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 Zoobilee (Conners)

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PostSubject: Re: Zoobilee (Conners)   Fri Dec 14, 2012 3:51 am

Oh he's pretty positive I'm seeing someone. He just doesn't know who because I won't tell him. And that drives him nuts, which makes it all the more fun. And yes, I told him I was too busy to hang out for the umpteenth time.

Jack raised an inquisitive eyebrow as she laughed. He? Well, that is interesting...

Amelia apparently liked the comment about her being all he needed for Christmas, as she sat in his lap and snuggled in to him. He loved how she seemed so at home in his arms. That, and the fact that she always seemed to not only find her way in to some sort of cuddling position, but also a way to steal some sweet, romantic kisses from him.

You're falling for her Jack. Don't fall too hard...you don't want to get hurt again.

...Then again...she does want to be a mother, and Amanda has been quite the observation tool.

Shaking his head softly, he refused to listen to his negative thoughts. Amanda was not a dating tool...and e wasn't going to hold back with Amelia when it came to their relationship. The past didn't dictate the future.

Well I'm still getting you something, since having me is no surprise, and I can't exactly fit myself under the tree. Which by the way, do you have a tree to put up? Or.. do you go buy a tree every year? We need a tree, we really do honey.

Smiling at the words she chose, Jack nodded. Yes, we do need a tree. I have one in the attic, if you'd like to decorate it with us, I can set it up tomorrow.

Pausing, he looked her in the eyes.

You...are staying the night? Before you say anything, you can go get Puddles. He is just as welcome as you are...as long as he doesn't pee on me.
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PostSubject: Re: Zoobilee (Conners)   Fri Dec 14, 2012 10:27 am

He said he would get the tree down tomorrow, and her eyes softened. She loved Christmas trees, especially big beautiful kinds. And the fact that he had invited her to come and help decorate made her heart stop. She couldn't help but feel like there was.. just something special about decorating a tree together. Like she really was becoming a part of the family.

Part of her wondered if they were moving too fast. If they were falling too fast. But you couldn't stop it. Once it started, you fell faster and faster until you either hit a rock bottom or learned how to fly. In a way she was terrified that he might decide that the danger to his job just wasn't worth it. That Amanda had a mother and didn't need another person to step in and try to fill that role. Or that the newness of Amelia would wear off eventually and Amanda wouldn't like having a mother that wasn't her mother around.

There were a lot of doubts hanging around, but she didn't want to let them get her down. She wanted to be here for Jack and Amanda, and she was falling for the both of them.

He asked if she was staying the night and her mouth opened to answer, but he stopped her. making sure that she understood that Puddles was more than welcome and she could go get him and bring him here so long as he didn't pee on him. Causing her to chuckle. Laying her head on his chest she sighed.

I can promise he won't pee on you. Just he might make a puddle on the floor somewhere if we forget to let him out. He's really usually pretty good though. He hasn't had an accident in a very long time.

Amelia snuggled into his chest and put her arms around him. Holding herself against him. She heard movement upstairs and knew that Amanda had woken up from her small nap. But, she hadn't come downstairs, she probably would soon once she woke up fully or was ready to come back and hang out with them. Knowing her she was terrified of interupting some hot make out session that she had invented in her mind where her father was falling in love and Amelia had a wedding dress in her pocket.

~Ding dong!~

Amelia jumped, because apparently in her thoughts she had slipped off only slightly, barely a doze. But she had slipped off enough that she hadn't heard the man coming up to the door which scared her. She put a hand over her heart and let out a breath sometimes her abilities got a bit overloaded. Getting up so Jack could answer the door she headed up the stairs to check on Amanda.

Knock knock, can I come in? she aske standing outside the girls' doorway.

You're still here! she gasped.;

Amelia smiled. Yep. Your dad said I could stay the night if it's okay with you.

Ummm yes, yes and yes!

Remy laughed and leaned against the girls' doorframe. But, that means I'm gonna have to go get Puddles later, because he said Puddles could stay the night too and he's very excited.

Amanda took on a serious face. Do we need a task force for this mission?

Amelia bit back a grin. Well, I at least need a partner, and I was hoing there was a girl up here somewhere that would work with me.

I volunteer! she jumped off her bed and called out loudly making Amelia wince a little bit but she smiled through it. She was too young to really understand and there was no reason to talk to her about how sensitive Amelia was at times.

Perfect, mission begins... after pizza..

Amanda's eyes widened. Pizza?! Dad got us pizza?!

Yep and it's all ready downstairs, hungry?

She didn't get an actual answer. What she got was a seven year old bolting down the stairs singing some sort of goofy pizza song and Amelia laughed and followed down the stairs and into the kitchen where the pizza and Jack were. One was yummier than the other, for sure.

Amanda has volunteered to be my partner for the Puddles Mission, you want to come as backup? Or do you want to be our home base? she asked with a smile as she got some plates down out of the cupboard.
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PostSubject: Re: Zoobilee (Conners)   Sat Dec 15, 2012 4:29 am

Amelia chuckled and sighed, leaning in and snuggling back to his chest. It was easily one of the best experiences in the world. Apparently, the thought of her little dog peeing on Jack was humorous. It totally wasn't...Jack was never a fan of dog pee, or pee in general. Granted, Amanda had her moments when she was still in diapers but that was different.

I can promise he won't pee on you. Just he might make a puddle on the floor somewhere if we forget to let him out. He's really usually pretty good though. He hasn't had an accident in a very long time.

Well that's good, at least Puddles and I have that in common.

As Amelia wrapped her arms around him whilst still sitting in his lap, Jack relaxed and let her get comfortable. It was always really nice when they could simply relax and be themselves. They were interrupted by the doorbell, causing Amelia to jump and hold her heart. Jack walked over to get the food, and Amelia disappeared in to the house.

Not paying any attention to her actions, Jack paid the pizza guy and brought the bounty from the front door in to the kitchen. Placing the two pizzas and a small order of wings on the island, Jack pulled a small utility knife and cut the boxes, exposing one large combination pizza and a small cheese for Amanda. He could only smile as he heard Amanda's pizza song as she trounced down the stairs.

P-I-ZZ-A! I love pizza cuz I got it today! A slice for me, a slice for you..yay pizza!

By the time Amanda was done singing, she was practically in the kitchen. Jack snapped his finger and pointed back towards the hallway.

I know its pizza, but wash your hands before dinner young lady. He glanced over at Amelia, winking. You too.

Going over to get plates as Amanda re-emerged, her hands slightly moistened by the washing of her hands and digits, she made a request that Jack hadn't expected.

Amanda has volunteered to be my partner for the Puddles Mission, you want to come as backup? Or do you want to be our home base?

Chuckling, Jack softly touched Amelia's hand.

I will be home base for this one...I figure we can all watch a movie, and I know something that goes great with the movies. He smiled and nodded at Amanda, who seemed to be getting more excited by the moment.

Movie brownies! Amanda yelped as she threw up her hands. Jack saw Amelia wince at the noise, giving her a compassionate look. They would have to explain the nature of Amelia's abilities at some point...and probably soon, with the way her eardrums were taking a beating.

After dinner, Jack slowly cleaned up the kitchen while the girls got ready for their little mission to rescue their target: Mr. Puddles. Chuckling to himself as he poured brownie batter in to the pan, he waved to the dynamic duo as they left on their secret mission.

Life is getting pretty perfect right now.
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PostSubject: Re: Zoobilee (Conners)   Sat Dec 15, 2012 11:44 am

She smiled at him when he told her to go wash her hands. Sure, Dad.

She said with a bit of teasing and sarcasm as she and Amanda headed to the downstairs bathroom. They washed their hands together and laughed getting into a mini splash war. But they dried off and returned quickly to the kitchen ready to dive into pizza. There were two pizzas and some wings.

Jack volunteered to be home base and Amelia gave him a smile. She had figured that he would. There was no real reason for him to go with her just to pack and overnight bag and get her dog. Plus, she as always packing. She had a concealed license and she was a cop. She was almost never unarmed. Even when she was asleep she had a weapon close at hand because she knew the things that happened out there and she didn't want them happening to her if she could help it.

Amanda squealed something, REALLY loud, about brownies and Amelia winced. The shrill of her scream got her right where it counted. She tugged on her lobe trying to be discrete. She didn't want Jack to feel bad. Kids were naturally loud at exciting moments and it wasn't like she was mad. She was only usually testy when she had a bad headache because then her overgrown senses would make her head hurt worse and pound.

They ate dinner, and talked. Laughed and have a great time. After dinner, she helped Jack put up the pizza leftovers and clean up the paper plates while Amanda bounced around the living room itching to go. Finally, they were ready to go. Amelia picked up her bags, she decided she was going to save the zoo stuff for later. At least, later tonight, maybe. She hadn't given it to the girl yet. So, they got into the car and they headed off for Amelia's apartment.

Do you think you and my Dad'll get married?

Amelia smiled. Well, sweetness, that's up to him. Guys are supposed to ask.

What if he asked?!

Do you know something I don't? she asked the girl curiously.;

Hypo..uhh.. you know.. pretend.

Amelia smiled again. Hypothetically, and I think I would. In the future, if he asked. As it stands right now, I would like that.

Then you'd be my Mommy.

I'll be whatever you want to call me, sweetheart.

At the apartment, Amanda was distracted by Puddles. He was a good dog and he was good enough not to bark a lot. Even when he was excited. So she knew that when he did bark he would mean something. Amanda took Puddles outside, and Amelia went into her room to pack while the two 'kids' ran around the backyard laughing and having a good time. When, she came back with her bag, she smiled watching Amanda and the dog play fetch in the backyard. But, as soon as Amelia produced the pink sparkly leash the dog rushed over and jumped up and dog giving little whines of excitement.

Clipping him, she handed it over to Amanda who was happy with the job. They headed back to her car and locked up the house. Heading back to Jack's. Amanda was too busy with petting Puddles in the car to worry about asking very grown up questions as they drove back. Once there, they entered the house, Amelia felt pretty safe with Puddles because he had gone potty when outside with Amanda. They unclipped Puddles who went around sniffing everything that he could, and Amelia put her bag down at the base of the stairs so that she could take it up later.

Dad! Dad we're home!
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PostSubject: Re: Zoobilee (Conners)   Sun Dec 16, 2012 11:49 pm

Once his daughter had left with Amelia, Jack smiled: he had the house to himself. Despite the great joy that he felt when around the two women in his life, there was something about time alone that was just fantastic. He casually tossed the pan of brownies in the oven and walked up the stairs to his bedroom. Taking a few minutes, Jack cleaned up a bit of the mess present in the room. The last thing he wanted was to have Amelia think he was a complete slob. He wasn't, he was just...busy.

After the clean up, Jack stripped out of his current clothes from the zoo and scrounged in his dresser for some pajamas. Jack and Amanda usually would watch movies with movies brownies in their pajamas...it made it far more relaxed. Whistling as he did what he needed to do, he found a good pair of dark blue Academy sweatpants and a light gray T-shirt.

Descending the stairs, he returned to the kitchen and noted the timer having nearly five more minutes on it for the brownies. Opening the pantry, Jack retrieved a box of popcorn, and popped a bag inside the microwave. Setting the appliance to the 'popcorn' setting, Conners walked to the den to make sure it was tidy as well.

When did I become such a housewife? Thinking to himself, chuckling, Jack found nothing wrong with the den and pulled the first bag of popcorn from the microwave, replacing it with another. The door opened, and a patter of paws and feet met Jack's ears.

Dad! Dad we're home!

I can see that pumpkin. Go get in your PJs, then take Amelia to pick a movie. She gets to pick, since she's our guest. Comprende?

Amanda nodded and raced upstairs, and Jack looked down the hall to see Puddles sniffing away.

Curious little bugger, isn't he? He walked up and kissed her softly. Hi. Trip go ok?

As she replied, the timer for the brownies went off and Jack suited up with oven mitts to take them out.
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PostSubject: Re: Zoobilee (Conners)   Mon Dec 17, 2012 12:08 am

Amanda rocketed up the stairs to put her pajamas on and Amelia chuckled as she slid into Jack's arms easily. Tilting her head up she let him kiss her and wrap those arms around her softly. She kissed him slowly and softly. She knew that they only had moments before the little one was back downstairs and ready for more action.

Do I get to wear my pajamas too? she laughed.

When he got the brownies out of the oven she headed upstairs to his room and got out her favorite PJ pants which just happened to be blue with pink and yellow cupcakes all over them. She put a sports bra on and she put on a yellow tank top over it so that she was clean, neat, and covered. She wouldn't wear anything sexy with Amanda. At least not when the girl was going to watch a movie with them.

She came out and amanda took her to a cabinet where there was every movie she could almost imagine crammed into the shelves. She laughed and shook her head as they purused the titles.

Oh this is perfect, my favorite Christmas movie. she said pulling out the 'Christmas Story'. It was her favorite and she loved the laughter it always brought. So they picked that and Amanda seemed happy with the choice.

Amelia and Amanda started the movie, and Jack came in with the popcorn sitting in the middle of the two girls. Amelia snuggled into him from one side and Amanda from the other. They smiled at him and both kissed him on the cheek before they settled in to watch the best Christmas movie ever.

It was times like this, that Amelia could definitely see this being her life. She only hoped that Jack felt the same. [/complete]
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PostSubject: Re: Zoobilee (Conners)   

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Zoobilee (Conners)
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