A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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 Lisette Lovett

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PostSubject: Lisette Lovett   Wed Mar 07, 2012 7:58 pm

• Lisette • Lovett •

Name: Lisette Lovett, #38905
Nickname: Lis, Lissy, Dash, Ms. Lovett.
Age: 21-ish
Weight: Human: 112lbs, Were: 155lbs
Height: Human: 5'2", Were: 6'2

Eye color: Golden
Hair color: Dark Brunette
Race: New Breed, Cheetah
Residence: Librium
Nationality: OCS 3
Affiliation: Baby, I'll swing whichever way the wind blows
Occupation: Freelance Chemist

Play By: Odette Yustman

• all in the details •

She's not very tall, but she's got a lot to offer. Her body is slender and toned, but not overly muscular. She is fit, but not the type that you would pick first in dodgeball. Her eyes are golden embers and when she smiles, it's a pirate's grin. The bones in her body are light and dainty, she is built for speed and agility, not brute strength. In her feline form, Lis is something of a different sight to see. Were-felines are generally large and heavily built, equipped with strength and weight to support themselves. Lisette is built differently. She is slender, like the cheetah, thin and sleek in either form. What her body lacks in strength and bulk she makes up for in speed and agility. Her cat is equipped with claws and teeth, like any other with a keen sense of style for spots.

She may be small, but dynamite comes in very small packages. She is the queen of wit and sarcasm. She is saucy and full of spice when something rubs her the wrong way. Those she likes, there is deep affinity and affection for them... those she does not like she mocks until the proper respect is gained. She has been raised to believe that her species was beneath humans and was to be used by them, however, after everything that happened... she believes the opposite. There is a bit of a biased in feline beings, but none are beyond her respect. Sly and cunning, Lisette usually manages to sweet talk her way out of serious trouble by the right moves and the right words to soothe her sentencer over.

Lis has a reckless and wild nature. Her best quality in a fight is starting one, she's got a mouth on her and isn't afraid to use it. She knows her friends will back it up or she can always outrun her attackers... or better yet, put a bullet in their kneecap. She is still young in the world, but that makes her all the more dangerous. Most nights, Lis is slow to anger... instead she is amused by people's discontent and will mock their complaints, however, trained to be a soldier, she is a threat when provoked. Her temper, when roused, is treacherous, but a calm hand and gentle words from the right person can keep the fire from burning too brightly.

Speed: Lis, as a human, would out run an Olympic sprinter. She is extremely fast, but she can only keep the pace for about 300m. As an animal, however, Lis is the swiftest of all. Her feline form lacks in size and strength, but makes up for it in speed. Where lions, tigers, leopards would be at a 10 in strength, Lis would only stand at about a 3-4, however, if they are a 10 in speed, Lis is easily a 16-17. She can run down a werewolf, most vehicles, and Riftbeasts. Her speed comes at a price, she cannot hold top speed for very long, (500-700 yards) so she is very resourceful in using it. One of her main uses was land mine detection. The cheetah runs through an empty space as fast as she can. Her weight will set off the bomb beneath the surface, but she is fast enough to outrun the blast. This method saved hundreds of soldiers lives, however, the cheetahs ran the risk of loosing their own.

Claws: Like the animal she was fashioned after, Lisette's feline form does not have retractable claws. Hers are more like a canine's in that form, blunt and thick.

Heightened Senses: Whether in Human or Werelion form, Lisette's sense of taste, touch, sight, hearing, and smell are all far superior to a normal humans.

Chemistry: Lisette was bred for three things, speed, stealth, and silent warfare. Speed comes naturally to her, however she has been taught the other two in warfare. From age six, Lis was taken to classes to learn Chemistry. She is well versed in what chemicals can be mixed together to create homemade bombs, nerve gas, and which chemicals will melt human skin. Her job includes making the mixtures and quickly delivering them to the selected targets. Lis was trained for physical as well as chemical warfare. She was a very good student and is very effective on the battlefield, jail cell, or air ducts.

[Il]Literacy: Lisette was bred and born in 'captivity' for a meaning and deliberate purpose. The Omni had no reason to teach the Cheetah the basic's of life... Lisette cannot read or write. She understands certain words, such as, hydrocyanic acid and what it is... but she could not tell you how to spell it. She can write that word, because her entire life has centered around Chemistry. She can also write chemical equations. Lis knows the alphabet (periodic table) and That C is C, A is A, and T is T, but she could not put them together to spell CAT. [It is the very same way that American children are taught at an early age, Uno, Dos, Tres... is 1, 2, 3 is Spanish, but cannot speak a full sentence and would only know that in the sentence hay un gato says something about the number one.] This is a secret to anyone Lis is in contact with, save for a few 'chosen' to bear her burden. These chosen help her conceal illiteracy and are also helping her learn to read and write.

Lip Reading: When someone speaks to her, Lis will sometimes watch their lips to make sure she understands everything that they say. Her hearing is perfect in her right ear, but non-existant in her left. When Malik (or anyone) gives her an order, she will turn her head a bit to the right to listen and her eyes will watch lips move. This is very helpful to the Pride, she can also watch conversations from across the room and get the gist of what is being said, effective way to spy on someone.

• the tale of a lifetime•

Lisette was born to her mother in a breeding program. She was coddled and protected because the Cheetahs were known to have a very low captive breeding rate. Removed at birth from her biological mother, she lived on the reserve until she was four years of age and then was sent to the training facilities to "improve". She was only one of three destined cheetah children in her year, the others were lions, tigers, and much stronger animals. Cheetah's are very rare due to the lack of strength they provide and the high mortality rate that they have. Lis, being undersized in strength was given the task of learning chemicals. She was required to learn the physical strengths in battle and melee techniques, but instead of reading, writing, and arithmetic, she was sent to Chemistry, Organic chem, and biological studies. All of her learning was hands on and step by step instructions that proved to be very effective in the young minds of the Chem students. She, along with the other cheetah young were taught to design and manipulate chemicals and turn them into weapons. This way they could use speed to their advantage and swift chemical warfare tactics.

In training, Lisette grew into a fairly impressive soldier on the battlefield. She was sent to acive duty at the young, young age of 14 to be a scout among the mine fields. She was very fast, stealthy, and had the heart of a lion inside a smaller framed body. Her faults outweighed her advantages in the end. Lis's wild streak caught the best of her. While running over landmine fields, Lis mis-stepped, midrun (against her senior officers wishes) to clear a path for an infantry and set off the bomb beneath. She was not yet developed enough to out run the blast and it left her injured. Lis lost the hearing in her left ear. Because she was for speed and stealth, she survived and saved the lives of several soldiers through her sacrifice. She served 7 years before the war ended.

After the military was broken, and the treaty signed, they had no use for the speed and chemical warfaring cheetahs. Silently, they were to be executed and forgotten because they were too much of a danger to let live... it was just a shame that the military had created a breed that could outrun their vehicles and out maneuver their weapons. Several escaped in the process, Lisette among them and dispersed into the 'wild'. It is very rare to find a were-cheetah, they are finicky and stealthy, and damn near impossible to catch.

She'd never been taught how to adapt in the real world. How to cope outside the military haven... only in battle. With neither of these things, Lis had no real choice but to adapt and survive. Through chance, she met Malik, the lion... and his family of misfit soldiers. Together they have learned to survive.

Lisette still suffers from hearing loss, but she's taught herself to lip read rather well. A few very close friends have started to teach her how to read and write. Her reward for good behavior is being read to, the cheetah loves books, she just can't quite master them yet. Because of her young age she is often the devil's advocate to the group and enjoys smirking in the corner while the were tempers flare. Lis lacks the strength and size of the other 'animals' in her family, so she uses other tactics to fight in an argument. She prone to throw hellacious fits whenever something absolutely rubs her the wrong way, but Malik's gentle soul keeps her from being devoured.

Her most recent 'oops' was with a police officer in the city. Lisette was fired at and reacted. Her temper caught the best of her and she savagely ripped the throat out of the cop before she, herself suffered too many injuries. Thinking her victim was dead the cheetah limped back home and retreated to have her wounds cared for. She never told anyone of the attack, save for her best friend. Lisette loves to make concoctions for the family using her chemistry knowledge, it is the one thing were she can read and be the queen of the castle in that element. Anyone can make HCl, but it takes someone special to make a household nerve gas that is effective and precise. Lovingly called many names by her friends, Lis, Dash (speed) and Ms. Lovett (the cannibalistic serial killer from Sweeny Todd), she fits in nicely with the Pride that has formed.

Though she comes off as apathetic and waspy, she really longs for affection. Being taken from her mother so young, Lis has 'mommy issues' and finds older females enchanting. She has a fatal spot spot for the members of her pride and will often make foolish decisions to protect them. She's got a taste for the eccentric fashion and rock music. Her pet cat's name is Colt 45, but she often just calls him "Shitty Kitty"
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Lisette Lovett
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