A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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 Junk in the Trunk (Canon ICC)

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PostSubject: Junk in the Trunk (Canon ICC)   Sun Dec 30, 2012 1:42 am

August 4th, 222AE

Vanessa Sirnos floated in darkness, nothingness, a void she knew all too well. While some might find it terrifying to be so alone, Nessa had always found it comforting, there was no one here to piss her off, no one here to mess up her plans or get in her way, no one here to remind her that came just short of an emotionless robot, a cold blooded killer. Course, now she had a family, a Pride who cared about her. The void came crashing in around her, the first thing to come back was the sound and she groaned in pain as the sound of an engine filled her ears. Whatever drug they were using was impairing most of her senses, and her robotic nerve clusters that connected her right eye to her brain was having trouble compensating. Fantastic. She had no idea how long she'd been out. Taking a deep breath she nearly regretted she tried to clear her head, tried to figure out where she was other then the obvious, the trunk of a moving vehicle. Well...not the first time. Her hands had been secured behind her back but whoever had put her here hadn't searched her, she could still feel her knives up her sleeves though if she tried to deploy them now she was more likely to cut her own fingers off. Next stop then. twisting her body so she could get her hands into her hip pocket she pulled out her mobile phone and tossed it up near her face. It took her a moment to get it in the proper position, made more difficult by the fact that her head felt like it was going to explode and her vision swam with every turn of the vehicle. She'd never been motion sick before but there was a first time for everything. She had to push the screen with her nose for lack of a better tool, hoping to god her eyes weren't misleading her as she tried to dial Malik.

Ethan Kelly was walking out of Librium Memorial hospital after visiting Blue again as John. Stepping in to the sunlight, Ethan walked briskly towards his car. Ever since the android attack the higher ups had been up his ass about security. Feeling a slight vibration, Ethan stopped in his tracks...it was his other phone. Pulling it from its hiding place, he saw that it was an old friend, Vanessa, calling him. He smiled as he remembered their old interactions. "Vanessa. Nice to hear from you. What can I do for ya?" Ethan spoke softly in to the phone as he got in to his vehicle.

At the sound of Ethan's voice Vanessa was filled with a mixture of anger and relief, if it couldn't be Malik at least Ethan was just as useful. "Damn it, fucking drugs." she cursed. "Ethan, I'm calling in that favor. Some asshats apparently put their stupid hats on this morning. I was taking a walk down near McGregor's when I got attacked. Pretty sure I managed to harm one of them but they drugged me something heavy. My gods my brain feels like it's on fire. From what I can tell I'm in the trunk of some vehicle and whoever is driving doesn't know what he's doing." She cursed again as the vehicle turned hard and threw her into the sidewall. "That's gonna hurt later. You remember me talking about Malik? The leader of the group I run with?"

Ethan Kelly sat in the car and listened to Vanessa lay out her situation. That wasn't good, not at all. "Nessa, how many attacked you? How long have you been in the car? Are you taking a lot of turns? They could just be trying to screw up your sense of direction." Nessa continued with the conversation, mentioning Malik. I remember you mentioning him. What does he have to do with this? I can come get you out write now. I can track your phone. Just give the word." Ethan reached in to the back seat, making sure his tactical bag was there. It was, meaning he had all he needed for a fairly substantial assault on whoever was stupid enough to cross Vanessa.

Vanessa Sirnos heaved an annoyed sigh, his questions were good, her answers were crap. "I have no idea, and I have no idea, and you're probably right. With this many turns they're probably still within the city somewhere but without knowing how long I was out I have no idea how long we've been driving. The group I run with is called The Pride...I'm the only human. Whoever took me was smart enough to know they had to knock me out, used my anger to get in close when I wasn't paying attention, they aren't completely stupid even if they did forget to search me. Track my phone but you go find Malik and the Pride, He's gonna be pissed off I accidentally nose dialed you instead of him as it is. Trust me Ethan, you don't want to get in the way of the alpha male when his pride is at risk. He'll accept your help if you tell him I said these exact words." She paused for a moment as she knew how pissed off Malik was going to be when Ethan showed up knowing so much about them. "If you can bring home strays, then so can I." She told him.

Ethan Kelly nodded as she basically gave him nothing in the line of answers, but insisted on finding Malik. "Alright Ness, I'll find this 'alpha male' of yours. Keep your phone on, but on silent. They eventually have to put you somewhere and I'd like to be able to know when they do." Stepping out of his car, Ethan walked to his trunk and pulled a laptop from it, throwing a quick message to one of his New Dawn security contacts, asking him to trace the number. The reply came back that it was being traced as they spoke. "Tracing you now, where can I find this Malik? He figured the phrase she uttered was some sort of code, and a guy who saw himself as an alpha male had some serious control issues. Either way...it was something to do.

Vanessa Sirnos breathed a sigh of relief and moved more towards the center of the trunk so she could twist around, they'd tied her arms too far up to be able to put them in front of her, but it did give her access to the knife in her boot. "I'll leave it on but I can't guarantee that I'll be able to take it with me when they finally stop. And uh...don't call him the Alpha Male to his face. It'd be bad for your health. Last I saw he was at McGregor's but they would have returned to the Mule to gather supplies." She would tell him the position of the Mule, hoping to hell she hadn't been out long enough for them to have already gotten back to it and moved it, though the Mule was banned from running inside the city, it had a much smaller section they could bring into the city. "If any of them gives you any trouble, you tell them I said to stow it else Raif is gonna put a bullet in their kneecap."

Ethan Kelly started the ignition on the car and transferred the call to the vehicle itself. Taking a left from the parking lot, Ethan headed straight for McGregor's. With kidnappings, it was either revenge or ransom...and Vanessa wasn't the type you got money for. "Raif huh? you people need better cal lsigns in this pride of yours. I'll get you out of this. Don't worry, not that you worry anyway. Anything else you can give me that would help?"

Vanessa Sirnos rolled her eyes, though Ethan wouldn't be able to see it. "Raif is my nickname for my Sniper Rifle. We don't really use call signs." When he asked if there was anything more she could tell him she thought on it for a moment. "Sadly no, I was bit preoccupied with rage when I was taken, though stabbing one of them in thigh made me feel a bit better. And I plan on doing the exact same thing when they come to a stop, they're gonna get a nasty surprise when they open the trunk."
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Junk in the Trunk (Canon ICC)
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