A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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 Bree Donahue

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PostSubject: Bree Donahue   Thu Mar 08, 2012 7:09 pm



Name: Bree Donahue
Nickname: Bee, Breezy
Age: 35 years old
Weight:  135lbs, Were: 350lbs
Height: 5'8, Were: 6'6

Eye color: arctic blue, Were: tawny
Hair color: dark chocolate, Were: gold/yellow/white
Race: Human turned Were
Residence: Librium
Nationality: American
Affiliation: The Terran Guard
Occupation:....Terran Guard; enforces peace treaty/investigations/solving crimes involving both races

Play By:  Rhona Mitra

• all in the details •

Bree is tall and toned. Muscles are accentuated in her slender curves, and she embodies the tough physicality of a battle-worn woman. Her features are strong and defined, and her hair is wildly short in the back with longer strands in the front that sometimes fall over her eyes. What stands out is the arctic glaze of her bright blue eyes, and the natural dimples that present themselves, even when she's not smiling. She is beautiful in an Amazonian way. She doesn't wear make-up, and dresses for convenience. She is a Terran Guard after all, so she is armed at all times.

In light of the full-moon, Bree endures the painful transformation of becoming a large Cheetah. Still relatively young in Were-terms, she takes on the full, heavy and slender features of the African feline with heightened speed and other senses. Her arctic gaze becomes bright tawny, and the spots pepper throughout her long, golden body with a white belly. Her claws are thick like a canine's, chest wide and stomach caved in. She is deadly in this form and volatile, not quite one with her animal counterpart yet. She's still learning.

Bree has conflicting personalities. The war has hardened her exterior, and made her less prone to easily giving away her thoughts or feelings. She is quiet and thoughtful, with a stare that could cower Medusa's when crossed. However, deep down, she is earnest and kind. All that toughness hides her sweet character. She is inherently good, but her troubles mostly stem from her recent encounter with a Were-Cheetah. She is both curious and resentful of her maker. Oddly enough, she has an abandonment issue that her mother couldn't seem to mend. Whether it's the bond between a sire and its progeny, one could only guess. Bree strongly believes in the outcome of a better world through peace between all races. She is far from perfect. Every soldier has his or her mistakes, or skeletons to hide in their closets. Bree has yet to share her insecurities, even with her partner. She is a woman who tends to hide her weaknesses rather than acknowledge them, until the last painful moment.
She was already a strong and capable woman, but after the bite, Bree dealt with a series of changes that was a step up from being human. Now a Were, she carries the preternatural traits of bone-breaking strength to sharper, keener senses. In human form, these are slightly duller than her full-fledged Cheetah form. As a human, her speed is beyond average, but she could only keep up the preternatural agility for 200 to 400m, depending on the push.

Already strong, the Were-blood only adds more to her punches. This doesn't make her powerful however, but a difficult adversary to put down in a fight. She can withstand more damage than a well-built soldier, but she isn't invincible. She can be throttled, or exhausted by any stronger creature or weapon. She can outrun most of the threats, but much like a Cheetah she'll eventually burn out from taxing so much energy. Being the kind of person she is, Bree won't expend her energy for superfluous reasons.

Her sight, smell, tasting and hearing is much more sensitive. She could detect a burning building from two blocks away. Still quite young as a Were, she's yet to utilize the best of her abilities. The Full Moon has a strong influence over changing her against her will. She cannot fight or control the beast once the time comes. She also cannot show partial changes. She could only move from one form to another. However, the restless Cheetah can be seen within her eyes. As a metaphysical deity residing within her being, the Cheetah can still exert some kind of influence on her way of thinking.

-strong military background
-Weapons knowledge, from hybrid, melee to modern
-Quick to adapt to any terrain
-Hand-to-hand combat, also good with improvisation

• the tale of a lifetime•

Bree's father was a werewolf, and her mother was a pure, mundane human. With a unique background, Bree was born fully human, but carrying a were's DNA. She wasn't granted the outstanding abilities her father possessed, but her determination to promote peace and protect both worlds was what earned her a place in the Terran Guard years, upon years later. Her father had been involved in the old war, a fierce protector and fighter among his kind. Her mother was a nurse who served in the battlefield, catering the wounded soldiers of her own. Their encounter was much like Romeo and Juliet. While his parents were far more accepting of his affections for a human, her mother's weren't quite so keen with the idea of her mother involved with an Other.

Bree would eventually follow her father's footsteps. Growing up was not an easy task. Raised within a war-ridden world, she was trained early on to be strong. She still went to school, but she had a hard time focusing on her dreams. While the world around them was shaky, her parents' love for one another proved an unbreakable foundation and bond. Bree joined rank with the military to protect, more than to fight because of her parents' love. If they could come together, then why couldn't the rest of the world? Even with that mindset, she had to face the countless battle and bloodshed of those like herself dying - Human and Other. Like many other soldiers, this was a war filled with uncertainty, especially on her part. She was more human than Other, but she still carried her father's bloodline.

The main conflict was who to support, who to fight for. She believed in the sanctity of both races, but she was trained to face an enemy that could very much be like herself. Her father, killed in warfare, only pushed Bree to protect what was left of her family - her mother... She fought for the humans. This called for desperate times on Bree's part, and drastic measures. She couldn't say she regretted her decision, because in the end, the Enlighment would hit the world with a vengeance on Terra's part. The Mother of All punished and also reminded her Children of their place in this world.

At twenty-five, Bree's focus was on assisting the restoration of their broken world. The truce that ended the war brought the soldier great relief. She had a better purpose to fulfill. The road to becoming a Terran Guard was long, but not arduous. Each painstaking moment was a lesson learned for Bree to see with better insight the world's situation. Unity was key in maintaining peace and stability. By joining rank with the guard, she'll be able to enforce that treaty of both worlds coming together as one. Somewhat of a veteran, she bore nasty scars to prove the hardship she'd struggled with, but she was far from the flaunting type.

Bree devoted her cause and life to the Terran Guard. There, she'd meet wonderful people to work with, Other and Human alike. Despite the cracked foundation, Librium proved that coexistence was possible. Innately good, the Terran Guard was the best place for this earnest soldier to put her best capabilities to use. It was one night, on a full moon that Bree found herself at the wrong place and wrong time. She encountered a volatile were, and was bitten.

Bree didn't leave the battle unscathed. Despite surviving the scuffle, Bree was taken to immediate care. Her wounds were tended to, but the change was irrevocable. The genetic marker combined with being bitten officially turned the Terran Guard into a Were, and when the full-moon came, she transformed into a large Cheetah. Bree hadn't yet found the one responsible for her change. She suffers a great deal of internal conflict. She has only been a Were for three months.

Father's name: Tyr Volkov, ??, deceased
Mother's name: Melody Donahue, 54, alive

Favored Weapons:
-A pair of long silver sai's tucked into her boots with leather-bound hilts
-A special variant of the HS2000 that hosts far-range bullets that explode upon impact and 13 rounds

Bree rarely ever goes anywhere unarmed. She makes do with that she's given at HQ, but she takes special care of her handgun and the silver sai's that were gifts from her father. With extensive knowledge in modern weapons, Bree prefers melee combat more than anything. She can handle far range, but she gets more satisfaction in getting up close and personal to her opponent. Being a Cheetah has improved her strategic abilities immensely. She has learned to better stalk her opposition before the strike.

Bree prefers to not choose a side, which is the main reason for her decision to join the Terran Guard. With her military background, she'd come close to joining rank with the local police, but living in Librium has taught her that better opportunities were afoot.

She was patient before the bite. The Cheetah has given her a sharper tongue, but she only means well. She is the embodiment of a good character with a few flaws. To find out more about Bree, well you're just going to have to meet her and see.
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Bree Donahue
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