A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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 Tayva Aschaund

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PostSubject: Tayva Aschaund   Sun Nov 11, 2012 12:54 am

• Tayva • Avalon • Aschaund •

Name: Tayva Avalon Aschaund
Nickname: Tay Tay
Age: 262 (appears to be 19)
Weight: 115lb
Height: 5 ft 2

Eye color: Amythest Purple
Hair color: Brown, with a light tinge of green
Race: Celestial
Residence: Homeless
Nationality: Unknown (otherworlder)
Affiliation: None

Face Claim: Bridget Mendler

• all in the details •

Tayva stands at an average height for her visible age, always keeping her brown hair long, which sometimes results in her going for periods of time with messy hair. She appears to be in great shape, though her arms show no distinct bulges of muscle. She has distinct violet eyes, which seem to glitter whenever in the presence of something she finds interesting. Her skin is well toned as well, as a result of spending most of her time outdoors. Tayva also possess a pair of white wings that are tinted green. When hidden (see abilities), a pair of wing tattoos are in their place.

Though she can recall nothing of her past life, Tayva appears to be naturally kind and gentle in nature. She is always willing to help those in need, though feels a instinctive dislike toward murderers and thieves. While shy in crowds and surrounded by strangers, she is always compelled to aid those in need, not just because of her heritage. However she is also naive, not having any recollection of her past, and so is not familiar with most kinds of etiquette. Despite her kind personality, she never hesitates to defend herself and the unfortunate.

Gardener: Having a affinity to the dwindling plant life, Tayva was the ability to aid plant life in its ability to grow. She is capable of taking seeds and causing them to sprout within her grasp. She can also aid large plants in their growth. However, this all takes away from her own strength. While it is very possible for her to knock herself out or severely weaken herself for periods of time, she cannot kill herself with this ability (as she would become knocked out before it is a possibility)

Thorns: In times of crisis, even the most gentle must turn to violence to save themselves. When times call for it, Tayva can will thorn-like growths to sprout from anywhere on her body to be used as weapons. These growths can not grow farther than a dagger, and are extremely painful for her to use (as they sprout from under the skin, causing bleeding).

Life Drain: A seemingly opposite ability, Tayva can draw power from the earth itself to replenish the life force which is used to power most of her other abilities. While it aids in her ability to recover from injury and help rejuvinate her, the process of taking in the energy can be somewhat tiring, and depending on how weak she is, can take awhile. As a result, the place that she absorbed the energy becomes desolate, and unable to produce life. The process can be reversed, but taking more of her strength.

Hidden Wings: At will, Tayva is capable of hiding her wings in her back. When hidden, a pair of wing-shaped tattoos appear on her back. When they come out, they tear the flesh, causing painful wounding to her back.

Vines: When necessary, Tayva can cause long thick vines to temporarily burst up from the ground, either encasing the target in a thick shell of plant life, or wrapping around a target to ensnare it. This can be used as both a defensive tactic, and an offensive tactic. The vines can only last for a maximum of two minutes, after which they turn to dust. This takes a lot of Tayva's strength, and so is only used in emergencies.

Energy Ball: The most simplistic of magical offensive attacks she possesses, Tayva simply conjures up her life force into a concentrated area within her hand, which she uses as a projectile toward a target. Contact with a solid surface results in a small blast, the energy becoming dispersed into the air shortly after. As energy is never destroyed, it eventually returns to the earth to eventually aid in its nourishment. This ability can be draining on Tayva, depending on how much force she puts into the attack. A more powerful strike requires more energy.

Flight: The ability to fly upon feathery wings. These are white with a tint of green within the feathers.

Natural Affinity: Tayva feels more at ease around natural plant life. Being within the presence even a sprout will help her to relax and focus (so long as she isn't in the midst of something distracting like a fight)

Knowledgable: Being drawn towards figuring out her own existence, Tayva is drawn toward learning resources, in hopes that they may help give her clues. Therefore she can learn quickly from sources present, though nothing in higher realms of complexity without much more time

• the tale of a lifetime•

Though Tayva's life may have been long, her memory is extremely short. She can recall nothing about her past: who she was, what she had done, or why she came to Terra. To her, she simply awoke outside of one of the vast cities created by the mortal races, her mind a seemingly blank slate. In reality she was a being from another realm, with strong ties to the magic which flowed through the natural world. However in 222 AC, a strong cry for help through prayers to bring life back to the world pulled her to the realm of the mortals that had pleaded, and through the trauma she had lost all memory of her previous existence.

When she awoke she found a baby Rift Beast nudging her side, perhaps trying to see what she tasted like. Oblivious to the nature of the Rift Beast, she attempted to pick it up, though with some difficulty as it tried to get away. Though the creature appeared to be without a family, just as she was. To her, it was the closest thing she could relate to.With only the clothing on her back, she ventured within the city of Elyria where she struggled to form some kind of foot hold for her new life. It seemed that there were few of her kind, so Tayva (the name she gave herself shortly after arriving) struggled to find her purpose in the world.

Though Tayva does not recall anything about her past life, she knows for certain that she has a strong fear of cramped spaces and cages. This could be because of the connection between her wings, and caged birds.

Tayva is also in possession of a baby Rift Beast, which she keeps her possession at all times. She has nicknamed her companion Cayleb. He is the size of a house cat when standing. His fur is a light blue colour, and is seemingly soft to the touch. He has retracting claws which are wicked sharp, as well as razor sharp teeth which can be used to draw blood. Cayleb is also an omnivore and a scavenger, eating whatever he can get into his jaws. He can also cough up small black flames which are hot to the touch, but as a youngling he does not have full control over this, and tends to spit out flames by accident when sneezing. When exposed to a large amount of energy (such as a rift), his form can become unstable, and enlarge to the size of a man. This is only temporary for as long as he is near the rift, in which case he becomes stronger and more aggressive.

Is this a Canon?: No

Is this your second character, and if so, who is your first?:First character

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PostSubject: Re: Tayva Aschaund   Sun Nov 11, 2012 10:38 am

Just fixed these things now. I'm assuming these will all change later on though Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Tayva Aschaund   Sun Nov 11, 2012 11:51 am

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PostSubject: Re: Tayva Aschaund   Sun Nov 11, 2012 4:03 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Tayva Aschaund   

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Tayva Aschaund
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