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 Dinner, a Semi-Private Affair (Kali)

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PostSubject: Dinner, a Semi-Private Affair (Kali)   Sun Dec 16, 2012 6:13 am

October 6, 222 AC

0939 hours, Westland Grocery

Wesley Fletcher strolled through the aisles of the local grocery whilst reviewing the list that Kalinda had sent him that night.

Ok...Chicken, Bacon, Cheese...there were other things. She didn't specify what kind of chicken, or what kind of cheese. Does she want it shredded, block, or grated? Women!

Finally, sick of trying to remember the exact specifics, Wes pulled his cell phone from his pocket and read the text again.

[Hey it's Kali, All I need is Rice, Chicken, Cheese, flour, butter, and a lot of Bacon. <3]

The heart symbol always put a smile on his face, it was like they had been dating, but it was just a nice gesture. A gesture Wes could very much get used to seeing more often. An hour of shopping later, Wes left with a couple of pouns of bacon and chicken, a ten pound bag of rice, a block of cheddar cheese and extra butter. They had plenty of flour at the house...he thought.

1445 hours

Back at the fire house, Wes relaxed on the couch, watching some TV. The various cooking materials had been purchased and properly stored, and a bunch of the guys from the fire last night had started showing up. It was a day off for them and yet, they still came to be with the boys and girls who they helped in the time of need. At the same time, many brought stuffed toys, clothing and other essentials doe the kids and their caregivers. Stuffing an entire box full of goods, most of the guys relaxed as they waited for Kali.

Should be any minutes now... Fletch thought to himself, smiling as the time that Kali was supposed to arrive came ever closer.
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PostSubject: Re: Dinner, a Semi-Private Affair (Kali)   Sun Dec 16, 2012 7:56 am


Held Lita's hand as she and the large group of children walked down the side walk. All in all it was a marvelous day, crisp and clear, and slightly warmer then it had been of late. Despite what had happened to them last night, all the children seemed to be in high spirits, oh the tenacity of youth. They could bounce back from almost anything, it was the talent they needed to continue overcoming the bumps life put in their path. Most of them had seen more traumatic experiences in their few short years then some did their entire lives.

They made quite a bit of noise, filling nearly the entire block with the sounds of laughter she figured. Little Lita was anxious, Kali could sense that through the girl's hand wrapped around her finger, but not overly, she was mostly excited. Firefighters were heroes, especially to young children such as these, and now there were going to get the chance to spend time with their heroes.

Kalinda had had a terrible time trying to decide what to wear that morning, she could feel Aurora's mirth in the back of her mind as she stared at the contents of her closet for what seemed like ages. She'd finally decided on an older fashioned style dress, some might have called it retro. It was red with black polka dots, flared at the hip and came all the way down to her knees. It's sleeves would hide her tattoos, something she didn't want Wes to know about just yet. She wanted this to be something real, and she'd had the experience before of someone falling for Aurora and all that she stood for instead of plain old Kalinda, the human. That had been quite the mess.

It seemed the children's excitement would grow more as the firehouse came into view, growing louder and louder as they approached. For some, this would be the first time they'd seen a firetruck up close.
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PostSubject: Re: Dinner, a Semi-Private Affair (Kali)   Mon Dec 17, 2012 2:33 am

Well, I'll be damned.

He knew Kali was coming around three o'clock, but he never expected all of them to be coming around three. Wes had figured that they would have some time to cook together, get things set up. Granted, they had never formally set plans and he who failed to plan, plans to fail. Or...something like that.

Looks like we are starting early boys! Set up the bays!!

Wes walked out to meet the kids as firefighters scrambled to put up tables and chairs in long rows for the kids and their caretakers. The fire apparatus was already pulled from the bays since they were getting washed today anyway.

Hi kids! Welcome to West Point Station! We are really glad to see you all today. Now, you can play on the firetrucks, and there is coloring and drawing stuff on the tables inside. After that...we should have an amazing dinner.

He let the kids disburse as they went to do the various things around the firehouse. There were firefighters on each vehicle, to make sure they were supervised and plenty of them to help with coloring. When Kalinda came up to him, Lita in tow, Wes smiled and kneeled down.

Hey Lita. How you doing today? Do you remember me?
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PostSubject: Re: Dinner, a Semi-Private Affair (Kali)   Mon Dec 17, 2012 3:17 am

At the sight of Wes, Kali found a smile creeping onto her pretty face, now made much prettier by the fact it was no longer covered in soot. Her golden hair cascaded around her shoulders, no longer limp from the intense heat of the fire. Just above her red flats, her ankle was still wrapped in an ace bandage, though she'd allowed Aurora to help her heal a bit during the night, while Aurora was in control, Kalinda's body had an increased regeneration rate, though it would still take time for the tendons to heal completely they no longer made her limp visibly. She still walked slowly however, the tendons could still strain themselves if she wasn't careful.

Her red dress was covered by a cream colored coat that kept the chill at bay, her free hand rested in her pocket, while Lita held on to her other. At the mention of being able to play on the firetrucks, most of the kids raced off in the direction he'd motioned, crying out with the joy, this was exactly what they needed after last night's excitement. Some of the younger ones stayed with their supervisors until the older women pulled them off to join the fun.

As Wes leaned down to talk to Lita, she placed her thumb in her mouth and took a step closer to Kali, watching Wes. When he asked her question she nodded her head and then took a step forward toward him. Without saying a word she leaned up on her tip toes and kissed him on the cheek, darting back to the comfort of Kali as soon as she had. Kali managed to suppress her giggle and then leaned down to force Lita to look at her. "Why don't you go find Miss Ryta and see if one of those kind firefighters will let you turn on the lights?" Lita looked at her for a moment and then nodded her head, running off to Ryta in the distance.

"Sorry about that, Lita doesn't speak much, that's her way of saying thanks for last night. How bout you show me the kitchen and we can get started?" She wasn't entirely certain how to act around Wes, it wasn't like it a was secret that she liked him, but it was far too soon for any displays of such an emotion.
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PostSubject: Re: Dinner, a Semi-Private Affair (Kali)   Tue Dec 18, 2012 4:35 am

Watching Lita was like watching kittens play for the first time: you couldn't help but smile at the sheer amount of adorableness. It was a shame to see such a pretty little girl so scarred by the events in her short life. She nodded her head when he asked if she recognized him, and that made Wes' smile even bigger. The last thing that Fletch expected was what happened next.

Lita stepped up and kissed him on the cheek.

Wes' eyes widened in shock, and he nearly fell from his crouching position, holding his cheek. A smile cracked his face in two, and he saw Kali suppressing a giggle before telling Lita to go see another adult.

Sorry about that, Lita doesn't speak much, that's her way of saying thanks for last night. How bout you show me the kitchen and we can get started?

I wouldn't apologize about Lita...that is what literally makes the job completely worthwhile. How's the ankle? You're looking rather pretty today Kalinda...although I have to say, the soot was a cute touch yesterday.

Sufficiently turning Kali a shade of red again, Wes led her through the horde of children in to the large kitchen area the firehouse held. It had a couple of guys in it, working to unpack the groceries that Wes had fetched earlier in the day. Pointing to each one in turn, Wes introduced Kali to the guys.

Kali, this is Firefighter Miller, Lieutenant Brown, and Firefighter Silva. They were all at the fire last night. They all want you to give them orders to get this meal as good as possible....especially considering it was cooked by firefighters.

He nudged her gently and chuckled, leaning in to her ear.

Oh, and Kali, when do I get my thank you kiss?

Stepping away from the blond woman as he let his statement sink in, content with the fact that he was getting under his skin. Who knows? Maybe he would get that kiss by the end of the night.
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PostSubject: Re: Dinner, a Semi-Private Affair (Kali)   Tue Dec 18, 2012 5:49 am

Kalinda didn't have any time to answer him as to the status of her ankle before he was following the question with a compliment. If he liked soot he should have seen her earlier making cookies to replace the ones that had burned in the fire, flour on her nose and in her hair. She had been quite the sight. Still, her cheeks reddened to the compliment, she wasn't used to people speaking to her the way Wes did. "Thank you Wes, you clean up well yourself." She finally managed, following after him into the large firehouse kitchen. She was accustomed to such large kitchens from her time spent at the Grand Temple, so it wasn't anything new to her. She hoped that Wes had gotten enough supplies, she didn't want anyone to go without.

As he introduced her to his fellow firefighters, she would give each of them a smile in greeting. "It is a pleasure to meet you all, and don't worry, I don't give orders." She said, wrinkling her nose in that cute way when she was making a joke. As Wes nudged her she turned her pretty face up to him, smiling at him, she found she did that a lot when he was around, and she rather liked the feeling. Before she could properly give out her requests though, Wes whispered in her ear and her dark eyes widened in shock, a new shade of red creeping onto her face so much so that she had to turn away for a moment. It was such an unexpected rush of emotions, embarrassment, excitement, joy, hope, that it seeped out into the air around her before she could reign it in. Only Wes would be close enough to feel it before she snapped it back.

Turning back to her new recruits she stepped past them to quantity of food they had been unpacking. She had been right, she didn't issue orders, but requests, always using please and thank you and niceties that seemed almost unheard of in this day and age. She asked Miller to begin cooking the bacon, while Silva was asked to begin cooking the chicken and Brown was to begin make the rice. "For you Wesley, you get to help me make the sauce for this concoction." Of course she wasn't telling any of them what they were making. As each of them began their tasks she would direct them as needed with helpful suggestions, always sweet and elegant, never cross.
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PostSubject: Re: Dinner, a Semi-Private Affair (Kali)   Wed Dec 19, 2012 3:01 am

Taking a couple of steps from his beauty as she grew increasing shades of crimson, Wes was overcome by random emotions. It was like being hit with a crashing wave of embarrassment, excitement, joy, and hope all at the same time. Stopping in his tracks, the feelings suddenly vanished, as if they were pulled away in a specific direction: directly towards Kali.

Di.....did you feel that?

When Kali inquires about what he was speaking of, Wes would continue with his thoughts on the occurrence.

I don't know. I just got this random wash of feelings. I was, pardon the expression, giddy like a girl. That happen to you?

While Kali explained her reaction to the weird phenomenon, they walked towards the range so they could begin on the sauce for this rice and chicken dish that the former soot covered Kalinda had been secretly concocting with the help of the firefighters. As Kali sent him off to gather ingredients, it only made Wes more curious about what was going in to this mystery dish.

Kali...when exactly are you going to tell me what we are making? The ingredients were placed softly on the cutting surface next to the range. Unless, of course...you're trying to poison me. Then, you can keep it a secret.

His wink said it was a joke, but his curiosity was getting the better of him.
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PostSubject: Re: Dinner, a Semi-Private Affair (Kali)   Wed Dec 19, 2012 5:15 am

As Wes asked her about feelings she glanced at him, realizing that she hadn't managed to reign her emotions in in time, he had felt them too. It was the one part about her ability she would have rather been able to do without, it had taken her years to learn to control the aura of emotions she projected almost constantly, though she still struggled when certain powerful emotions caused her to lose that control. Such as now, when Wes got to feel a glimpse of the effect he had on her. She wondered if she should tell him just how deep he was getting himself. A relationship with Kalinda would be far different then any he'd ever had, she was an Empath, able to feel the emotions he had for her whenever he touched her. He would have no secrets, she would know the truth without him having to say a word, but the same could also be said in reverse. Kalinda had the ability to literally allow him to feel exactly what she felt. Should he pursue a relationship with her, it was be far deeper and more meaningful then any he'd ever had.

"Feel what Wes?"" She asked him, pretending as if she didn't understand what he was asking her, when he explained it she simply smiled at him. "Giddy? I hardly doubt what you might have felt could have been described as Giddy. If I was a lesser woman I might take insult to that." Her words held no sign of the hurt she spoke of however, and there was a twinkle in her dark eyes that said she was teasing him.

"I can't tell you what we're making because it doesn't have a name. It's a recipe that's been passed down through my mother's family for generations, she was terrible at making it though. My mother wasn't allowed in the kitchen, if she even touched the pan she could ruin dinner. I learned it from my grandmother before she died." She realized that whatever jibe she was about to send back about the poisoning sounded better in her mind, and apparently Aurora agreed with her because the emotions she was feeling from the celestial warned her to keep her mouth shut.
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PostSubject: Re: Dinner, a Semi-Private Affair (Kali)   Fri Dec 21, 2012 2:49 am


It was like the firehouse was some sort of infection. The second he explained the weird phenomenon to Kalinda, Wes got mocked. By none other than Kali herself!! It had to be the firehouse where legitimate feelings became barbs thrown back at him by the most innocent of seeming women. He had to admit though, the fact that she could tease him and be playful was a good sign. It meant she wasn't overly stiff, and at the same time, not mean about it.

Well, whatever. It just seemed so real. It was like those emotions just encroached on me.

They settled in and began to cook, setting up the sauce. It incorporated a lot of the ingredients over time, but it was mostly butter and flour to start, which made sense. That combination of ingredients, called a rue, helped thicken sauces and were usually the beginning to all cream sauces. Wes was no expert chef by any means, but on the late nights on call and you didn't want to go to your rack...the food channels played twenty-four hours a day. It really helped with Wes' vocabulary and, of course, with the ladies. Something about a man saying deglaze, and they weren't talking about a donut made women swoon.

Thankfully, Kali didn't seem like that kind of woman. For that, Wes was glad; it meant she was more genuine and cared about the important things.

I can't tell you what we're making because it doesn't have a name. It's a recipe that's been passed down through my mother's family for generations, she was terrible at making it though. My mother wasn't allowed in the kitchen, if she even touched the pan she could ruin dinner. I learned it from my grandmother before she died.

It doesn't have a name?

Well...I'm glad you don't have your mother's talent for ruining meals. Although, I don't think you could ruin anything. Every food needs a name! We should name it!

Kali's Chicken Bacon Surprise! No?

The Firebug! Ok,...I'm bad at this. Wait!

Pure poison! I noticed you didn't answer me about the poison, so now, I'm convinced.
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PostSubject: Re: Dinner, a Semi-Private Affair (Kali)   Fri Dec 28, 2012 1:02 am

She was hoping that Wes would let the subject drop on the emotions he'd felt. She doubted telling him that she was an Empath made for good first date material. Kali didn't want to overwhelm him so early, she had many secrets, while she considered them blessings she knew most others did not feel the same about her privacy intruding gifts. It wasn't like she could help it, she had no control over what she gleaned from people when they touched her.

Kalinda was impressed by Wesley's knowledge of the culinary world, she barely had to direct him as they made the sauce together. Of course she was cooking for a much larger number of people then she had been used to in recent months so she had to do some math and calculate the proper amount of the ingredients or the sauce would end up more like soup. The smells of chicken and bacon filled the kitchen, and the sounds of children laughing filtered in from the other parts of the firehouse. It filled her heart with happiness, and even Aurora could feel it.

"I prefer it without a name, my grandmother says that it has never had one, and I believe that is the way it should stay. Perhaps the fact that it doesn't have a name is in fact, it's name. And if I was trying to poison you, I doubt I would pick a function where the food you would be eating was also being eaten by hordes of orphaned children...though you may want to watch your coffee later." She stated with a smirk as she poured water and milk and chicken broth into the pan over the rue.

It was an odd sensation to joke with someone again, even her father had a hard time joking with Kalinda after Kali sacrificed herself for him. He didn't quite know how to tact around his daughter who had become the literal embodiment of everything he believed. But it felt good to be able to laugh and smile as much as she did. Wes was certainly something she could get used to as a permanent part of her life.
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PostSubject: Re: Dinner, a Semi-Private Affair (Kali)   Tue Jan 08, 2013 6:12 am

The sauce was looking good as it slowly thickened with the butter and flour. Despite the sheer amount of it, it was not a two person job. The thought that Kalinda may have assigned him to help her was simply a ploy to spend time together made him smile. As they cooked, Wes found himself stealing glances with the woman who was quickly becoming a favorite amongst his brethren. Besides being great with his comrades, she opened up a bit about herself. That said a lot about Kali...and they were all good things.

And if I was trying to poison you, I doubt I would pick a function where the food you would be eating was also being eaten by hordes of orphaned children...though you may want to watch your coffee later.

Wes' mouth dropped as a coy smile came across Kali's face. He leaned in as she poured the sauce together and stirred. Whispering in her ear, Wes tried his best to sound...attractive.

I'm going to have to have someone taste mine first then, so long as they aren't too afraid of cooties.

As the chicken finished cooking off, it got added to the sauce. It would let the natural juices of the chicken mix with the sauce and add even more flavor to it. Once that had been cooked to Kali's satisfactory, the mixture was poured over a large bed of cooked rice and sprinkled with the bacon. It looked as good as it smelled, and the smell was heavenly. Wes took a large serving pan and placed in a buffet set up for the event, and took Kali's hand, pulling her through the firehouse.

Come on, you got to call for dinner.

He took her to the small room set up with radios and intercoms and all sorts of equipment lining the walls. Picking up a microphone from the desk, he faced it towards Kali. Depressing the button, he heard Kali speak the words to call people to dinner as it echoed throughout the house. That was promptly followed by the noise associated with a rush of children and men clamoring for a meal. Before Kali could leave, however, Wes had his arm across the door.

Kali, honestly. You think the only reason I took you to a secluded part of the station was for you to call for dinner? He smiled and watched her blush like she seemed to have a habit for...he'd call her on it, but she would only blush harder. Rosy cheeks notwithstanding, Wes continued with his thoughts.

Besides, how else am I going to ask this girl I like if she will sit next to me at dinner? He smiled at her, softly holding her hand in his own. You think Lita will say yes? Something about that kiss...wow!
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PostSubject: Re: Dinner, a Semi-Private Affair (Kali)   Wed Jan 09, 2013 2:24 am

Kalinda arched a brow at him as he spoke to her about finding a taste tester that didn't mind cooties. "Good luck with that, maybe you could ask Lieutenant Brown over there if he'll taste it for you, tell him you're afraid your date poisoned it." The look in her dark eyes however told him she was entirely kidding. She shifted slightly, taking her weight off her bad ankle, she'd been standing too long in one position and it was beginning to ache. She'd probably need to ice it later...or let Aurora out to play some more which so long as she was with Wes wasn't going to be happening...one secret at a time.

She had to have help to add the chicken to the sauce, the pans were far too large and heavy for her to lift by herself. If she'd been at home cooking a meal for just them it might have been a different story, but when cooking for an army it sometimes took an army to move the food. She made sure that everything was laid out perfectly, all the plates and utensils and napkins, though she doubted the kids would even touch that pile. They avoided napkins and other cleaning supplies like they were the plague, the fights over bath time at the orphanage were legendary.

When Wes took her hand, it surprised her and she turned her face up to him, but the coy little smile he gave her seemed to melt her. She followed after him, limping a little bit but nothing too noticeable. As they entering the room, her dark eyes widened, a bit overwhelmed by the sheer amount of electronics and buttons. Thankfully he didn't make her play the guessing game and depressed the button for her. She gave him a half smile before she called everyone to dinner. As the noise of excited children filled the firehouse, she turned back to find Wes blocking the doorway. She wasn't quite sure what to do in a situation like this, if it weren't for the tone of his voice his words could have been construed as utterly creepy and a part of her did become wary she had to admit. Blush she did though, as her mind conjured up images of the two of them, images she hadn't had in a long time about anyone, not since her college days.

As he finished his statement, her dark eyes narrowed slightly, and she could feel Aurora give her a sharp nudge in the back of her mind, which didn't happen often. Aurora rarely interfered in Kalinda's life, contenting her self with letting Kali do as she pleased. An almost evil smile crossed her lips and she took a step forward towards him. Leaning up onto her tip toes she brought her face up to his, her eyes sliding closed as the flesh of her lips touched his. She let go of the careful control she kept on her abilities at all times, allowed herself t open to him as all the feelings she felt for him would wash over him, but not just hers, his as well. She could feel everything he felt, every ounce of surprise and passion and fear. It was a loop that could continue to feed itself till in exploded if she let it.

She knew he wouldn't be expecting it, who on Earth could have? But would he accept her? This was just the first of her deep secrets and honestly the easy one to share. She'd rather find out now if he couldn't handle it, rather then later down the road. Her lips would taste slightly like strawberries, and he might even be able to taste the Divine Presence that rested with in her, an unearthly intoxicating taste that could become addictive, though most weren't perceptive enough to feel it.
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PostSubject: Re: Dinner, a Semi-Private Affair (Kali)   Fri Jan 11, 2013 12:37 am

Wes was caught completely off guard. The mischievous smile, the quick closing of distance, the kiss! He very much hadn't expected Kali to kiss him! It was only the first date, and they were barely an hour in to it. Granted, the radio room was a cute way to bring it up, but who expected it to happen.

Nobody, that's who.

He felt her lips on his and he immediately kissed her back once he knew what the hell was going on. Becoming slightly more aggressive, Wes wrapped his arm around her waist and bent down just a bit so she could relax off her tip toes...

...then, it hit him.

Whatever it was, it was something distinctly familiar yet new. He was hit with a wall of emotion, at the same time, he knew it wasn't his emotions...it was Kali's. The nervousness, the relief that he kissed back, the beginnings of passion and lust, so many of the things he felt reflected back at him.

The one thing he didn't expect at all was to feel her feelings about him specifically. He felt how attracted she was to him...how completely endearing he was to her. How was it possible?

The kiss broke and they stood there, noses still touching, smile on their face. Wes could still the odd connection to Kali.

I...what was that? His tone wasn't harsh, but more astonished. He was still trying to get over how much she liked him...all he did was wrap her ankle.
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PostSubject: Re: Dinner, a Semi-Private Affair (Kali)   Fri Jan 11, 2013 1:27 am

She could feel how surprised he was when she kissed him, how much she'd caught him off guard. Some part of her took a bit of joy in that, he'd been catching her off guard since she'd arrived at the firehouse. The feel of his arms wrapping around her made her feel safe, warm, things very few people could ever make her feel. He would feel them too, rising up out of her to wash over him. It was impossible to lie to Kali and when she opened up like this, it was impossible for her to lie to them. She knew he'd have questions, she could already feel them building inside him.

Kali wasn't sure who broke the kiss first, she was too wrapped up in all the emotions she felt, too distracted to be focusing on the physical aspect of their connection. Her dark eyes opened slowly, staring up into his as she waited patiently for the questions she knew were coming. They were still touching however, which granted her the connection she needed to him to tell if he became afraid of her. Slowly she pulled back her control, pulling in her emotions so he could sort out his own without hers interfering. Her lips were curled into a soft smile however, even if he ran, she would hold this memory as one of her better ones. Aurora was a bundle of smugness in the back of her mind, which made Kali wish she could elbow the Celestial.

"I'm an Empath, it's an ability passed down from my mother's side, we don't remember when it started but it manifests itself differently each time. For instance, every time you touch me, I can feel everything your feeling. Usually it's just whats on the surface but if I focus I can reach down deep and figure out whats really bothering you. It's one of the reasons I chose Psychiatry as my profession. I've been able to help people that others had deemed lost causes. It's not something I can help, I can't control it. Whenever anyone touches me I feel what they feel. The only thing I can control is my own emotions." She was focusing on his feelings, hoping to gods he wouldn't run.
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PostSubject: Re: Dinner, a Semi-Private Affair (Kali)   Fri Jan 11, 2013 3:48 am

The kiss was easily the best first kiss Wes had ever had. The emotional wrappings within it made it all the more deep. It felt suddenly like they had connected on a spiritual level, almost as if they had months to get to know one another. Feeling her emotions in him was mind-blowing. To know, for sure, your partner's feelings, was unparalleled. Especially when they felt so happy with being around you.

Kali explained she was an Empath, and could feel the emotions of others and transmit her own through touch. Explaining that her abilities helped her decide to work in Psychiatry, and its helped her tremendously with patients who normally wouldn't have been reached. Wes closed her eyes, smiling. He knew she could feel his emotions, as her fingers still brushed his arm. Wes tried not to laugh.

So...you're cheating.

The look on Kali's face was one for the record books...that just meant she couldn't read thoughts. That was a good thing. He couldn't help but be impressed with Kali even more, feeling all the more admiration. This was a person who could have taken an ability and used it for her own good, but decided to help others.

You are truly one of a kind, Kalinda Michaelson. But, we really should get back to dinner before my fellow firefighters make up their own accounts of things. But...

Leaning in and taking her in his arms again, he kissed her one more time. He let himself get slightly more aggressive and slightly nibbled her lower lip before pulling away.

...I just needed that one more. Shall we?
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PostSubject: Re: Dinner, a Semi-Private Affair (Kali)   Fri Jan 11, 2013 11:29 pm

Her eyes widened as Wes proclaimed that she was cheating by using her powers in such a manner, though it was only for an instant before his feelings of mirth caught her attention and she wrinkled her nose up at him. Her entire body seemed flooded with the relief she felt, not just that he hadn't run off screaming but that he hadn't even wanted to. It gave her hope for the future, hope that when and if she revealed her much larger secret, he would stick around. She trailed her fingers up his arms as he gathered her up once more. As he kissed her, she let go of her control again for the small moment that they were physically connected, allowing him to feel all the warmth and happiness and relief she felt at his acceptance of her. As he teased her, his teeth running over her bottom lip, he would feel the dart of desire that moved through her.

As he pulled away from her, her dark eyes fluttered open and she smiled up at him. Her hand moved down his arm to entwine her fingers in his. She normally wasn't nearly so forward with anyone but with Wes it just seemed...perfect. As if they'd known each other all their lives and were simply becoming reacquainted. She allowed him to lead her out of the Com room and down into the bay where dinner was in full swing. Lita suddenly appeared in front of Kali, holding up her hand so that Kali could take it. Kalinda smiled down at the girl and gently set her fingers in the little girl's hand. Lita pulled on her arm, indicating that she wanted them to follow her.

Kalinda walked with the girl, who wound her way through the small crowd of people towards the end of one of the tables, two bowls of the rice and chicken concoction sitting at the end waiting for them. "Oh Lita you didn't need to do that." Lita blushed slightly. Kali knew she hadn't done it without help but pointing that out to the child was needless and potentially cruel. She turned back to Wes. "Apparently dinner is served." She told him, moving to sit down in front of one of the bowls, Lita climbing up to sit at her side, her thumb in her mouth. She really was rather quiet, most girls her age would have far too much to say but Lita's development had been stunted. Kali didn't worry too much about it, she would speak when she was ready.

One of Lita's hand reached up to twine her fingers around one of the curls of Kalinda's golden hair, playing with it absentmindedly. It was obvious the girl was getting tired, and with all the excitement over the last couple of days Kali knew she had every right to be.
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PostSubject: Re: Dinner, a Semi-Private Affair (Kali)   Mon Jan 14, 2013 4:04 am

The second kiss was just nearly as wonderful as the first, connecting with Kali made all the difference. He wondered what the rest of the potential relationship would bring. She felt warm and happy, with a dash of desire mixed in. There was something else there though...something Wes couldn't place easily.

It was happy, yet kind of sad at the same time...was she feeling relief? Relief from what?

Kali took his hand and he interlaced his fingers with hers. The bright look in her eyes as they held hands assured him that she was the one. Well, not the one...not yet anyway. Wes knew one thing at the moment: Kali was great, and that she was in to him. That he knew for sure. Her being an Empath was something of a shock, but who cares? Humans have been manifesting abilities for years and years and Kali's wasn't going to murder him while he slept, so why bother with the hate and the fear that stupid people felt?

Once they got to the apparatus bays, the tables were all set out and the small army of children and firefighters were eating and conversing, a small roar of sound accompanying them. Some of his buddies saw him holding hands with Kalinda and raised up thumbs in approval, guaranteeing questions in the future as why the forty second walk from Comms took nearly five minutes. Before he knew it, Lita was leading the duo to a table end with two prepared bowls of the chicken and rice where they took their seats.

Sitting down across from Kali, he smiled and quietly ate, watching the blond with the dark eyes that made him feel different. It was a feeling like he'd never had before, and it was something special. Lita, the adorable little girl who Wes had pulled from the orphanage a couple of days ago, was once again sucking her thumb and playing with Kali's hair. The poor little thing looked like she was about to collapse and nap for days, but she kept one hand in Kalinda's locks and the other firmly in her mouth.

Having finished the majority of the meal in silence, which was fantastic in it own right, Fletch couldn't help thinking about the relief Kali had when they had been together. Did she expect something else out of him? Was he not was she feared him to be? So many questions. He had felt so close to Kali and still did, but the questions were ever present in his mind. Placing his fork in the bowl and wiping his face softly, he met Kali's eyes and smiled.

So, how long until these kids find themselves a new home? Is there anything else we can do for them? I know a couple of the guys are contractors...we will help in any way we can.

Bringing up the weird thoughts and feelings would come, but at dinner in front of everyone was not the right time.
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PostSubject: Re: Dinner, a Semi-Private Affair (Kali)   Wed Jan 16, 2013 1:30 am

Kali was glad for the few minutes Wes gave her to not only enjoy her food but to allow her mind to process everything that had happened this day. Kissing Wesley, on a first date no less, was incredibly out of her norm. She wasn't the type to be so forward with physical contact seeing as most would find her touch an intrusion into their privacy. She supposed they were right, everyone had something to hide. Kali might not able to know exactly what they were hiding but feelings of guilt and deception weren't exactly hard to figure out. Part of her wondered if Jack would one day find a use for her abilities she might not find...appetizing. It wouldn't be the firs time though, during the war and even after, the Collective had asked her for her help during interrogations. It was much easier for her to lay a finger on their forehead and find out if they were lying then it was to torture someone for hours only to have them die without ever finding out. She only did it to save them the suffering.

His voice brought her out of her thoughts and she brought her dark eyes up to meet his, her lips curling into the smile that always seemed to be there when she was around him. "The two women who run the orphanage have already found a new home for them, the Collective is helping them procure it. Bastion has been working on new rebuilding grants. Apparently the Guard have gotten involved recently in trying to help the city rebuild what it lost during the war. The house is larger, newer, but it will need considerable work before the children would be safe living there. Many members of the Collective have volunteered their help, and of course I will do what I can, but every ounce of help would be much appreciated. The small house they had before was insured thankfully, so that will help considerably in making sure they have everything they need to replace what they lost."

One of the women she'd just been speaking about approached from the side, holding her hands out to Kali. Kalinda, albeit reluctantly, surrendered her precious cargo, handing Lita over to her. "Many of the children are getting tired, I think they've had too much excitement. We should be heading back soon, thank you for this." The last part she said to Wes as she cradled Lita in her arms, who was practically asleep already. Kali moved to get up but she put a hand on Kali's shoulder and pushed her back down. "We can find our way back, you stay here." Kali's dark eyes widened a moment and a soft blush crept up into her face but she nodded in response.

That left her alone with Wes. She wasn't exactly sure what to do now so she masked it by taking another bite of her chicken and rice. She was walking on unsure ground now, and she didn't exactly know what she was going to do about it, or her feelings for Wes. She rarely let anyone get close to her. Kalinda was driven by her emotions, considered primitive by most.
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PostSubject: Re: Dinner, a Semi-Private Affair (Kali)   Tue Jan 22, 2013 3:27 am

Wes smiled at Kali as she spoke about the recovery that was already in process for the little girls and boys. He loved that she was so passionate about things like this...she wasn't like anyone he had ever met before. They chatted and ate, smiles all around, about things related to the orphans. It was nice to see the city moving on a big social problem immediately, even if it wasn't technically the city doing it. He'd give Bastion credit anyway.

As the older woman walked over to where Kali and Wes were chatting, he caught the woman's eyes. Seeing a wink from the older woman, Wes looked confused for a brief moment before she arrived and retrieved Lita from Kali's arms. The little girl still clung to the teddy bear without a care to the fact that her eyelids were sealed shut, her thumb firmly planted in her mouth. Fletch had to admit it...the girl was ridiculously cute and seemed to have quite the interest in Kali. She had explained earlier that she had been at this for almost nine years, which was in and of itself impressive.

When the older woman from the orphanage told Kali to stay, it all made sense now. The woman was setting up Kali for some alone time with Wes. He smiled and winked back whilst Kali was getting over her shock.

So, this seems to be winding down. We can leave the dishes to the rookies and go get that coffee that you promised me. Either that...or we can stay and eat month old Girl Scout Cookies and burnt coffee. Did...you...have a preference?

Rising and extending his hand to her, Wes put a big smile on his face. This was already a fantastic date, he truly hoped it would get even better. Just staring at Kali's lips gave him ideas.

Shall we?
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It took Kali a few moments for her to get over the shock of Ryta's incorrigible push, she tried desperately to push down her embarrassment, not wanting to give Wesley any more fuel to tease her with. All of this was so new to her, she didn't quite know what to do next but thankfully Wesley saved her from awkwardly picking at the last bits of rice in her bowl by asking if she wanted to go for coffee. A part of her felt guilty for not staying to help with the clean up, but that was Kali and there wasn't a power on Terra that could change her need to constantly help others. Still, she knew which one Wes wanted and at this moment he meant more to her.

Reaching out, she laid her fingers into the palm of his hand, allowing him to help her. She smoothed her red dress, ignoring the soft ache that rose up her calf from her ankle. "As much fun as those cookies sound, I think non burnt coffee sounds much better." She told him, letting him lead her out of the firehouse. She was careful with her steps, not exactly limping but certainly walking a bit slower. Ice was in her future, that much she could tell. Course, she could always just let Aurora out to play later and let it handle itself.

Once they were out of the firehouse, and out of range of any of his coworkers, Kali stopped him and leaned up on her tip toes to lightly kiss his lips. She pulled back however, not letting him deepen the kiss if he tried. "You are a very rare person Wesley Fletcher. No one has managed to get past my shields like you have. Also, since you blackmailed me for this coffee, you get to pay for it." she teased, wrinkling her nose the way she always did when she teased him. If her ankle hadn't hurt so much she might have spun away from him so he couldn't grab at her, but that was out of the question now.

She knew he had questions, she could feel it in his touch, his emotions sliding across her mind almost like music. It was never images, colors yes, but really it could be better described as how a certain piece of music could move you. Everyone had their own music, their own tone and feel. Some she'd come to memorize, like Lita...the sad little flute that sometimes brought Kali to tears. Others would prove unforgettable, like Wes was becoming.
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Kali seemed to take a bit longer than Wes would have expected for her to respond to his request to come for coffee, even when confronted with the alternative! It was shocking, discouraging, and quite stressful on a man's ego. When she agreed and took her hand, Wes led her out towards the parking lot, where he figured they would take his car to the cute little coffee shop right down the street. Wes did notice, however, how Kali took shorter, more conservative steps as they walked.

I guess her ankle is still bothering her. I shouldn't have let her stand this whole time...not good for it.

As they left the firehouse, he felt Kali's hand on his chest, and he stopped in his tracks. Getting up on her tip toes, they shared a soft, short kiss before Kali pulled away. When she teased him about paying for coffee, he smiled and couldn't help but laugh.

Do you always wrinkle your nose when you're being clever or teasing me? Its...really cute. I just thought you should know.

Her reaction to his compliments always made him smile. Despite the good feelings he felt about this, and he felt really good about this, he was still concerned about the ankle. Call it the medic in him, but he put ailments before other things in most situations.

Do you want to take some aspirin or something before we leave? You've been favoring your left ankle all day and now you actually look like it hurts. I assume you don't want me to carry you around all day...would you like me to get you some pain meds?
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PostSubject: Re: Dinner, a Semi-Private Affair (Kali)   Thu Jan 24, 2013 7:29 pm

Kalinda's dark eyes widened a bit in surprise at his comment about her nose. Her lithe fingers moved up to touch it, testing his theory as she wrinkled her own nose a couple of times. "Huh..I didn't know that...wonder if that always happens when I tease people..course the only person who'd really know that is my Father seeing as he's the only one who I really ever tease like this...apparently you bring out the worst in my Wesley Fletcher." She wrinkled her nose up at him once more as she took his hands in hers and gave them a squeeze.

At his question about her ankle she twisted her body to look down at it, judging how bad the swelling might have gotten for a moment before turning her gaze back up to him. "I don't much like taking meds unless I have to, pain meds included. It hasn't yet reached the point where I'll give in, it's more just throbbing anyway...I've been through worse. Don't worry about me I know my limits." She told him.

If he should ask what more she'd been through that could be worse she would simply giggle and shake her head. "Come now, you don't think I'm gonna tell you the road map of my life on the first date do you? That has to be earned...over an actual dinner." She stated. What in the hells was it about the two of them seemingly blackmailing each other for dates. "That is of course, if you wouldn't mind a second date?" She said it as a question, looking down at her feet as if he might actually say no.

Kalinda might be absolutely sure of herself in practically everything else she did but when it came to dating and men she had no idea what she was doing. She could handle it if he said no, she was a big girl after all. But she'd already shared so much with Wesley and she'd hate for it to go to waste.
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Laughter spilled from Wes as she told him he basically brought the worst out of her with a wrinkle of her nose. She squeezed his hands, which he quickly reciprocated, appreciating the small hands in his own. When she went to her own defense on his ankle only 'throbbing,' Wes turned a bit sour.

You're like one of those people who have a heart attack and don't call until the morning after because your chest is still killing you.

Kali mentioned that she knew her limits for pain, and that caused Wes pause. How would she know her limit? There was only one way to find out...

Really? How does one know their pain limit so well?

Come now, you don't think I'm gonna tell you the road map of my life on the first date do you? That has to be earned...over an actual dinner.

They walked, hand in hand, as they got to his SUV. Pointing back to the firehouse, Wes put a perplexed look on his face.

Did...we just...did we just not have actual dinner? I don't get a little bit in to the world of Kalinda Michaelson?

That is of course, if you wouldn't mind a second date?

Serious facial expressions flashed across Fletcher's face as he let his hands softly hold Kali's face, turning her away from looking down. Leaning down to her, Wes kissed her again, soft and romantic, a bit of desire mixed in with loving care.

Does that answer your question?

Her sigh and look in her eyes said it all: she had gotten the message. Helping her in to the high seat of the SUV, they left for the coffee shop. It was a quick three minute drive, and if Kali were to reach for his hand, he would let her take it. Once they pulled in to the parking spot in front of the small shop, Wes smiled.

Here we are: Bean Stop. He jumped out of the truck and walked around to help her out of the SUV. Not taking her wave offs or protests, Wes did it anyway. Her ankle wasn't taking anymore abuse; not on his watch.
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As Wesley's hands touched her face, she turned her dark eyes up at him, studying his face and the emotions she could feel from him as they warmed their way through her. There was no hesitation, no indication that he was lying or just trying to make her feel better. He was genuine and in her line of work, that was hard to come by. There was something about Wesley that drew her in, made her want to open up to him. It was hard for her to get truly close to anyone since everyone always kept her at arms length. His kiss caused her to close her eyes, leaning into him slightly as her hands rested on his waist, her fingertips digging in just slightly, betraying the need she kept well hidden. As he looked down into her eyes she smiled up at him. "Yes it does answer my question, thank you. It's refreshing to be near someone so honest, so real. You don't hide your feelings from me, you let me feel them, let me know you in ways most people are too afraid or ashamed to." She observed.

She allowed him to help her into the SUV, she had a feeling he was the type that would frown if she did it herself with the way her ankle throbbed and the last thing she wanted was his pretty face marred by frown lines on her account. Kali found that she liked touching Wesley and as they sat in the car on the drive she reached over and slid her fingers into his, silently relishing in the way he made her feel. It wasn't often she let herself go like this, allowed herself to feel like this.

As the SUV came to a stop, Kali leaned forward to look out the windshield, taking in the coffee shop he'd brought them to. It was simple and quaint and perfect. She knew he'd want to help her out and she wasn't disappointed, so she opened the door and waited for him so she could brace herself on him as he lifted her out of the truck to keep as much weight off her bad ankle. Still, she would refuse to let him carry her inside, though she did put her arm on his to help her along, putting a bit of her weight on him instead of her foot.

Once they were inside, she glanced around and then darted her eyes up to the menu board behind the counter, staring at it for a moment. She was craving something sweet and she found what she was looking for in a matter of moments. When the Barista stepped up to the counter to take their order she would give her a kind smile. "16oz caramel and vanilla Mocha, one shot please." She didn't like the taste of espresso, too bitter, which is why she always ordered mochas so the taste got covered up by chocolate and milk.
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PostSubject: Re: Dinner, a Semi-Private Affair (Kali)   Sun Mar 03, 2013 1:38 pm

Kali let Wes help her in to the coffee shop, which Wes appreciated. One arm wrapped around her waist, he could feel her lend some of her weight to him, taking it off her injured ankle. It helped that he didn't mind her in his arms in the least. Taking a few moments to graze over the menu, Kali nudged at him to order. She ordered something that Wes couldn't imagine you'd be able to taste anything but sugar as he calmly walked up and ordered for himself.

I'll have a warm apple cider with nutmeg and cinnamon, please.

The Barista went off to make their drinks and Wes paid for their beverages. One they had their over-sized mugs of coffee and cider, they found two seats and a small table in the corner of the shop so they could talk.

I love this place, its a perfect atmosphere to just sit and relax. Sometimes, I will take the rescue truck down here and I will just read a book until I get a call. The girls who run this place know me, they always save me a seat and refresh my hot drink if I get a call and have to bolt. You just...you just don't see that kind of kindness in the corporate world we live in today.

Kalinda was something different for Wesley, besides, well...the obvious. It was more than the mystical powers that he had so many questions about, it was the way she carried herself. Wes was determined to get to the bottom of it. He had a feeling that being with Kalinda, assuming she was interested in staying with him that is, would be an adventure in and of itself.

So, I have to ask...is it only through touch? Or can you tell how I'm feeling right now? Like, can I convey my feelings to you, or do I need to do this?

Sliding his hand across the table, Wes softly took her hand in his own, knowing she would feel the happiness, enjoyment and hope from him. That, and a wee bit of concern, the thought of introducing Kali to Amelia suddenly had him worried, since Kali was definitely not on of his, as Amelia called them, 'Firehouse Floozies.'
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Dinner, a Semi-Private Affair (Kali)
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