Lisette held out her hand for the bottle, Vanessa passed it over, turning her attention to the bag of cookies. "I agree, a scavenger hunt would keep his mind in prime condition don't you think?" Nessa asked of her friend, shaking her head to her question. "Not yet, though my fingertips are starting to tingle." she touched them as if to emphasize her statement. This was how Lis and Ness bonded, a bottle of booze, bombs and practical jokes designed to push the boundaries of their companion's patience.

Lisette Lovett "mmmm" was her only response to the posed question of entrances. She had a little something planned that Nessa was not privy to, not yet. "Or, we could just sit up top and drunkenly throw knives at him when he comes home. Maybe the king of the beast would come out and play." Now she was getting feisty. She called him that nickname for more than one reason, but they were all obvious. While she connected a wire to the combustible powder, Lis purred, "So, Nessa... what do you think about the new girl?" of course, she meant the panther, Cyd. Lisette had actually brought her to the mule, in attempting to escape the fire she'd caused herself. She would not let someone pay for the stupid sins of the uninformed human race. That whole scene had been a nightmare. "I'd like a human perspective." she grinned. Getting Nessa's opinion was always a bit of a treat.

Vanessa Sirnos smiled at Lisette's option to throw knives at one of the most powerful were creatures ever created, yes lets throw knives at a pissed off lion. At Lisette's next question however, Nessa's mood soured a little. She reached out and took back the bottle of vodka, drinking from it before answering her. "You know exactly how I feel about outsiders Lisette...Hell, you remember the way you and I nearly killed each other when Mal brought you in. Cyd should go back to wherever you found her. That's my opinion but then I don't share you felines annoying need for companionship. The lost of you make me sick." she stated, though her tone betrayed the lack of seriousness her words were trying to convey. Vanessa's icy cold mentality had begun to melt over the years she spent with the felines.

Lisette Lovett only shook her head at the grouch. "I would of killed you too..." she reminded her friend, ...but you were so damn good looking, seemed a waste.' there was a wink that followed the statement before she finished the final process of the bomb building process. One MINI down, and 44 to go. She was going to make one HELL of an entrance somewhere. "See... that's where you are wrong. The Lions and panthers seek out one another, wolves, but Cheetahs, tigers... we are indifferent." this was a truth statement, however, years of companionship had grown on Lisette... that and she was illiterate, finding work when you couldn't read or hear well was a difficult task. "You think Mal's told her about me? she asked. Malik and Nessa knew that Lisette couldn't hear well or couldn't read... it was a known thing in the tight ranks. It was NOT something however that she appreciated being spread around. No one ever asked her why her companions always ordered her food and drinks off a menu or why Lis liked landmark directions verse written ones... two people knew and that was how she liked it. Telling someone new was taboo. But if he had, she wanted to know, and she knew Ness would tell her the truth.

Vanessa Sirnos shook her head. "If there is one thing I've learned about the panther, it's that she doesn't need anyone to tell her anything. She's probably already figured it out all on her own. She's built and bred for stealth, which means she thinks just like she acts, she's a silent observer, hell, she probably knew where my cookies were and moved them herself." Nessa stated. She took another swig from her bottle and put another cookie into her mouth, she was starting to get bored though and that was never a good thing.

Lisette Lovett couldn't help but crack up about the cookies. "I dunno... I don't think it's obvious to the uninformed." When she said this, Lis became a little self conscious. She rubbed her hand over the deaf ear and then held it out to take the bottle. "She's pretty though. Ya know? We needed a blonde." Taking a drink, she let it burn down her throat and into her belly. After a brief pause in the convo, Lis interjected, "I'd probably do her."

Vanessa Sirnos shook her head at her friend's assessment. "We did not need a blonde, all you're doing is putting strain on our already dysfunctional family. The only thing I like about her is that she's quiet...she's not loud like you." she stated, throwing a cookie at her friend. "Last I checked you'd do anything that moved."

Lisette Lovett held up her hand while Ness talked and made the blah, blah, blah... motion with her hand to show that she disapproved of whatever argument she had against Lisette. She was quick as a cat though to snatch the cookie from the air that was thrown at her. "That is entirely UNTRUE!" she said at the accusations of fucking anything, "Receiving and giving are different, my love... I have standards. I just keep waiting for the day you decide when you are up to them." She took another bite and added, "I think getting off would do you good, grumpy ass. Cheer you up a little."

Vanessa Sirnos rolled her eyes again. "You know nothing of my personal life, and I prefer it stayed that way however, if you must know I find suitable partners to keep me satisfied just fine. Speaking of which, I got you a present with the money I found in the last one's wallet." she stated, leaning over the sofa to dig around under it till she came up with a large box...complete with a bow of course.

Lisette Lovett bellowed a laugh. "Whatever, Vanessa. Don't cheat on me or break my heart." she liked to fuck with her best friend. Sure, she'd jump on her when the chance arose, but now was not that time. As Ness held out the box, Lis eyed it suspicious. "What... is this?" she mused and took it. Slowly, she shook it and then started to peel off the ribbon.

Vanessa Sirnos seemed highly offended though it was only an act. "Why Lisette, how could you ever think I would break your heart?' she played, taking another drink of the alcohol that was finally starting to effect her. Lisette would find a pair of designer boots she'd been eyeing a few weeks back in the window of a shop. "Don't say I never gave you anything, I saw you drooling over them." Nessa stated, turning over onto her side so she could fully appreciate Lisette's face.

Lisette Lovett pulled off the paper and tossed it aside. "We can pretend it's my birthday... considering..." she didn't finish, but what she would of said was, considering i don't have one'. Lis had calculated the math and figured her birthday was sometime in the winter... now was as good of a day as any. Her thoughts were interrupted by the beautiful, pristine, dark leather that was staring back at her from the box. The smell was intoxicating and the size was perfect. Lisette had a few weaknesses and clothes was most defiantly one of them. "Oh Nessa!" she said, pulling them out of the box, "you DO love me!" She covered the gap between them quickly and threw her arms around her human's neck. "Thank you! I needed these." It was a rare moment and embrace for the both of them, but alcohol and a mutual dislike of a certain topic brought them together. She held her tight for a minute and inhaled her friends specific scent. After a moment, she released Ness and started to put them on. Balancing on one foot and holding on to Nessa with one arm, she managed to slip her foot inside. "I feel like Cinderella right now!" she was almost purring.

Vanessa Sirnos new perfectly well that Lisette didn't know when her birthday was, not that that ever bothered Vanessa who didn't know her's either. Vanessa much like the other members of the Pride, was bred and born to be a soldier, she never met her parents, didn't even know their names. Celebrating birthdays wasn't something her trainers had thought was useful, much the same thoughts they had on things like emotions and fun. As Lisette closed the distance between them, Vanessa was practically forced to hug the small woman in return. She found herself smiling, as she always did when she gave Lisette presents. She allowed Lisette to use her as a balance as she tried on her new footwear, Nessa knew she gotten the right size, little details like that had never slipped past the robot.

Lisette Lovett "OH! They are perfect! look at that!" she strutted around for a few minutes to show them off to someone who had already seen them. "Head turners... that's what these are for sure. Hook me a fine piece of ass." She examined them on her feet and calves, from the back and front, pointing her toe and rolling her ankles. Yes, these boots were made for her feet. As she strolled towards the table, her swayed her hips, practicing the walk that she could use to lure potential victims to her. Hopping up on the table, she began to take them off. "I love how you pretend to hate me... but buy me the best gifts. I'm almost certain it's because you desire to see me in such seductive outfits." Lisette was under the impression that everyone wanted to hope in bed with her. Most the time, she was correct, men and women alike would follow her blindly with the sway of her hips... MOST... but there were a few who resisted her charm.

Vanessa Sirnos took another drink to steady herself before she throttled her best friend. "I buy you gifts because I like to see you happy, if I wanted in your pants then I'd need to stop borrowing them first." she stated pointedly, munching on her cookies. "Now come on, lets rearrange the Furball's knife collection before he decides he's lonely and graces us with his presence."

Lisette Lovett pulled the other shoe from her foot and couldn't help but grin. "Oh, don't worry, he is with his new favorite now. I'm sure that he won't be home for a while. He's found the perfect solider. She doesn't back talk or make a scene, she doesn't ignore orders and she can hear out of both her ears, ear directions and there is no sass... I'm sure he is content." She hopped from the table and took an extra step to balance herself. It took the cheetah a while to get drunk, but she was starting to feel the effects. "I'm thinking we hide them all in Cyd's bed and blame her. What do you think?" She held her hand out for the bottle again.

Vanessa Sirnos couldn't dismiss Lisette's objective analysis of the new relationship between Cyd and Malik, he was lucky he hadn't found himself with two very jealous and dangerous women in his Pride. "Nah that's not nearly as much fun, Cyd would just give them back, no we want him to search for them." she stated, "We want him to remember exactly why he chose us." rising up from her seat she swayed for a moment and then took another drink before holding the bottle out to her. "Now come on!"
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Who stole my Cookies?! (Canon ICC)
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