A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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 Sinder Tamaran

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PostSubject: Sinder Tamaran   Sat Nov 17, 2012 12:39 am

• Sinder • Tamaran•

Name: Sinder Tamaran
Nickname: Sinder the Tenebrous
Age: 97
Weight: 170 lbs
Height: 5'11

Eye color: Amber, a golden brown
Hair color: Black
Race: Human
Residence: Travels but has a home in Bastion
Nationality: Bastion
Affiliation: none

Face Claim: David Tennant

• all in the details •

Sinder is an slender man who has well toned muscles, though his muscles are not bulky. He is handsome in a rakish way, his half smile always seemingly mischievous. He wears a black shirt with gold detailing that hugs his toned body. Red pants that flare out slightly to the side of the thighs. The bottom of his purple pants are tucked into dark gray and tan boots that are knee high. A red belt with golden lining runs across his waist. A pair of metal cuffs are on both of his wrists, their metal seeming to gleam red out of the corner of your eye. A red cape is flung over his left shoulder, covering most of that half of his body. It is secured by a golden chain. His short black hair is usually obscured by a top purple top hat the same color as his pants, a band of gold running around it.

Sinder rarely takes anything seriously, somehow seeming to think that all of life is a game that he means to win. Even life and death situations are only mildly concerning to him. He will do all he can to make outcomes favorable, but in the end he accepts that he cannot control everything. As such he lives in the moment, but plans for the future as well. He has little respect for the law, believing that ultimately right and wrong are decided by each person. He sees profit in just about everything, and pursues it with all his effort. His true hunger is for magical items, since he utterly lacks any abilities himself. They give him much of his power, increasing his ability to influence the world around him, and so he always is seeking more.

Bracer of Calling: The bracer on the left wrist of Sinder is bound to the many throwing daggers secreted about his person. It allows him to call the dagger to his left hand at will. He uses this to call a new dagger to this hand even as his right is throwing the last one, a new dagger waiting for the right hand as it reaches for it. This allows him to throw daggers almost as fast as a normal person could fire a semi-automatic weapon. He carries eight daggers, and he can only call them to his hand if they are somewhere on his body. He acquired this item fairly early on, and it was one he had made specifically for him. He had it bound to his daggers.

Strongarm Bracer: The bracer on the right wrist of Sinder allows him to throw daggers with exceptional strength, making them fly straight for a much longer distance and hit harder. This flatter trajectory also makes it far easier for him to hit with these daggers. This effect seems to speed up the dagger itself, as it does not make him punch harder or move his arm faster. This was another item that Sinder had crafted for him, making it the twin of the one he took from the dead imp. He was able to afford this after saving the life of a traveling Elf who was quite important, which also put him on good terms with much of the Other.

Cape of Displacing: Sinder's cape allows him to teleport short distances, appearing anywhere within about thirty feet that he can see. He activates this by flinging the cape around himself and closing his eyes. He can do this up to five times a day. This was the first item he located, and he found it in the lair of a particularly wicked Imp who enjoyed teleporting in to steal something, or simply to cause mischief.

Daggers of Many Edges: Sinder's daggers have a particularly wicked edge. When they cause a wound, that wound is duplicated four more times nearby. A deep gash to the forearm becomes five deep gashes. This is limited to the same part of the body however, so severing an arm will not sever four more limbs. It does work with fingers and toes however, as they are all in the same general area. These are his most prized possessions, the second ones that he received. These were a gift from an evil fiend, one who required he bind himself to its service. Several times Sinder has been forced to do the bidding of this fiend, and he has yet to pay off his debt.

Magician's Hat: Sinder's hat allows him to cast many minor, but useful, spells. He can make floating lights, colored sparks and other charms that are typically useless in combat, but somewhat entertaining. This was a minor gift from a powerful man who watched one of his shows. He appreciated it so much that he gave this hat to him, saying that he hoped it would make an already amazing show truly incredible.

Wallwalking Boots: Sindir's boots allow him to treat any surface as the floor, as though gravity was holding him to that surface. This does not affect anything than what surface his feet are drawn to. With these he can move along the floor or walls with ease. He has issues staying on walls, his legs having to keep his body upright against the weight of gravity with his feet stuck to the wall. He also cannot stay upside down very long before he passes out, about thirty seconds in either case. Sinder found these in a ruined temple deep in a cave complex. He is still uncertain what race lived there, but these boots proved perfect for moving in tunnels. They also prove useful in urban areas.

Everliving Ring: The ring on Sindri's left ring finger keeps him from aging. He has speculated that this allows him to live forever, but since he has not lived forever, he cannot be certain. Others speculate that it does indeed stop him from aging, but when the enchantment runs out he will age all at once, simply dying on the spot. This he took from a dead man he found in a sealed tower. This man was supposedly an mage from during the war. The story said that he was obsessed with living forever, and had sealed himself in his tower to avoid being harmed. Powerful enchantments had made the stone nearly unbreakable. Unfortunately, he could not get out to eat or drink when his supplies ran low. NOTE: the speculators are correct about the effects of the ring. Sinder is in for a terrible surprise in 472 years....

Knife Thrower: Sinder's circus act involved throwing daggers, and as such he is exceptional at it. He can do many trick throws, including throwing multiple daggers at once with a single hand. He is incredibly accurate with his chosen weapons, so much so that he prefers them over firearms.

Acrobatic: Sinder also did some minor acrobatics as part of his act in the circus. This has made him extremely flexible and agile, though he is unable to do the more advanced flips and spins.

• the tale of a lifetime•

Sinder was born in a traveling circus that moved in the area surrounding Bastion. His parents were performers of course, a knife thrower and an acrobat. They both brought him up to live in the circus as well, teaching him their respective acts from a young age. This upbringing made him quite talented, even compared to the other performers, and when he was old enough he was given his own act. He was exceptional, becoming the star attraction of Reginald's Roaming Circus. He made a decent living this way, but it was never enough for him. By the time he became an adult, he was hell bent on leaving. He wanted to see the world, to travel and discover the magic that was all around them. He had no innate abilities himself, but he believed that even he would find a way to change the world. The war only made this a more intense desire, his inability to affect the conflict all around him frustrating in the extreme.

Sinder went to Bastion of course, since it was the nearest city. He began as a street performer, earning just enough to eat every day. He was quickly discovered as a talent, one of the many clubs in the area taking him in. His act attracted many patrons to the establishment, Club Obsidian. It was much like a show on the Las Vegas strip, and soon many in the city knew of him. He was called Sinder the Tenebrous, both because of the mystery they built around him and because it fit with the name of the club.

Sinder quickly grew bored with this life as well, seeing it as a continuation of his time in the circus. So he began to travel, spending his money going around the world in search of magical artifacts and legends. It was a truly exciting life, one that brought him to the first of his magical items. His cape that allowed him to teleport was found first, and the rest came shortly after. Over the next seventy years he collected many items that enhanced his natural talents. Soon he became a match for most beings with supernatural powers, and he still was just a man. He loved this, loved how he demonstrated how even the lowliest man could become mighty. His new dream is to create a new kind of circus, one that is filled with true magic and the supernatural. A show unlike any seen before, one that would become the stuff of legends.

The Enlightenment changed little for Sinder. The world was suddenly a more exciting and wild place in his opinion, since there were now less people in it. What had once been civilization was once again a vast and unexplored frontier, ripe for the plundering. The boring and everyday had become strange and adventurous. Sinder set about scouring the destroyed remains of the many lost cities, believing that many a powerful magical item must have been lost during the cataclysm.

Nothing Yet

Is this a Canon?: no

Is this your second character, and if so, who is your first?:First character

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Sinder Tamaran
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