A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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 Cyd Bishop

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PostSubject: Cyd Bishop    Wed Mar 07, 2012 6:29 pm

• Cyd •Bishop •

Name: Cyd Bishop #32781
Nickname: Valfreyja - 'Lady of the Slain'
Age: 41
Weight: Human: 135 lb / Wereleopard: 650 lbs
Height: Human: 5'9" / Wereleopard: 7'9"

Eye color: Bright Blue
Hair color: Blonde
Race: Human / Wereleopard
Residence: Liberium
Nationality: Omni Corp Sanctuary 3

Play By: Elizabeth Mitchell

• all in the details •

Cyd is a tall slim woman with an athletic build of lean muscle. She is the product of Omni 'breeding' for a quick and stealth soldier, she has a BFI of 18.5%. Her body is noted in the Omni records, as a perfect breeding female, with slightly wide hips and full breasts. Her legs are long and slender, good for fast sprints on her bipedal form. She has a small vertical scar in the middle of her right eyebrow, and her nose shows the sign of a past break in the bone from battle. Cyd has a floral tattoo on her right hip, which she had inked over the number tattood in her flesh at birth (#32781).

When Cyd shifts into her beast, she changes into a large black leopard with golden green eyes. It is a lean and muscular creature, with long sharp fangs and dagger like claws. Once shifted, she is quick, deadly, but more important she was bred for complete silence. With large obsidian paws, it is as if her paws/feet never touch the ground, for she moves without a sound. This is something that she is able to do in bipedal form as well, and has been noted as irritating to those who she accidently sneaks up upon.

Observant, quiet around strangers, someone meeting Cyd for the first time might regard her as a cold heartless soldier. She has a hard time trusting anyone, when inside she really wants to find others that she can trust. It is an unfortant piece of being a soldier, having to rely on the corporation and the superiors she has been placed under. Still, throughout the war, and now, she remains loyal to those who give her orders.

Within is a very warm and loving woman, who has a maternal piece to her matrix. She is has been found to be protective of children, and those few who have crossed her life and earned her adoration and trust. Some believe Cyd's concern for children was heightened over the years by the fact that Omni has used Cyd in three successful live births. To this day, Omni has kept her offspring hidden from her.

Cyd is very inquisitive, and enjoys puzzles. She loves these, and a good mystery book. She has an uncanny ability to solve the fictional crime before getting through the book. As for as the puzzles, Cyd usually has some kind of mechanical puzzle in her pack somewhere, which she will fidget with and solve, then find a new one in her travels.

She is what is known as a 'Silent Leader'. Not wanting recognition or title, she leads through humble service, finishing commitments, teaching her gifts, and through example.

Cyd, like other werecreatures bred for war, has the heightened senses of her beast at all times. Genetics have increased her strength (she can lift a small van and throw it ten feet), speed (she can run at top 35 mph), durability, agility, and silent stealth.

Her stealth seperates Cyd from most werecreatures. This ability comes the creature residing within, leopards are known for being silent killers. Although she is quick, she is not a long distance runner. For this reason, stealth is the main key to her attacks.

She is very agile, an expert climber. Prefers heights, as to being on ground levels.

Partial shift: Cyd has the ability to shift parts of her body. This is a practiced skill, which allows her to shift only claws, a limb, or even her facial features with much concentration (making her a master of diquises).

Cyd's natural sense is heightened like the leopard. For this reason, she is also known for testing the air with her tongue. She can taste most stressed emotions in the air, fear, pain, anxiety, hunger, sexual desire, etc.


Cyd is a trained soldier. From a young age, she was taught hand to hand combat (bipedal and shifted forms), small, medium, and heavy weaponry.

She is highly trained in breaking and entering, and graded high among her youth trained troup in picking locks and deciphering codes. Cyd is also able to break into most computer security systems, but not all.

• the tale of a lifetime•

Bred in the Omni Corp were soldier breeding program, Cyd spent only her first four years of life with her mother, before being sent away to the soldier training camps. She was taught like other were children all that she would need to be the perfect soldier. Because of her breeding, she was trained in espionage. Trained to be a loyal fighter, she rarely bucked at authority in her youth.

During the war, Cyd became a highly sought after espionage soldier. She has an innate sense of leadership, but it is found she does better when allowed to be a 'silent' leader working with another alpha soldier in charge. She leads through example, knowing others will generally follow her through her own actions, and not what she orders them to do. For Cyd it is actions that make her worth. Through governing herself, she incourages others to follow. She earns trust this way, and not by micromanaging followers.

At sporatic times in her service, Cyd was brought to the breeding program. She has produced three live births (one in 202 AC, second in 205 AC, third in 208 AC). All of which were reared by surrogate mothers because of the need to return Cyd back to the front lines of the war. While her genetics were deemed important to Omni, so were her talents. It was this that began to cause Cyd's trust issues to become more intense over time. She wants to know her children, but has not been allowed their records.

The war over, Cyd has found her way through life working as a contracted soldier. Because of her trust issues, she hasn't returned willingly into any government military or police force programs. She is currently on her own, and without family or 'pack'.

She is currently alone. And without a contracted assignment. Cyd is very good at living off of saved funds, she does not spend money, not knowing when her next bit of income will come in.

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Because everything is better with kittens
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Cyd Bishop
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