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 The Night Before Christmas (Connors)

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PostSubject: Re: The Night Before Christmas (Connors)   Sun Dec 30, 2012 12:00 am

Watching Amanda's reaction to hearing about the new living arrangements, Jack found himself amused but at the same time, concerned about Amelia. Her discomfort was visible, and it worried him. It seemed the discussion with Amanda about Amelia's particular sensitivity would need to happen sooner than later...maybe even today.

Amelia rose and walked to the kitchen, asking if people wanted cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Both Jack and Amanda said yes, and it seemed that she heard them, as she began moving through the kitchen, as if on auto pilot. Jack finally got up and joined her and they shared a kiss as he retrieved the milk from the fridge and poured himself a glass.

Does this mean next year, I get a baby sister for Christmas?!

Jack gagged on his milk, quickly turning to look at Amelia for some sort of....anything. Amelia stood there with an open mouth before blushing and turning to make icing for the cinnamon rolls.

I guess I'm on my own.

Kneeling down to the tiny ninja of a daughter he had, Jack pulled Amanda close.

Well, we don't know sweetheart. Amelia is just moving in, we aren't getting married or anything like that. Only married people can have babies.

Amanda slowly nodded, understanding. While the biology of it wasn't true, Jack wanted to give Amanda some sort of moral foundation when it came to children of her own. Urging her to run along and play with her new toys, Jack stood up and encompassed Amelia in his arms.

That are the wonderful questions you can look forward to when you're a parent. I'm just glad your around...I don't do well with the whole feminine hygiene thing. Have I mentioned recently that I love you?

Kissing her on the cheek, Jack washed out his glass and headed towards the stairs.

I'm gonna grab a quick shower, and I'll be back for breakfast. Sound good?
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PostSubject: Re: The Night Before Christmas (Connors)   Sun Dec 30, 2012 12:11 am

Amelia nearly laughed her ass off at his explaination of how babies worked. One day, he was going to have to have 'the talk' with that girl. Hopefully, sometime when she started her period BEFORE she got pregnant thinking only married people could have babies. If she wasn't married, she might assume she was fine. So, that talk would have to come later. But, luckily, for now, they were in the clear as Amanda was eager to go play with her new toys and Amelia headed into the living room with Jack.

He pulled her in and talked softly to her in a voice only she could hear as he told her that he loved her. She smiled warmly and pulled him in for a long soft hug. She loved that little girl, her crazy wild questions, and the innocence of youth. She loved the way that Amanda smiled so much when Amelia was around and how happy she seemed now that Amelia was going to move in.

I love you too, now go shower.

Amelia headed into the living room and she turned on the TV. Amanda was messing around with some of her toys but she kept yawning and rubbing her eyes.

Come find a movie with me. We can cuddle.

Amanda didn't fight but she brought her new doll, the one Amelia had given her with her, and climbed up on the couch. They lay out together. Amelia in the back and Amanda in the front. Both of them with their own throw pillow. Thanks to Jack for buying a wide couch it was actually quite comfortable. They found the parade on TV and Amanda wanted to watch it so she put the remote to the side and they lay there.

Amelia pulled a throw over the both of them. And Amanda snuggled in happily.

Do you think you and Daddy will get married? she asked sleepily.

I'm hoping so, one day. Amelia answered softly. Stroking the girls' hair.

Can I be in the wedding? she whispered getting sleepier.

You'll be my Maid of Honor, of course.

That's the most important part, I saw it in a movie. she said honestly giving a little nod.

You bet it is, we'll get a pretty dress and pretty jewelry and maybe pretty shoes.

But.. the little girl was out. Amelia smiled and snuggled in, watching the parade as the little girl slept. She could hear Jack upstairs. But, before she knew it, her eyes were too heavy to stay open and.. Amelia too fell asleep. Holding Amanda in her arms as the two passed out gently on the couch. Sleeping amid all the debris left over from Christmas morning. A little family, in the making. Amelia couldn't have found a more perfect family to become a part of.
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PostSubject: Re: The Night Before Christmas (Connors)   Sun Dec 30, 2012 12:45 am

Running up the stairs, Jack was already shedding clothing as he entered his bedroom. He knew that the rolls in the oven wouldn't need a lot of time to bake, so he wanted to make the shower quick. Turning on the water and setting it to temperature, Jack lost the rest of his clothes and closed the door to the bathroom in his bedroom.

Stepping in to the stream of warm water, Jack took a moment of solace in the humid and wet environment in which he was currently residing. It hadn't been cold in the house, but the warm shower was always welcome distraction. Thinking about the last twenty-four hours and the events within, Conners found himself smiling. Smiling had been his typical look lately, and he knew that Amelia was the exact cause.

Without further ado, Jack grabbed his bar of soap and scrubbed down. It had been a while since he had been with a woman, and he made sure to clean extra well just in case the opportunity presented itself again. Throwing some shampoo in his hair and scrubbing his scalp, Jack made quick work of the shower. Rinsing himself off, he stepped out of the shower and smiled at the clock in the bathroom. In and out in twelve minutes.

You still got it sir. Conners said to his reflection in the mirror.

Dressing quickly in to one of his new sweaters and nice slacks, Jack descended the stairs and walked straight in to the kitchen, the smell of cinnamon and sugar permeating the air. Pulling the rolls out of the oven, Jack noticed they looked slightly over done.

Didn't you guys smell these?

Walking to the den, he found Amanda asleep in Amelia's arms, the Christmas parade in Librium on the television. Adjusting the blanket on the two of them, Jack softly kissed both of the women in his life in the forehead and turned off the TV. Strolling back to the kitchen, he served himself a cinnamon roll with a strong cup of coffee.

Best. Christmas. Ever.

[/end thread]
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PostSubject: Re: The Night Before Christmas (Connors)   

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The Night Before Christmas (Connors)
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