A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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 The Fallen

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PostSubject: The Fallen   Thu Oct 25, 2012 4:42 am


Overview: The Fallen are a race of beings that have been around for a long time, hiding within the races of fey and human alike. The first of the Fallen came to Terra two hundred years ago when the war started through a self created rift that was torn asunder when the bomb hit Japan. Three of them landed upon Terra and without the ability to return to the plane in which they came they began to seek out a means to exist within the confines of the races that have already inhabited Terra.

Fallen are unique in that they reproduce through they death of those they have chosen as "Incubators." These incubators are chosen before they reach a mature age and without even knowing it they are used to house a Fallen's "Child". This is done with a touch upon the forehead during a battle or fight of some kind. When the Fallen touches the intended recipient it's hand will glow red for a brief moment and then the glow will transfer from the hand into the person who is being touched.

The magical nature of this does nothing to harm the person who is being chosen and they can go on to live normal and healthy lives until the day they die. Twenty four hours after the host dies the body will transform into a newly created Fallen and rise from the grave to begin its life anew. The only rule with this is that those who have been touched by a Fallen cannot be struck down by a Fallen or else the person will not transform.

During the war the three Fallen who had managed to find themselves upon Terra quickly set to the task of spreading this ability across the races. They were successful in the intent of furthering their race upon Terra over the course of the 200 year conflict and now the Fallen have a decent foothold for themselves upon the crust of Terra herself.

Fallen can see those who have been touched by kin as the person gives off a special glow that the race as a whole can see and it is considered to be the highest form of treason to strike down another Fallen's chosen without consent. The newly born fallen have a mental contact with the one who created them for exactly one year and a day before it is severed and they are on their own in the world to do as they see fit. This year is usually the one in which the newly born Fallen will find and learn from its "Lord" in the ways and magics of its race.

Fallen are the concept for the grim reaper myth and because of this they use a special talent to conceal themselves whenever they can. Masters of illusion the Fallen are all gifted with the ability to change appearance when out and about so that they can blend in with the races of Terra. They will take a shape that is similar to the one in which they were created and because of this they gain the look and smell of that race while they move about during the day and night. The only time they are unable to hold this spell is during combat when they must break its magic to use the abilities they are gifted with.

Fallen are an not an immortal race that can live an indefinite amount of time but they do live long by the standards of man as they can live to be around 130 years of age. They are vulnerable to the same things that most other races are as they have a circulatory system and organs just like humans do and because of this they are susceptible to the same things as well. The only thing they excel in that keeps them alive is the magic of illusion and a racial affinity for battle. They are just as diverse as the other races and can fall into any end of the spectrum from good to evil and everything in between.

Racial Abilities:

Mask self: The Fallen have a naturally scary look which is where the grim reaper myth originated from and because of this they have mastered the ability to hide this visage from outsiders. The illusion they cast upon themselves can hide them under the guise of whatever race they were born from (I.e. Born from an elf then you look like an elf.) and is so powerful that the only way for it to be broken is for the Fallen to enter combat. When hidden the Fallen will lose access to the other racial abilities it has as keeping up this fake visage is a full time job.

Summon Weapon: Each Fallen is born with a specific weapon it has an affinity and mastery with. This weapon is an extension of the Fallen itself and can be summoned at will by its master. Most Fallen will give the weapon they carry a name and use that to call it to them when they need it. The weapon is usually marked in odd runes somewhere upon it and has a faint glow to it when in the hands of its wielder.

Mirror Image: The Fallen are masters of illusion and because of this they have the ability to create a mirror image of themselves that thinks and acts in unison with its creator. The mirror image does not actually do any damage but rather gives off the image that they are doing harm to the intended recipient. So should the mirror image slash someone's arm they will feel it, seem to bleed, and have all the issues that go along with it. However once the image dies or vanishes all the "damage" it has done will instantly vanish. A Mirror image can be held for a maximum of three minutes.

Icy Touch: When not in the guise of another race the Fallen are ice to the touch and prolonged contact with one can lead to frostbite on most other races in the area where contact is being held. The downfall to this is that should they are very sensitive to heat and should they remain in an area that is too hot for too long they will no longer be able to function and will eventually die.

Summon Weapon: Each Fallen is born with a specific weapon it has an affinity and mastery with. This weapon is an extension of the Fallen itself and can be summoned at will by its master. Most Fallen will give the weapon they carry a name and use that to call it to them when they need it. The weapon is marked with six odd runes somewhere upon it and has a faint glow to it when in the hands of its wielder. The runes start devoid of color or purpose however as certain tasks are met by the wielder as requested by the weapon the rune will unlock and a new small ability will be gained by the weapon. When all six runes are unlocked the sword will reach the height of its power and the wielder will be able to call fourth the inner being of the weapon to come fourth and fight for them in the shape of a Rift Beast (No bigger than that of rhino.) When the inner being of the sword is released the weapon returns to the state it was in before the runes were activated and will remain as such until either the beast is called or beaten back into the sword. The beast can only be called once per fight and after that it takes a full six hours before it can be called again.

( A player must go through a storyteller for each task in which they will be given a thread to complete the task. One task at a time and no other task can be started until the completion of the last task's thread.)

Disclaimer: Fallen cannot be played as a first or second character choice. This race is for experienced players who have shown they are capable of controlling the power it holds (This includes staff) and are only available as a third or fourth character option. The right to play one is determined on a case by case basis.

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The Fallen
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