A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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 The Forsaken

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PostSubject: The Forsaken   Thu Oct 25, 2012 4:37 am


The Forsaken

About:Forsaken are the counter race of the Fallen and the only known predator of the race because they were once...Fallen. Forsaken are the result of cannibalism among the Fallen race in which the power of the former fallen triggers a change within the cannibal that completely transforms the appearance and essence to create the new race. Forsaken were created when the king of the fallen had slain his brother thousands of years ago and ate his heart to send a message to others who thought it wise to attack him. Once consumed he underwent a change in which his body morphed as his robe fell from his body and gave way to pale cracked flesh. As time went on the cracks in the flesh become glowing bands of mana that ran along the entirety of the kings body. His eyes became pure green and mana seemed to seep from them in the form of a small mist that rose upwards on his face.

The king was dethroned and tossed out of the Fallen city as his people forsook him and branded him a traitor and an abomination. Years went by as the former king spent his time trying to use the abilities he was given at birth and that were common among all fallen. The only ability he still had was the ability to mask his identity through the use of illusion magic but the rest of his abilities escaped him. The former king would have starved had it not been for an animal that was native to the planet which had to it the glow of one touched by a fallen and given the pact. The former king looked at the animal and sprinted at it as fast as he could before leaping into the air and tackling. The moment his hands touched the animal his body triggered a reaction and blue tendrils shot from his hands into the body of the animal directly for the magic aura which it consumed and fed directly to the former king.

It did not sate his hunger but as he pulled his hands back he noticed that the process had killed the animal and he would eat it. However as he reached down to open the animal his body reacted again and a blade of pure mana extended from his hand and pulsated within it. He used it to slowly slice along the belly and it cut through the flesh like a knife through butter. Tendrils shot from his back and came around as he pictured removing the skin and cutting out the meat and the tendrils did the work for him without him having to lift a finger. A grin spread to his face as he practiced these new abilities and before long headed back to the city under the guise of a homeless fallen.

Once within the walls he began to recruit the lower fallen to his ranks by telling them about his new found abilities and promised them a hostile takeover of the city in which they would all live like kings. The next two years saw murder after murder within the city until finally enough of these forsaken existed for the king to mount an attack on the throne. Again he was rebuked and fled with his counterparts into the dark forests of the realm to hide and figure out exactly what to do with themselves. As they hid it was decided that they would build a city of their own in hiding where they could convert others and teach them to master the abilities that were now gifted to the new race. The former king dubbed them The Forsaken after the namesake given to them by those that viewed them as traitors.

They built an underground city and used agents to infiltrate the Fallen city and spread word of the former king and his promise of a better life with more power than one could ever dream. The Fallen were split in half as many departed to the underground kingdom to rid themselves of the old ways and become born a new within the new race. Wars raged between the two races and time after time the victories flopped back and forth with neither side gaining much of an advantage in the war. For hundreds of years the wars raged and to this day they still do as neither side is willing to admit defeat and back down.

Forsaken live as long as there fallen counterparts (about 130 years) and have the same biology as them with the exception. They eat and drink like a normal person might and they even reproduce through the same method as humans however it is rare that is will succeed as most attempts end in pure failure. The only recorded reproduction of two Forsaken dates back two hundred years and the child was born with complications that did not allow it to live a normal life among its people. To create more without reproduction most Forsaken will stake out a target that a fallen has touched and kill them to birth a fallen on the spot. They will then pretend to be the Fallen's master and convert them by having them slaughter their actual master and eat its heart. Should a forsaken fail in the conversion of a new fallen it will kill them on the spot or at least try to.


Mana weapon: The Forsaken's former fallen weapon now manifests in the form of a pure mana version that only the Forsaken can wield. The weapon loses its sentient connection with its wielder but gains a new ability. The Forsaken can summon and dismiss it at will into either hand and should the weapon be one handed then two can be summoned at a time. They are pure mana and therefore cannot be dispelled or broken and the edge is one of the sharpest to ever be seen.

Mask self: The exact same ability as the fallen have it allows the Forsaken to take the form of the creature that it was placed inside of before entering the world. It is the highest form of illusion magic and the caster will smell, look like, and gain the aura of the creature it is posing as. While in this form the forsaken DOES lose all access to its other abilities until it dispels the illusion as it is very powerful and requires constant concentration of mana flow to uphold.

Mana tendrils: Up to six mana tendrils can be summoned from the Forsaken's body and used like octopus arms. They can grab, pull, lift, and throw just like normal arms and should they be needed as such they can even act like whips. These are never any longer than four feet and while they are mana they do not have the same durability as the blade. Should one be damaged or cut off it will vanish and a forsaken must wait up to six hours for it to be usable again.

See the touched: Being former Fallen the Forsaken retain the ability to see the aura that one touched by a fallen gives off. This is one of the ways they feed upon the race although it is rare that they use it for such. Mostly they use this to scout out and kill those that have been touched and then take the newly born fallen into the ranks of Forsaken thus adding strength in numbers.

True Forsaken: A forsaken is not considered a True Forsaken until it has accomplished six specific tasks that lend a portion of power to the Forsaken after each one. Upon completion of all six tasks the Forsaken unlocks what is called its True form in which the mana tattoos separate from the body and create a sort of battle armor that takes a different shape each time depending on the Forsaken who it is bound to. Unlike the weapon they wield the armor is breakable once enough damage has been done to it and when a piece breaks the rest of the armor vanishes as well and the Forsaken must wait six hours before they can use it again. Not only does this armor provide protection but in the center of the chest and along the shoulders.wrists, and knees are indentations from which beams of pure mana can be fired. The smaller beams can be fired up to ten times before the armor is depleted and fades from the body while the central beam (fired from the chest) uses all of the armors power and has devastating results depending on when it is fired. If the beam is the only beam fired is acts like a mini beam cannon but for every shot fired before it from the smaller beams its power is drastically reduced. Is someone attempts to fire all the beams at once it will draw upon the life force of the Forsaken wearing the armor and kill them in the process.

( A player must go through a storyteller for each task in which they will be given a thread to complete the task. One task at a time and no other task can be started until the completion of the last task's thread.)
Disclaimer: Forsaken cannot be played as a first or second character choice. This race is for experienced players who have shown they are capable of controlling the power it holds (This includes staff) and are only available as a third or fourth character option. The right to play one is determined on a case by case basis.
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The Forsaken
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