A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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 Shane Cyprian Dario

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PostSubject: Shane Cyprian Dario   Thu Oct 25, 2012 11:02 pm

• Shane • Cyprian • Dario •

Name: Shane Cyprian Dario
Nickname: Shane
Age: 32
Weight: 204lbs
Height: 6'4"

Eye color: When in his hidden form they are a crystal green that seems to look like cut emerald. In his Forsaken form they are a pure and glowing emerald with a mist seeming to pour from them upward.
Hair color: Black
Race: Forsaken
Residence: Librium
Nationality: British (Hidden form)
Affiliation: Highest bidder
Occupation:Debt collector and mercenary

Face Claim: Vinny Jones

• all in the details •

Standing at 6'4" Shane is an imposing site who prefers to wear darker tones of clothing. Black jeans usually found hugging his waist with a white shirt tucked in and sealed in with a leather belt. A black leather jacked covers his shoulders and a thick silver chain with a silver cross hanging from it more for show then actual belief. His eyes are a crystal green that look like cut emeralds when one takes the time to stare into them. He carries a scar under his left eyes the stretches down almost to his nose before curving in to rake a few inches across his cheek. He always makes sure he is kept neat and in order before going out and will not do anything to mess this up unless he is on the job or forced into action.

Upon being forced into action the above illusion is removed and his true form becomes visible. Etched in his skin are glowing green mana "tattoos" that cover his body in various locations. Two will form on each cheek and one down the center of his forehead. His arms well become wrapped in them up the the shoulder then then down his back and chest before wrapping around his legs and down to his feet. The clothing he wears remains as that is not part of the illusion so whatever he is wearing at the time will remain upon his body after this shift and the scar is also something that remains. His eyes start to glow a much darker emerald green and a glowing mist seems to pour from them upwards and vanishes before reaching his forehead.

Shane is a lovable asshole to put it in the most blunt of terms. He has the capacity to care for people who are close to him but known have accomplished that feat yet. He is very direct and does not hold back when telling someone what is on his mind no matter if they ask him or not. He will call it as he sees it and if you don't like it then he will show you exactly how little it means to him in no uncertain terms. The lovable side of this coin is his ability to lighten the mood by being the life of the room and doing what he can to make sure everyone is enjoying themselves. The only sacred ground with Shane is a bar and while your in it, friend or foe, you will not suffer his wrath...until you step outside.

The darker side of Shane is that he is sadistic and cold when it comes to a job he is hired for. He has no qualms when it comes to murder and for him there is no such thing as innocent so if someone dies in the crossfire then it was time for them to go. This sometimes carries over into his day to day life without him meaning for it to happen and when that happens he tends to go a bit nutty and crazy even with the people he cares about.


Mana Weapon: Shane wields a nine foot long barbed mana whip and at the head is a three pronged claw that at first is closed and looks like a hollow mace head. However through the power of will he can open and close the claw to create a way to dig into and grasp the opponent. The mana whip glows a dark emerald green much like his eyes and emits the same kind of sickly green glow as well. He can summon and dismiss it at will so long as he is not using his mask self ability. The weapon is unbreakable due to the nature of the mana used to create it.

Mask self: This ability is common among all Forsaken and Fallen and it one of the strongest illusion magics known to exist. This ability allows Shane to hide the true nature of his race under the guise of a more human look to help him blend. While this is activated he well look like, smell, feel, and gain the aura of the human body he had come from as a Fallen. The magic is undetectable by others so long as they do not see him shift and in that case they would see a change but might not link it to anything more then a transformation like that of a werewolf. The biggest drawback to this disguise is that he cannot use any of his other abilities while it is active because of the mana needed to uphold it.

Mana tendrils: Another racial ability of the Forsaken is the ability to summon up to 6 tendrils of mana that act in a similar way to extra arms. They have the same mana color as Shane's eyes and can be used to lift,pull,push,carry,throw, and everything else that one might do with one's own arms. Each one is just as strong as as Shane's own arms and because of this he can actually use all six at ones to lift things that would be very difficult to do with just two. Each tendril is four feet long and is susceptible to the same kind of damage that Shane is. While hurting one of these tendrils will not hurt Shane, enough damage can cause one to vanish and be unusable for the remainder of the battle as they take up to 6 hours to rechage.

See the touched: Forsaken count on the Fallen who are unborn to fill the ranks and because of this they are able to see the aura of those who have been touched by fallen and given the seed. Most of the time this is used to find a person who has been touched and then slay them to unleash the Fallen and then turn it into a forsaken. The ability is always active but Shane hardly ever acts upon the behalf of his brethren's interests.

Leach Energy: Shane has practiced long and hard at the abilities he has and mainly on that of his tendrils. They have gained the ability to leech the life and mana out of not only people but attacks that are launched at him but only to a certain degree. The amount of energy that is leeched from a person or attack actually feeds the strength of both the tendrils and Shane's whip to create some devastating results. Once enough energy is consumed his tendrils will gain barbs much like his whips own and act as 6 separate whips. These curved barbs are meant to sink into flesh much like hooks and keep someone from pulling them out although his tendrils are still susceptible to attack and can be destroyed. His weapon however consumes the energy as well and the whip splits into a three tails with the claw also splitting and the end of each head gaining a dagger like edge to it. Neither of these transformations if permanent and the longer he keeps them active the more energy he needs to uphold them.

True Forsaken(Not yet obtained): A forsaken is not considered a True Forsaken until it has accomplished six specific tasks that lend a portion of power to the Forsaken after each one. Upon completion of all six tasks the Forsaken unlocks what is called its True form in which the mana tattoos separate from the body and create a sort of battle armor that takes a different shape each time depending on the Forsaken who it is bound to. Unlike the weapon they wield the armor is breakable once enough damage has been done to it and when a piece breaks the rest of the armor vanishes as well and the Forsaken must wait six hours before they can use it again. Not only does this armor provide protection but in the center of the chest and along the shoulders.wrists, and knees are indentations from which beams of pure mana can be fired. The smaller beams can be fired up to ten times before the armor is depleted and fades from the body while the central beam (fired from the chest) uses all of the armors power and has devastating results depending on when it is fired. If the beam is the only beam fired is acts like a mini beam cannon but for every shot fired before it from the smaller beams its power is drastically reduced. Is someone attempts to fire all the beams at once it will draw upon the life force of the Forsaken wearing the armor and kill them in the process.

Savage lashing- As a wielder of a whip Shane has practiced extensively with it to create his own brand of fighting style with the whip. He has made the weapon an extension of himself and can do with it things that others can not. The style incorporates not only the whip but his body moving in unison with it to create different combinations and maneuvers that keep his opponent on the defensive and guessing.

Interrogation- Shane collects money for people and because of this he has become an expert in getting the information he wants from someone. People who have dealt with him before know that Shane is not the kind of guy you keep anything from and tend to answer him directly with whatever he wants to know. Those who do not know him quickly find that it is in they're best interest to answer him directly with whatever it is he wants to know.

Torture- The job is the most important thing to Shane and should he need to resort to pain in order to get something done then he has no problem applying it. He is ruthless and sadistic in his methods and has been known on more then one occasion to go a bit overboard with these sessions.

Rock Skin- The business of collection and mercenary work is not one for those who are soft and years of doing it has given Shane a constitution that makes a marine look like a puppy. A average punch to the face still hurts but he will simply eat it like a slap and smile afterwards before beating the offender to death with one of their own shoes.

• the tale of a lifetime•

A man touched upon the forehead by a fallen was given the aura to signify him a carrier of one of the race. A Forsaken had found this man and followed him to a location in which murder would go noticed by others and viciously slaughtered the human without remorse and thus twenty four hours later Shane was brought into the world through violence and anger to begin his life as a Fallen. The Forsaken who had slain the man however was not done with his task and introduced himself to Shane as his mentor and brother in arms Amera. Amera promised Shane the world but for him to attain the things he needed to commit a simple act that would prove his loyalty to Amera and the Forsaken.

Shane was new in the world when all of this was thrust upon him and he had no idea that he was being lied to and controlled like a puppet. The act he was to commit was that of eating a heart and the heart belonged to a very special someone in the form of the Fallen who had given him life. Amera did not tell him that the Fallen was his creator but instead a traitor to the Forsaken and one that needed to die. Amera used the connection Shane had with this Fallen to track him down and before anything more could be said Amera was the one who slayed this Fallen and provided his heart to Shane.

Upon eating the heart Shane quickly began his transformation and three days later he was no longer a member of the Fallen and Amera set to the task of teaching Shane everything he would need to know. The two became close and trained heavily until Shane was confident in his abilities and even managed to best Amera on more then once occasion and by more then just a bit. the time had come for Shane to prove himself once more and slay a Fallen of his own to prove he was capable of handling himself and becoming a warrior in the Forsaken order.

The mark was not a hard one to find as he used the same trick that Amera used to help him become what he was meant to be. Upon reaching the Fallen however he found that it was far to old and weak to truly defend himself from Shane and he questioned the validity or the kill. He was prepared to walk away and find another kill when the old one spoke to him. "You are not like the other Forsaken. They would have happily killed me without a thought yet you walk away...Sit and talk." Shane was not one who normally went for such a thing but something told him he needed to hear what this one had to say.

Hours passed by when Amera came to the camp and found both the old man and the younger Fallen ripped to pieces upon the floor. Shane was stained with blood and turned to face Amera who was as happy and proud as a father would be of his son. However that look vanished when he saw the murderous intent in the eyes of his protege and without a second thought the two were locked in battle. Amera tried to talk him down but Shane was beyond it all as he had been told by the old man what had happened and after seeing the younger Fallen he knew it was true.

Amera was dead and gone as Shane walked along the road drenched in blood and with the feeling that he no longer had a purpose in this world. He never got over the betrayal of Amera and because of this he never again trusted another soul. He was not sad or depressed over it but more enraged at the thought of a race that tricked other into becoming one of them without offering a choice. His race. That rage was what led him to a job that fit him perfectly as he landed himself in Librium.

He spent some time on the streets of the city and met a few of the lower forms of life that called the streets home. He started out as a thief who earned his keep through force as he was rather large by both forsaken and human standards. This caught the attention of some of the more powerful slum lords and they saw in him the perfect debt collector in an age where the things that went bump in the night were out in much more force.

Twenty five years Shane has been a debt collector and a mercenary for the highest bidder. He never allowed himself to become affiliated of claimed by just one group or person as the money was better when you were independent. Years of this kind of work has desensitized Shane to violence and it is as common to him as someone walking a dog down the street. He has operated in Librium hiding under the radar and keeping himself off of the cops watch list as much as he could but he was sure they knew he was and it is just a matter of time before the TG come for him. He was ready.

Arrested for Assault, Drunken disorderly,inciting a riot.

Is this a Canon?: Nope

Is this your second character, and if so, who is your first?:Daven,Senshi.
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Shane Cyprian Dario
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