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 Protocol Breaching, Take 1 (Amelia)

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PostSubject: Re: Protocol Breaching, Take 1 (Amelia)   Sat Dec 01, 2012 1:16 am

He didn't think she was weird, and she let out a sigh. Because, she had been afraid, that he wouldn't want to deal with her anymore. She knew that it would take work. Because, there were soaps and colognes she wouldn't be able to handle. There were scents that she couldn't have in her house, laundry detergents she couldn't use, and fabrics she couldn't wear.

He told her that she was dating him, which made her weird, and got her to laugh just as much as he did. She got up off his lap and he headed out of the room. She watched him go, and then she followed. She felt weird being left behind in a house that his wife was still so present in. He headed to the bathroom downstairs, it was nice to know where it was if she wanted to use it later.

She leaned against the wall and enjoyed the crisp clean scent of the minty shaving gel. There was something sexy about shaving gel. The scent alone sometimes just got her. She had no idea why. Maybe, it was just that it was such a manly scent.

Be sure to put Neo on that cut. she uttered probably well before he even realized he had cut himself and definitely before he even saw the color red.

When he finished she came into the bathroom, and she ran her hands over his now mostly smoothe cheeks. With a smile she leaned in, pulling him down to her. Inhaling heavily, she closed her eyes and let her cheek rest against his smoothe one. She felt his arms move around her waist, and she just held him there for a few minutes. Him shaving was nice, and she hoped that was his normal gel, because it was good.

Thank you for shaving. I like your gel. Don't change it. she whispered in his ear. Letting her lips brush softly against the skin there. She smiled softly as she pulled back. Dinner time. she whispered right before the oven went off.

She smiled, and headed out of the bathroom leaving him standing there. She headed to the kitchen and opened the oven. Throwing herself back from the wave of heat for a moment until it dissipated for a second and then she grabbed the pan with the oven mitts that she had found on the counter. Putting the hens to the side, she looked over at the pasta and then went to get the salad out of the fridge.

Where do we want to eat? she called out to him. It's your place, you make the rules.
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PostSubject: Re: Protocol Breaching, Take 1 (Amelia)   Sat Dec 01, 2012 7:12 am

Jack loved the way Amelia looked at him. It wasn't an easy thing to describe, the way a woman looks at a man, but it was a fantastic thing that made him feel warm inside. He didn't expect her to pull him down so their cheeks were touching, but he followed along, holding her close in an intimate embrace for who knew how long...he didn't care.

Thank you for shaving. I like your gel. Don't change it.

It stays then.

Dinner time.

Jack's head shook in surprise as she darted away and the timer for the Cornish Hens went off. His eyes widened a little as he began to stroll towards the kitchen, smiling as he kept thinking about her lips brushing his ear. When he finally got back to the kitchen, Amelia had pretty much done everything. She asked where he wanted to eat.

Well, we can use the dining room. But, just like you said, this is my house...so get out of my kitchen! I'm supposed to be impressing you with my cooking! Why don't you grab some silver ware from that drawer, our wine glasses, and I will bring in the food.

When Amelia finally complied, Jack set the plates with a hen on each plate, a small pile of salad and pesto sauced pasta. Pulling some mandarin oranges from the fridge, he tossed a couple in each salad and walked to the dining room. Placing a plate at his spot, he walked behind Amelia and placed the plate softly in front of her, slipping her a quick peck across her lips as he bent in front of her.

He couldn't help it...he really enjoyed kissing her.

Dinner is served my dear. Enjoy
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PostSubject: Re: Protocol Breaching, Take 1 (Amelia)   Sat Dec 01, 2012 10:09 am

He followed her into the kitchen and told her that this was his kitchen and he was trying to impress her with his cooking skills. Causing her to laugh and give him a bright smile. He tasked her with silverware and getting the dining room set up. Remy opened the drawer and found the silverware. Picking out the standard three. Grabbing some napkins off the counter she headed to the dining room. Opening the mini blinds to let in some of the dying light. It was nearly dark.

After dinner, she was hoping they could go on a short walk. Just down the street or something. But go outside, some fresh air, and take a walk like a normal couple. Besides, there were some things they needed to talk over. She hoped they wouldn't have to hide forever. Remy was startled out of her thoughts, and window gazing when Jack came into the room with the plates and she smiled.

Smells amazing. she grinned.

Sitting down, he pecked her lips, and she grinned. It was nice, to know that he wasn't always the hard ass that rode everyone at the office. He had a reputation for being a hard guy to get to know. But, she understood why he had that wall. If he was friends with everyone, then they would start forgetting that he was their boss in important situations. It was better that he wasn't friends.

The problem was, she had gotten herself noticed. Well that wasn't a problem she was most definitely enjoying being noticed. The thing was, she just knew eventually, someone was going to figure it out. Especially, as the two got closer.

She dove into the food, it was amazing. Of course the salad she had made herself. But, the rest of it that he made was heavenly. She ate in silence for a few moments. Enjoying the flavors of the food, she wouldn't be able to eat everything he had put on her plate. She had a figure to keep hold of afterall, but, she was going to eat as much as she could.

But, she felt like now might be a good time to talk. Seriously.

So... I think we've established, that we want to try this out. You and me. I mean. But, I think we're going to have to set some ground rules. Because of our .. situations. she offered as she continued to eat and took a sip of water. I know the rules at work. So, I know that it's fairly obvious at work, it's business as usual. Luckily, I'm not like your secretary or anything. I'd hate to have Janice's job... she teased with a grin. Seeing the look she got.

Anyway, I'll continue to do my job as I always do, and you'll continue to scream REMY! at me from your office she laughed.
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PostSubject: Re: Protocol Breaching, Take 1 (Amelia)   Sun Dec 02, 2012 12:01 am

Sitting at the table as they both ate, Jack and Amelia kept exchanging glances and smiles as they worked on disassembling the plate of food in front of them. She looked at the food like she could devour the entire plate, but at the same time hesitation that she would have to work it off. It made Jack smile as he watched her, and he would plainly admit it...he liked watching her.

Sitting in the moment felt fantastic, but Jack knew the moment was simply that: a perfect moment. Their relationship, whatever it was going to develop in to, was something very dangerous for the both of them. Jack wasn't technically Amelia's commanding officer, but it was a thin line no on would cross to defend. They would put their jobs, their livelihoods, on the chopping block to date. He knew they would need to have a serious discussion about it, he just didn't expect it during dinner.

Amelia, however, had different ideas.

So... I think we've established, that we want to try this out. You and me. I mean. But, I think we're going to have to set some ground rules. Because of our .. situations.

Amelia, you sure you want to talk about this now?

She nodded slightly and continued. He had to hand it to her, she didn't beat around the bush; it was something Jack found both refreshing and attractive.

I know the rules at work. So, I know that it's fairly obvious at work, it's business as usual. Luckily, I'm not like your secretary or anything. I'd hate to have Janice's job...

She smirked as he raised an eyebrow, Janice? Who the hell was Janice? Did they mean...

Jensen? Ouch. That's mean, does he know you call him that?

She proceeded and spoke about them returning to a standard routine. He simply smiled and nodded.

I know how to be discrete my dear. You know the Terran Guard Liaison we have, Bree? When she acknowledged knowing the woman, Jack elaborated. Didn't know we dated for a month, did you?

He smiled, knowing they had been careful when they dated. Sadly, it wasn't meant to be, but then again, any failed relationship was unfortunate...but it did happen sometimes. Jack was glad to be giving it a shot with Amelia.

The real question is who wants to tell Amanda, and when? he chuckled, knowing that conversation would most likely be the same as any woman he had ever dated.
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PostSubject: Re: Protocol Breaching, Take 1 (Amelia)   Sun Dec 02, 2012 12:13 am

She nodded. She needed to talk it out now. Get the unpleasantness out of the way so they could enjoy the rest of the evening and part of the night. Still, she knew it wasn't the most fun topic, but it had to be said, and it was important to get it done quickly. Besides, she didn't want it hanging over their heads until someone finally brought it up.

He explained that he knew how to be discreet. That he had dated the terran Guardswoman, Bree, for a month. Amelia's brow rose, because of course, like the rest of the Force she knew nothing about it.

Did Amanda know?

He nodded in answer, and she sat back for a moment. It wasn't that she felt like she had claim on Amanda. Though she had in a way hoped that she was special somehow, that she was the kind of woman that got to Amanda. Got the Amanda sticker of approval or something. But, she should have known that wasn't the case, considering how fast Amanda really wanted her and her father to be together.

We can tell Amanda we're dating at any point. I don't mind it. But, we'll have to make sure she understands the rules, at least at work. I mean, I don't mind picking her up from school or when we're together she is very warm and talkative about it. Just, not at work. she shrugged. She knew that was pretty much a given anyway but it made Amelia feel like she had more control over the situation to say it out loud.

She felt a sharp pang of jealousy hit her hard when he mentioned Bree. Bree was a beautiful woman and she could understand why her and Jack might have gotten together. Though, she hoped to be more successful with Jack than the Guardswoman had been.

I can be discreet too. You won't find me kissing, hugging, or touching you at work. And, I promise I won't make jokes or call you any nicknames. I can be professional, until we're together in a private setting.

She reached over and took his hand in her own.

I really .. really want this to work. I'm going to give it everything I can. I feel.. right when I'm with you and Amanda. It's kind of silly I guess, we just started this.. thing but, that's how I feel and I'm going to own up to it. she smiled and then went back to her dinner.

The dinner was delicious and it was hard to stop herself when she had reached the end of her rope. But, she managed. Sitting back, she just enjoyed talking and watching Jack. It was quiet, she knew that most of their dates, they would probably not be alone. At least, not when they were here. They could probably do a dinner occassionally.

So what about public stuff? I mean, there are a lot of people on the Force. But our relationship isn't going to work if we stay locked inside forever, right?
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PostSubject: Re: Protocol Breaching, Take 1 (Amelia)   Sun Dec 02, 2012 12:35 am

Jack could only smile as he listened to Amelia plead her case and lay out ground rules like he hadn't already been in a secret relationship before. She was determined, intelligent, and really driven, and that was just in her commitment to making the relationship work! On the job, Jack knew she was working her way up the ranks with amazing speed, and she was on the hot list for a gold shield, if she ever decided to leave the Detective Branch.

Than again, Jack could never tell her that.

The craziest thing was that she was already talking about taking Amanda off his hands sometimes and just doing things with her. A lot of the women he had dated in the past tried to glaze over the little 5, 6, or 7 year old and not really engage her. Amelia was diving in with both hands and all Jack could do was simply be amazed by her. She did bring up a good point though, they couldn't date in their homes forever.

I want this to work too, we will have to figure something out for going out of the house. Amanda is a great tool for that.

She's very smart about being discreet at work, and I know she will want us to work out more than we do,
he said, laughing softly to himself, at least for a couple of times, she can make a huff at the precinct about you coming with us to places. That at least gets us together.

Amelia nodded along as he spoke, she may not have thought about the young girl's potential to be so useful in this kind of environment.

As for telling her, sooner might be better than later...the more you're around, the more she will notice and either figure it out herself, or assume its happening. We need to be upfront and explain it to her. She will be more than elated.
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PostSubject: Re: Protocol Breaching, Take 1 (Amelia)   Sun Dec 02, 2012 12:49 am

Amanda apparently, had potential as reasons for them to get out and about together without having to worry about it being seen in too badly of a light. Which was good because truthfully they couldn't hang around the houses all the time. Both they, and Amanda would get bored pretty quick. But there were many times she could see them renting a couple movies on TV. One for Amanda and one for them to watch after she went to bed. At least, that was something she thought would work out really well, in the future, for those home nights.

That's perfect then. I just, wanted to get it all out there. Because, I want us to have fun tonight. I'm certain there won't be that many nights where we won't have Amanda too. So I want to enjoy the ones I can steal. she chuckled.

It wasn't even remotely possible that Amanda would get on her nerves. Well, not because she was alive and his daughter. All kids got on nerves at some point. But, she could handle that. At least, she thought she could. It hadn't happened yet.

They finished with dinner and Amelia took the plates. Forcing him since it was 'his' house and she was 'his' guest. To sit by while she rinsed off the plates and put them in the dishwasher. She set the chicken pan to soak and put water in the pasta pan and the salad bowl so they would be easier to wash later. She wiped the counters down and picked up the odds and ends, and then she came over to him and held out her hand.

The rain stopped briefly. I was hoping, you might be interested in a small walk around the block before it gets fully dark?

When he took her hand, she smiled, and they headed out. She left all her things behind, and they locked the door behind them as they headed for the sidewalk they could use to get around the neightborhood a little bit. There were some kids out splashing in puddles brought on by the rain, and there were parents outside talking, and older people sitting on their porches. There were dogs barking and people laughing, life was nice, but she knew that soon it would be quiet because the sun was almost below the horizon. All ready moms and dads were calling their kids inside.

So, I'm curious, how you bacame Captain Jack? I don't really know much of your story, and I'm hoping that you might be kind enough to share with me.

She figured he must know something about her. But, she wasn't sure what. So she didn't think about taking any knowledge for granted. Afterall, he had no idea about her abilities until she told him. The irritation around her mouth was all ready gone without the stimuli to keep it going. It was chilly out and she had forgotten to bring her coat, but she slid over closer to him and put her arm around his waist so that she could use his body heat to keep her shielded from the wind that was whipping around. The storm system was not over. It was going to come back.
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PostSubject: Re: Protocol Breaching, Take 1 (Amelia)   Sun Dec 02, 2012 5:17 am

He sat at the kitchen's island watching her clean. He wasn't happy about it, but she had been firm and gave him a look that made him sit down...and that was three times ago, he wasn't going to try again. He just glared at her, which always got him a winning smile. She won and she knew it, she probably thought that the particular move she used would work every time.

She was probably right....probably.

Offering him her hand, she offered a walk in the twilight, which Jack thought about for a moment before he accepted. There were no cops on his block, and no one would recognize the pretty detective on his arm. They would just assume Jack had a new woman in his life, and the neighborhood gossip would start. Oh well, the bored women of the cul-de-sac would go on and prattle anyway. They were almost as bad as Amanda sometimes.

Maybe this will stop them from trying to set me up with their daughters and sisters.

Locking the door behind them, Jack checked the small of his back for his service pistol, not feeling it there. It was an odd feeling to not leave the house without a gun...but he needed to get used to it.

They walked around the neighborhood as kids played in the puddles while their parents conversed and watched them. Many of the men waved, saying hello, while many a woman took special notice of Jack's new lady friend. Shaking his head at some of the men, they shared a silent chuckle about the respective women. As the wind blew, he felt Amelia getting closer as they shared body heat and got comfortable with one another.

So, I'm curious, how you became Captain Jack? I don't really know much of your story, and I'm hoping that you might be kind enough to share with me.

Jack looked at her and nodded, it was only appropriate to start learning about one another. That, and she didn't have the advantage of personnel files.

Well, I started in patrol in the Seventh Precinct in the North End. I had an advantage because I was fluent in a lot of Other languages, and that area is more Other than different sections. I was part of the Seventh for nearly five years, and I got my chevrons.

In my time as a desk Sergeant and such, I came up with the idea of the MHD since I saw how Others were getting treated in this city. That, and our officers were getting torn up from enhanced people. There was too much fear and hate in Bastion, so my idea took flight.

So, with the help of some Police Commissioners, the Division was created and a Captain was assigned, a decorated man, Neil Jenoux. I got a promotion to Lieutenant and was his second in comment. Then...my wife happened. Amelia, do you know what happened with my wife?

Amelia shook her head no, and looked slightly sullen at bringing up the topic. Jack could tell she didn't like talking about Celeste, and he didn't blame her. Nobody liked being reminded of a former love, especially when you were trying to find a new one.

She turned out to be a human with abilities, like you; except, she could wield magic. Calling herself a witch, she lost her temper and assaulted a guy, and she got taken in, poor woman was scared out of her mind: being in a cold interrogation room with a two year old to think about. The Captain was determined to interrogate her alone, get a massive conviction...the first victory for the MHD before it was even officially created.

Long story short, she threatens to take away Amanda, and Celeste kind of lost it. I bailed her out, took her home...she was acting weird, like she was going to face a death sentence. Next thing we hear, the Captain and his family got torn apart by werewolfs, summoned through some form of magic. Celeste is immediately indicated, and she just fled.

I got put on suspension because they thought I had something to do with it, but instead I helped keep the Division together. I worked as interim Captain while the city figured out what to do about us, since we obviously couldn't avoid this tragedy. After four years of fighting, I was promoted to Captain and the MHD was officially open for business.

...then I met you and mentioned my ex four times on our first date...how about you? What got you in to police work?
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PostSubject: Re: Protocol Breaching, Take 1 (Amelia)   Sun Dec 02, 2012 12:31 pm

Remy was quite interested in the story of Jack Connors. She listned as they walked and was fairly oblivious to the people watching them with hungry eyes. She assumed that Jack didn't have many women over and when he did she doubted he paraded them around the street. Maybe this was a good sign, she wasn't sure, but it didn't matter either. Though she could tell the gossip mill had started, because she could her some whispers despite her concentration on Jack that her oversensitive ears could pick up.

Finally found himself a nice young thing. Keep up with that daughter she will.

I better call Marium, she'll want to see this.

Don't they just make the most precious of couples. That man needs a woman, that house MUST be a disaster.

Isn't she a little young for him?

And it went on. But, Remy was listening to Jack. She didnt particularly like talking about his wife but in the same breath it was a must. Because, she had been part of his life for a long time and she knew that the woman was engrained in there. Remy was just going to have to get used to it. When Jack asked if she knew what had happened with his wife she shook her head. She had no idea, she didn't go around snooping on people at work, she just worked, and did her job. She didn't break the rules for selfish curiosity.

When he told her what happened her brows rose. She didn't know what to think. A woman sending werewolves to kill a man and his family.. was .. more than horrible. It was... well there weren't words for it. She kept the disdain from her face though. Not over Jack, but over what his wife had chosen to do. She had run too. Knowing she would seak something worse than just jail time she ran leaving her husband and daughter behind. Which was even more cruel. But Jack had held up well and she was proud of him. For doing what he had done.

Then he turned the question back on her.

My father was a cop. A beat cop his whole life. Didn't want anything else he said. Said he'd go nuts behind a desk pushing folders around and trying to be important and not spill coffee on his tie. she laughed. You might have heard of him. Robert Remington. Many have, some haven't, it's not a big deal. Anyway, he was a cop my whole life. He finally retired a few years ago, and now he and mom have a cabin by a lake. Anyway, he always trained me to be the kind of girl that could take care of herself.

I was in shooting ranges by the time I was twelve, and I had already known how to shoot because they had a country field that they had bought for a while and would take us out there shooting from time to time she smiled. I always knew that I was gonna be a cop, it was the only thing I wanted to be. But, my abilities came in in my later teenage years and I had a very hard time with them. Everything was so.. overwhelming for a long time I didn't think I was ever going to make cop. But, my parents were awesome, they worked hard to help me, and I got my will and determination through them. Together, we found ways that I could cope, and I got it under control when I was about nineteen.

She shrugged. Even though really, it was a huge feat. After that, I entered the Police Academy. Graduated the third of my class. I was picked up by the Bastion Police Force pretty quick. My partner was Zach Parker. We worked together for several years. He's the one that made sure my police Academy nickname of Remy stayed. Zach was a great partner. We worked really well together, and I got noticed by the bigwigs, when we did a big drug bust thanks to my abilities. We had been called out to a domestic dispute but I could smell the drugs from in the house. So we busted in, and arrested a rather large drug ring. Zach got moved up in BPD and I got transfered to MHD and the rest you all ready know. Not sure what I want to do from here, I like working, I'm afraid if I move up it'll be more desk less working. she laughed.

They had reached the end of the street, so they turned around and began to head back towards the house. She was glad for tonight, and the fresh air, while cold, really felt nice. The storm was rolling back in and thrunder rolled through the clouds like an angry beast. But she knew they would make it home before they got rained on again.

I know your ex, is going to be part of our lives. I'm trying not to let it, get to me. I guess, it's just hard because .. I worry I guess.. that.. I might not be enough. she admitted. Amelia wasn't one to beat about the bush especially with her feelings, it was better to be honest about them. So.. what does Amanda think happened to her mother? she asked curiously. Since they were talking serious business again.
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PostSubject: Re: Protocol Breaching, Take 1 (Amelia)   Mon Dec 03, 2012 12:16 am

When they passed other people, he always wondered what they were gossiping about him and Amelia. Assured they were talking about them, mainly because they were awful at hiding it. Wondering just how sensitive her Synthesia was, Jack was about to ask what they were saying...but thought better of it. It wasn't his business, nor was it his place to ask her.

As they strolled along, their heat shared in the wind whilst they walked together, he noticed Amelia was listening intently. She was generally interested in his life. When it was her turn, Jack gave her the same courtesy, noting important details. He knew a small bit from her file. While he didn't pay a lot of attention to the medical reports and special interest sections, Jack always researched his subordinate's backgrounds. He knew about her patrol days, and applying directly to MHD.

Then...she hit him with a brick wall out of nowhere.

I know your ex, is going to be part of our lives. I'm trying not to let it, get to me. I guess, it's just hard because .. I worry I guess.. that.. I might not be enough.

Jack stopped in mid-stride, spinning on her, stopping them in their tracks.

Stop. Right there. Mind repeating your insane statement?

Amelia seemed hesitant, but she repeated it and Jack nodded, softly placing his hands on her shoulders, looking her deeply in her eyes.

Why would you ever think that? I would never have said yes to a date is you didn't fit. You are more than enough. Amanda loves you, I am very much interested in where this can go. Chuckling, he released her shoulders.

Hell, I have made more standard mistakes on this date than I think I have ever! I'm petrified you're just gonna take a transfer on Monday and never call me because I keep bringing up my ex. Yet, you're still here. Makes me think you have an eleventh toe or something...you put up with this insane proposition.

He obviously meant himself, and the baggage he came with, but he took it with humor. Either way, he was very interested in her reaction to him. What did she see in him? Jack Conners was, by definition, a mess.
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PostSubject: Re: Protocol Breaching, Take 1 (Amelia)   Mon Dec 03, 2012 12:27 am

Amelia repeated herself after he spun her around. She was blushing severely, but she couldn't help it. She didn't know what else to think. His ex who wasn't REALLY his ex since they were still married, was a huge part of his life. Not to mention that she was constantly hanging over their heads. mostly because, she was so entertwined in his life that she wasn't sure how she was supposed to live up to something like that. This woman that had given him a child, and good years, before she had gone off the deep end and then left completely for.. some reason.

He told her that she had nothing to worry about, if she wasn't fit for the job she wouldn't be here. He told her that he wanted to be with her, and was constantly surprised that no matter how many times he had mentioned his ex wife tonight she hadn't run for the door. Causing her to smile.

I put up with this proposition, because it means, I get to be close to you. she smiled warmly. I think we fit rather well to...

Cold heavy pouring rain suddenly opened up on them. She stopped mid sentence and just stood there gaping at him. They both started to laugh at the same time, and took each other's hands. Running through the rain. Everyone was darting back into their houses except some of the kids that were eagerly laughing and playing.

By the time they reached the door to his house they were soaked and he still had to unlock it. While she was wearing a white shirt, it had images on it but that didn't hide the fact that she had foolishly put on a zebra printed bra today and that she hadn't expected him to see such a thing. She was shivering by the time they both got into the house and slammed the door shut behind them.

They looked at each other and started to laugh. But she was freezing and her lips were shaking slightly. The rain had been cold on an already rather chilly day and that God awful sweater was just hanging heavily on him she swore he must have gained ten pounds from that sweater being wet.

Can I borrow.. a shirt? she stuttered out with her lips shaking and her arms wrapping around her body slightly to let her hands rub the bare arms because she was cold and while it was a bit warmer in the house she had to admit she was still freezing. She would follow him as he lead her through the house, hopefully to get a shirt, and maybe throw her own clothes in the dryer or something.
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PostSubject: Re: Protocol Breaching, Take 1 (Amelia)   Mon Dec 03, 2012 12:50 am

She started to reply as the rain began down-pouring, leaving her mouth open as water streaked over them. All they could do at that point was laugh and run, hands in one another's. They finally his Jack's door, laughter now being replaced by cold as the door suddenly seemed to be locked. Did he lock it? Damn the woman, keeping his mind off track! He smiled to himself as he unlocked the door and they ran in, leaning against the door as laughter erupted from the both of them.

Who could've predicted that? Unbelievable!

Jack threw his hands down, sloshing water to the floor. His sweater felt frigid and heavy. Stupid fabric...all natural simply meant "loves rain" in his opinion at the moment. He saw her lip shaking as she held herself. Her condition probably worked against her in the same way. She asked for a shirt with a smile, and Jack smiled back while taking her hand and leading her upstairs.

Come on, lets get you out of those wet clothes and in to something warm.

You know, I have some of Celeste's clothes in the basement. I bet her old sweatpants would....

Wait. Stop. Bad Idea.

That woman just told you she's threatened by your wife's presence in your life. Don't try to make her Celeste with her clothing.

Inner genius not withstanding, they arrived at a linen closet upstairs and Jack grabbed a blanket to throw around her. That was the moment he realized the white shirt was clinging to her, and the zebra print bra she had on...

...the cop in him couldn't resist.

Really? Your first date with some ultra amazing guy and you go with animal print?

He smiled as he pulled her along towards his bedroom where he could find changes of clothes.
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PostSubject: Re: Protocol Breaching, Take 1 (Amelia)   Mon Dec 03, 2012 1:01 am

Amelia blushed, as they headed up the stairs. She was freezing and she was hoping to get warm soon. She followed him up the stairs and up at the top he opened a closet door and there he got out a blanket and she dropped her arms so that he could wrap it around her completely. But that was not before he noticed her bra. She laughed nervously and blushed furiously. She hadn't actually expected he would see such a thing, and then he blatantly called her out on it.

Oh well... well I didn't expect you'd see it... and ummm... animal print is... sexy?

She followed him into his room. It was a wreck. She wrapped the blanket around her and was much warmer than she had been before. The room was covered in dirty clothes, and the bed was neat but mostly unmade. She saw that there were things piled on tables and anything that stood still except the dresser. On the dresser was a picture. And while he was getting her something to wear, she looked over at it.

Celeste, she assumed. She was beautiful, and especially so holding Amanda. But, the thing was.. it was still here, in his room. A place of honor. Tears burned her eyes, but she blinked them away. No need to be overly emotional. This was their first date anyway and there was no promise it was going anywhere except a few dates. She really wanted it to. There was something amazing about being with him. Something about the way she felt. Butterflies in her stomach when he touched her but comfort when they sat there and talked.

It was like they just worked together.

When he came out with some clothes, she smiled softly and looked away from the picture. She didn't say anything about it though, there was no reason to. It was here, that said more than anything else would. She accepted the clothes from him and darted into the bathroom so that he would be able to change as well.

Do you mind .. umm.. starting a fire downstairs or something.. when you're done changing?

Inside the bathroom, she got out of all her wet clothes and she sighed. There was a very heavy nausiating cologne in here somewhere and it was making her head hurt. She just wanted to be out of here but she wanted to make sure he was gone first. He had given her a shirt, pants, and a pair of socks. She put on the shirt and buttoned it up quickly thankful for the warmth that it offered. She used a towel that was close by and she wrung her hair out quickly and shook it into the towel hoping that she could get as much of the moisture out as she could. She put the socks on, and started to feel a lot warmer, but she didn't really want the pants. They were way too big and there was no way they were going to stay up so she let them stay on the counter and grabbed up all the wet things.

She began to head down the stairs, grateful for the fresh air of the house, and began to head down the stairs as the electricity went out. A large pop came from outside. She froze on the stairway. For a moment until her eyes finished getting their bearings and the glow of the fire downstairs called her. She came down, with her bundle and placed it on the tile, figuring that the dryer was not an option for the moment and walked into the living room. Wet hair, button down shirt, and his socks. She must have been some sort of sight.

This is proving to be quite the challenging date. she chuckled getting his attention.
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Oh well... well I didn't expect you'd see it... and ummm... animal print is... sexy?

Jack simply smiled. He loved how she blushed and got flustered when he called her out with her fashion choices. She probably assumed that he wouldn't see it...it was only their first date. Jack didn't think that anything was expected...well, he hoped not. He wasn't prepared for...well, it had been too damn long. Then again, what kind of example would he be setting if he tried to practice?

Dating was too complicated.

He found her some clothes except for pants. The pants he had were some old Academy sweats that he figured might be pretty big on her. But it was that...or a horrible idea. He turned and gave her the clothes, and she made a beeline for the bathroom, asking him to start a fire downstairs once he was done.

Uh...yeah, sure.

Jack tossed his clothes quickly, finding his own pair of slightly newer BPD sweats and a MHD T-shirt. It was ridiculous the amount of swag he had from his own department. It was like the only thing that was halfway decent was for work. He needed new clothes, at least, something better for hanging around. For warmth, he threw on fresh, dry undies and socks besides the standard fare, he softly ran down the stairs right towards the den.

As he took the step in to the den, the lights died in the house, and Jack cursed. Of course...tonight of all nights. Stepping from memory, he found the fireplace, and got the small box of matches. The electric starter for the gas fireplace wouldn't work with no power. Letting the gas flow, he lit it and turned it to provide some heat and light.

This is proving to be quite the challenging date.

A soft chuckling turned Jack's head as he was pulling blankets from the cabinet by the soft leather couch in the back of the small room. Amelia stood there in the shirt, and the socks, her hair sopping wet...no pants to be found. Jack quietly swallowed at the sight, she did have fantastic legs.

Uh....umm. Yeaaaah. It's had its hiccups.

Jack tried to motion towards the couch, but he wasn't really thinking about the couch at the moment. What did this mean? Why the hell was he so not in control!?!
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Amelia smiled at him. he seemed to just stare at her, watching her. She blushed severely. Maybe it was a bad idea to come down the stairs without a blanket or anything on. Maybe she should have tried to cover up more. But she figured with the fire she would be warm enough and they could lay right in front of it. She stepped fully into the room as he motioned to the couches. She smiled and bit her lower lip. She didn't really want to lay on the couch, or sit on the couch. She wanted to lay in front of the fire.

She came over, since he was kind of in a daze and moved two of the throw pillows to the floor a couple feet away from the fire, and then she put a blanket down. To lay on top of, and then another to cover up with. She was glad that he had so many blankets.

Would you lay down with me? In front of the fire? It'll be warmer there.

She didn't think she was that risque. Perhaps it was the fact that she was wearing his shirt, and his socks, and no bra. Perhaps that was the thing. Oh and the no pants thing. And she figured he was probably trying to figure out if her panties had gotten soaked too, or if she had worn any to begin with. What if she was one of THOSE kind of girls. She smiled as she knelt down on the blanket and pulled him down so that he would lay down with her.

There was no TV to watch and there was no telling just how long the electricity was going to be out. And besides, it was far warmer by the fire than on the other side of the room on the couch. Or at least, that was how far the couch seemed. When he lay down, she put her head on his shoulder and curled up against him. Taking out realestate on his side. Letting them cuddle in a way, she knew that he probably wasn't used to things like this. At least, not so fast. Neither was she. With all of her abilities, and the things that came with that, she had a hard time with random sex or anything. So she tried to save that kind of stuff for guys she really liked.

I think.. our date has actually.. gone really well. she whispered looking up at him from his shoulder. Those teal eyes of hers, were soft, but reflected gently in the firelight that shimmered from the fire place. She was warm, the blanket was on top of them, from the waist down. Remy licked her lips and then she pulled him closer and brought her lips to his. They had talked about another make out session and she couldn't see reason why it shouldn't happen right now.
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Watching her as she entered the room, Jack was still at a loss for words. Thoughts criss-crossed his mind like so many angered Africanized bees. What was she trying to provoke? Her intentions? What should he be doing? Should he take charge, walk up and just man handle her like some crazed lover? Would that be too strong...a more romantic approach? Like one of those damn movies he always fell asleep during when Celeste rented one? Why did he nod off then!?!?

Would you lay down with me? In front of the fire? It'll be warmer there.

Uh...huh. He let slip out in a whisper. What was he going to say? No?!?

She tossed some throw pillows on the ground on the carpeting, covering them with a blanket. Amelia knelt on the pillows and tugged on Jack's arm, helping find a place together as she curled in to him. He pulled a second blanket up slightly on their lower halves...no reason for her legs to freeze. She looked up at him as they cuddled in the warmth. Her teal eyes danced in the shadows and the reflected firelight and, to Jack at least, she was unbelievably beautiful.

I think.. our date has actually.. gone really well.

Not giving him any time to respond, Jack was pulled in to a deep kiss as they rolled slightly, leaving him partially on top of her. He returned the kiss, stabilizing himself with a hand on the floor. Their heads turned as they moved towards a better position as they cycled through deep, passionate kisses and short, romantic ones. As much as Jack wanted to, from his current position above her, his hands couldn't explore much. At the same time, shifting around would only hamper their current activities...and who was he to stop the fun?
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It was so much more pleasant to kiss him without all that stubble. He rolled slightly so that he was leaning over her, and she had to admit, the slight press of his body on hers was thrilling. While he was having to support himself, she was able to let her hands move over him. With her eyes closed, and the attention from her eyes gone, she was able to throw it into her hands and explore his body through his shirt without having to see anything the visual image her mind created was highly acurate anyway.

After a little bit, she pushed them into a position change. Allowing her to be over him for a little bit, that way his arm got a break and he could enjoy the sensations of exploring her if he wanted to. She kind of hoped that he would. Her hair was tossed to one side, and she loved the way that their lips felt against one anothers. The way that their bodies fit against one another and the way that he was just as into it as she was.

Amelia didn't want to have sex. Not on the first date. Even though she wasn't sure how many dates they would have where they weren't with Amanda, she didn't want to rush it. She was always afraid that if she had sex on the first date then it just spelled disaster for the rest of the date. Because, in a sense, what was left? You had already done everything except get a ring and a white dress.

She wanted to save it anyway, for a time when it could be a little special. When they were more certain this was going to work. But, that didn't mean she was asexual. She most definitely wanted him, and she could tell that he wanted her.

Breaking apart, gasping for air they both lay on the floor in a tangle of limbs and blankets. Panting and staring at one another with large smiles on their faces. She knew it was late, but without clothes, there was no way she was going home. And, the dryer wasn't going to be working any time soon, or at least, not until they were able to get the electricity back on. She figured they had better cool it before they ended up naked in front of the fire. They had already been exploring a little bit underneath their clothing.

Softly she lay her head on his chest, and caught her breath. Staring at the fire that was a little lower than before but still going rather strong with the help of the gas. She snuggled into him, and felt his fingers in her hair. One of the most soothing things in the world to her. It always was soothing to most girls, but when your senses were heightened it made it all the better. She reveled in the way they fit together, with her bare leg crossed up on top of his.

Thank you.. so much for today, I've had a really good time. I hope we can do it again. she whispered softly. Her eyes were far too heavy to open. But, she wasn't going to fall asleep yet. She wasn't ready, she wanted to absorb every second of their date that she could. But, sometimes, you can't control your body, and with his fingers in her hair, Amelia Remington passed out with her head on his chest, and her arm flung over his waist. Breathing deeply, and most obviously, quite comfortable.
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Jack could help but smile as he kissed Amelia, their bodies seemingly dancing to the firelight. As innocent as their original intentions, the pair was an animal skin rug away from a corny porno from thirty years ago. Her touch on his body was enjoyable, her thin fingers dancing on his flesh, he was under his shirt in seconds.

What is she getting at? Well...I'm not going to make a move unless she gives me a solid signal.

Her exploration did get a little sexier towards the end. She made brushes and soft touches that only made parts that gave away his more bodily intentions more apparent. Then, with a mischievous smile she shifted and took out his supporting arm, flipping their positions. It was a wonder he didn't collapse on top of her, but he wasn't about to argue the physics of what just happened. She was on top...and it was time for him to get his hand on her.

His strong hands were quick to find her curves, and he cupped her back end quickly, getting a murmured reaction while their lips were connected. After his hands brought her slight twitches and trembles, she simply laid on top of him as they continued their amazing night together. Some length of time passed, whatever specific length evaporated in the mists of the make out time vortex, and they collapsed, panting, smiles on their faces. They didn't have sex...but, then again, they hadn't needed to that night.

Cuddling up against him, she sighed as he played with her hair. He never found the reason, but every woman in the world seemed entranced by fingers running through her hair. Either way, it just made them closer and that was the entire purpose. She whispered softly, thanking him for the amazing date, speaking her thoughts about it happening again.

Don't you worry, this is going to happen again. I promise....Amelia?

Laying on his chest, she looked so peaceful as she fell asleep in the firelight. He kept playing with her hair as he shifted slowly and found a comfortable position snuggled up by his new favorite woman. Granted...he would never tell Amanda that, but that was his thought, anyway. With a sigh, he spoke softly to his sleeping beauty.

I just hope you know what you're getting in to Amelia. I can't wait to wake up next to you...

A mouthed goodnight was uttered as Jack pulled his cellphone from his pocket and placed it on the coffee table a few feet away before slowly drifting off to the crackle of the fire.
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Amelia was out.

The warm fire, and warm body, and the feeling of Jack sleeping beside her. She hadn't even woken when he moved a little bit. So comfortable with him, she kenw that if he left she would wake up because she would miss his body heat. But, he never left her and soon they had both fallen asleep in front of the fire.

She was woken, easily, by the sound of a phone. She didn't even recognize that it wasn't her own in her groggy state as she picked up the cell phone off the table in the center of the room.

Hello? she asked groggily. It wasn't the first time she would be called in the middle of the night, nor the last. So she didn't even think about the fact that it might be Amanda.

Amelia? came the soft whisper of Amanda.

Hey.. kiddo, yeah it's me, what's up? she asked rubbing her tired eyes. You okay?

You answered Daddy's phone? she asked in shock.

Uh oh. Oh, sorry hun, I thought it was mine. Do you want to talk to him?

No .. No! I just.. had a bad dream. I forgot my CD.

You want to tell me what it was about?

The wolves... they were back.. and they wanted bad things. she whispered sounding close to tears.

Do you want us to come get you?

No! I can do it!

Amelia smiled. I know you can sweetheart. But, there is no shame in coming home for cuddles and hot chocolate.

We can make cookies again?

Of course we can! Any time. I'll teach you how to make all kinds of different ones.

Do you think, we could do that tomorrow? If.. if you're still there?

She smiled warmly, this one was a keeper. Sure thing, I'll hang around just for you. Okay it wasn't just for her, but it sounded nice to say. She could almost hear Amanda smiling over the other end of the phone.

Night night, Amelia.

Sweet dreams, sweetheart.

At some point in the night the electricity had come back on. The fire had gone mostly completely out, and Jack and she were still laying on the floor. The lights in the kitchen were on, and the lamp by the couch was on. She looked at the phone, it was four in the morning.
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Jack awoke to Amelia playing on his phone, his eyes immediately shooting to the now lit light by the couch. He murmured a soft groan as his awkward position and looked up at her.

What are you doing with my phone? What time is it? he asked, rubbing sleepy eyes.

When she replied with the time first, it immediately got his intrigue up. She completely avoided the question about the phone. What was she doing?

Could I have my phone....please?

He reached and casually took it from her hand as she kissed at his wrist. Bringing the phone to a more viewable position, trying to find what was the big secret. Finally, he checked his call history:

[Inbound, 555-867-5309. 3:52 AM. Duration: 8 minutes]

Sitting up with a start, Jack simply looked at Amelia.

Who called?
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I was answering it.

he looked groggy and as tired as she had been about eight minutes ago. She was actually more than ready to get back to sleeping but he wasn't going to let that answer slide. He asked for the phone and she handed it over so that he could look over the number. She wasn't sure what he was looking for, it wasn't like she was making phone calls to secret boyfriends while he slept there.

It was Amanda. She had a nightmare. Said she had forgotten her CD. We talked for a few minutes, I asked if she wanted us to come get her, she said no. But, I promised to stay around and bake cookies tomorrow with her. she shrugged.

It didn't seem like she had gone out of the way. She supposed in a way she had. Because she was certain that a lot of women would tell the little girl to wait and get her father. They wouldn't have the time or the care to coddle the little girl for what she really needed. Which was some comfort to the little one. And she knew that amanda was super excited, that Remy was here.

I'm sorry I answered your phone. It rang, and I thought it was mine. I asked if she wanted to talk to you but she said she was okay. I hope you don't mind.
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Simply laying there, propped up on his elbows, Jack sat in mildly stunned silence as Amelia admitted to picking up and answering his phone. Yes, it was an amazing gesture for her to console Amanda...the poor girl had terrible nightmares, but that meant so many other things to Jack as the secrecy they were trying to keep was suddenly severely threatened.

I'm sorry I answered your phone. It rang, and I thought it was mine. I asked if she wanted to talk to you but she said she was okay. I hope you don't mind.

Jack just sat there. He wanted to be mad at her, but she looked tired and sleepy. He normally could understand but...

You answered my phone?

...this was their lives on the line here.

What if it was work!?

His tone let the gravity of things settle for a moment as he waited for a response.
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She bit her lower lip.

He was mad.

She could understand that, but he had to understand that she was woken up out of a dead sleep with the phone rining and it was just.. normal for her to answer it. She was often called in to go to a crime scene in the middle of the night because of her abilities. Amelia moved away from Jack at his tone and leaned her back against the front of the couch running her hands over her face, in an effort not to bite at him.

Well firstly, I didn't answer the phone 'Amelia Remington' nor did I say 'co-worker sleeping with her technical boss'. I just said hello. IF it was work, I doubt anyone would have recognized my voice, other than that of a female, and they would have thought you were getting lucky. Secondly, IF it was work, they would have asked for you as soon as I said hello, and they never would have thought about me. So.. yeah... there you go. It isn't a video phone Jack, it's just a phone. But to prevent that angry face from coming back.. I'll change my ring tone so I won't answer your phone again.

She rubbed her eyes and got up. Unaware that her black panties were showing because her shirt got ruffled up when she answered the phone. She had to go to the bathroom and she might as well let him stew on what she said for a minute. God forbid she accidentally answered his phone and helped his daughter through a nightmare. So she headed to the bathroom to let him have his thoughts.
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The tone of his voice seemed to have an effect...just not the desired effect Jack had been going for. What he had wanted to do was convey the gravity of the situation, how serious this was to be following said rules because being a disgraced police Captain was no way to live...no matter how fantastic the set of legs were that straddled him.

Instead, he managed to push her away. At the same time, she gave him a resigned, passive-aggressive speech about why she did it, and Jack immediately knew he was in the wrong. Yes, she shouldn't have answered the phone...but it was four AM and they were both tired. It wasn't right to snap at her. To make it worse, she left him to sit there in thought.

He rose and chased that cute little pair of black panties towards the bathroom. He waited for a moment before he softly knocked.

I'm sorry Amelia. I just got freaked out. I...I've never done this before.

I just want it to work....really really badly.
his last words were the softest of whispers as he backed away from the door and sat on the floor, sliding the length of the wall until his rear hit the floor, waiting for her.
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Amelia had just finished using the facilities and was washing her hands when she heard him outside the door. Not that she hadn't heard him following her anyway, it was more that he was actually letting his presence be known. She listened to him on the other side of the door and tilted her head to the side. He was.. so sweet. That was the thing that she liked about him the most. That, when he wasn't at work, he was one of the nicest people that she had ever known. Even at work, though he was more agressive there.

She heard every word that he had to say, and she smiled. Opening the door she looked at him sitting there on the floor, and crossed over to him. Sliding into his lap forcing his legs to straighten to accomodate her. And there she was straddling him in the downstairs hallway as she cupped his cheeks with her hands.

I'm not angry, I'm just.. I know it's dangerous. Us. And I really want it to work too. I haven't been this excited about a date, in a very very long time. I'll take more caution in the future, I promise.

She leaned down and kissed him softly. Gently. Loving again, the way his lips felt against her own. It would be a little hard at work, but it wouldn't be the torture session that some might think. No, she was fine with holding back her feelings until after work, the thing was, she just wanted to be able to show them when they were together.

Do you have a bed in this place? Because your floor leaves a lot to be desired. she smiled warmly at him.

Sliding out of his lap she waited as he took her hand and led her up the stairs. She knew there was a guest room, Amanda's room, and his room. But, she figured that it was the best, to just sleep in his room. She could handle it if he didn't mind. So she motioned to his room and waited. To see if he was interested in going in there. If he wasn't, she would be fine sleeping in the guest room with him. But, she was comfortable in his room as well. Where ever they ended up, she would curl into him just the way that she had down stairs and kiss his neck softly.

We'll make it work Jack. We will. And we'll do everything we can to keep it a secret. I want this to work as much as you do. she whispered softly curling into him and closing her eyes. Not sure if they were going to sleep or not, but that too would be up to him.
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Protocol Breaching, Take 1 (Amelia)
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