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 Two Homeless Walk Into a Diner...(Tayva)

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PostSubject: Two Homeless Walk Into a Diner...(Tayva)   Tue Nov 13, 2012 8:45 pm

Evyn leaned against the building. Brick digging into the wings carefully hidden underneath her humongous sweatshirt. Some sort of team logo that she didn't recognize was emblazoned on the front. Some sort of red bear with white outline. Large teeth all bared against whatever enemy or whatever it was fighting. She didn't care. Lost and found at the local schools, and museums clothed her. She did what she could to stay warm. The winter was discending on the world and she knew that she was going to freeze her butt off if she could not figure out how to stay warm when the snows came. But for now they hadn't and she was glad for that.

The red headed girl stood there watching the man across the street. He was an average man. But, she had seen him put a fifty in his pocket, some change from a book sale at the local store. She wanted that fifty. She knew that if she could get it, it would feed her for at least a few weeks and then she would be able to figure things out again.

But, until then, she was poor. She had sixty seven cents in her pocket, which was not enough for jack crap.

Blue eyes watched the man, and then she made her move. She had a book that she had stolen earlier that day from the same book sale the man had attended. Then, she was grateful for the large pockets that the sweatshirt had, and was able to slip it out easily. And now, it was her prop of sorts as she ran into the man.

As she did, she slipped her hand into his pocket and drew out the fifty. Hiding in between two fingers, she blushed and looked up.

Oh, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to bump into you. Oh hey, I saw you at the book sale this morning. Did you get anything good?

The man smiled. Oh just a few things. No worries about the bump, have a good day.

He headed off and Evyn nodded heading off in the opposite direction. It was important that she lost herself as soon as possible. In case the man had current or soon plans for the fifty and needed it for some reason. She quickly dodged down an alley and then she broke out onto a completely different street. Which was filled with man people and was easy for the young red headed woman to get lost.

She was glad with her score. She dropped her book into a trash bin and headed off. Thinking about where she might be able to score something delicious. She was totally in the mood for a giant burger, fries, and a coke. How long it had been since she had actually had a coke. That sounded good. Her body craved a great many things. But food was first on the list, and then maybe she could get herself into one of those gym places where they had the communal showers and get all cleaned up. Or she could get herself into a hotel room or something maybe that would work, but that would cost too much especially after a whole burger and fry thing.

The scents of food were coming from a diner that wasn't too far off. Offered a great deal. Double cheesburger basket with drink for 8.99. Perfection. Evyn began to cross the street, called by the scent of cooking meat.

Yummy time.
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PostSubject: Re: Two Homeless Walk Into a Diner...(Tayva)   Tue Nov 13, 2012 9:01 pm

The days had been trying for Tayva, as she sat outside of a diner, attracted by the scent of the food cooking within. She only had a couple of dollars, only enough to get her a small drink. She was holding out for more however, as she was not the only one who needed to eat. A small bag sat between her legs, one of her hands resting within and lightly scratching the back of her sleeping companion, Cayleb. The poor thing hadn't had a good meal for as long as she had, and she didn't want to spend the money until she could get enough money for both of them.

"Don't worry... we'll get something soon." she promised her small friend, trying hard not to speak too loud, unless she wanted to look crazy. The Celestial had learned that most people seemed to fear the Rift Beasts that lurked outside the city limits. And as Cayleb was a descendant of their race, she couldn't help but fear for his safety. After all, she had seen no vicious streak from the critter, and he didn't deserve to receive such criticism.

Watching the people walk by the girl, she glanced down at the small hat she had scrounged from one of the many alleys she had traveled. She had hoped to use it to get a little bit of money, at least enough to finally get something from the restaurant she sat outside. Unfortunately apart from a few travelers that had dropped a few coins into the hat, not many paid any attention to the girl.

Tayva had seen many others living on the street, and she couldn't help but wonder why there were so many other homeless people living out their lives here. She wondered if the rest of the cities of this world were just as poor, but she had not gone past the city limits since first arriving a few days ago. Yet it seemed at the same time that there were so few people that cared about the unfortunate.
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PostSubject: Re: Two Homeless Walk Into a Diner...(Tayva)   Tue Nov 13, 2012 9:14 pm

Evyn shoved her hands in the giant pocket of her hoodie and walked towards the diner. Eager to get within and find something tasty. She had her regular places where she stole things. Old buns, and discarded food from restaurants that used buffets. She was certain that it wasn't good for her, but she had to eat. Being Avian, sunlight helped sustain her for longer periods without food, but because she had her genetics altered she had to eat as well.

As she walked up, she couldn't help but notice a brunette girl that seemed to be in the same predicament that Evyn constantly found herself in. Though, Evyn was about to change her lot in life. Taking fate in her own hands. However, right now, she was still as homeless as the girl on the curb with a hat and a bag.

It was classic 'help me, Im hungry' mode. Evyn had tried that from time to time but it never worked out that well. Times were hard. And people weren't as generous as they might once have been. Besides, she was in the Slums. These people had no money themselves, they certainly didn't need to give it away. They were having a hard enough time getting their own family's fed.

Get up. I'll buy you lunch. Bring your stuff. Your fighting a losing battle asking for cash on this street sweetheart.

Evyn didn't bother to wait behind for the girl. The offer stood but she was going to have to come to Evyn now. She opened the diner door and stepped inside. She didn't really care about the beast that was in the girls' bag. Not that she knew it was there. But, she wasn't afraid of must she had fought many things in her trainings as she was growing up and Evyn had even dealt with a fair share of rift beasts.

She moved towards a table, and a woman came rushing over with a menu. Evyn all ready knew what she wanted but she didn't know if the Hungry Street Girl was going to come or not so she put the menu down in that place and ordered herself a coke to start. Sweet Sugary Yumminess of coke. She couldn't wait. She would probably get high on the caffeine but it didn't matter. She was much too eager just to feed herself. Luckily, the prices here seemed pretty fair.

If the girl sat down across from Evyn, Evyn would look up and give a little grin. Excellent choice. Chose what you want to eat. I got the tab.
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PostSubject: Re: Two Homeless Walk Into a Diner...(Tayva)   Tue Nov 13, 2012 9:26 pm

Tayva felt just about ready to doze off and try to get a little sleep. It seemed as if her tactic wasn't really going to get her anywhere today, and already lacking energy, she might as well try to get a little bit of rest. Who knows what might happen within a few hours anyways? She pulled the bag closer to herself, wrapping her arms around it as she closed her eyes, head hanging low as she tried to lull herself to sleep.

As her eyes started to close, she felt a shadow fall over her, someone having actually stopped for the first time since she sat down. Slowly she opened her eyes back up again, looking up at the figure that stood over her.

"Get up. I'll buy you lunch. Bring your stuff. Your fighting a losing battle asking for cash on this street sweetheart."

Before she could even reply, the woman walked into the diner briskly. There was no way the Celestial was going to give up this chance, so scrambling to her feet she quickly snatched up her bag and hat, hurrying inside the establishment. She felt Cayleb squirm around in her backpack as she lifted it up, but he soon settled down as the smell of food became even stronger.

Tayva had never been inside of a restaurant, even though she had been sitting outside of this one all day. She just figured that they wouldn't let her in if she didn't have any money. She was quick to scan the surrounding tables, catching sight of the mystery woman sitting at a nearby booth. Not wanting to lose her chance at a free meal, she quickly took a seat across from her, setting the bag down beside her. Hopefully she would not change her mind.

"T-Thank you... I wasn't sure if I would have had any luck out there... but I figured it was better to try." she explained. With that, she saw the woman look up, and give her a grin.

"Excellent choice. Chose what you want to eat. I got the tab."

Tayva wasn't sure what the word 'tab' meant in this case, but she figured that it meant that she was paying for the food that was going to be ordered, with a small nod, she looked at the menu that the same waitress had brought, looking at the special that was highlighted on the front of the menu. The burger and fries looked perfect: she could eat the burger, and secretly feed Cayleb the fries if she could sneak them off of her plate. With that, she incidentally ordered the same meal as Evyn had, including the coke. She wasn't sure what the soda was, but it just looked appetizing.
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PostSubject: Re: Two Homeless Walk Into a Diner...(Tayva)   Tue Nov 13, 2012 10:02 pm

You won't have luck out there. You're in the wrong part of town, girl.

Evyn might come off as brusk, but she had not really had much of a childhood and her socialization came from being trained with the others that had been bought, stolen, kidnapped and what not from various other races. She herself had been bought. Her file said so. But she had no need or reason to find those low life parents that sold her off like a cow. If they were so desperate that they would sell their daughter off to be experiemented on they were no people she needed to know.

If you're looking for handouts, you need to try up town. Where the apartments don't have tarps on the roof and the people look like they had a bath sooner than last week.

They both ordered their meals, and Evyn was starving. It was warm in the building and Evyn slid her arms inside her hoodie before she hoisted it up over her head and tossed it into the seat beside her. Evyn was tiny. Scrawny. Not only because of her Avian heritage but also because of the way that she never ate. Or rather, couldn't eat. It wasn't that she didn't want to, but she couldn't pick pocket a fifty off someone every day. Besides, if she did it too frequently she was liable to get caught. And while, they fed you in jail, she'd spent enough of her time in cinderblock walls.

The Coke's arrived, and Evyn pulled hers close quickly. Her eyes alight with excitement as she tapped the straw on the table forcing the paper down and then off. She was too eager to get into this soda and she didn't care much whether it gave her a stomach ache later or not. Evyn placed the straw in her cup and slowly drank and grinned. Pure. Sugar.

Evyn looked over at her lunch buddy and surveyed her. She had been on the street a while. Her waifish nature was unnatural to her stature. She looked a bit dirty, probably as dirty as Evyn looked but they would be paying for their meal today and not scrounging for scraps in the dumpster.

So... what's your story? I cruise these streets daily, and I ain't ever seen you. So, you just get to town?
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PostSubject: Re: Two Homeless Walk Into a Diner...(Tayva)   Tue Nov 13, 2012 10:43 pm

Tayva examined the drink that had been placed before her, watching the woman across from her quickly begin to drink from the glass of coke that had been placed before her. Of course she herself was quite thirsty, but not as ravenous as the girl. She tore the paper off of her straw as well, though rather than submerge the whole thing, placed part of it in and sucked up a bit of the drink. It was the first time she tried a coke or any other type of soda, but it tasted great.

"I just came here a few days ago." she started, keeping eye contact with the stranger as she pinched the top of the straw, keeping the fluid within it in place as she lowered it down to her bag. She could feel Cayleb's nose bump against the straw, before he started to lick off the little drips coming off of it. "I haven't been here long... I don't remember much of anything to be honest."

Of course it would be hard for her to explain to the girl what exactly she meant. How else did one reason simply appearing on the surface of the world one day with no memory? She didn't want to give away all of her 'life story' though, in case it made the woman feel uneasy. She would explain if asked, but for now there was no reason to go into detail.

"I'm afraid I'm not all that familiar with asking people for money. I've been living off of what I can find. But I've been wanting to explore the world more and more. Perhaps find a place that isn't so desolate and devoid of life." Tayva explained, bringing the straw back up to her drink, and setting it inside to take a sip once more.
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PostSubject: Re: Two Homeless Walk Into a Diner...(Tayva)   Wed Nov 14, 2012 2:31 pm

So she hadn't been in the city long. That was probably why she was asking for money in an area where she was sure not to get any. Those people wish they were out there asking for money. Some probably swore they would make more money asking for it than working their ass off trying to earn it. Times were tough for some of the families in Librium. Just like all the cities in the ravaged Earth for the time being.

Apparently, though, she didn't remember anything. Evyn wasn't sure if that meant completely through her entire life, which might actually be a gift, or just part. Still, she wondered what would make a person forget their entire life. Evyn sometimes wished that she could. Her life was nothing to write home about, but she supposed that it was better than nothing. Or at least, better than not remembering any of it what so ever.

Nothing? Huh. Is that good or bad I wonder.

Devoid and desolate.

Evyn smirked. Well sweetheart, the cities are your best shot. But, it's hard to find a job if you don't have a real identity. Further than that, a place to live. Oh sure, they say, go get a job, you'll make enough to get by. But you won't. No one hires you if you don't have a bank account or a place to live. Even the shelters don't help. But, you can get by in the city if you know how it works.

Evyn looked out the window. She didn't have a home, a place, a job, or anything but she did all right for herself. But, that was only because she was taught how to survive, got some of her sustenance from food, and stayed away from drugs.

Drugs would kill you.

Something she hoped to enterprize on, in the near future.

Take that taco joint across the street there. Every evening, they have to toss whatever they don't use. Health regulations. They throw it all into a trashbag filled with other food trash. Once it's in that dumpster it's fair game. You might turn your nose up at dumpster diving, but you'll survive it.

Their food was brought to them soon enough. Evyn was starving and the burger smelled and looked delicious. She grabbed the ketchup and mustard and put it on the cheese burger, and a pile next to the fries. Man she missed food like this. It was so good. Unable to wait, for proprietary reasons, she hoisted the burger up and took a giant greasy bite of heaven. Closing her eyes she just chewed quietly for a moment. In heaven with the tasty meat and vegetation.

Opening her eyes she looked at the girl.

So what you got in that bag there? she asked pointing at it with a fry. The girl seemed to keep it fairly close it must be pretty important.
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PostSubject: Re: Two Homeless Walk Into a Diner...(Tayva)   Wed Nov 14, 2012 2:54 pm

"I'm not afraid to go into them if it means another day of living." Tayva replied, knowing that she had little to no choice in what she did in her every day life. With the need for food always at top priority, she had no time to do much of anything else with her day. Food was scarce enough that by the time she managed to get something filling, there would be something else to do. However any insider information toward where she could get some food was always appreciated.

Soon they received their meals, Tayva examining the burger placed before her. The cooked meat smelled delicious, and judging by the way the girl across from her, it would taste delicious as well. She carefully picked up the food from her plate, trying to mimic the way the girl ate the food. She had never had a burger before, so she wasn't sure exactly how to eat it. She had an excuse for being as naive as she was after all, not being from this world.

As she took a couple bites from the deliciousness, the girl suddenly popped the question of what was in her bag. Tayva paused her third bite, looking at the girl. She couldn't hide the slight anxiety that had been building up since fearing the question. She knew it would have only been a matter of time before someone found out about Cayleb, but she had hoped that it would have been much later on in life, rather than right away.

"Oh...it's nothing. Just a few things." Tayva replied a little hesitantly, trying to discourage the girl from asking any further. Of course it was obvious that she was bad at keeping secrets. And it didn't help that the moment Cayleb had taken in a whiff of the food on her plate, that he stuck his nose out of the bag, managing to lift himself up enough so that it stuck out over the table, trying to find the source of the delicious smell.
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PostSubject: Re: Two Homeless Walk Into a Diner...(Tayva)   Wed Nov 14, 2012 11:36 pm

It was nothing, huh.

Just a few things.

Well that was a load of crap if Evyn ever heard one. The girls hadn't exchanged names and Evyn wasn't sure if that was something she wanted to do or not anyway. She watched the girl pause over a bite of her hamburger.

Mistake number one. Thinking about your answer. If you wanted someone to believe what you were saying, then you had to answer like it was the easiest thing ever. Like there was no thought to it. There were times that even YOU had to believe what you were saying. The girl was lying flat out.

Evyn put her burger down.

Okay, if you're going to lie. You can't think about your answer. Your face gave your lie away before you even opened your mouth to speak. Secondly, if 'that' she pointed at the nose sniffling up over the table Is just some stuff, then I need an eye examination

She looked over the table to see a tiny rift beast poking it's head out of the bag. Evyn didn't freak out. Sure, Rift beasts were nasty bitches. Evyn knew that first hand. Had a few pretty scars to show for her fun happy training time at the hands of one of them. She sat back down and picked up her burger again. She couldn't care less so long as the thing didn't attack her, eat her food, or poop in her eye sight while there was food to be had.

So how does a girl with no memory, come across a baby rift beast as a pet? she asks curiously as she picked up a fry, dipped it in ketchup and continued to eat as if there wasn't a potentially deadly beast sitting next to the strangely weird.. yes.. strangely weird girl that she had picked up off the side of the street. Man, she was getting desperate for companionship apparently.
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PostSubject: Re: Two Homeless Walk Into a Diner...(Tayva)   Thu Nov 15, 2012 12:13 am

Tayva looked over at Cayleb, who looked over at her with big eyes, and let out a small sigh. She patted the little critter on the head, the little Rift Beast letting out a small content purr in reply before curling up once again in the bag. Looking over at the girl once again, she then frowned, obviously looking a little concerned. "You must understand that I have to keep this down low..." she stated, keeping one hand on her bag as she grabbed a french fry with the other, lowering it down to the bag to allow her companion to eat. "Not everyone is all that accepting, and the last thing I want is to lose him."

The Celestial felt a strong connection to the small creature, being the only thing that made her feel at ease most of the time. Of course he wasn't vicious, at least she didn't think so. He looked too young to be of any harm, part of the reason she had allowed him to tag along. "It's just... when I first came to this world, I had nothing. I had no idea where I was, who I was, or what I was. I wasn't sure where I was supposed to go or what to do, but he was the first one I came across." Tayva explained.

She couldn't help but glance down at the bag once again, catching sight of his face peeking out from the bag. "When I found him, I just couldn't help but feel like I wasn't so alone any more. He was out there with me, just as lost as I was. So I took him in, and tried to do what I could to take care of him. He just reminds me of myself so much, trying to find a place in this world."

"I know I'm a bad liar... but I don't want to lose him. I have a hard time being secretive. I'm still not used to being around people yet. I'm sorry I kept it from you, but I hope you can understand why I did what I did."
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PostSubject: Re: Two Homeless Walk Into a Diner...(Tayva)   Thu Nov 15, 2012 12:35 am

Oh, I get it. Don't worry.

Evyn shrugged. She'd tangoed with one before, and would prefer that she never had to do that again. She bit her lower lip as the girl explained that she seriously woke up remembering nothing. Evyn could imagine how that would suck. She wondered if the girl knew her name, or if she was clueless as to that as well. Even if she knew her name, that didn't mean it would be easy to find information out about her.

Do you.. know your name? Or .. anything?

Evyn looked at the little guy. She knew that the girl wanted to keep the little beast hidden and that was something she could fully understand. Afterall, if the little guy was discovered it was not even slightly likely, but a sure bet someone would take it and kill it right in front of her. Luckily, Evyn figured that if she was traveling with the little bastard it wasn't liable to jump across the table and suck her brain out of her skull.

Do you have.. any sort of plan? I mean, you're in the city. I assume you got here somehow. But the streets are hard, and you don't have street in you girly. I don't know where you're from. But, you don't have the streets in you. You need someone to care for you, roof over your head, and fresh food on the table. You aren't street rough. Least, not that I can tell.

Evyn hoped that she wasn't hurting the girls' feelings, but Evyn said it like it was. And this was what she felt. She didn't have a place, she couldn't really take the girl in. A small storage room in the back of a parking garage, there just wasn't enough room for two of them to hide out in there, unless they were REALLY close, and Evyn didn't really like to be touched all that much.
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PostSubject: Re: Two Homeless Walk Into a Diner...(Tayva)   Thu Nov 15, 2012 12:46 am

Tayva was a little relieved to find that the girl wasn't going to think any worse of her for travelling with her little Rift Beast, at least for now. Fortunately a good first impression had been made, as Cayleb seemed to be far from the vicious type. Rather he was curiously and playful, Tayva having watched him try to catch mice before. Somehow he resembled the alley cats she had seen before, though a little more tame.

"The only name that I feel sticks enough for me is 'Tayva'. I'm not sure if it's my real name, but it was the first thing that came to my mind when I first woke up, so I figured that would have been my own name. As for a plan, I can't really say that I have one." Tayva stated, taking another bite of her burger and feeding her companion a few more fries, before leaning her head on her hand, elbow on the table as she glanced out the window.

She wasn't sure what she could do with herself. She just felt so tired here, so unenergetic. She needed to be somewhere where there was more life. Not more people, but somewhere more natural. But as far as she could tell when she had first awoken in the wastes, there was nothing really of the sort, and she couldn't help but give up in her search.

"I know I'm not that great with living on the street, but it's all that's left for me. I've got no family here, and nobody I can rely on to really look after me. I'm pretty much on my own here, so I've got to make the best of it." She knew that Evyn was right about her not really fitting in with being homeless. Tayva wasn't even sure she was from this world, let alone from the city. But she had no other choice, as the times were tough, and every day life felt like a struggle.
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PostSubject: Re: Two Homeless Walk Into a Diner...(Tayva)   Thu Nov 15, 2012 10:20 am

Tayva was just the name that came to her mind when she woke up. The girl was not for certain that it was her actual name. Evyn couldn't help her there. She had no sort of powers that would help the girl. She was merely an Auroran Project reject. Which meant, she had been altered and was no longer truly just Avian. She didn't think she had ever been to the city of Celestis were her 'kind' lived. She might have when she was itty bitty. Before, her parents sold her off to some sort of research and development.

The girl admited that she wasn't cut out for the streets, it was good that she realized that. But, the very fact that she didn't fight about her being able to make it on the streets. You had to be tough, you had to be confident. This girl was going to be dead within a week, Evyn realized with sudden clarity.

The streets sniffed out weakness and stomped it out with a duct tape shoe.

Do you have a place to go? Or you just going to rough it out and tuck into some alley corner?

She didn't want to just talk negatively to the girl, but Evyn wasn't the kind of girl that was into sugar coating anything. She wanted to give it straight because was the way she would prefer it if she had news that she wouldn't necessarily like to hear. She'd rather that it was given to her straight up. No lie. No sugar coating. Give her the situation as it really was.

You need to find a place that can be yours. You need to be able to defend it. You having, Little Beasty there, will help. But, you yourself need some skills. Because LB, there isn't going to be able to take on an entire gang before they get to you. Are you gonna stay in the city? Or move on?

Evyn was curious because, she had a feeling this girl was not used to being in the city. Which meant she needed some place that was much more plentiful in the flora and fauna.

Okay, well, if you need to find some place more.. natural. There are a few places. Elyria, is a mostly Elven city, and because it's Elven they have worked hard to make the Earth grow again with trees and plants and the like. Celestis is an Avian city, but it hovers over the Earth, so you'll have to be able to fly or get a air taxi to them. I've heard rumors of amazing gardens up there.
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PostSubject: Re: Two Homeless Walk Into a Diner...(Tayva)   Thu Nov 15, 2012 10:37 am

"I figured that I would just stay in the city until I had a better idea of where to go." Tayva explained, not having been too sure herself what exactly her plans would be. She hadn't even known that there were gardens in any of the cities, having assumed that the world was just barren. A rather depressing thought, but probably a more realistic one considering what she had seen. Still, the revelation of somewhere she could fit in was somewhat comforting, at least she could possibly thrive there.

Though not having seen much for plant life since waking up in the world, she had seen a few small plants here and there, and Tayva had found herself rather attracted to them. They were weeds mostly, the hardiest kind of plants that could withstand less favourable conditions. But still when she saw them, she couldn't help but feel a little better, more clear in her thoughts. Unfortunately she hadn't seen another plant for days, which was unfortunate because of her discovery of being able to manipulate the growth of plants.

While having been unable to test it out on something that could have bore fruit or something more edible, she couldn't help but feel it more as a calling for her. But with the lack of plant life in the city, she had feared that it would have been a gift that would go the waste. Now however it seemed as if she found her calling.

"I'll have to check both of them out. Flight shouldn't be a problem though." Tayva noted, taking another bite out of her burger. It probably didn't look like it, but she herself was a winged being, one that possessed the gift of flight. She had wished she could fly around more often, but with her lacking strength Tayva would have been lucky if her wings could get her off the ground at all.
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PostSubject: Re: Two Homeless Walk Into a Diner...(Tayva)   Sat Nov 17, 2012 7:58 pm

At the mention of flying, Evyn's brow rose.

Now to most, flying would be a massive problem. To Evyn it wasn't, she had wings, though they were currently hidden from sight and it was not obvious. She looked at the girl and didn't notice that she might have wings either but as easy as it was for Evyn to hide her own you could never be fully sure if they were hidden on other people as well.

So then, flying huh? I assume you have a plan for that?

Evyn didn't want to be a bitch. Well.. sometimes she did, but she was honestly trying to help the girl out. She seemed that she might need it and Evyn was trying to get the girl to understand the ropes of the area. It wasn't easy to be homeless. It wasn't just about the lack of food or the harsh winters of the North. It was also about the fact that you had to survive.

Evyn ate her food quickly she was starving and it was too tasty. She knew that by offering to pay for the girls lunch she was going to be out of money sooner than she had originally anticpated. But, Evyn knew what it was like to go hungry and though the girl was thin she had a feeling that she was not used to such a thing. Evyn had been taught how to survive torture, hunger, thirst, and many other things in the Aurora Project. Things that no child should ever have to grow up thinking about or knowing. But, that was Evyn's childhood and now she was on her own.

So you know that beast, .. she's going to grow right? What are you gonna do with him when he doesn't fit in your neat little bag anymore? People don't like those things and out here, it's a shoot first ask questions later type thing.

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PostSubject: Re: Two Homeless Walk Into a Diner...(Tayva)   Sun Nov 18, 2012 2:27 pm

Tayva gave her a slight shrug as she was questioned about flight not being an issue. She knew it didn't look like it, but she herself had wings, simply hidden under her skin. She would have shown the girl, but doing so tended to be quite painful for the Celestial, especially considering that it required the appendages to tear out from her back. Tayva didn't want to get blood everywhere either, or ruin her only pair of clothing right now.

"Yeah... I know it doesn't look like it... but I have wings. I just have a really good way to hide them." Tayva explained, wondering if the girl would even believe her. The only tell-tale mark that they were there was the elaborate tattoo that resided on her back when they were hidden, showing a pair of wings in some strange sort of ink. She could never figure out why she had the tattoo in place of wings, but there were many things that the Celestial could no figure out.

Upon being asked about Cayleb, she shifted in her seat and gave a soft sigh, before looking down at the critter hidden in her bag. "I know... I can't say that I've really thought that far out. I guess it's just one of those things that gets figured out when the time gets closer." Of course she didn't really want to let go of Cayleb, being one of her few sources of comfort in the world. But she knew that sooner or later she wouldn't really have a choice in the matter. Most people hated Rift Beasts after all, and without having a place of her own in the city, there was nowhere she could truly hide him from the rest of the public.
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PostSubject: Re: Two Homeless Walk Into a Diner...(Tayva)   Sun Nov 18, 2012 11:48 pm

Now, that shocked Evyn. The fact that the girl had wings. She hadn't seen any but then though she didn't really have wings that like.. came and went from her back, or hidden by magic, she did have them well hidden. Luckily, her clothes were illfitted and helped hide her wings even further. Evyn sat there listening to the girl. She was stuffed, and there were only a couple fries left on the plate so she tossed them in the bag where the weirdly cute little Rift Beast was hoping that it would help apease him.

Not getting eaten, was always one of the vast goals in a day.

Cool. Me too.

This was one of those moments where she wondered if this was what normal girls felt like. Fawning over nail polish, or boys, or magazines, and boy bands. Of course. Evyn was an adult now but she had never been allowed to be a child, a teenager, or anything that wasn't a cold killing machine with powers that she could use when her life ws threatened. Therefore, her life was threatened often so that her body would go into a survival mode. So that she would fight the beasts, so she would do what it took, and so they could test her powers when they needed to.

Tayva knew the risks of be-petting a Rift Beast, so Evyn need not say anymore on the matter. She would figure out what she needed to do when the time came. She would either have to send the beast back. Figure out how to tame it. Or kill it. Evyn just didn't want to be anywhere near it when it realized it's true nature and turned on the hand that fed it. If they were to become friends, Evyn would be more than willing to put the beast out of it's misery for the girl. But that was a big if, and Evyn didn't ever think she had ever had a friend.

I'm stuffed. Was your burger good? Mine was awesome. I think next time I come into cash I'll come here again.

The waitress came by with fresh drinks and the check. Evyn picked it up and read through the menu. Tallying up everything that they had purchased and let the woman walk off with the fifty so that she could wait for change. She would leave a tip that was the proper way to do things, she just didn't want to leave her a thirty dollar tip. She wasn't rich enough to be that nice.
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PostSubject: Re: Two Homeless Walk Into a Diner...(Tayva)   Mon Nov 19, 2012 12:00 am

"Yeah, thing is though I've never had a chance to fly before... I'm not sure if I even know how to." She couldn't help but feel a little stupid saying those words, but it was the truth. After all she had only allowed her wings to breath a couple of times, and in those days she hadn't actually taken up the chance to fly. It was unfortunate, but the chance to have her wings out required her to take a lot of pain.

Tayva watched as the girl tossed the last few fries over to her bag. The head of her little companion popped up, just enough to snap up the last few fries, letting out a small mewel in content before ducking back in again, hearing footsteps nearby. He knew when he had to hide, as much as he hated to. But the Celestial girl always made him do it, so there had to be a reason to it.

"Yep, though I can't say it's the best I've ever had, as it's the only one I've ever tried." Tayva admitted with a small smile, stretching out her arms a bit before settling back in, watching the girl pay the waitress to their meal. "So do you have any plans for later?" the girl asked, trying to make small talk to prevent awkward moments of silence. She wasn't sure what else to do with herself now that she had received a good meal, never having really 'hung out' before. She wondered if the girl was any better at social situations than she was. At least she knew her life, as the Celestial was still trying to get used to living in the world of mortal men, and the customs they followed.
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PostSubject: Re: Two Homeless Walk Into a Diner...(Tayva)   Mon Nov 19, 2012 8:34 pm

Evyn was surprised. Shocked to say the least. The girl wasn't sure that she knew how to fly. Evyn had been taught when she was about eight. In a rather, horrid manner that a mother bird teaches her baby bird to fly. Basically, fall from a great height and fly. After suffering a broken leg, a broken arm, and a broken collarbone at different times, she found that she could fly. It was the only way for them to stop tossing her off of a cliff, so she might as well learn, and learn fast. Thus, she had done so.

It seemed that she needed to learn though. Especially, if she wanted to get to some place like Celestis.

Well, it's best that you learn. Otherwise, you'll never get to Celestis, and if you have wings, you're meant to fly. It's in your nature. To deny that, would be to deny yourself.

Eveyn shrugged her shoulders. Simple as that, at least, that was how she thought. She would be willing to give the girl lessons. They probably wouldn't be as harsh as the ones that she herself had been given. But it was important for the girl to fly if she could.

The girl asked if she was busy after lunch, and Evyn shrugged.

I don't have anything too pressing, why? Wanna do something together?

She didn't even know the girls name. As the waitress brought back the change, Evyn laid a five on the table for a nice tip. The woman had been good to them and left them alone for the most part. She was glad for the service and the food. Evyn downed the rest of her soda quickly before laying the empty glass on the table again.

You know I never gave you my name. I'm Evyn. I figure if we're gonna hang out together or whatever, you might as well know what it is.

She was well aware that Evyn sounded just like Evan which was a boys name. She didn't name herself. She just lived with it and it was a fine name. She just didn't give it out that often. Names, didn't really hold any power, but in a world where the girl didn't have much what so ever a name was kind of personal.
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PostSubject: Re: Two Homeless Walk Into a Diner...(Tayva)   Tue Nov 20, 2012 9:12 pm

"I've always wanted to fly, but just the fact that I haven't seen anyone else with wings made me uncertain if I should have had them out or not. And not eating a whole lot for the past while means I never really had the energy to try, even if I could." Tayva explained, grabbing her bag and slipping her arms into the straps, readying herself to go wherever they were going to go. At the question of doing something together, her expression brightened slightly.

"Well, if you know how to fly and I dont... perhaps you can help me learn how to? I promise I'll listen to every word." she asked, looking almost pleading at the very thought of taking off into the skies, unbound by the forces of gravity to be able to move freely through the skies. It was almost like some sort of wonderful dream to be able to do such a thing, but before she could even begin she would need to learn the basics.

Tayva wasn't certain if she had even flown before, still uncertain of the nature of her origins. Perhaps she had known how to fly before, but with her memory loss simply forgot how to. Of course that didn't really make sense to the Celestial, as it seemed more appropriate that she would understand how to use the appendages through instinct rather than memory, as the wings were essentially an extension of her being. It would be like not knowing how to walk: the ability to do so wasn't retained by memory, but rather by the body learning how to.
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PostSubject: Re: Two Homeless Walk Into a Diner...(Tayva)   Thu Nov 22, 2012 12:47 am

The girl didn't know how to fly. Which was a blaspheme as much as it was an oddity. How did someone that was born with wings not know how to fly? The whole thing was rather odd to Evyn. She had never met anyone that had wings and couldn't fly but then the girl didn't know anything about herself. Maybe she had flown once but had forgotten that she could, or how she could and she just needed a swift kick in the hind quarters to get her body moving.

Of course, you had to eat, but, the thing was. The less you ate the lighter you were and the easier it was to lift yourself up. Evyn was an Avian. Which meant that her bones were more hollow but hardened. So no matter what she would always be tall, willowy, and thin. She would always be light no matter what she did and with the genetic modifications that Aurora had done to her body, she couldn't put on weight no matter how hard she tried.

Not that it was a problem in her current situation.

Evyn shrugged. Sure. Lets go find a spot.

Evyn didn't have anything to grab. She was ready to get out of here and she didn't have anything to her name. No pets, no clothes, nothing of consenquence. She could leave in seconds, and she never had to worry about leaving anything precious behind because there was nothing precious to leave.

They headed out of the diner, with another ding of the bell over the door and headed down the sidewalk. Evyn's eyes were everywhere. Trained as she was in a militaristic style, she was used to watching every corner. Because you could enver be too sure where the next attack was going to come from, or when there would be one. More than that, she wanted to make sure that she knew where she could teach this girl to fly. A perfect place would be a park, but she wasn't sure they could get high enough. Because you couldn't just teach a girl to lift off from the ground. If the wings had never been used at all she was going to have to build up muscles.

This might not be a quicky thing.

Lets head to the park. Sometimes, we can work with that. I can get you to glide at least today. And we need to figure out how your wings work, and if they've ever been used. Muscles in your wings are like muscles anywhere. You have to work them out or they won't do squat. she told the girl as they headed in that direction.
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PostSubject: Re: Two Homeless Walk Into a Diner...(Tayva)   Thu Nov 22, 2012 1:03 am

Watching the woman rise from her seat and begin to head toward the entrance, Tayva scooped herself up onto her feet, securing her bag on her back as she took off after her new friend. Friend... that was a word she never thought she would ever use. The idea of finding someone in this world that she could trust seemed to be an oddity for her. It seemed like everyone she had come across before was simply in the world for themselves, not lending a hand to the unfortunate if it did not benefit themselves. It was a sad thought, but it was something she had witnessed many times before. Never had she been offered a helping hand until now, even when starving, cold, and tired.

But then again she did not know their backstory. Perhaps the person who turned down the offer to help another soul had to do so because they had children to look after, who depended on what they brought back to live for another day. There were many reasons as to why someone might not help another, but it was something Tayva didn't want to think about. She wanted to believe that there were good people out there that would help others. She knew herself that if she had the ability, she would do what she could to help those less fortunate. But sadly she wasn't in a better situation to be able to do so.

Upon Evyn's suggestion of going to the park, something within Tayva's being stirred, and she moved just a little bit faster to keep up with the woman. Rarely had she seen any kind of flora during her stay on this world, and it was rather unfortunate too. The chance to be surrounded in a more natural environment was something she had wanted since coming, but she wasn't certain why. Just the very thought of being surrounded by lush green plant life made her all the more enthusiastic to go there, and not just to learn how to fly.

"I take it it's not too far away?" she questioned, now walking alongside the woman. She noticed her eyes looking everywhere, scanning their surroundings with care. She too decided to look around, but to her there really wasn't anything of interest to look at. Simply concrete buildings and people walking by, living out their own lives. Tayva was unaware of Evyn's past, and perhaps that was for the best. The last thing she wanted was to dwell on her own non-existent past.
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PostSubject: Re: Two Homeless Walk Into a Diner...(Tayva)   Sun Nov 25, 2012 4:35 pm

No, it isn't far.

They continued to walk. It wasn't like the streets were really all that dangerous during the day. There were times, of course that any city could be dangerous. If you came across the wrong people or whatever. But, for the most part, the streets of Librium were relatively safe. She couldn't believe that the world was still going. But, she figured that Terra didn't want the world to die. She just wanted to give them a wake up call. If she didn't, then the world would have destroyed itself and Terra along with it.

They walked for a while.

Evyn wasn't much of a talker, she didn't have a lot to say. And it wasn't as if being homeless meant they had a lot to talk about. Oh when is the last time you ate? Oh really, I got two days on you. Or... how many times a day do you get propositioned by assholes? Oh really? That's cool.

Finally, after some time, they saw the park up ahead. Tall lush trees, flowers, and what not. Benches, and people. Dogs and pets were running around playing. There was some equipment for the children to play on and walking paths for strolls and joggers. She nodded her head incase Tayva hadn't seen it yet.

When they arrived, the day was in full swing, and she couldn't help but enjoy the beauty of nature. Though, when her plans came to fruition she knew that this wouldn't be something she could see everyday. But, that was okay. She was fine with that. Because she was going to change her fate and soon. She was going to make her world something vast, with riches, she would never want for anything again.

Lets go find a good place. There is a football field out on the other end, we'll start there becuase you're going to need to glide before you can fly and it's harder than it sounds.
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Tayva was lost in her own little world the moment they entered into the park. Simply seeing the lush trees and greenery around them stirred something deep within the Celestial. She had this overwhelming urge to run about, to examine every single crook and corner that the plant life provided, to explore every inch of their surroundings until their secrets were yielded to the girl. Despite all of these thoughts rushing through her mind, she soon remembered the reason they had come to this place to begin with: to teach the fledgling Celestial how to fly in this new world.

Skipping forward, she caught up to Evyn once again, and after a bit of walking they came across an open field, a pair of metal nets on each end of the space. She didn't recognize what they were, not knowing what 'soccer' actually was. But she figured her companion would know what she was doing, as she was more familiar with this world than she was. First of all if she was going to fly, she would need to have her wings out, as much as they would cause her discomfort.

Coming to a halt, she winced as a sharp pain raced across her shoulder blades, running down her back as something began to shift under her skin. The feeling grew uncomfortable, a mix of itchy and painful as the pair of appendages tearing at her skin. The girl gritted her teeth visibly, a pair of bulges pushing out from her back as a sickening rip could be heard. Soon enough, the 'bumps' tore through her clothing, letting loose a pair of bloodied feathery wings, causing Tayva to fall to her knees briefly.
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PostSubject: Re: Two Homeless Walk Into a Diner...(Tayva)   Thu Nov 29, 2012 10:54 am

Evyn barely noticed the girl stopping in awe. She wasn't here to coddle some Beast Master/Winged.. chick. She was going to go about her own business if the girl got too distracted. Like a cat with shiney things. Or something. Evyn didn't have time for that. She had fed the girl and now she had her own plans to get to. But, she was being nice. Teaching the girl a thing or two. It would be a while before the girl could fly more than ten feet, but you know.. whatever.

Had to start somewhere, or something.

The girl caught up with her, and Evyn let her eyes shift over. Their ring of silver seemed to catch the light before they looked back at their destination. They got to the field. It was surrounded by trees, and there were two goal posts at the end of the field. She looked over at the girl in time to see her crouching on the ground, grunting in pain as wings burst out of her back.

Well.. that seems unpleasant.

Evyn took her large oversized hoodie off. Letting the brisky weather flow over her soft skin, and her wings slowly unfurled from her back where she had kept them tucked away. They were the same color as her hair at the tips, and tawny inside the wing. Causing a beautiful multi-hued look. She had wings of a bird, they were beautiful and soft and the feathers seemed to rustle in joy at feeling the breeze against them.

She stretched her wings out and up and sighed. Closing her eyes. Her feeling was a great deal more blissful than Evyn's. Probably because of the lack of pain. Evyn wasn't going to talk about the pain. The girl was going to have to get tough. Tough to live. And tough to fly. If they hurt coming out, they were going to hurt like a bitch when she tried to use them.

All right Girly. I have no idea why you have wing issues, with the whole... thing... and the tearing.. whatever. But, here's the deal. Your going to have to get tough. Tough now. Move your wings. Back and forth. Put them back in your skin. And do it all again. You need to be able to handle the pain. That whole.. crouching on the floor business, will get your ass killed if you need it.
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Two Homeless Walk Into a Diner...(Tayva)
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