A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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 Some like it Hot (Wes) (Complete)

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PostSubject: Some like it Hot (Wes) (Complete)   Tue Dec 11, 2012 1:41 am

October 5th, 222AC

Her time spent at the orphanage was becoming harder to fit into her schedule. The children has missed her, and she could hardly tear herself away from them. So instead she'd taken the entire night off and made them all dinner, then she helped them bake and decorate cookies for All Hallow's Eve. Lita had even drawn her a picture which now resided on the fridge of the Orphanage's small kitchen. It had once been a large scale town house, rededicated during the war, but never truly meant to house 20 children and their two aging caretakers. Mrs. Andrea Willows and Mrs. Ryta Finn were widows, both of their husband's lost in the war. Still the house was old, and that meant the wiring was old too, the mana conductors were in sore need of repair but there was no one to repair them. Kalinda was reading to the children in the playroom upstairs, one of their favorite fairy tales of a time long gone. Of dragons and princesses and knights in shining armor.

Downstairs in the kitchen though, trouble was brewing. One of the mana conductors sparked in the socket on the wall above the sink, tiny flames licking along the old wood till they caught on the beautiful hand sewn curtains that Ryta had made twenty years ago. The fire spread quickly, yet silently. Upstairs no one had any idea what was going on until the smoke alarm just outside in the hallway suddenly began to wail. Everyone in the room jumped as they'd just reached the part where the dragon was hunting the knight in his lair. Kalinda took a moment to let a soothing wave of calming emotions fill the room, to ease everyone's fear. Andrea got up from her seat and opened the door, peering out into the hallway. A cloud of dark smoke rolled int othe room and she quickly shut it again.

Well this was about to get interesting. Little did they know that the neighbor's across the street had seen the smoke rolling out the open kitchen window and called 911, the eternal emergency hotline. Kalinda got up from her seat, thankful that she had brought her bag with her upstairs as it had held the new book she had just been reading to them. But her jacket had been downstairs near the door. "Everyone please calm down, we're going to be all right. Everyone pair off, older children with the younger ones. We'll make it out safe." She reached down and picked up the tiny 2 year old who had fallen asleep at her feet, lifting the boy up into her arms. "We have to make it to the front door, Everyone form a line. Ryta you lead the way, hold on to the person in front of you and stay low, the air near the floor will be cleaner." This was not the first time that Kalinda had been in a stressful and potentially life threatening situation.

She knew what to do, but it still took all of her control not to let the fear show or seep out into the air around her. Sometimes being an Active Empath was more of a curse then a blessing, and now was certainly one of those times. It took them longer then she had hoped to get ready, but they didn't have much choice, most of the children were half asleep. Ryta glanced at her once they were ready and Kalinda gave her a reassuring nod, the fear in Ryta's eyes was so vibrant that Kalinda nearly lost her control altogether. Aurora stirred within her but now was not the time, Aurora couldn't do much more here then Kali could. Ryta turned from her, clutching the small child she'd picked up and opened the door. The smoke was thicker now, signs that the fire had spread below.

It would be slow going, the smoke made it impossible to see, and the only thing to hear was the sounds of the children coughing. Kali knew that smoke inhalation could be just as bad, but as she had volunteered to bring up the rear there was little she could do. They had to make it down the stairs without hurting anyone and somehow find the front door. That was why she'd told Ryta to go first, she would know this house with her eyes closed.

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PostSubject: Re: Some like it Hot (Wes) (Complete)   Tue Dec 11, 2012 2:30 am

October 5 222AC

Bastion was a fantastic city, especially in the fall. Leaves on the trees turned the bright oranges, yellows and reds of the season and the temperature went cool, letting the comfy clothes of the non-extreme seasons be ever prevalent. The best part of Bastion is that nothing ever changed...no matter what. Proof of such was the moist sponge that crashed in to Wes' face as he sat in a lawn chair just outside the bay doors to the fire station.

Come on Fletch! You're back, that makes you the new rookie! Get to work!!

An elevated middle finger greeted the man who had thrown the sponge and followed up with his speech.

You've got big balls making accusations like that, Kowalski. now remind me how many times I need to multiply your years of service to equal mine.

This was Wes Fletcher's second shift back in Bastion after another switch from Librium through the Guard's Firefighter Transfer programs. The rotations were smart, and helped should they ever need to respond to disasters, but they were killer on the stationary crews. Wes was currently on the second half of a double, and he had spent the good majority of the first half on the ambulance, racing all over the city. He was tired and he tried resting, especially considering he would be on the Rescue truck the second half: he needed to be on his game.

Typically, the alarm rang loudly throughout the area just as Fletch was nodding off, nearly causing him to fall out of his makeshift bed/chair.

[Engine. Rescue. Ambulance: Respond Box 1152; Corners of Maple and 13th St. Structure Fire]

I guess its just going to be a busy day.

Running to his position, Wes tossed his shoes and stepped in to the large, rubber boots of his turnout gear. Pulling the pants up and securing them with two clasps and suspenders, he stepped in to the front seat of the large Rescue truck. The truck was right behind the Engine of the house and they screamed down the avenues towards their destination. The smoke was visible from a distance, it was dark and billowing, denoting high heats.

[Engine 213 to Central, I've got fire showing on the first floor. Multiple people outside, ring second alarm.]

The Captain on the Engine in front of them was doing things right, as Wes saw a small army of children running out, huddled around three women. As the Rescue rolled to a stop, Fletch clipped on his air pack, or SCBA, and jumped from the high seat, moving quickly to the women surrounded by kids.

Is this everyone!? Is everyone out of the house.

Wes stood with his helmet in his hands, his eyes demanding an answer. Their answer, hopefully from the blond woman next to him, would prove whether or not they had to enter the building.
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PostSubject: Re: Some like it Hot (Wes) (Complete)   Tue Dec 11, 2012 2:50 am

Kalinda's eyes and lungs burned, so she could only imagine how the children were feeling. It was difficult for her to crawl through the smoke while holding a coughing and crying child but she wasn't about to stop now. She could remember the way, feeling along the walls and trying to stay close to those in front of her. Still she fought to keep her calming aura pushed out as far as she could, but it was going to grow very tiring shortly, she could already feel it. If she didn't pull it in soon she could very well pass out right there in the middle of the house fire, Wouldn't that just be grand? Of course when she did pass out Aurora would take over so it wasn't like she'd die and the Divine knew Aurora would be far better suited for such a stressful situation. Just the presence of the Celestial always seemed to have a calming affect on people, without Kali's help.

The air was starting to become clearer, that was a good sign. A cold breeze danced around her fingertips as she braced her hand on the floor, trying not to trip over her soot covered sundress. Blue of course, one of her favorite colors, it had been a nice pastel but now it was dirty and dingy from the air she had crawled through. The heat all around her felt like her skin would melt off, old houses sure burned well, like a tinderbox waiting for a spark. Her blonde hair had once been pulled back into a messy bun, now it fell in sloppy curls around her face, soot marks rested on the top of her head and her face where she'd tried to wipe the sweat out of her eyes.

Then suddenly there was light, shining in her eyes. Apparently someone had called the fire department because there was a large truck parked on the curb with firefighters pouring out of it. She clutched the child she carried but one of the older boys running past her to escape the smoke, coughing up his lung from the sound of it, bumped her and she nearly toppled down the stairs. A new fire flared up her leg from her ankle and she grit her teeth to keep from crying out. She finally had to let go of her aura, unable to hold onto it any longer. Holding onto the handrail of the porch stairs with on hand she gently limped down the rest of the way to meet the others in the yard. She had already been doing a headcount before the fireman appeared at her elbow asking her if everyone had gotten out. She held up a hand to shush him as she visibly glanced about the circle of bedraggled and crying children, then fear lit her dark eyes and she turned her gaze to the house.

"Lita's still inside! Lita!" Her melodic voice rang out, she set the two year old she'd been carrying on the ground and moved to push past the firefighter who stood between her and the flame engulfed building. She had to get Lita.
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PostSubject: Re: Some like it Hot (Wes) (Complete)   Wed Dec 12, 2012 3:42 am

Being shushed by the cute blond woman really wasn't the best way to get Wes' attention. He had a job to do, and this woman was shoving her hand in his face! Where did she get...

Lita's still inside! Lita!

Wes raised an eyebrow at the sound of her voice...it was almost like she was singing. She was quick to move, but with her sprained ankle and his superior position, he was quicker. Kalinda lurched towards the door, and Wes caught her in his arms and picked her up, spinning her around.

I like your spunk, but you have a sever lack of protective gear and helmet. We will get Lita, I promise. Are there any other kids missing?

Once he got a count from the women, he rounded up his firefighters and laid out the plan.

Alright boys, we have three missing kids: two boys and a girl. Ages range between three and seven. Adams and Kelner: second floor. Kowalski, hit the stairwell and meet them on the second floor. Bell and Richards are with me on the first floor.

Masks on, keep in radio contact.

Taking off his helmet, Wes fastened his breathing mask on his face and then replaced his cover. Pulling a haligan tool and axe from the truck, he nodded to the blond woman and followed his firefighters in to the raging inferno.

Once inside, the world turned black, and Wes hit the floor. Sight was near impossible at standing heights, and it was cooler on the floor. From his vantage point he could see Bell and Richards heading in different directions. He took the left, desperately hunting for something in the darkness.

FIRE DEPARTMENT! Can anyone hear me!?! The calls could be heard throughout the house as his partners searched. Finally, calls came over the radio.

[Kelner here, I got one boy, second floor. Coming out.]

[Boy on first floor, Coming out.] Bell's voice was clear. The only left one more...


The roar and popping of the fire nearly drowned out the cries and the coughing. Fletch caught a glimpse of pink under a couch, and he crawled quickly to it. Lifting the couch with one hand, he dropped his tools and reached for the girl. Lita nearly jumped in to his arms, and Wes held her tight.

Fletch to command, I got the girl, coming out.

Grabbing his tools, Wes hightailed it out of the building, knowing his team was already on their way out. The noise of cracking wood was raising a crescendo of doom above them. Scrambling to his feet, Fletch bolted towards hole where smoke was escaping: the open doorway. A loud crack sounded and he heard a floor fall behind him. Throwing his tools through the open door, he covered the frightened child in his arms and leapt as a fireball blew out behind him from the collapsing floor.

Twisting in the air, Wes made sure not to crush poor Lita, who must be scared out of her mind. He landed on his side, and felt his shoulder pop. He suppressed a curse as he passed Lita off.

Its going to be ok. I promise.

Some of his team helped him to his feet as the cool rush of water spray hit him. They were blasting the building with the water cannon...the majority of the home would be destroyed.

Rough shift today. Welcome to Bastion eh?

The firefighters joked with Wes as they led him to a waiting ambulance, where he saw a familiar little girl and blond woman.

Is this ambulance taken?
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PostSubject: Re: Some like it Hot (Wes) (Complete)   Wed Dec 12, 2012 6:56 pm

Kalinda hadn't shushed him to piss her off, this was a stressful situation and he had interrupted her while trying to count and not hack up her long from smoke inhalation. She was used to taking a more authoritative stance during disasters such as this, a trait she inherited from her father. She may not be a fighter, but Kalinda was born a natural leader, and she couldn't simply set those bone deep mannerisms aside.

It was an unfamiliar sensation when Wes practically snatched her out of the air and spun her away from the house to gently set her down again. She wasn't used to being touched, she spent most of her time with the collective and most of them new of her divine blessings. They revered her and rarely touched her. The children of course had no such misgivings, but then, they didn't know her secret. She kept a distance between herself and practically everyone around her, a safe distance. Her dark eyes stared up into this man's face for a moment, the beginnings of shock setting in. What she saw there was the same lust for life, the same need to help the people around him that she herself felt on a daily basis. If he hadn't been wearing gloves, she'd have been able to feel exactly what he felt, her unblock-able empathy transmitting his emotions directly into her mind.

Finally she nodded in agreement, giving him the information he needed so that he and his men could go into the house to save the children. The honesty in his eyes was almost infectious and it wasn't often that anyone gave Kali hope, it was normally the other way around. She watched as he geared up, wrapping her arms around herself as the heat from the fire had been replaced by the chill of the October night. As they disappeared into the house, a paramedic appeared at her elbow with a blanket.

She took it from him and wrapped it around herself, allowing him to help her limp to the ambulance so he could check her over. With all of the adrenaline rushing through her system, the pain of her sprained ankle was only now beginning to hit her. She stared at the house in the distance as he checked her over. He had to pull down the back of her dress to check her breathing and paused as the beginning of her wings appeared. While it appeared to be a tattoo, closer inspection would prove otherwise, and the lines glittered when she moved. Each feather of every wing held intimate detail, no feather was the same. She had to snap him out of his small trance so he could continue.

He was about to start wrapping her ankle when Lita was brought to her. The girl squirmed in the arms of the paramedic until he put her down so she could run to Kali and climb up into her arms. Kalinda wrapped her arms around the girl, holding her as she cried. A familiar voice pulled her dark gaze away from the girl to settle on the man who'd risked his life to rescue Lita. "You are more then welcome to join us." She told Wesley, giving him a soft smile over Lita's shoulder.
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PostSubject: Re: Some like it Hot (Wes) (Complete)   Wed Dec 12, 2012 11:19 pm

The little girl sat in the blond's lap, crying softly while the woman held her in her arms, smiling over the little one's shoulder.

You are more then welcome to join us.

Wes smiled, struggling to climb in to the ambulance with one arm. Nodding to the medic sitting on the bench, the other man made room as Wes sat down, facing the blond. The other medical technician left from the side door, knowing Wes was more than capable of handling Kalinda's sprained ankle. Before he could handle that, however, he had his own injury to deal with.

Could you do me a quick favor? Kali nodded. Can you cover her ears for me? Giving him an odd look, Kalinda seemed to comply as Wes got up and opened a drawer, opening a pill bottle and popping three small pills in to his mouth. Without another word, Fletch swung his injured shoulder directly in to the metal side of the ambulance. A pop noise was very much heard, followed by growling on the firefighter's part.

Holy.....shit! That hurt....mother..

Wes held his tongue, but that was unbelievably painful. His shoulder erupted in fire and his soft rubbing of it didn't do much for it. Rotating the shoulder only brought about muffled curses, and finally he sat back down.

Sorry about that...you can move your hands. The woman still gave him an awkward, yet concerned look, almost as if she didn't know whether to be horrified, concerned, or intrigued. Either way, Wes smiled at her and held out his hand.

Uh, Hi. My name is Wes, and I'm also going to be your paramedic today. Can you tell me what you did specifically to your ankle? Is Lita ok?
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PostSubject: Re: Some like it Hot (Wes) (Complete)   Wed Dec 12, 2012 11:37 pm

Kalinda was a little surprised when the paramedic who had been working on her left when Wes climbed into the Ambulance...surely his job wasn't done yet? She frowned at his retreating backside for a moment before returning her gaze to Wes. This man fascinated her, it wasn't often she met others like herself who would willingly give their lives for complete strangers. Her brows furrowed at his next request but her curiosity gave way and she placed both her hands over Lita's ears as he asked.

Her dark eyes slid closed as it became obvious what he was about to do, but still she winced for him at the sounds she heard. Despite her Empathy, she could tell he was in pain, but handling it well. Aurora stirred within her but Kali ignored the Celestial, Wesley seemed to know exactly what he was doing and there was no reason to let Aurora out to heal every wound that came along. Once his curses had lessened to a more muffled state, Kali opened her eyes again. Most women might be crying in shock at what had happened, much like her two older companions who were doing their best to calm the children.

Without his gear on, Kalinda could see that this man was well formed beneath his gray shirt and suspenders. Some women might even swoon in his presence but Kali was not most women. She glanced down at his bare hand a moment before reaching out with her own lithe fingers and gently setting them in his hand. The moment she touched him, his pain transferred to her, shooting up her arm. She winced slightly, though he wouldn't understand why. Still she smiled at him, a brilliant smile that seemed to light up the world around her.

"I'm Kalinda, thank you Wes, for saving Lita." She glanced down at the girl who was clutching a singed teddy bear in the same hand in which she had stuck her thumb in her mouth. The girl couldn't be no more then three, and the depths of her young green eyes bespoke a world of experience she should never have had at that age. "One of the children bumped into me on our way out of the house and I'm afraid I rolled it on the steps as a result. Lita here I believe will be fine, her breathing is a tad labored but not overly. A few days of est and she should be fine."

Then Kalinda looked him directly in the eyes. "Are you alright?"
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PostSubject: Re: Some like it Hot (Wes) (Complete)   Thu Dec 13, 2012 12:47 am

Wes shuddered slightly after shaking Kalinda's hand. His shoulder was feeling weird for a moment, but the pain flared back up. He was going to check on those aspirin...they might be expired.

I'm Kalinda, thank you Wes, for saving Lita.

He chuckled and shook his head. No need to thank me Kalinda...I was simply doing my job. At the time, Fletch finally got to take a look at the woman who held the poor little girl with the singed teddy bear. Kalinda continued with her explanation.

One of the children bumped into me on our way out of the house and I'm afraid I rolled it on the steps as a result. Lita here I believe will be fine, her breathing is a tad labored but not overly. A few days of rest and she should be fine.

Wes raised an eyebrow at the woman. She talked with an heir of complete confidence and, minus the soot, she was quite beautiful. When she met his eyes with her own, she was even more striking.

Are you alright?

Despite the directness of the question and their respective positions, Wes found himself strangely compelled to answer....almost as if he truly wanted to answer her question.

Yes, I'm fine. Thank you for the concern...I guess the aspirin took effect quicker than I thought. Shaking his head clear for a second, he continued, So, what? Are you a doctor or something? Telling me what you and my little patient needs?
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PostSubject: Re: Some like it Hot (Wes) (Complete)   Thu Dec 13, 2012 1:26 am

"Everyone deserves gratitude for the selfless acts they perform despite the risk to their own safety, whether or not it's your job. I am grateful to you and you should know that." Kalinda pointed out. She found that she liked Wes, she didn't have many friends, many people who cared about her yes, but not many who actually knew her. Reaching up, she ran her fingers through her golden hair, pulling out the tangles before she quickly braided it to keep it out of her way, her lithe fingers moving with a practiced skill through motions she'd completed a million times.

Lita was beginning to fall asleep, and Kali gently shifted the girl so she was laying down with her head in Kali's lap. Kali stroked her hair, staring down at the girl with a fondness that was hard to mask. She cared deeply for the girl, that much as obvious, and it was apparent that the girl was attached to Kali. At his question, she brought her dark eyes up to him, arching a brow at him.

"Actually yes, I am a doctor. While my main focus is Psychiatry, I studied the other aspects of physical medicine as well. I found it comes in handy in traumatic situations and partners well with my main focus. Sometimes knowing how traumatic events effect the body can help you understand how they effect the mind." She explained to him. The look of surprise on his face caused her to laugh softly, though it ended with a small bought of coughing which she covered with her hand.

"I'm sorry, please forgive me." She managed after she'd caught her breath. It was not the first time she'd suffered from smoke inhalation, but that didn't make it any more pleasant. It still hurt, and still made it hard to breathe until her lungs could clear out the alien chemicals on their own.
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PostSubject: Re: Some like it Hot (Wes) (Complete)   Thu Dec 13, 2012 2:19 am

She met his eyes again, and he smiled as she arched her brow at him. Wes had to admit, Kalinda was very attractive, and she seemed to care very much for the little girl resting in her lap. At the same time, for having a child...Kalinda had a great body.

Amazing personal trainer...fantastic.

Actually yes, I am a doctor.

The look of shock on Wes' face brought a small bought of laughter from the blond, who fixed her hair despite the melodic laughter.

While my main focus is Psychiatry, I studied the other aspects of physical medicine as well. I found it comes in handy in traumatic situations and partners well with my main focus. Sometimes knowing how traumatic events effect the body can help you understand how they effect the mind.

Oh...a shrink.

Kalinda started to cough, apologizing for doing so. Wes smiled and softly put his hand on her shoulder. Rising from his bench, he pulled a small mask from a cabinet and connected it to an on-board oxygen supply. He let the bag under it fill with oxygen and held it towards her.

With your medical expertise, you should know that you need just a bit of oxygen. Oh, and since you're a psychiatrist, you must know what I'm thinking.

Making a serious face, Wes simply had one thought on his mind. Give me your number. Without much more thought, he continued.

Is there anyone you need me to call for you, Kalinda? Sister, co-worker, friend, husband?
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PostSubject: Re: Some like it Hot (Wes) (Complete)   Thu Dec 13, 2012 2:44 am

Kalinda had no idea that Wes thought Lita belonged to her, while she'd always wanted children someday, she'd never quite found that perfect someone with whom she could share such an experience with. At her age she'd almost given up on that and had actually been thinking about adopting Lita, though she hadn't yet voiced that to anyone but Aurora. The Celestial of course couldn't really offer much help on the matter, seeing as in her true form she couldn't procreate nor did she ever have the urge to. It was a decision Kalinda would have to make on her own, much as she did everything in her life.

As Wesley held out the oxygen mask to her, she reached out to take it from him. She didn't fight him on it because he was entirely right, oxygen would help her breathe just a little better and help clear the smoke from her lungs. Her lithe fingers pressed the mask against her face so she could breathe in the clean air. Kalinda was decidedly devoid of the shiny extras most women chose to wear. No rings, no bracelets, no necklaces, she didn't even paint her long fingernails, nor did she wear the amount of makeup others might choose to. She was a simple woman, with no need for such luxuries.

His next question had her pausing for a moment and then she shook her head. "My father is away on mission for the Collective, he's an Acolyte Defender. He is my only family, there is no one else." She admitted to him, not realizing that she was also telling him that she single. She had every interest in a relationship, but nothing had ever seemed to fall into place. She was normally kept so busy she never really noticed when someone was trying to flirt with her. Her words didn't seem to make her sad however, but more she was simply stating a fact.

"I'm afraid being able to read minds, while handy in a position such as mine, is impossible for me. I'll just have to figure it out the old fashioned way." Someone cleared their throat at the ambulance door and Kalinda turned to see a very bedraggled Ryta standing there. Kalinda smiled to her and nodded when Ryta motioned to the girl who was now completely passed out. The older woman reached forward and Kalinda gently picked up the girl and handed her to Ryta. She didn't worry so much about them or their charges, the women were resourceful, they would know what to do and where to go.
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PostSubject: Re: Some like it Hot (Wes) (Complete)   Thu Dec 13, 2012 4:21 am

He was glad Kalindra had accepted the oxygen mask...a lot of adults typically fought it when they weren't in dire straits. Luckily, it appeared the good psychiatrist was a medical professional and took orders as needed. She secured the mask on without problem, with the expertise of someone who had done it before.

I'm afraid being able to read minds, while handy in a position such as mine, is impossible for me. I'll just have to figure it out the old fashioned way.

Smiling at that comment, Wes quickly extinguished the thought about her giving him her number. Like she said...figure it out the old fashioned way.

My father is away on mission for the Collective, he's an Acolyte Defender. He is my only family, there is no one else.

Ah. The poor girl had no one out there for her, yet she spoke of it as if she was saying the local weather. One of the women from the building cleared her throat, getting the attention of the duo as they talked. The older woman took little Lita from Kalinda, leaving them alone in the back of the rig.

Wes took the opportunity to take Kalinda's basic vital signs: her blood pressure, oxygen saturation of her blood, pulse, and respiratory rate. Her skin was soft, as he placed his fingers delicately on her wrist, albeit kind of sooty. But, that was to be expected from her previous situation.

She's a cute kid, that Lita. What's a pretty woman like yourself hanging out in burning buildings with children?
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PostSubject: Re: Some like it Hot (Wes) (Complete)   Thu Dec 13, 2012 6:29 am

Kalinda allowed Wes to do as he needed, though the now constant touch of his fingers on her flesh gave her a much better understanding of the man. With their handshake earlier all she'd felt was the initial rush of the pain in his shoulder as it had been so soon after he'd relocated it. Now she could delve a little deeper, truly understand this man she found so fascinating. Thankfully her dress had managed to make it out of the fire with only a few scrapes and a bit of dirt and soot, for some reason she didn't want this man's first impression of her to be altered should he see the strange tattoos that covered her upper arms, all down her back, wrapping around her front and down her upper legs.

Kali remained silent while he worked, knowing it was easier to take things like her pulse rate when the patient wasn't speaking and being distracting. At his mention of Lita a small smile curled her lips. "She's been through a lot in her short years. The two women there run an Orphanage out of that house, both of their husbands died during the war and I guess they figured it was the best thing they could do after that. I volunteer a lot of my free time, even children need a bit of mental help once and awhile and the two of them seem to have a knack for finding the truly broken ones. Lita's father was an ex-soldier, liked to drink a bit too much, and her mother was addicted to drugs. Her father murdered her mother right in front of her last year. It took me six months just to get the girl to speak after such a traumatic event. It seems the children are always the first forgotten during war time, and with everyone so concentrated on their own problems, it's hard to remember that not everyone has a family anymore. I do what I can, in the small ways that I can. Bring them home cooked meals, make sure they deal with the things that have happened to them properly. It's all I can do."

Her voice betrayed the fact that she wished she could do more for them, or for the entire world it wasn't quite clear. Kalinda had more been talking while she'd been analyzing Wes. He had a good heart, that much was obvious, and she was a bit surprised to find that he was attracted to her, she rarely thought of herself as attractive that it always shocked her that others did. She knew she wasn't ugly, but it was just so odd to think that anyone could have such feelings for her that she often forgot that it was indeed a possibility. "I was reading them a new story I found in this old bookshop, a fairytale from a few centuries ago, before the war started. We had just gotten to the part where the knight was battling the evil dragon when the smoke alarm went off. I don't know how the fire started." She supposed they'd never know the end to that story now, seeing as it was probably a pile of ash. The only thing she'd managed to get out was her bag, and only because it'd had been sitting next to her at the time.

"I'll probably have to talk to the Collective about organizing a charity for them after this."
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PostSubject: Re: Some like it Hot (Wes) (Complete)   Fri Dec 14, 2012 3:20 am

Wes began getting the materials prepped for Kalinda's ankle injury as he listened to what she had to say on the matter. He stopped as she mentioned that the house was actually an orphanage, and the ordeal poor little Lita had gone through. Softly placing the bandage and cold pack on the stretcher in between her legs, Wes simply watched her speak...and he llistened.

I do what I can, in the small ways that I can. Bring them home cooked meals, make sure they deal with the things that have happened to them properly. It's all I can do.

The way she speaks, Fletch thought to himself, its almost as if she feels like she has done nothing at all. While, yes, in the grand scheme of things this may be a drop in the bucket...but to these kids...

You're amazing. I think you're the only person I know who seems to do so much for people who desire it, yet you act like you've done nothing at all.

The experience made Wes feel like he didn't do enough. Granted, yes, he ran in to burning buildings and pulled people to safety and delivered crucial medicine...but...orphans. Kalinda spoke some more, but Wes wasn't paying much attention...he was just thinking about the kind of commitment Kalinda put in to these kids...and now they had literally lost everything.

It was heartbreaking.

Well, if you want to do anything, I know the firehouse will help. The guys figure out this was an orphanage, they will do whatever to help. I know it. Can I ask you a serious question?

As she agreed to getting asked the questions, Wes leaned down and began to gently wrap her ankle. Are you not interested in me? Or are you completely unaware of me flirting with you?

As she turned various shades of red from being called out, Wes slammed the heel of his hand in to the cold pack, breaking the water packet. Shaking it, the pack became cold very quickly.

Now, if you agree to have coffee with me, and give me your number...you can have this ice pack. What do you say, Kalinda?
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PostSubject: Re: Some like it Hot (Wes) (Complete)   Fri Dec 14, 2012 4:58 am

Kalinda felt her cheeks flush slightly, it wasn't often that she heard such compliments about herself. She never though of herself as amazing, she was simply one woman trying her best to make the world a better place. His offer to have the firehouse help brought a new light to her eyes, and a smile to her soot covered face. It always warmed her heart when others offered such selfless acts, and the orphans certainly needed it. They had nothing left but the clothes on their backs, Kali knew that they often visited a local church, who would be more then willing to house them for a few days till the women could find a new permanent residence.

She frowned slightly as he asked her about a serious query, inclining her head in agreement. When he asked it however, her dark eyes widened in shock and her pale face turned a brilliant shade of red. She was completely embarrassed, as she had indeed been completely clueless to the fact that he had been hitting on her the entire time. Her brain scrambled for the proper words to fix this, as the last thing she wanted to do was insult him after he'd been so nice to her. However, the gentle touch of his fingers along the flesh of her ankle assuaged her worry of offending him. Wes was amused by this! And her reactions were only making it all the more entertaining for him.

A coy smile crossed her face, if she'd been any other woman she might have reached out and smacked him on his good shoulder. But she wasn't the type for such physical acts of violence, even if it truly wouldn't hurt him. The wrap he'd placed on her ankle wouldn't impede the flats she normally wore, which wouldn't leave her barefoot. She knew that her ankle needed the ice pack he teased her with. "That is a threat that I believe a man of such pure heart as you could never follow through with. We both know my ankle needs the ice to stop the swelling, but you're not the type to withhold something that a damsel in distress truly needs." Now she was teasing him, which was a rare occurrence for her.

"How about I agree to both of your terms and give you a bonus, I get to make you dinner." This was a bit unlike her, but she'd never been caught so off guard by anyone before. This man had the ability to get under her skin, and she found that she wasn't against the idea.
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That is a threat that I believe a man of such pure heart as you could never follow through with. We both know my ankle needs the ice to stop the swelling, but you're not the type to withhold something that a damsel in distress truly needs.

Wes raised an eyebrow at Kali, making him smile in a most mischievous of varieties.

Oh? What do you know of my heart, my dear damsel in distress? As I recall, I have already saved you once today from baking yourself in a two hundred degree home oven.

How about I agree to both of your terms and give you a bonus, I get to make you dinner.

I figured that I could get coffee...but dinner too? Its either too good to be true, or its a trick.

Dinner too? How about this: tomorrow. You, me, the firehouse, and every little one from the orphanage. I'll help you cook, and then we can get coffee...

He reached over and softly placed the ice pack on her ankle, pulling a pad and pen from his back pocket, still locking his eyes with hers.

...just us. Deal?
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How could she tell him that she knew more of his heart in the few moments they'd known each other with just a simple few touches compared to anyone else in his life? That wasn't exactly something that you just blurt out, 'Oh by the way while you were wrapping my ankle I knew exactly what you were feeling.' Oh yeah, that would go over well. It wasn't like she could control it, it just happened, she didn't like invading everyone's private emotions and knowing things about them that they might not otherwise want known. Some things were meant to be kept a secret.

At the mention of making dinner for not only his entire firehouse but for all of the children from the orphanage as well, Kalinda's entire face lit up brightly. Reaching up she removed the oxygen mask, breathing much easier there was no reason to keep it on any longer and she was certain it wasn't exactly adding to her attractiveness at the moment. "That sounds like a marvelous idea, the children will be thrilled. Although, after your coworkers taste my cooking you may have some competition for my affections." Her nose wrinkled cutely as she teased him.

The rush of cold against the heat that was building in her ankle felt amazing, and Kali closed her eyes to relax a bit. She didn't keep them closed for long however and when he asked if they had a deal she gave him a smile. "Deal." Reaching out to him, she plucked the pen and paper from his hands and wrote her number across the paper, a tiny heart accenting the end. She wrote her name above it just in case he should forget who the number belonged to.
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Kalinda seemed to brighten up once she heard Wes' counter-offer. When she did so, her eyes got wide, and she smiled a brilliant smile that made Wes pay all the more attention. Slowly slipping off the oxygen mask and placed it in her lap. As she did so, Fletch casually turned off the flow of the air.

That sounds like a marvelous idea, the children will be thrilled. Although, after your coworkers taste my cooking you may have some competition for my affections.

Her teases made him smile, that and she wrinkled her nose in a way that made a man stare. If all he could get out of this girl was a couple more of those cute looks, Wes could be totally content.

Something is strange about this one...its a good strange though. You've never met anyone like her Wes, don't let her go.

It was true: Kalinda was special. Wes knew it, he hadn't met anyone so selfless and devoted to others in his entire life...and he worked with firefighters!

Taking the pen and pad out of his hand, Kalinda wrote her number on the paper, accentuating it with a small heart. Wes smiled and chuckled as she included her name...like he would forget her.

There is not way I'll forget you Kalinda...oh...here is my number, his own scribblings accentuating a separate sheet, Text me tomorrow with the ingredients you need, we will take care of the foodstuffs. So, I'll see you tomorrow...say 3 o'clock?

When Kali confirmed the appointment, Wes got up and headed towards the open back doors.

As much as I would love to exchange flirty looks with you all afternoon, there are more people who may need me. Stay as long as you like, mi ambulancia est su ambulancia.

He took a couple steps, and one large one down before spinning on the back step.

Unless, you're gonna steal drugs. If you're gonna do that, text me so you can assault me and run away...can't let the brass thinking I just let you have them.

With that and a wink, Wes gave Kali the 'watching you' motion: two fingers on his eyes, switching to point at her before he strolled away to another triage point, her number firmly in his pocket, yet still thinking about the pretty blond who just walked in to his life.

She could change everything.

[Exit Wes]
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Some like it Hot (Wes) (Complete)
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