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 Refining the Beast (Kale)

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PostSubject: Refining the Beast (Kale)   Wed Dec 05, 2012 9:03 pm

Felt as if she'd been holding her breath for hours, she knew she'd asked for this, but now that it was actually here she wasn't quite sure she was ready for it. Winter had firmly set in, and snow had begun to fall on the wastes, blanketing everything in a perfect layer of sheer white. This was her first trip out to the Proving Grounds that the Terran Guard used fir training exercises and weapons testing. She'd made the special requests with the Director himself for this day, so she and Kale would be the only ones out here. Her secret was important to her, the last thing she wanted was for everyone to look at her as if she were a monster. But she WAS a monster, and it was high time she got over it. Her secret could be a weapon the Guard could use, and if her furry side could help save lives instead of take them, then that was something worth training for.

It was time Neona truly embraced all that she was, and somewhere in her ran the blood of her father, the blood of warriors. She'd forgone her normal clothing for something for more suiting to the climate out here in the wastes. A fur lined cape with a large hood concealed the upper half of her body and kept her warm, beneath that she wore only a simple sweater, seeing as it was probably going to come off later anyway. Simple brown pants adorned her lower half, finished with a pair of sturdy boots. Her hands were covered with fur lined mittens of her own design, as was the rest of her outfit. When she had the time to not only make her own clothes, but cook everything for everyone, keep up with her work with the Guard and keep up on a new relationship was astounding. Some days she wondered how she did it herself. But that was Neona, type A personality with the drive to do everything all the time. Being a over energized werewolf helped too.

She had no idea what Kale had planned for them out here, he'd been mightily surprised when she'd asked him to help her train. It was quite a bit outside her comfort zone, learning to fight, especially since she'd specifically asked that they train her furry side too. He was one of the few members of the Guard who knew her secret, and she couldn't think of anyone she'd want to help her train. She needed to be better, faster, less like she was a wolf walking around in sheep's clothing. It'd been awhile since she'd shifted, since she let the wolf run free. She needed to stop being so damn scared of herself, she needed to embrace her dark side and make it a part of her.

She needed to stop feeling like a failure.
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PostSubject: Re: Refining the Beast (Kale)   Sat Dec 08, 2012 8:09 pm

Kale had been a bit surprised, sure, but mostly it was only by the timing. He'd thought that she would have asked about learning to fight better a long time ago - instead, she'd waited until now. He'd almost thought that she would just go on without, if truth be told. As it turned out, though, she'd apparently made the call, and that much was fine. He had a little extra time... and it was more work off the grid. He'd had a few problems of late, given the whole assassin-being-sent-to-his-house bit that he'd kept largely quiet, so he'd made it a point to avoid Sabre, Neona's family, and anyone else he might draw into the crossfire. He'd gotten Neona's message though, and so he'd arranged a way for them to meet out of sight, and come out to this secluded space. It was the best he could do... and Neona had sounded like she needed him.

Kale didn't have children, probably he never would, but sometimes it seemed Neona and Niara needed him just as much... and that was fine. He parked the black military truck he'd taken for the occasion - it was a heavy vehicle, and he had a considerable amount of equipment in the back, but he wasn't going to use it for now. The area they were in was sparsely wooded - large open spaces with a forest bordering each side, a small river off to one way... It was almost a beautiful spot, but there was something wrong about it, like all the rest of the proving Grounds. The plants and trees were twisted somehow, the ground was alternatedly pitted with craters and blasted flat by explosions. Artifacts of twisted, blackened glass grew from the dirt here and there where elven magic had missed its mark...

The Proving Grounds could be a monument to the war, in their own way. Instead, the Guard just used them because they could blow up all they wanted - things could hardly get much worse.

"Here we are." he said, pushing the door open and climbing out. Kale wasn't dressed much differently than usual - black boots, dark green pants of heavy cloth, black shirt with a black leather coat pulled over. He wore a thin, skintight armor under the rest of his clothes, but went mostly unprotected otherwise. It was just a small bit of insurance. He rubbed at the back of his neck a bit, walking around the truck and looking over to Neona, then moving to put a bit of distance between the truck and himself.

"If you need to get stretched out after that ride, go ahead. It's up to you if you want to practice shifted first or learn in your human form, but if you want human tactics, we can do that closer to home easy enough. We've got the area for the rest of the week, Second Division wants it for infantry tactics proving after that. We'll make another time afterward. Five days really isn't much time for this sort of thing."
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PostSubject: Re: Refining the Beast (Kale)   Sat Dec 08, 2012 9:09 pm

"It will have to suffice for now. No one can know that I'm here, they'd wonder what a Diplomat was doing out in the wastes, especially with you." Neona said, turning her golden eyes out to the pristine white of the wastelands before her. His words forced her to make the ultimate decision, he was right, if she'd needed human training that could have been done back at Headquarters easily. It was not unusual for diplomats to ask for training, and they all had to undergo the Guard's basic training upon enlisting. She had basic combat knowledge, but it was limited, and would give her an edge against a normal human being.

"I need to stretch but not in this form. It's been a very long time since I've given in to the call and shifted. I should have done it far sooner then this but it can be dangerous. Give me a few minutes to let the wolf run free and then we can start in. I need to better understand how to fight as a wolf as it is my most powerful weapon. You brought the tranquilizers I told you to?" Once he had nodded Neona would reach up and pull at the latches that kept her fur lined cape in place, setting it on the set of the large truck to keep it safe. This was followed by her boots, the snow melting around her bare feet as she set them on the seat as well. They were the only parts of her outfit that she cared about, she'd brought a complete change of clothes for later.

Turning back to Kale she took in a deep breath and then moved past him. Closing her eyes she reached down inside her, searching the beast she kept locked in it's cage. Her Elven blood would fight the shift, it always had and always will. Once she found that wild place where the beast paced back and forth, she would open the mental locks on the cage and the beast would come howling out. It would start with a pain that ran through all of her bones, the beginning of the shift. That would be followed by the first audible cracking of breaking bones. Her face would contort into silent pain. In the beginning she had screamed as the pain burned through her body, but she'd long since stopped that.

As her bones shifted, fur would sprout from her flesh, her muscles growing larger, everything about her body would change and contort. Her Elven frame would grow until she stood at seven and half feet tall, her body weight nearly tripling. Her Elven blood would change the way her wolf form looked, she was far leaner then a normal wear, thinner and far more lithe. As her transformation ended, she would lift her face to the sky and let loose with a near ear shattered howl. It would shake the windows on the truck, but not break them. Her golden eyes would come back down to settle on Kale for a moment, her massive maw showing rows of sharp teeth.

She would then turn away from him and take off through the snow, her fur color matched closely with that of her hair color in her normal form, golden against the white of the snow. Her Elven blood made it easier for her to run in either her bipedal form or on all fours, where as normal wolves would find it better to run on all fours, that it would make them faster. It would also make her more agile, and faster then a normal werewolf, more on kin with the were cats.

Goldie would take a few minutes to let off some steam, racing around the nearby forests, occasionally letting out echoing howls that thankfully were not returned from the distance...that could have derailed everything they'd had planned for the next few days.
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PostSubject: Re: Refining the Beast (Kale)   Sat Dec 08, 2012 10:04 pm

Kale gave Neona a brief look, the kind that said 'who do you think you're talking to?' when she mentioned no one knowing she was here. Perhaps she had forgotten, but he WAS the current director of covert operations for the Guard. He had been doing things in secret since before she had ever been born. He had a reasonable idea of how to do something without people finding out - moreover, when he told the Guard to keep out of an area, experience told them to keep the hell away. The few times some of the Guard had poked their nosed into Kale's business, he'd seen to it that they got burned off.

It wasn't spite, it was just good practice.

When she described her own situation, he nodded a little. The comment about the tranquilizers just drew another of those same looks from him as he pulled his coat off and tossed it onto the seat of the vehicle. The skinsuit was plenty to keep him warm, and chances were with the fight, he'd be doing just fine in the temperature department.

"Take your time stretching out." he said, leaning against the side of the vehicle for a moment. He kept his eyes off her when she shifted - it broke her clothes after all, he wasn't about to stare at her naked even in part - then watched her as she sprinted off for a while, giving a light shrug. Calmly, looking almost bored, he drew the heavy pistol at his side and dropped in the heavy tranq rounds he'd brought for the occasion.

"Those are going to sting." he muttered, considering one of the rounds before he slid it into place and holstered the pistol.

He waited until she came back, then stepped back out into the open again and looked over to her. "I never asked. Can you talk? It only matters to a certain point, of course. When you're ready, go ahead and attack me. I want to see how much work we have to do still." Chances were she was going to balk at the idea... but there was only so much he could do from looking, and it wasn't as though many of the training drones the Guard had were going to stand up to a werewolf better than he had. He'd fought more than his share... fighting them hand to hand was rather sub-optimal of course, but he'd done that, too.

Fight in a world war long enough, and you fought just about everything at least once.
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PostSubject: Re: Refining the Beast (Kale)   Sat Dec 08, 2012 11:25 pm

She had missed his looks, it had been so long since she'd seen him, the diplomat wondered if he'd been purposefully distancing himself from her. It would not be the first time Kale's secrecy had drawn him away from the family and the people he'd come to care for, to protect them. She trusted him though, and knew that whatever he was doing, he had his reasons and would eventually come back to them as he always had.

As she ran, she let the muscles of her new form stretch and move, she even threw herself in the snow and rolled around in it at one point, getting the flakes caked into her fur and causing them to become rather soaked. Steam rose from her body, her temperature far above that of a human's. She would dry rather quickly if given the time. It was also easier for her to forget her higher brain functions and just give in to her instincts, to eat, to hunt, to mate, to kill, to sleep...they were all there. But that was the difference between a were and it's purely animal cousins. A Werewolf could remember languages, understand higher concepts like love and hate, understand who was a friend and who was a foe, remember their feelings for others.

As she came back to Kale, she considered him with her Werewolf eyes, that allowed her to see so much more. She could hear his heart beat, see it in the veins of his throat, hear the breath in his lungs. All things a predator needed to be able to take out it's prey in a few short movements. As he asked if she could speak, her large head would move slowly from side to side, shaking to the negative. Her wolf jaws could not form speech, at least not that he would understand. However, it would affirm that she could still comprehend his speech and follow his directions if need be.

Still she had to fight her animal instincts, to keep them from over taking her. It was the reason Were's were so feared as monsters, if they gave in sometimes it was hard for them to regain themselves. At his next words she dropped down to all fours, the way most Were's chose to meet their opponents, jaws and claws first. Neona would have had a hard time even considering attack Kale, but it was so much easier in this form to forget the way she felt about him as a human and see him as a foe. Lowering herself down, she stalked around him for a few moments, searching for the perfect opening before she launched herself at him. Moving across the ground at speeds only a Werewolf could achieve, snow flying in every direction. She was also far more agile then the werewolves he might be used to, should he try to dodge out of the way, he would find that she would dig her claws into the ground beneath the thin layer of snow and twist her body to follow after him.
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PostSubject: Re: Refining the Beast (Kale)   Sat Dec 08, 2012 11:59 pm

Kale nodded a bit in reply to her. So she couldn't speak, but she could understand. He'd met a few who spoke, but they might well have been modified... that made a certain amount of sense. And it seemed Goldie had a decent control of herself, though by the way she failed to hesitate at his command, she apparently wasn't ALL herself. That was probably a good thing, in truth. If she was going to be fighting, she couldn't be resisting the use of violence... of course, there was the question of whether or not it was going to be getting more dangerous for him because of that or not. But it was something he could handle. She was a relatively young wolf, and had spent most of her time suppressing that side of herself.

Then again, he was getting old. It would be interesting to see what happened...

She rushed him head on, and he lowered his stance slightly, kicking off to the side, but she was quicker than most... the elf blood in there, perhaps. Alright - called for a somewhat revised tactic. He ducked down a little lower, cutting in sharply so that she was forced to dig in for another sharp turn, and lashed out with a kick for the dug in limb, to knock her free and cut out her ability to turn while he dodged past, keeping his feet light. Normally a human couldn't hope to stun a werewolf with a blow that way... but Kale wasn't exactly human. He stepped back a few times, lines glowing on his hands where the veins came near the skin, his power awakening as his adrenaline kicked in.

This was just the part where he got used to her... If she could handle him, she didn't need much work after all. But then, that wasn't so very likely. At her next attack he would block her claws or dodge the bite before smashing an open palm into the side of her head, moving again when she was stunned. He held back to some degree of course... it was still Neona, and he'd done Bad Things to people by forgetting to ease up a little. Of course, he didn't do that a whole lot...
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PostSubject: Re: Refining the Beast (Kale)   Thu Dec 27, 2012 8:43 pm

As Kale's kick hit her in the leg, it knocked her loose of her hold on the ground and sent her tumbling through the snow. She rose from it, a new layer of snow melting into her shaggy fur, she shook most of it free and turned back towards him. A low growl emitting from her throat at her annoyance, no animal, especially a predator liked being bested. Despite the fact that she had known she'd probably get her tail kicked all over this valley when she came down here, the wolf had other instincts. Losing meant weakness, and weakness meant starvation and death. Weakness meant the pack had no use for you, and that just wouldn't do.

She would come at him again, leaping towards him with her claws and teeth bared and ready to rend flesh from bone. The connection of his hand to the side of her head would come as a shock, a sharp yip meeting the air as pain shot down her spine. She shook her head free of the stars and then crouched low to the ground, but this time she didn't come directly at him. This time she remained crouched for a few moments, her eyes not only took in Kale and his stance but also moved over the surrounding territory. She was plotting something, though the blue that glowed over his hands was a tad distracting she managed to ignore it.

Finally she launched forward, aiming right for him in another head attack, at the last second she altered her course, leaping to the side and planting her feet on a nearby tree trunk. She used it as a launch pad to leap at Kale from the side, her jaws aiming for his arm. If she connected, she would bite down hard enough to grab hold and the two of them would go rolling through the snow. He would bleed, but she wouldn't do any lasting damage. If it hadn't been for her Elven blood she might not be able to hold back like that, he very well could loose the arm if she let her instincts take over completely.
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PostSubject: Re: Refining the Beast (Kale)   Wed Jan 16, 2013 11:20 pm

Kale kept himself in a careful crouch for a moment after he passed her, though he seemed almost casual to look at his expression, while he circled a bit and waited for her to come to her feet again and rush back at him, as he knew that she would. That was a foregone conclusion. Whatever else she was, Neona was a werewolf now. She had the predictable nature of one. That was something they were going to have to work on. It was almost always the thing that got a werewolf killed when it came to a battle, in his experience. At least, he had used it to his own advantage more than once.

The blow he landed when she came close seemed to teach her the error of that, however. Lucky for her Kale was punching rather than using a heavy caliber weapon with explosive rounds, or the full force of his energy-augmented powers. Then again, perhaps he was just getting old - he'd thought he hit her a little harder than that.

While she crouched he took a few steps back, adding to the distance though he continued the circling motion. She was definitely thinking about her next attack instead of just launching it. Good. Neona was smarter than that, he had been concerned that she might not have retained the smarts that she would so badly need when she took this other form. But she would learn to rely on them rather than the fury of her animal if he had anything to say about it. She was not in for an easy week of training... and it probably meant that he was going to have to hurt her.

Well. Spare the rod, and so on...

He rolled with her attack, watching as she came, then being forced to adjust with the leap to the side that she made - well that was a hell of a trick. He grit his teeth as she came up, and he had little option but to snap his arm up, wrapping his skin in as much of his power as he could manage, just in case she didn't manage to hold back the way she needed to. In truth, he wasn't sure he wanted her to - this had to be as much like the real thing as possible to be worth it.

He let himself flow with her attack when she pouned on him, almost going loose before he pulled himself into a curl, rolling once until he could slam his feet back into the ground, and his veins flared once again with the light of his power. He used that momentum along with hers, getting himself back to his feet, then turning and throwing her - the shield over his skin expanding as he did, the surface of which would be too slick for her to keep a purchase on. Once she was off again he dropped to a knee, slamming his hands under the boulder he'd come to a rest by and hauling it up into the air, then sending it flying through the air at her at roughly the speed of a car on the highway, despite the several hundred pounds it must have weighed.
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PostSubject: Re: Refining the Beast (Kale)   Fri Jan 25, 2013 2:57 am

She was glad that Kale wasn't just some normal human, who in their right mind would actually agree to training a Were...going head to head with the beast of so many nightmares? Well...she'd always known Kale was the cookie short a couple of chocolate chips right? But that meant she didn't have to hold back nearly as much as she needed to, meant she could push the both of them. The taste of his energy in her mouth was probably a good thing...it wasn't like she ever let the beast out to hunt or feed and there were some instincts that were hard to suppress. Neona knew his training would have a defense for something like this and she wasn't disappointed.

As he threw her, she twisted, using her increased agility to control her roll so she didn't hurt herself and coming up onto all fours. Kale wouldn't let her just rest on her laurels, sometimes instinct served you well. She dug her claws into the earth and took off after him again, this time putting her Were speed behind it. As he launched the rock at her she didn't bolt away, instead she launched herself up over it. Her paws were more of a mixture between a Wolf and a human, the fingers spaced a bit further apart which would allow her to grip things unlike a normal wolf. She scrabbled up and over the rock as it moved through the air and used it as a launch pad, combined with her strength and speed, the power of it pushed the rock downwards and she sailed through the air towards Kale.

The entire movement would take only moments, barely enough time for anyone to be ready for the wolf shaped bullet headed their way. Still, she knew he would be ready for her and so she didn't aim right for him, she aimed at the ground in front of him. She was a close quarters fighter, which meant she needed to get close enough to lay a claw on him. She had nothing in her furry arsenal for ranged attacks like Kale. She would come in low, trying to shoulder him to the ground where she could more easily get into the perfect position to maim him. Of course she wouldn't dare hurt him but once you get your face surrounded by rows of razor sharp teeth you tended to cry uncle.
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PostSubject: Re: Refining the Beast (Kale)   

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Refining the Beast (Kale)
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