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 Playing House (Jack Conners)

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PostSubject: Re: Playing House (Jack Conners)   Sat Nov 24, 2012 11:56 pm

All of Jack's suspicions were confirmed with one simple phrase:

I'll save you Amanda!

He was on his own...and his one true weapon against Amanda: the Tickle Monster, was just compromised. Amelia seemed to stalk over to Jack, and began attempting to tickle him. Funny thing was...Jack wasn't ticklish, at least...not in a conventional place. She attempted his sides and armpits to no avail. She stood above him as he sat on the couch, pinned by the lack of places to go.

You cannot have her Tickle Monster! You will go down!

Jack laughed a evil laugh.

You know nothing of the tickling! It will be your undoing!

Without another word, Jack's hands shot to Amelia's sides, and the gasp that came from the blonde lording over him confirmed that Jack had found a good spot. He tickled her back, making her collapse on the other side of the couch before she called for reinforcements.

Retaliate! Retaliate Amanda!

The little girl leapt off the plush chair and went for the one spot she knew her father was ticklish: the sides of his hips. He yelped as his daughter betrayed him and he fell back in to his own spot on the couch. Amelia seemed to catch on quick, attacking his ticklish spot...his invulnerability no longer present, the Tickle Monster fought to maintain his dignity as a creature of fright.


On the plus side, the savior of small children seemed to be quite ticklish herself, and she spent a large part of her own attacks laid up against him, laughing. It was nice to play around again.

Give in! Or feel my wrath!
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PostSubject: Re: Playing House (Jack Conners)   Sun Nov 25, 2012 12:17 am

Amelia laughed, but she couldn't get any sort of purchase on the man. He was unticklish! Impossible! Then he grabbed her, and suddenly she was squirming in his arms. Laughing so hard that she could barely get her breath. She was all ready sinking towards the floor he was basically holding her up as she gasped out for Amanda to retaliate. The girl leapt off the chair and tackled her father finding his weak spot.

She knew he had one!!!

They both tackled his hips, one on each one. She laughed as he began to squirm this time and the two girls were taking him down. Even Puddles woken up by the fact that there was a Tickle War going on in his sleeping place rushed over and began to bark happily licking Jack's face where he could.

He got the upper hand again, Amanda had at some point retreated and somehow Amelia had been rolled over onto her back and she was underneath Jack slightly laughing and squirming against him. Her eyes watered and tears shed down her cheeks and into her hair.

I give! I give! I surrender! Do what you will!

The tickling stopped and she was out of breath as she looked up at him. Her blonde hair spilling all over the rug, there they were. Staring at one another. Breathing heavily. Amanda was.. somewhere. She didn't even know where. But, there was definite chemistry coming from the two of them. Her teal eyes, and his eyes, met and stared at one another, as they had down below and she smiled. She tilted her head slightly. An invitation, but she didn't want to make a big move. He whispered 'Raincheck' to her, and she grinned.

He got up and helped her up. She straightened her sweater, and her eyes flickered to the clock on the wall. It was getting close to 8:30 and she figured that it was probably time for the little one to get a bath and get ready for bed. That or head home. Whatever they decided to do.

I don't mind if you guys stay. But, it's getting to eight thirty, and I am not sure of Amanda's schedule. Is it time for a bath? Or bed? Or is there anything you guys need?

She hoped they would stay. She really did. It was kind of fast. Hell it was VERY fast, but in the same breath, she knew that if he left without them at least getting that kiss.. things would be very different come morning. So, she needed to see what could happen between them. If they did leave, she hoped they could have a minute together before, he actually left.
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PostSubject: Re: Playing House (Jack Conners)   Sun Nov 25, 2012 6:12 am

The tickle fight became a blur of laughter, squirming, barking and licks from Puddles. As always, the Tickle Monster retained his reign as champion.

I give! I give! I surrender! Do what you will!

Letting out another evil laugh, this one of true victory, Jack found himself on top of Amelia on the floor. When did they end up on the carpet? Where was Amanda? Questions notwithstanding, Jack found himself catching his breath, not moving, and simply staring in to her light green eyes...they almost looked teal. She smiled and tilted her head just a bit: an invitation...hell, knowing Remy a dare...to kiss her. Jack wanted to very badly. He spoke softly, not knowing where the little set-up artist had wandered off.

Raincheck. She grinned...she knew.

Getting up, Jack promptly helped Amelia to her feet and saw Amanda staring at them with hopeful eyes, a small black furball in her arms. The dog seemed to look just as expectant as Amanda, but Jack figured that was just a desire to get back to its sleeping place.

I don't mind if you guys stay. But, it's getting to eight thirty, and I am not sure of Amanda's schedule. Is it time for a bath? Or bed? Or is there anything you guys need?

Amanda immediately perked up, looking at her father. Jack's eyes met Amelia's, and she gave him a look that said, Yes, I just invited you to stay the night...take me up on it.

He really wanted to...but the fact was, he couldn't, and it had nothing to do with Police regulations. If this, whatever it was, was going to work he had to do it right.

Well, I think that would be great...just not today. Amanda has school in the morning, and nothing here for her to sleep in or get ready for tomorrow.

The little girl's groan was swiftly cut off by a look from Jack.

Sleepovers...definitely sometime soon. But, we should get going. Amanda, go potty and wash up before we leave.

Amanda nodded and trotted down the hall, looking sullen, before entering what Jack assumed was Amelia's bathroom and closed the door.

This may be the only alone time we get, and...I really need to do this.

Jack took a quick step towards Amelia and wrapped an arm around her, pulling her in to him and pressing his lips up against hers. Tension flooded out of him body, knowing he finally got to do what his mind had been screaming about all night.
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PostSubject: Re: Playing House (Jack Conners)   Sun Nov 25, 2012 10:17 am

They wouldn't be staying, she wasn't surprised. She would have been more surprised if he had stayed actually. Though, she wished she had. She could only imagine how they could really get to know each other, in front of the fire, and maybe get that kiss they had been working up to. Not only that, but to just know.. that there was something truly going on with one another. But, not tonight.

Amanda seemed crushed. But, she was sure that it was better for her if the first time they spent the night, it was because they were in a serious committed relationship. Should something go wrong, she didn't want Amanda to think that every time you met someone you thought was special you should spend the night with them.

Amanda headed down the hall to the bathroom, and Remy had just started turning to look back over at Jack when he was there. Arm around her, hand pressed into her back as he pulled her forward. Her body knew instinctively what he wanted, and she came quickly and easily. Their lips met in the middle, and Remy relaxed softly into him.

It was even better than she thought. He had a very strong and large body underneath the coat, and her small frame fit easily within his arms. It was his lips though, that stole her breath. They were slightly chapped, showing need for someone to care for him, but the kiss was gentle. Their lips softly moving with one another, her hand on his cheek. Eyes closed. Heart racing.

She didn't have time to wonder if it was a mistake. It certainly didn't feel like one and that was enough for Amelia. She had always thought Jack was attractive, and there had always been a slight spark of electricity between them but they had never acted on it. Something had made him see her in a different light, and she was grateful for whatever it was.

The kiss broke. It was the perfect first kiss. No tongue, just a slow soft kiss. She wanted more, but, she knew it was better to wait. Who knew when Amanda would come back and anyway, if they started making out, it wouldn't be a good example for Amanda. With a smile. Amelia stepped out of his arms.

You've been holding out on me Jack. she whispered softly looking up at him. Wishing they had time for more, but they didn't. She went to pack up Amanda's backpack so the girl wouldn't come out to them being in each other's arms. Though she would be super excited, she wasn't sure how and if Jack wanted to tell her. So she would leave that up to him for now.

In the kitchen, Amelia packed the cookies up into a tupperware that Amanda could take home and got the chili out of the fridge. Placing it all in a cloth totebag she used for shopping she put it on the table for the girl and her father.

So maybe this weekend, if you're not too busy. We could... get together at some point. she said as she walked back over to him. Putting her hands in her pockets to keep from reaching out for him. She wasn't sure what his policy of doing things in front of his daughter were. Because, the girl was the type to read more into everything than there might actually be.

Like, a date. her eyes shifted up to look at Jack.
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PostSubject: Re: Playing House (Jack Conners)   Sun Nov 25, 2012 11:42 pm

The kiss was perfect, Amelia accentuated Jack like fingers in a glove. It was crazy to think that they seemed to work so well together, and they had literally worked together for months now. How did they never notice one another? Then again, work was a whole different ballpark for Jack. He was always so focused at work it was no wonder he would miss all sorts of things that were not related directly to work.

You've been holding out on me Jack. she whispered as she backed off, casually walking to the kitchen and packing up the food that was leftover.

I could say the same about you, Amelia.

So maybe this weekend, if you're not too busy. We could... get together at some point. She stroll back towards him.

Does she mean, like, a date?

Like, a date.

Jack met her eyes for a moment as she looked up at him, only to turn on the tiny figure gasping audibly from the hallway.

A DATE!?!? I told you Daddy! I...

Jack held up a finger that stopped his daughter for a moment.

Another day like this would be great for Amanda, but as for the date, the only day we couldn't do it would be Saturday. Amanda has a play-date with her friend Julia from school. That's your big sleepover right?

Amanda nodded, watching carefully.

Right, so Saturday is no good. He winked at Amelia, Any other day would be good.

He figured the message got across...at least, he hoped it did.
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PostSubject: Re: Playing House (Jack Conners)   Mon Nov 26, 2012 12:08 am

Amelia looked over at the girl who was so excited she couldn't stand it. But, Jack was right, they both had busy schedules and they were going to have to figure out how to do this the right way. Besides, she knew the rules as well as he did that concerned fraternization. She didn't honestly care at this moment. She could always get a job. With her powers, she was able to pretty much work for anyone, she wanted to be a cop so she was one.

He told her that Saturday was not going to be any good. Because, Amanda had a playdate and she would be sleeping over at her friends house. Amelia was confused for half a second but the look on Jack's face gave it away. She shrugged.

Another Saturday then, when Amanda isn't so busy.

I can cancel!

No no sweetie, don't worry. Your dad and I will get a date. Don't worry about it, sweetie.

She began to take them down the stairs. Excited about Saturday, especially since tomorrow was all ready Friday. Plus there was the whole prospect of the fact that amanda wouldn't be with them. They wouldn't b e forced to do anything or worry about anything. They could kiss, and hold hands, go anywhere they wanted, and just have a great time.

At the door, she sent Amanda out to the car, with her backpack and turned to look at Jack. She wished that she could kiss him, but she figured that a hug would be fine. So she stepped forward and hugged him softly for a brief moment. Then she let him go.

Well I guess I'll see you in the morning, Jack. Oh... do you have a umm.. personal email address for.. correspondance? she asked as she got her phone out ready to take note of the address. Once she got it she came out side and she gave a hug to the young girl who was so happy with their evening. See you soon sweetie, you have fun this weekend with Julia. I'll see you soon, okay?
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PostSubject: Re: Playing House (Jack Conners)   

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Playing House (Jack Conners)
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