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 Protocol Breaching, Take 1 (Amelia)

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PostSubject: Re: Protocol Breaching, Take 1 (Amelia)   Tue Dec 04, 2012 3:53 am

Amelia opened the door and went to sit on him, straddling him on the floor as she kissed him again. He was really getting used to kissing a woman again.

I'm not angry, I'm just.. I know it's dangerous. Us. And I really want it to work too. I haven't been this excited about a date, in a very very long time. I'll take more caution in the future, I promise.

Its ok, I haven't been this excited about a seating arrangement in a very, very long time. They laughed as she mentioned sleeping in a bed, and they untangled and rose together.

He led her upstairs and towards the bedrooms, figuring that they both would prefer the warm comfort of a bed as opposed to the cushioned floor in the den. She mad a move as if to go in to the Master bedroom and he nodded. If she felt comfortable there, then more power to her there. They got under the covers, and she immediately snuggled in to him, kissing his neck softly.

You keep that up, something will happen...make a decision Amelia. What do you want from me?

We'll make it work Jack. We will. And we'll do everything we can to keep it a secret. I want this to work as much as you do.

Leaning in, Jack gave Amelia a long, romantic kiss before pulling back, whispering because he knew she could hear.

I know we will Amelia. I want this, you want this, Amanda is determined...we can't fail. Wait....Amanda was on the phone?

Jack emitted a small groan before he pulled her in close, grumbling about how they will never, ever hear the end of Amanda's brilliant idea for them to start dating.
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PostSubject: Re: Protocol Breaching, Take 1 (Amelia)   Tue Dec 04, 2012 9:56 am

The kiss was amazing. Now that they were in bed, it was even harder to keep her hands off of him. Especially, since she really did want to know what it would feel like for them to be together. She was determined to wait, but in the same breath, she knew that it was going to be harder every time they kissed like this. He broke the kiss and she lay her head on his shoulder as she had downstairs. It was a very comfortable spot, and she was more than happy to lay herself right up against him if it was at all possible.

He all of a sudden seemed to let it in, that Amanda had called. She couldn't help but chuckle as he pulled her right up against him and muttered several things about how they would never hear the end of them being together because of her. He was right. Amanda was going to take all the credit for it, but to be honest that wasn't necessarily wrong. She was the reason, technically, the two of them had ended up together after work. In a environment that would allow them to get to know each other the way they really wanted to.

Amelia got herself comfortable, pressed up tightly against him. Her leg slid between both of his, she wanted him, she wanted him really bad. But, she was going to wait. It would be better if they did.

It's going to be all right. It'll fade, when the newness wears off. She'll move onto something else, but yeah, I can see her busting that out when she gets mad at us. she chuckles softly in the dark room.

She was partially surprised he didn't mind another woman in his bed, the bed he'd no doubt slept with his wife in. But, she supposed, that it was a sign he really was ready to start moving on. If he could let her sleep where his wife probably had, in the room they had decorated together, minus the mess.. then she felt like it was a big sign of hope. She kissed him gently on the neck. Only because that was where she was laying her face, right up against his neck as he held her against him. She was most definitely enjoying their time together.

Best first date ever for sure. It took a little longer this time, but Amelia soon passed out in his arms. And would only wake up when he woke her up, or an exclaimation of delight from a 7 year old woke her up.
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PostSubject: Re: Protocol Breaching, Take 1 (Amelia)   Wed Dec 05, 2012 3:15 am

Sunlight streaked through the windows behind the headboard as Jack Conners slowly roused from the night's activities, his arm still around Amelia as she curled up on his body. She was sound asleep, looking so peaceful he didn't dare wake her. Thinking on the past fifteen hours or so, he sighed with contentment about the possibilities ahead of him and the difficulties they possessed.

We are going to need to be really careful, and I know Amelia knows that. Amanda loves her, and shes amazing. I haven't felt this alive in....ages. Not since, well, not since Celeste. She's very much worth the risk, isn't she?

Jack sat up slightly, nodding to himself. She was definitely worth it. Watching her sleep, completely at peace, her face locked in with calm features. Slowly, he raised his hand, and let his fingers run through her hair, casually brushing her ear. If her Synthesia was as acute as she mentioned, it should wake her up in a little bit. If not, he had other ways to rouse her.

When Amelia finally decided to grace him with her presence, he smiled at her, kissing her hair softly. Good morning. So, I've been thinking...and there is literally one thing in this world I want right now.

Looking in her teal eyes, he got the expression he was looking for: a look that begged to ask the question. A sly smile crossed his lips, letting her believe that the answer would involve a severe lack of pants.

Breakfast! How do you like your eggs? He chuckled as he leaned in and kissed her softly. Might as well start the day off well...they had to face Amanda in the afternoon.
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PostSubject: Re: Protocol Breaching, Take 1 (Amelia)   Wed Dec 05, 2012 10:03 am

It took Amelia mere seconds to wake up from his touch. She had actually almost woken just when he moved because her body had settled into a rythm of him being right beside her. Warm and breathing. But, when his hand went through her hair, she smiled almost instantly and then her teal eyes opened gently and looked up at him. She was still a big groggy and half asleep, but last night had been one of the best nights ever.

The date that had started just as a dinner and getting to know each other had turned into something that she never would have thought. Of course the storm and lack of electricity probably helped because otherwise she might have found a point somewhere in the evening to not overstay her welcome. But, when she was stuck in no clothes of her own and no electricity it was kind of a silent invitation to stay.

She liked this fate.. thing.

Morning she mumbled out softly as she stretched her body out like a small kitten and then relaxed as he asked her what he was excited about this morning. He was a morning person. God help her. She didn't mind the mornings, at least not after a cup of coffee. She just wasn't all.. jumpy.. smiley.. happy... but it was contagious apparently because she couldn't help but chuckle.

Then came the grin, and her brow rose.

After ALL that they had been through last night and NOW he wanted to get freaky? Men were weird.. But, before she could give any real thought into that thread, he told her breakfast, causing her to laugh again. Rubbing her eyes she sat up, and looked around the room again. Kind of getting her bearings again anyway. He asked her how she liked her eggs.

Scrambled please. it was freeeeeezing! And coffee.

She got out of the bed a bit slowly and stole the blanket from the end wrapping herself up mummy style she trudged off to the bathroom to .. well use it. Then came out and asked him where his laundry room was, so she could get her clothes dry while they ate breakfast. After she got her clothes all set to dry, she ended up on a stool in the kitchen, mummified in his blanket, watching him cook breakfast. Enjoying the smells of coffee that wafted from the carafe that was percolating.

So are you as badass at eggs as you are chicken and pasta? she asked as she looked over at him. More awake now just for moving around, and excited about the prospects of coffee, eggs, and the heater working on the house.
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PostSubject: Re: Protocol Breaching, Take 1 (Amelia)   Wed Dec 05, 2012 11:17 pm

Her laughter was such a wonderful sound in his ears, Jack couldn't help but do anything but smile at Amelia. On the plus side of things, when he had eluded to sex, there was no recoil, no disdainful look from the blonde, which made things even more curious. She said she liked her eggs scrambled before sauntering off to the facilities, completely enrobed in a blanket. To Jack's eyes she looked to be shivering, but he couldn't be sure.

A couple of minutes later, their clothing was in the laundry, and her-blanketness was huddled on a stool at the island in the kitchen. Liquid egg slowly scrambled up to a bright, cooked yellow as Jack sprinkled various spices in to the eggs. In a second pan, a couple of sausage patties fried up, and bread was toasting in the toaster. A few more ticks of the clock, and the two of them were eating their breakfast, still smiling from the night that they had had together.

So, the little terror should be home around noon, do you want to take the first shower, or should I?

==A couple hours later==

The sound of keys in the lock brought news of the seven-year old's arrival, making Jack and Amelia rise from their seats on the couch. Amanda squealed upon seeing Amelia, and bolted straight to the blonde's waiting arms. Little arms hugged with all their might, and whispers were spoken.

Is my daddy a good kisser?

Amelia simply laughed and nodded to the little girl, who suddenly had a look of triumph on her face. I knew it!

After the hullabaloo of getting things settled away, Jack and Amelia settled down with the young Conners to have a serious talk about the rules...

...then, of course, there were cookies.

/end thread
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PostSubject: Re: Protocol Breaching, Take 1 (Amelia)   

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Protocol Breaching, Take 1 (Amelia)
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