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 Heading Home (Shane)

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PostSubject: Heading Home (Shane)   Sat Dec 08, 2012 6:37 pm

September 13th, 222AC

Leaning down, Kalinda wiped the small tear from the cheek of the young girl who stood before her clutching a teddy bear. "It;s alright Lita, I'll be back I promise." The girl nodded and rushed forward to hug Kali, though she was so small she had to wrap her arms around Kalinda's knees. Kali patted the girl's head and let the woman who ran the orphanage step forward to gather up Lita into her arms. "I won't be back for a few days, I have some things I need to take care of, but I will be back, and I will be sure that arrangements are made so you all can come visit the temple soon." Kalinda pulled on her long white jacket, carefully doing up all the buttons against the cold. Beneath that she wore a simple blue long sleeved sun dress, she chose the long sleeves to hide the markings of her Celestial Wings. It was simpler easier for others to think of her for what she was, human.

Picking up her bag, she waved to Lita who stuck her thumb in her mouth and just watched her as she left. Standing on the steps of the small Orphanage, Kalinda glanced up at the sky, frowning at how late it was. Normally she didn't like staying after dark, walking home at night could be dangerous. She was one woman, and she certainly wasn't a fighter. Still, there was nothing that could help that now, it was her own fault and she needed to deal with it. Pulling a strand of her golden hair out of her face as the breeze caught it, she started off down the sidewalk. Her flats barely made a sound as she walked, she wasn't the type of woman who wore heels. Simple and functional, that was how she liked everything in her life. Frivolity was a luxury, and one that Kalinda had no interest in.

Despite the lack of riches she had, there would always be those who didn't care trying, and Kalinda always presented herself with a crisp and clean appearance, some saw this as a sign of wealth or power, which she had neither of. As she passes an Alley, she did not see the stirrings in the shadows. Two figures exited the alley behind her, watching her for a moment before engaging in a pursuit. Kalinda was going to find more trouble then she'd ever wanted.
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PostSubject: Re: Heading Home (Shane)   Sat Dec 08, 2012 6:52 pm

The moon was sitting high in the sky and that signaled that the only place one would find Shane was at the bar drinking. He had been busy that afternoon as he had to lay out not one but two people and ended up getting mixed up with some homeless girl who was dreaming big. He had decided to invest in her idea and see if it could bring any kind of extra cash in or if he would end up taking a hit on it and having to blow her brains out for the trouble of it all. He finished his fourth mug and set the empty glace down before stepping outside to get a bit of fresh air and sort the mess that was his thoughts. He rubbed his bare chin a moment before giving a slight yawn and adjusting the sleeves on his black leather jacket. He dressed simply as he saw no reason to bring extra attention to himself and so he wore a simple white button down shirt with a pair of faded black jeans and leather boots. The jacket he wore was simply to ward off the chill in the air as he stood outside and gave a look around.

He was about to head back in when he saw the shape of a woman walking by and behind her trailed two guys that he knew for a fact had no good intentions for the miss. Normally he would let the whole thing transpire as it would as he was a firm believer in survival of the fittest but he was also a firm believer in karma.He has beaten a man nearly to death and then helped the homeless girl which he thought balanced one another. The second man he beat down however was not atoned for and so he decided that making sure this woman got out of the slums safe would be that atonement. He crossed the street and lagged behind the two guys a bit so he could keep an eye on them and should they make a move he would be in the right place at the right time to bring the pain.

Reaching behind him he pulled out a desert eagle and cocked it before tucking it behind him once more and walking at a casual pace. He pulled a cigarette from his jacked and placed it in his mouth before lighting it and drawing the smoke in but spitting it right back out. He did not actually inhale it as he was not a smoker but he did manage to keep it lit for some odd reason as he walked behind the two flunkies who followed the girl. One of them looked slightly familiar when he caught a glimpse of the face but it was not enough to figure the mess out but if it was the guy he was thinking of then he was certainly about to be able to call it even for what he had done earlier that day.
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PostSubject: Re: Heading Home (Shane)   Sat Dec 08, 2012 7:06 pm

Kalinda lifted a hand to pull the collar of her jacket closed against the chill of the September night. Normally she didn't mind walking, but this night was too cold for her liking, it almost made her want to give over to Aurora and let her fly them home in a matter of minutes. But, she knew that would be taking the easy way out, and that would breed laziness. Something her father would frown on. Course, he frowned a lot anyway considering that she hadn't chosen to follow in his footsteps and become an Acolyte. Fighting just wasn't for her, she'd known that from an early age. Her skills lay more in the healing arts, particularly those dedicated to healing the mind.

She was taken by surprise however as she passed the next alley, still unawares of the men trailing her, the shadows at her side suddenly moved, a pair of arms reaching out to grab her and pull her into the alley. She fought against her captor, kicking and crying out for help, trying to wrench herself free of his grip. He held her arms at her side however, which lessened the amount of force she could use against him. His friends sped up their pursuit, joining them in the alley and surrounding her. The sound of the laughter filled her ears and she could feel Aurora stirring within her. The Celestial was worried and angry, Kalinda was her vessel, and she would not allow her vessel to simply be exterminated with such ease. No, these three thieves would find quite the surprise on their hands.

"Unhand me! I'm warning you!" She called out, which only made her captives laugh hard as one of them pulled a knife. The blade gleamed wickedly as he approached her, another tried to pull her bag from her lithe fingers.
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PostSubject: Re: Heading Home (Shane)   Sat Dec 08, 2012 7:18 pm

Was not surprised at all when a pair of hands reached out from and alley and gripped the female before pulling her off the street. The two he was tailing bolted into the alley and Shane continued his casual walk but as he did he pulled the gun from his back and carried it next to him with a cold calm. Turning the corner he could see one man holding the woman down, one going for her purse, and a third with a knife out that was walking closer to her. He raised his arm and leveled the massive hand cannon at the man with the knife before pulling the trigger. The gun produced a very loud explosion like noise before blood and brains shot out from the canoed skull of the knife wielding man to cover Kalinda and her two assailants. Shane aimed between the two that were left with a bit of a smirk.

"Oi, what say you two divs let the bird go and be on your merry way before I decide to say the hell with it and give both of ya a proper fucking like I did your mate. I know you may be thinking that the way to go would be to take me out and then get back to the girl but you don't want to tussle with me sunshine. Ill beat you like a redheaded stepchild and give you a right hard on in the arse. Feeling lucky son? Then keep your hands on the girl and see how quickly I become your worst nightmare."

He had a thick British accent and something about the way he looked at the two men screamed that he was of the hopes that they would want to see it through to the end. He aimed back and fourth between the two slowly with that wicked grin on his face before and idea seemed to strike him and caused him to hold his finger up with a laugh. "Tell ya what im gonna do. It aint fair that your unarmed and I got me this here iron spitter eh? With that he popped the bullet out of the chamber and placed the gun back in his pants behind him once more. "Gun is gone and the game has been evened up a bit so I will give you ten seconds to decided before I beat the piss out the pair of ya and rip your marbles off to feed to the feral dogs awright?"
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PostSubject: Re: Heading Home (Shane)   Sat Dec 08, 2012 7:48 pm

The man with the knife came closer to her, but it became obvious that he wasn't going to kill her with it as he started to use it to pop off the buttons of her jacket. His work was interrupted by a male voice from behind him. Kali focused her dark eyes past the man to see a possible champion standing in the light from the street beyond. She didn't smile however, didn't cry out for the man to save her. He didn't have to, he could easily leave her to fend for herself.

The male with the knife turned to face the newcomer, while the other finally managed to get her bag away from her. Though he wouldn't find any credits inside it, she rarely traveled with them. The male laughed at Shane's offer of a fair fight, and kept his knife in his hand as he approached Shane. Kalinda was tired of this, and it was high time she took matters into her own hands...or wings as the case may be. Closed her eyes, she let go of her control, handing it over to Aurora. As the Celestial came forward, Kalinda's eyes would change from their dark chocolate brown to a striking vibrant blue. From beneath her clothes, a glow would start, lifting up from beneath the fabric to gather near her shoulder blades.

With a shining burst of light, three pairs of wings would form, throwing back the male who'd been trying to hold her down. He flew across the alley to land against the wall. Aurora opened her eyes to take in the scene before her, mostly the male who still held Kali's bag and was staring at her wide eyed in shock.
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PostSubject: Re: Heading Home (Shane)   

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Heading Home (Shane)
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