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 They Said You'd Never Walk Again [tag: Blue]

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PostSubject: They Said You'd Never Walk Again [tag: Blue]   Sat Dec 08, 2012 6:59 am

One subject had been on his mind the entire time the three of them were visiting Blue in her hospital room. There was also no way to talk about it with other people in the room. Liam waited until their visit was over, and then exited with everyone. He leaned in to Neona and whispered into her ear, "There's something important that I need to take care off. I'll give you a call later." After that he gave her a gentle kiss and walked down the street. He waited until they were gone, and then returned to the hospital. Liam walked into the hospital and asked the nurse to make a special exception and let him go back up to Blue's room to speak with her privately.

Even though he knew that the two of them were gone for the night, Liam still took great care to keep a watch on his surroundings as he made his way up to the floor Blue was housed on. The last thing he needed was to have Neona turn around and see him there. He didn't like lying to her. No, he hadn't lied to her, he thought to himself. Liam had told Neona that there was something important that he needed to take care of. Blue was important to Neona and thus she was important to him as well. He didn't know if Neona knew the true severity of her sister's condition, but he was in a position to do something about it so he would at least try.

The woman attending the nurses' station on the floor where Blue was staying wasn't as easily circumvented. She was a stickler for the rules and it was definitely after visiting hours. He'd asked nicely at first, but that got him nowhere. Even begging fell on a stony heart hardened by a rule book. It wasn't until Liam spoke with her as a daughter, as a possible sister or mother. He put her in the situation of being able to have someone she loved helped, if someone did the right thing and bent the rules. Finally her heart became flesh and started to beat. He threatened Liam against doing anything that would get her in trouble.

Liam promised that he wouldn't do anything that would get her in trouble, and quickly made the walk down the hallway to Blue's room. He looked up and down the hallway in both directions and then knocked on the door. When Blue told him to come in Liam quickly opened the door and slipped in. 'I'm sorry for coming back unexpected. I just needed to talk to you in private." His voice was calm and she could see that he was here about something that had great meaning. "Have you told Neona that they think you probably won't walk again?"
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PostSubject: Re: They Said You'd Never Walk Again [tag: Blue]   Sat Dec 08, 2012 11:30 am

Blue missed them.

Especially, John. He had stayed after just a couple more minutes, to give her kisses and tell her that he loved her and he would see her tomorrow morning as soon as visiting hours were over. She still felt his lips on her forehead as she closed her eyes and turned the lights off. The nurse had come in just a few seconds ago to give her some more pain meds and she was blissfully ready to fall asleep.

Blue had just drifted when there came a knock at the door. She wasn't sure if it was the doctor, nurse, or a Brother come to pray for her.. even though she had made it. But she told them they could come in as she used the button on the side of the bed to turn on the small light over her head so she could see better.

When the door opened it was Liam of all people.


She was shocked the nurse had let him in. She wouldn't even let John stay. Which had killed the both of them especially now that she was awake, but, she couldn't change the rules. Well she could probably hack them if she wanted to, but the nurse would know. She couldn't hack the woman's brain so there was no reason to change the rules for a little while. Regardless, she used another button to push herself up into a slightly sitting position.

Her face fell. Giving him an answer to his question before she even said the words.

I don't know if John knows or not. But, I know Neona doesn't. I.. I don't know how to tell someone that. I'm still kind of.. dealing with it myself. I'm not.. really.. the kind of girl that appreciates being helped through life you know?

She looked over at him, and then her brow furrowed.

Wait. If .. Neona doesn't know, how do you know? she asked him curiously.
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PostSubject: Re: They Said You'd Never Walk Again [tag: Blue]   Sun Dec 09, 2012 11:00 pm

Servant of the Divine Collective and protector of the people, that's what it meant to be a Shepherd. He was to be a source of hope and guidance to people, and it tore his heat in half to have to talk to Blue about such tragedy. "Neona doesn't know. I haven't told her anything. ". Liam scrubbed his hand through his nearly combed hair messing it up in an attempt to calm his nerves. "One of the nurses that was working the front desk thought I was coming here on church business... to give you last rites. She told me that your condition had been upgraded from critical. It was an honest mistake. She didn’t mean any harm by it." A great deal of harm could come from someone’s best intentions. Liam was genuinely hoping that he could make some good come of this situation.

Liam locked the door behind himself so that they would be able to talk uninterrupted. He didn’t want anyone coming in to hear their conversation, or to be surprised by one of their significant others. It was sneaking around, but it was necessary. He moved closer to the side of the hospital bed so that Blue could see him, and he could talk more quietly with her. "I can understand you’re not wanting to depend on anyone. If you’re anything like your sister, that’s gotta be a tough pill to swallow." There was sincerity in his voice. He truly didn’t want her to suffer, or live a life that she was going to be a burden for her. He also didn’t want to subject Neona and the rest of their family to that pain. There was a reason for his delicate handling of the subject, reason that he was going to be forced to divulge.

"That’s why I came back without them knowing. I wanted to talk to you about it." Liam motioned to the bed and gave her questioning look. "May I?", he asked wanting to know if she would allow him to sit on the edge of her bed. When she consented he would carefully ease himself down onto the bed. "I may be able to help you, Blue, but before I can do anything, I need you to promise me that this conversation and whatever comes of it remains between us. You can’t tell Neona, John, or your doctors. There is good reason, and I will explain them, after that, you are free to say ‘No’ and send me on my way ."

"There are some of us among the ranks of the Acolyte Clerics that have the ability to heal wounds and illness." He raised a hand forestalling her from saying anything just yet. He knew what he was saying would give her hope, and hope was at times, a very dangerous thing to have. It caused a person to climb great heights without ever thinking about the fall that could come with it. "We do not speak openly of it because it is both a great and terrible gift. If the world knew about it, they would line up for faith healings, or denounce the church for its belief in the natural course of life and death. People do not understand that there is a balance to it, just as there is a balance to all things. Life must be paid for with life." Liam paused for a moment trying to think of the best way to explain it to someone who was uninitiated.

"To heal someone, there must be an exchange of energies. Life force must be taken from somewhere and given, and the negative energies of pain and sickness must be siphoned away. Those energies just don’t go away, they need to be sent somewhere." He took a deep breath and said "If someone were dying, in order to save them, someone would have to die in their place. Do you understand why healing isn’t a widely known thing? It would only spread suffering to others because of mankind’s greed." He waited again for it all to sink in to her. It was a great deal to wrap the mind around, he knew. The scar over his chest that should have killed him was a constant reminder. "I know the healing arts. I can’t heal you completely, that would require me to curse someone else with your injuries, or take them myself. However, I can help you recover. It will give you a fighting chance to walk again. I don’t tell Neona because she would say my own injuries make me too weak to, but you’re her sister, and I love her. I would gladly share my life if it could help you."
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PostSubject: Re: They Said You'd Never Walk Again [tag: Blue]   Mon Dec 10, 2012 12:41 am

She wasn't that much like her sister. But she supposed, in that way, they were probably very much alike. Neither of them were the kind of women that wanted someone to have to take care of them. She couldn't help but hate the thought of being a burden, of having to figure out how her life was going to be after this. Being incapable of walking. Put a bigger target on her back not to mention she couldn't imagine John still loving her when she couldn't take care of herself or be the kind of woman that she was now.

Please, please sit.

She couldn't move her legs over, because she couldn't control them. So she couldn't move over to make room. Luckily, Blue, like her sister, wasn't very big. She was half elf and so she had inherited the willowy frame. Liam's weight made the bed move slightly but it wasn't uncomfortable and her blue-green eyes watched her sister's boyfriend as he continued to talk.

He seemed sincere and sweet. She could see what Neona saw in him. But his biggest quality, she thought, was the fact that he screamed 'safe'.

He told her that he might have a way to help her. But, that this conversation had to be kept a secret. Immediatly, she thought to say no. But as he held his hand up and he further explained, her eyes got round. He could help heal her. But, there was a catch. Of course there was a catch. Nature didn't make waves for healing without there being some way to balance the entire act. Karma, she guessed.

I promise, I won't say a word. she didn't like to keep secrets from John but if it was the only way, then one secret wouldn't make that much of a difference in the end. It wasn't her secret to tell anyway.

He explained the process. And now she understood what he was saying. If she was healed, then her injuries, her pain, had to be given to someone else. Otherwise, it would be unbalanced. he explained that he would have to give her injuries to someone. He told her that he couldn't heal her comletely. But, he would be able to help her recover. If he could help her walk again, she would be eternally grateful.

So if you help me recover, instead of heal me, then you'll not have to give my curse to someone else? Right? Because, I don't want anyone else to lose their legs. she whispered softly.

When he confirmed that was the case, she smiled.

Whatever help you can give me, Liam. I would be grateful, and forever in your debt. Because, there would be no way I could ever repay you for a service such as this. I consent. I won't tell a soul. But, I consent if no one will have to lose thier legs for me.
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PostSubject: Re: They Said You'd Never Walk Again [tag: Blue]   Thu Dec 13, 2012 11:21 am

Her consent to secrecy brought a relieved smile to his face and he let go of the breath that he had been holding. Liam had told her a great deal on faith, but that faith was rewarded. He listened to her and what she said only cemented his opinion of her. She was a good person to her core. Blue didn't want to be healed at the expense of someone else. If anything, that made her more deserving of healing, than who she was related to. Liam gave her a nod and a reassuring pat on the hand, [color=green]"No one is going to lose their legs. I'm the only one that is going to be put at risk. I'm not passing the miasma on to anyone else."[/green]

Liam stood up from where he sat on the side of Blue's bed and turned to face her. [color=green]"Excuse me..."[/green] he said as he took hold of the blanket that covered her and pulled it back to reveal her hips. [color=green]"I will need for you to lay back. A position that is comfortable for you would be easiest."[/green] He waited until she was ready and in the proper position. It was then that he began the process. He touched his hand to his chest, then brought his fingertips up to touch his lips. Finally it was clasped in the other and he closed his eyes.

[color=green]"Merciful Divine, your humble servant calls out to you."[/green] His voice was quiet but heartfelt, the sound of a true believer. He knew in his heart of hearts that his words were heard. [color=green]"I beg you, make me the instrument of your will. Let your power flow through me so that I may shepherd your flock. One of your children lies broken. Allow me to lay hands upon her so that she may be whole again."[/green] There was no change in him or the world around him that she could tell but when he opened his eyes there seemed to be a smoldering purpose in his eyes. [color=green]"Allow me to see her pain. Allow me to draw it from her."[/green] Liam leaned forward, unclasping his hands, and gently took hold of her hips.

There was an electric tingle to his touch that was wholly unnatural. There was something at work here which was beyond normal means of explanation. His prayers had been heard and there was magic at work. At the moment of contact Liam's eyes went wide, and a shudder ran through his body. His eyes glazed over as if he was not staring down at her body, but seeing something far off in the distance. [color=green]"Dear Gods....."[/green] he said in quiet disbelief, [color=green]"there's so much damage. This is not going to be easy, but it can be done."[/green] His jaw set resolutely. [color=green]"We WILL do it."[/green]

[color=green]"Please... guide my efforts...."[/green] Liam said as he closed his eyes once more. His hands tightened on her hips. Blue could see a faint glow radiating from the skin of his hands, and a warmth began to suffuse the center of her body, beginning where he touched her, moving to the center of her lower back. The warmth began to tingle, first numbing her skin, and then the pain in her back vanished. [color=green]"Slowly..."[/green] he said to himself as if he needed to hold himself back. Time seemed to slow, and second stretched out to minutes. Blue suddenly became aware of Liam's heart beat, as if it were beating within her, and she knew that this warmth was his life-force.

Slowly a dark shadow began to coalesce on her body where his hands touched her. That shadow, even though it was on the edge of vision, seemed tangible. It was as if unseen roots were drawing it up out of her like a plant drawing water through the ground. Those thin tendrils of shadow latched into Liam's hands, and he drew that darkness from her body, little by little. It was the dark miasma, the energy of her pain, sickness, and injury. This was the exchange that he told her about, the inseparable cycle of life and death. Through the connection that they shared, Blue could feel the darkness creeping into Liam. His heart beat, however strong, quickened and faltered as the darkness tried to take hold of him. She could feel his will power holding it at bay. It was like wrestling to subdue a wild python intent on coiling and crushing him. Suddenly Liam pulled his hands away, breaking the connection.

He grabbed hold of his chest and clenched his teeth. His forehead was beaded with a cold sweat and Blue could tell that the two of them were connected for some time. Liam struggled for breath, forcing himself to regulate the drawing of it, as if he were trying to take control of himself. His eyes opened and he looked like he were in a meditative state, focusing his will power to one task. Gritting his teeth he stood up straight and let out a long breath. [color=green]"I can hold the miasma at bay for a short time, but it will take hold of me. It's inevietable. I have to go. I need to get back to the church be for it takes hold of me."[/green] He scrubbed his hand through his hair and straightened his cassock so that he didn't look disheveled when he left the room. [color=green]"Remember.... you tell no one of this. Not even when they run tests to try and explain your miraculous progress. Not a word."[/green]
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PostSubject: Re: They Said You'd Never Walk Again [tag: Blue]   Fri Dec 14, 2012 8:03 pm

Blue's hand clenched his. But, you won't become paralyzed right? she whispered.

When he confirmed that he wouldn't go paralyzed, at least not permanently she nodded. She didn't want anyone to take her place. If it was her destiny to be like this, then she would have to take that up with Terra. But, she was not going to look such a blessed gift in the mouth. Definitely, not.

He took her blanket down. She didn't feel a thing. But, her multi-hued eyes looked at him. He told her that she needed to lay back and so she used the buttons on the bed so that she could lay down flat again like she had been when she basically drifted off. Her hands clenched the sheets because, she was terrified. What if it hurt? What if it didn't? What if Neona found out? Her sister had all ready left mad, and Niara wasn't even sure why, but she supposed that it didn't really matter. He was helping her. And her sister was always mad at her.. or estranged.. or whatever.

He prayed, and then, he lay his hands on her hips. She gasped softly, and waited. She watched his face when he told her that there was so much damage. For a moment she was completely fearful that he wouldn't be able to do anything at all. But, he told her they would do it, and she nodded. She would appreciate anything he could do. She never expected anyone to help her like this. So, she was definitely appreciative of it.

He told her it was going to have to go slowly. She expected it may even take more than just one time. But, she would take whatever she could get. He began to do something, and the only reason she knew that was because of the warmth that spread through her from her hips and radiated outward. Causing her to sigh softly as the pain that was hidden beneath the pain pills evaporated. Her hand lay on top of his and she watched as he took the pain and the miasma of damage into himself.

She could hear his heartbeat, feel his breathing. She felt as though they resonated as one for a short time. It was not intimate, like one might think, but instead, it was peaceful and made Blue relaxed completely while she watched the man work on her body. Trying desperately to heal what nature could not.

He suddenly broke the connection. And she gasped as she seemed to come back to herself, and looked over at him nearly doubled over. She sat up without thinking about it on her own and clasped his hand. Then, realized that she had just sat up and thirty minutes ago, that had been impossible. All ready the effects were showing.

I won't tell a soul. Be safe, Liam. If not for yourself, then for Neona. She needs you in her life more than I can say. Thank you. I'll never ever be able to repay you.

When he left. Blue lay back down in bed and stared up at the ceiling for a while. But the fast healing that he had put her body through, knocked her out rather quickly and she ended up passing out quite quickly in bed with a small smile on her face. Maybe, there was hope afterall.
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PostSubject: Re: They Said You'd Never Walk Again [tag: Blue]   Tue Dec 18, 2012 1:27 am

Liam pushed his hair back and focused his mind and spirit on keeping he miasma within him contained. He could hold it at bay for a short time, but when it broke free of his control, the foul energy would ravage his body. "Thank you for letting me see her," he said to the nurse at the nurse's station. "I won't tell anyone that you bent the rules for me. I promise." His pace was quick and he made for the elevator, pressed the lobby button, and exited the hospital. The sun was setting and the night traffic on Librium's streets was increasing as it was known to do when jobs let out for the day. Liam held his coat closed and trudged off into the crowded streets. It was a long way to the Church where he was staying and he didn't know if the busses would be running anytime soon. He wasn't familiar with the mass transit schedules in this part of the city because he never came here.

The dark miasma within his body roiled like a vat of boiling oil, giving off noxious fumes, and tainting everything it splashed upon. It raged against his control, and fought his every attempt to contain it. Liam was strong in spirit, and his strength and faith allowed him to weather the miasma's affects only slightly better than the uninitiated. Even with all that strength, he could only hold the Miasma back for a while. Blue's injuries had been so grievous that even the limited amount of healing he gave her, caused an overwhelming backlash of negative energy. Halfway to the Church it broke free of Liam's grasp and spread throughout his body. In mid stride Liam's heart felt like it had seized, and all his muscles locked. Pain wracked his spine and he fell to the pavement face first. He couldn't even scream out in pain, the onset was so sudden. The people walking near him jumped out of the way startled and looked down at the floundering priest as he convulsed. One of them knelt near him and tried to hold him still. They asked if he was ok and all he could say was, "Townsend.... Mission....please."

The Divine Collective had smiled upon him once again. The man who came to his side when the miasma had taken hold of him was a follower of the Collective and delivered him to the Church he named. There Liam was taken into the care of the other Shepherds who stewarded the Church. The pain had subsided enough for him to talk, and he confessed what he had done to the others. They accepted what he had done as an act of selfless kindness, the work of the Divine. They cared for him during his ordeal. For three days Liam was tortured by the tainted energy within him. He had lost not only his ability to walk, but his ability to see as well. Tremors kept his waking moments painful, and nightmares kept his sleep from being peaceful. On the forth day Liam fell into a deep slumber and didn't wake until the next sunrise. He awoke in pain, but he was able to move again. His vision was blurry, and his eyes burned, but the light was a welcomed sight. Liam spent that day moving to force the aches and pains from his body as quickly as possible, because he needed to see Blue.

On the morning of the sixth day Liam rose early and made his way to the hospital. It was a slow journey because he walked with a cane. His legs and back still held the deep muscle ache left by the evil energy that rampaged through his body, laying waste to the things that he pulled them from in Blue's body. His training as a Cleric allowed him to spread the energies beyond they points the sought. That was how he was able to survive them without the loss of his ability to walk. The suffering was greater, but for a cause he believed in, he would endure it. Once at the hospital, Liam made his way to the front desk and asked if he could be allowed up to visit Blue. He was told that she was moved to another room.

The nurse gave him the new room number along with directions to find it. He slowly but steadily made his way through the hospital to the room and knocked on the door. The striking of his knuckles against the door sent waves of pain through his still recovering bones. He grit his teeth, bore the pain, and waited until she answered. "It's Liam. I am coming to see how your recovery is coming along." he said as he entered her room. Blue would still be able to see the hint of sickness's last grip lingering on him as he made a recovery. He still used the cane to help his steps and it was not for show. Despite it all, he was here, and he was walking. What he told her proved true. He could help her and no one had to lose their legs. "See? I am still walking. How about you?"
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PostSubject: Re: They Said You'd Never Walk Again [tag: Blue]   Tue Dec 18, 2012 10:59 am

Blue's room had been moved. From Intensive Care, to a normal like room. But, the doctors didn't want her to leave yet. She had made an miraculous leap of recovery, some were calling it a miracle, and the doctors were saying that the body could do many things that they couldn't even explain sometimes. Also, she was half elven and they weren't sure if that made any sort of difference or not but it was certain.

She could feel her legs.

They had, initially thought they would release her a few days after she woke up when they were sure infection wasn't going to set in, and when they were certain that she wasn't going to get better or worse. But, now that she seemed to be making strides towards walking again they were keeping her settled and relaxed because, they wanted her to walk.

She wanted to walk too.

Blue... had used her smile, and kindness.. (sorta) to weedle things out of the maintenance staff here. John had finally brought her, her satchel so that she could work on a few minor things. But, the deal was, when he or the doctors came to visit she had to put whatever she was working on down. So far, that wasn't too hard. She still tired easily because of the amount of energy it was taking for her to heal. But, she also, was willingto bargain so that she could continue to keep her sanity while bound to the bed.

So, when Liam knocked on the door she was in the middle of enjoying herself. One of the maintenance staff had come up and explained a problem that they were having with a computerized system that no one could seem to figure out. They'd had programmers, as well as just the general staff look at it and they could not figure it out. So Blue, felt like herself momentarily as she sat there on her bed, with grease on her fingers, and a light in her eyes while she worked.

You don't have to ask Liam! Just come on in!

When she looked up from her work, she froze. Screwdriver in mid-air. Her eyes shifted from his face, down to his cane. He told her that he was able to walk. Like he promised, he wouldn't lose his legs by trying to help her. Which had been, and still was, vastly important to her. She gave a soft smile and put the device down on the rolling table that was usually, (for most people) used for food trays and books. For Blue, it was a handy rolling work bench. One John always pushed to the far end of the room when he came to visit. Like she couldn't avoid the temptation.

Are you okay? I've been so worried. I got the number for the temple. And I called. To ask after you. They said you had recovered well, from an ailment, and I figured, they meant our.. situation.

She used her hands to slide herself into a different position as he asked her if she could walk.

Uhhhh well I'd call it more of a shuffle with a walker. It's a new dance, they say it'll catch on. she grinned. Blue was always like that though, except when she woke up from a medically induced coma.... But now, she was mostly back to her normal self. Hope... hope did a lot of things to a person.

They... said it was a miracle. What happened. One of the doctors said that the swelling hid things that would have shown I wasn't completely doomed afterall. I let him think what he wants. They said, that.. right now, I might still have to use a wheelchair, they're not sure I'll ever walk. Buuut, it's better than nothing huh? she smiled a bit sadly.

But she was a lot better.

Was it.. was it bad for you, Liam?
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PostSubject: Re: They Said You'd Never Walk Again [tag: Blue]   Wed Dec 19, 2012 7:04 pm

"Its good to let them just explain it away," Liam said as he walked into the room after locking the door behind him.  He didn't want to be interrupted or have their conversation overheard by anyone.  The nature of the subject matter could cause a lot of trouble for the both of them, and back lash on to the church.  "People have a talent for finding ways to rationalize what they don't understand.  I've learned that from personal experience. "  Using the cane in addition to his legs, Liam walked to the side of Blue's bed and waited for he to move over slightly to make room for him.

He did that intentionally so he could see how much mobility had been returned to her, and how well she could control it.  The Divine existed in the details, and the details could be seen by those who were willing to pay attention.   He beleived that with all his heart and lived it every moment.  "I'm not going to lie to you," he said sitting down beside her.  "It was pretty bad, but I've been worse.  I was blind and paralyzed from the waist down for about three days.     After that it was muscle spasms, violent sickness, and shirt term comas."  He laughed and managed to smile after all of that.  "That wall really did a number on you, Blue.  It was bad, but I have had far worse injuries of my own.  Your sister can vouch for that."

Liam held his hands out over her and looked into her eyes, "May I?" he asked and waited for her to consent.  When she allowed him, Liam would take hold of the blanket that covered her and pulled it back.  "I want to see how you're doing."  He placed his hands on her hips, wrapping his fingers around her lower back.  His eyes closed and he began to murmur something quietly.   No doubt he was praying again for the Divine to favor him with their power.    The familiar tingle spread out from where his hands touched her, and filtered out through her body.   His eyes opened and he looked down at her with that faraway gaze, that seemed to be seeing into her more than seeing her.

His blue irises twitched from one side to another as if they were following his concentration.  "This is good.  The damage is no where near as bad as it was.  There is life flowing through the nerves where it wasn't before.  The bones are strong, and healing.  Even the muscles have a fighting chance now."  A smile came to his lips, "You're strong Blue, very strong.  Soon you won't need me to go give you these helpful nudges." 

"Please Divine, " he said solemnly as he closed his eyes.  "My body may be weak but my spirit is strong.  Allow me me to help her again."  His jaw flexed as if he were setting his will to task and exerting himself.  "Let me shoulder the burden."  That strange light that began within his hands spread out into her body, and the same black tendrils leached up from her body and slammed into his skin.  They pulsed as if pumping evil into him like malignant veins.  She could feel his heart beat again, it was weaker than she remembered, but Liam didn't hesitate.  The warmth only lasted few moments before Liam broke the connection, but it looked as if it took quite a toll on him.  "Sorry....." he panted, "Thats the best I can do right now.   The last time took more out of me than I thought."
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PostSubject: Re: They Said You'd Never Walk Again [tag: Blue]   Wed Dec 19, 2012 11:49 pm

He was right.

It was better to let them find an explaination of their own. Because then, there wouldn't be questions on how she suddenly recovered. Doctors always assumed there was a base and logical reasoning for everything. So if they could find one, she was more than happy to let them do just that.

He motioned for her to move over, and she used her arms still, mostly. But she shuffled her legs slowly from side to side until she got enough room for him to sit. She was proud of her movements mostly because they were so much more than they had been before. And she was proud of the fact that she might actually be able to walk.

He perched on the side and told her that he had been blind and paralyzed for three days. Her mouth hung wide open as she stared at him. She was glad he had not given her ailment to someone else but that didn't mean she wanted him to just.. take it himself. Luckily, he seemed to be able to heal himself or... get someone to heal him but she didn't like the fact he was till walking with a cane and was here trying to help her more.

I still don't like the fact you took my pain. It isn't fair. You've done nothing to deserve such a thing.

He wanted to check her progress so like last time she lowered the bed and got comfortable which was much easier for her this time. He lowered her thin hospital blanket and she felt his hands on her hips like last time. And, like last time she put her hands on top of his gently, as though it was a bit of comfort. For him, more than for herself, but even still this was another big moment.

He told her how strong she was, causing a very rare blush to form on her cheeks. Something that only John got when he called her Niara instead of Blue. There was something so private about her actual name. Since she stopped using it, it had become something, she only let certain people use. She didn't even like Neona using it but you couldn't tell her sister what she could and couldn't do. So she made it work.

How many more sessions do you think, Liam? she asked the Shephard as she looked up into his eyes.

He began to pray again, and she watched as the tendrils of black miasma came out of her body and went into his. She didn't know what to think, she hoped this time wouldn't be as bad for him as last time because.. she couldn't stand the thought of him losing his sight and legs even for a single day. She bit her lower lip as the warmth suffused within her and she sighed softly as she started to feel better. Warmed from the inside out. Warmed from the soul out. Their heartbeats synchronized, and her eyes closed breathing at the same rate as he. It was almost like their minds melded in a way and then it was gone.

She gasped as he ripped himself out of her, and she sat up, to catch hm incase he fell over. She gently held him in place, he looked pale and sickly.

You know, one day you'll have to visit, so that we can just sit and chat. This, nearly passing out thing, isn't a good habit to get into. she whispered a little joke with a smile but there was worry heavy in her eyes. She leaned in and kissed his cheek. Thank you, I'll never be able to repay you for this service done, but I will spend a lot of my life trying to do what I can to make you proud.
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PostSubject: Re: They Said You'd Never Walk Again [tag: Blue]   Thu Dec 27, 2012 5:03 am

Liam sat on the edge of Blue's bed in silence for a moment. A heat was rampaging through his body making him lightheaded. His chest expanded and contracted again and again, as he took labored breaths. Liam could feel the Miasma writhing at the core of his being. Once again he was the host of evil, but this evil was born of a good purpose. He had invited it in willingly. Steeling himself against the miasma Liam swallowed, and tried to stop gulping air. It was a few moments before his breathing slowed and he could talk again. "I'm.....I'm ok.," he managed to get out.

"This time isn't as bad as the last one." Liam reached over to the dresser that was standing against the wall beside Blue's bed, and took a few of the tissues from the box. He wadded them up and dabbed at his face to dry the sweat from it. "Nowhere near." Liam tossed the tissues into the trashcan and turned his attention to blue who was adjusting herself on the bed with greater ease. Even though he was suffering he was happy to see that she was benefiting. He was actually doing some good in this world. "I don't think you'll be needing anymore sessions."

"You're very strong, and your body is starting to fight to get better on its own." he turned to look at the door once more to make sure that it was securely locked. "We have to be very careful with this. If you recover too quickly then your doctors will know that something is out of the ordinary. What we've done so far has improved your condition by leaps and bounds. You're definitely going to walk again. Now it's just a matter of when, and that depends on how hard you work for it."

Liam listened to Blue while she spoke and her words were downright inspirational. It made a smile spread across his pale face. To hear her say these things made him extremely proud. To hear someone think about more than just themselves was a refreshing change. His raised a hand and placed it on top of Blue's. His grip gently squeezed her hand reassuringly as a friendly gesture. "I'm very happy that you would say that. You're a good person Blue, a very good person. The world needs more people like you in it. When you're walking I'm sure you'll do a lot of good." Liam stood up and gave her a smile. "I have to get back to the church." he said and then went to the door. He turned around before leaving and said to her, "When you're ready, we'll take a walk together. " With that he was gone.

<<Exit Liam>>
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They Said You'd Never Walk Again [tag: Blue]
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