A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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 Wesley Fletcher

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PostSubject: Wesley Fletcher   Mon Dec 10, 2012 3:14 am

• Wesley • Arnold • Fletcher •

Name: Wesley Fletcher
Nickname: Wes, Doc, Fletch
Age: 29
Weight: 195 lbs
Height: 5’ 10”

Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Dirty Blonde
Race: Human
Residence: Bastion City
Nationality: Bastion
Affiliation: Bastion Fire Department, Terran Guard Special Divisions
Occupation:Firefighter/Paramedic; Urban Search and Rescue Squad

Face Claim: Jesse Spencer

• all in the details •

Wes is a typical human who works in a very physical job. He is well built and toned, and generally keeps to a schedule to keep it that way. When someone sees Wes, he typically has a smile on his face, his hair cut short, and some layer of stubble on his chin. It’s not that he doesn’t like shaving, sometimes sleep prevails over a smooth face in his line of work. In terms of fashion style, eighty percent of the time, you can find him in either a work uniform or some sort of work-related clothing. Casually, he prefers jeans and shorts with a T-shirt, but Wes certainly knows how to dress. Thanks to his background, he has a couple of tailored suits and good clothing always laying around should the occasion arise.

Wesley Fletcher is easily the nicest guy you ever met. The type of person to always smile, have a kind word to say, or to lend a helping hand. He has dedicated his entire life to serving others, and it shows in his actions. Compassion, consideration, and kindness flow from him on the job. Yet, at the same time it doesn’t impede him and prevent him from being focused, driven, and hardworking. He’s the type of guy to bypass promotion opportunities simply because he’d rather be on the fire-line than behind a desk. While this may seem to be all good without consequence, Wes does tend to put all others before him in pretty much everything he does. At times, his selflessness can seem fake or condescending, but he is sincere with his ideals, despite other’s judgments.

Amazing good looks, funny as all hell, best firefighter ever, inflated sense of ego.

Before becoming a Firefighter, Wes was studying to be a concert violinist. Through his time there he also learned a small amount of sign language. Once he joined the fire service, he became proficient in basic fire operations, hazardous scene control and command, and rescue techniques. Once he added Paramedic to his moniker, he gained additional skills in Advanced Life Support, Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Pediatric Life Support, Emergency Medication Techniques, IV Therapy, Trauma Care and Triage. Once recruited to the Urban Search and Rescue Team, he gained additional training in Advanced Rescue Techniques, Rope Rescue, Enclosed Space Rescue, Unique Vehicle Extrication, Hazardous Materials Specialist Certification, and training in responding to terrorism and multi-casualty incidents.

• the tale of a lifetime•

Wesley Arnold Fletcher was born to Michael and Sandra Fletcher, a well to-do family that lived in the corporate towers of New York. Wes’ father was the CFO of Omni Corporation at the time, and the war was providing tidy profits for the Fletchers to grow their family and enhance their children’s lives. Wes was the middle child, the only boy, of his sibling. Judith and Emily, his sisters, always were loved the same, but being the only boy had its advantages, being the one to carry on the family name and all. From a young age, Wes had showed a particular talent in music, specifically the violin, and he was raised from a young age to develop such a gift. Preparatory school, personal music tutors, and high class social functions in the corporate world were the norm for this boy, unknowingly enveloped in a world at war.

College was in Bastion City, at the exclusive Bastion Music Academy. From that point, Wes' entire life was the violin. Well, the violin and girls. It was there that he met Kimber Grace, a much younger violinist who put his own talents to shame. The fact that she was mute didn't help Wes' self-esteem much, either. Becoming quick friends despite their age difference, Wes let Kimber teach him sign language so they could communicate. Even to this day, Fletch can still 'get by' with his ability to communicate in that form. It was during college that the world turned upside down and tried to destroy itself. Surviving the Enlightenment was a wake up call for Wes, as he watched brave men and women fight and sacrifice themselves for the good of others without a care for their own safety. It was at the moment, he realized that a musical instrument was a tool that was not going to forge his path in life.

Cashing out his collegiate trust fund, Wes dropped out of the BMA. Leasing an apartment and purchasing a car, he set out on his own to serve others. Making a long story short, Wes eventually found that the Fire Service let him have the desired action and adventure he craved with a severe lack of getting shot at he required. Joining up with the BFD at age twenty, he quickly made it through the academy and showed proficiency with his skills. Learning of his potential, the BFD increased his skill set as a Paramedic and had Wes riding ambulances all over the city. Finally, the Department set him in a multi-function house, which housed multiple types of apparatus, so that he could rotate functions.

After a couple of years of massive fires and big rescues, the Bastion FD recommended him to join a Terran Guard Urban Search and Rescue Team. Now, Wes became even more specialty trained and travels between the major Treaty cities doing various jobs in emergency response, and through a firefighter exchange program. All in all, Wes enjoys the life he chose, even though his family despises it. That, and they are none too squeamish about reminding him of his station in life. Despite the problems with family, Wes is a public servant to the bone, and his days are richer because of it.

I have received permission from Knight to create a third character.

Is this a Canon?: Negative Ghostrider

Is this your second character, and if so, who is your first?:Ethan Kelly, and Jack Conners

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Wesley Fletcher
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