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 Bedside Battles (Closed)

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PostSubject: Bedside Battles (Closed)   Thu Oct 18, 2012 11:26 pm

Blue's breathing was better. And through out the night they had finally taken her off the breathing apparatus. She hadn't needed it to begin with. But, her body had crashed several times after getting to the hospital and the doctors felt while her body caught up with her injuries. She was half-elf and her body healed a bit faster than any human, but still not that good. So it had taken a while before the doctors were ready to let her breathe on her own and that had been last night.

Today was her fourth day in the hospital. She knew that people had come and gone to visit her. She remembered hearing her sisters' voice soon after she had arrived and gotten into a room. She had heard John's voice a lot. He was here most often, and he constantly held her hand. She could tell because there were times she was cognizant enough to feel it. Though with the breathing machine she couldn't speak. With the meds she was on, it was nearly impossible to open her eyes without a great deal of effort.

As the elevator bell dinged on the tenth floor, the nurse at the station looked up and saw Blue's sister step into the hallway. The always aplty dressed woman, was hailed down by the nurse.

"Miss Tiran. Your sister. I have an update for you." the nurse smiled warmly. Hoping that a big of good news would help the woman out. "They took Niara off the breathing apparatus last night, and she is breathing on her own. She should be much more responsive today."

She let the woman back into the Intensive Care unit where Niara was currently stationed. She had her own room through Neona's connections, and a team of nurses and doctors that were with her around the clock to make sure that she made it. Blue's body was healing. Slowly, but the amount of her injuries made it a lot harder for her body to heal. It would take a while.

She was terrified. Terrified that she was going to be baren when she decided that she wanted kids. That she might never walk again. That she might lose John to the fact that she may be completely different after this. But, true to form, when Neona opened the door Blue's multi-hued eyes were open and fixated on her sister a small smile crossed over her lips.

Hey.. she croaked a bit, her voice a bit raw from the tube that had been down her throat for the last three days. She pressed the button on her bed that sat her up a little bit. Both of her arms were laced with tubes feeding her body all sorts of medications, food, nutrients, hydration, and who knew what else. Blue's mind was too foggy to connect to the net and see what her file said, all she was capble of doing at the moment was be awake.

You look like hell. Falling down on your diva status she croaked out a little tease hoping to lighten the mood. Their mother and father had been by yesterday, but Blue didn't remember much of anything of that whole visit.
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PostSubject: Re: Bedside Battles (Closed)   Thu Oct 18, 2012 11:58 pm

First Liam and now Niara...Neona felt like she lived in hospitals of late. She was getting rather sick of them to be honest and she was sure they were just as sick of her. Four nights ago, the moment her golden crystal pendant had turned red, Neona had nearly turned right then and there in a futile attempt to find her sister and keep her safe. For a wolf without a pack, she only had her family, and she was the Alpha. As it was Terran Guard had been swarming over the place because of some illegal Android who'd caused the whole mess and Neona wasn't about to let the Android off easy. She normally kept out of the Guards business that didn't pertain to her job, she wasn't a fighter, some illegal Android wasn't supposed to be her problem, but as she'd stared at her sister's near life less body for the last four days...it became personal.

The moment her perfect golden heels touched the flooring of the hospital, it would seem that every member of the hospital staff seemed just a touch better at their jobs. Neona of course hadn't been the easiest person to deal with in the beginning, not while her sister could have been dying, but they'd quickly learned how to get on her good side and stay there. She smiled at the nurse who greeted her at the Elevator doors, glad to finally have some decent news for a change. "That's wonderful, thank you for letting me know." It was the first spot of news that actually made Neona feel happy, and less like the world was conspiring against her.

As Neona entered her sister's room, their eyes met and Neona's infectious smile lit up the room. It pained her to see her sister like this, but she was healing and that was the important part. If she never had to enter another hospital it would be too soon. At Niara's words, Neona couldn't help but laugh. Moving over to the chair next to her bed, Neona set down her blue bag and reached out to take her sister's hand into her own supernaturally hot one. "You're one to talk Miss I let an Android drop a building on me." Neona teased back. The crystal pendant hanging around her neck should have been gold, but instead it was a rather sickly green color, meaning that Niara wasn't out of the woods yet. When Neona had gotten the crystals, and had them enchanted, she'd asked the shaman who'd performed the ceremony to add in an extra color to Niara's blue crystal. Now, Niara would know when Neona lost control and shifted, her blue crystal would turn silver, like the moon. Neona did this so Niara could hopefully stay the hell away from her, the last thing Goldie wanted to do was bring her baby sister into the curse as well.

"You scared me so bad Niara, I swear I haven't been able to breathe in four days." As if to emphasize her words, Neona let out the deep breath she'd been holding.
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PostSubject: Re: Bedside Battles (Closed)   Fri Oct 19, 2012 9:48 am

Blue grinned at her sister.

Forgive me, I must have missed the memo. Warning, andoid attack at lunch time, friday, please, enjoy. Oh, and RUN!!!

She laughed softly, a weak chuckle at best, but even still she couldln't help but enjoy the fact that she was awake enough to talk. The pain meds kept her bassically pain free. But even still, there were twinges, especially when the stuff began to wear off, and her nerves began to kick in. She was glad for the meds, without them, she was certain she would not only be in agony but probably not conscious yet.

Neona got serious after that and Blue reached out slowly for her sister's hand. Taking it gently she gave it a little squeeze. The doctors had said constantly, when she was slightly aware that she was lucky she was only crushed from the waist down. And mostly, right over her pelvis, because if she had been crushed any further up, they would not have been able to save her.

There was a long road to recovery in her future.

Sorry, Neo. I didn't mean to. It was a surprise attack. I was just working in my lab like normal. she gave her sister a small gentle smile, as she looked at the tired woman.

She knew that it was best, with Neo, to take her mind off of the things that were bothering her. She didn't want Neo to freak out any more. Blue was on the mend, she didn't need to worry so much anymore. At least, that was the way that Blue looked at it. John had been kind enough to make sure that the people at the hospital knew to call her Blue to her face. Niara was saved for people close to her. John and of course her sister. Their parents too. Since they refused to call her Blue.

Have you run into John on your visits here? Or, is he sneaking out before you get here. she chuckled. He's my bodyguard and uhhh.. boyfriend. Blue blushed softly even though she was pale.

Hey, whatever happened to that guy you were into? You guys still.. going out? she asked her softly.
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PostSubject: Re: Bedside Battles (Closed)   Fri Oct 19, 2012 3:12 pm

There was one thing Neona always did miss about Niara, her sense of humor. She and Uncle Kale seemed to have the same taste for sarcasm. It was refreshing after spending most of her time around other diplomats and politicians and their rather dry sense of humors....for those that even had a sense of humor that was. Neona had been informed just how lucky her sister had been, if the placement of the debris had been any different, Niara would be dead and Neona would be an only child. But thankfully the Tiran family was made of much stronger stuff, it was like someone was looking out for them since Nathan's death.

"I went to your lab with one of the investigation teams, There isn't much left of it Niara. I did manage to retrieve something from the wreckage however. He's gonna need some repairing though." Reaching down into her blue bag, Neona's lithe fingers pulled out a rather broken bird like creation. It was Niara's faithful companion Albert, one of his wings was hanging on by wires and he was missing an eye. "I'm not sure if you can repair him or not, but I thought you'd like to try." Neona knew how much Albert meant to Niara, it was the technopath version of owning a dog she supposed.

At the mention of Niara's bodyguard, Neona shook her head. "It seems he is avoiding me, probably wonders if I'm going to yell at him for not doing his job. Most sister's would I suppose but there was no way either of you could have fought off an Android. I've been doing research on her the last few days and you both are lucky to be alive. If I ever meet that hunk of metal it's gonna meet my furry side and I'm gonna rip it's arms off and beat it with them." These last words were said in rather low growl and Neona clenched her fists for moment.

And then Niara asked about Liam, and a picture of him filled her mind and she couldn't help but smile, all her anger draining out of her. "It's been a bit shaky but apparently I need to add pulling the male you like out of a burning building to the list of ways to win his heart. You'd like him Niara, he's stubborn just like you."
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PostSubject: Re: Bedside Battles (Closed)   Fri Oct 19, 2012 5:31 pm

At first, Blue had no idea what Neona meant. Something that was in bad shape. Might not even be repairable. In her drug induced haze, her thoughts had barely drifted beyond sleep, and trying to stay awake longer each time she surfaced. So Niara had no idea what her sister was going to pull out of the bag until she saw the head resurface. Blue gasped. Albert. Her faithful companion. Her spy, security system, her friend, everything. Neona was right, she supposed it was the technopath's version of a dog. But, Albert was so much more. Because Blue had created him from the smallest chip, to the last nut and bolt. Then programmed him to her own specifications. They were almost always linked in one form or another.

Albert! Blue tried to sit up, but was unable. Her body was mostly numb anyway, except from the chest up. Which allowed her arms to work and move but the doctors were keeping her as numb as possible in hopes of staving off a sort of coma while the body dealt with loss, tragedy, and injuries. Still, she picked up the little owl. He was in bad shape. His wing was hanging on by a couple wires. His battery was completely drained. One of his pretty eyes were missing, but Blue had extra's. It wasn't the first time she would have to repair Al.

~Bring my satchel. The one with my tools and parts. No bitching, Al is in need of repair.~

Thank you, soon as I can, I'll work on him. My bag is at my apartment, with all my stuff. I'll have John bring it to me, I just sent him a text.

It was obvious that Al had been close to her when the collision happened. But, luckily, he hadn't been crushed. She thought she could repair what was wrong with him thus far, but if he had been crushed she would have been forced to scrap him and start over. A fear, that luckily, had still not come true.

Blue couldn't help but laugh though when her sister mentioned ripping the androids arms off and beating her with them. She couldn't help it. Because firstly, anyone that met Neona would think she was soft, sweet, beautiful, and gentle. But, also because she could definitely hold up her end of the threat. Not just because she was fierce when her family was in danger but also because she was a werewolf. A secret that Neo didn't like anyone to know. So far, she was certain that only the family knew.

Don't take her on alone. John did his best, with two others to help and they barely got her down. She isn't gone yet though. Just her body. She's different.

Neona talked about Liam. The man that she had mentioned before when they had gotten together. Blue was seeing someone else, now, different than she had mentioned when she was taking a walk with her sister that day. But, it didn't matter. John was 'the one' if there was ever going to be a one. She feared what would happen if he broke her heart. She honestly didn't know how she would be able to handle such a thing. He was such a huge part of her life.

Does he know.. everything? she asked her sister softly. Using her arms, she shifted herself over on the bed so that Neona could sit down on the edge if she wanted. Though she couldn't move her legs too well, there was still enough room for her sister to perch instead of standing in those ungodly heels that she preferred to wear. How she could stand in those all day, was still a mystery to Blue.

Well apparently, I need to put sarcastic, self masticating assholes, on the top of my list. she laughed softly. It felt good to talk to her sister. Neo was often traveling, and Blue was in her own little world too. Between being a TG consultant. Helping on the Celestis project, and New Dawn, she found herself wearing thin. Then when you added John into the mix. She was fairly busy. The two didn't get together very much.
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PostSubject: Re: Bedside Battles (Closed)   Sun Oct 21, 2012 4:39 pm

Neona held out the broken owl so that Niara could take him from her more easily. She knew how much the heap of parts and metal meant to her baby sister, she might not understand it completely but she didn't have to. If it made Niara happy that was all Neona needed to know. "You are supposed to be healing missy, not working. Albert isn't going anywhere. Please promise me that you will rest? I will give those nice nurses out there direct instructions to sedate you if you even think about it." Neona punctuated her words by pointing her finger at Blue, though she couldn't help but smile. She was just so happy that Niara was alive and feeling better.

"I didn't survive this long by doing stupid things Niara, trust me when I tell you I won't face her without backup. Shit happens and I want to be sure that she meets an early demise as a blender." She was going to need to talk to Uncle Kale of course, but Neona was already formulating plans. With some research and a good team, that Android wasn't going to be walking around much longer. When Neona put her mind to something, there wasn't a power on Terra that could stop her.

At her sister's next question, Neona slowly shook her head. "No. He doesn't know my secret and honestly if I lived our entire lives without him knowing I would be happy. I know that isn't realistic but how do you bring it up. 'Oh, by the way I'm a werewolf.' Not exactly something you bring up over coffee. After Julian....I don't know what I'd do if Liam reacted anything like that. I can't lose him Niara. I can't." She said these last words in barely a whisper, just loud enough for Niara to hear it. Neona's lithe fingers curled around Niara's hand, taking comfort in her sister's presence.

Niara would remember the giant wreck that Neona had been after Julian had walked away from her, and perhaps understand Neona's hesitance about telling her new potential mate about her dark secret. Neona kept a tight hold on the wolf, but accidents happened, instinct was hard to push aside, hard to ignore. The people she loved were getting hurt too damn much for her liking and it was beginning to wear on her nerves.
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PostSubject: Re: Bedside Battles (Closed)   Mon Oct 22, 2012 1:01 am

Ethan walked in to the hospital with a determined stride, letting the double doors auto-open as the wave of 'hospital smell' washed over him. After the battle with the Android, he had spent a little more than a day in the hospital. His injuries miraculously were minor with the exception of his torn bicep. One quick surgery later and Ethan was learning how to do everything one armed for a bit of time. The right arm secure in a sling, "John" had been relegated to mainly office work and temporary work while Blue was in the hospital. Reaching in to his pocket while he walked, he read the lit up screen and smiled.

[Bring my satchel. The one with my tools and parts. No bitching, Al is in need of repair.]

Ethan sighed and shook his head. She must be awake now, which was fantastic, but the first message she sent him was to fetch her tools so she could do work. Typical Blue. With a sigh and a chuckle, he quietly rode the elevator to the Intensive Care Unit.

Stepping through the hallways towards Blue's rooms, "John" went through the various happenings in the last couple of days in his mind. The Terran Guard had swarmed the scene just in time to steal credit for vanquishing Andromeda, and had promptly quarantined the area. Ethan had been having some weird equilibrium side effects from that cube he had used to beat the Android in to a pulp, and he really needed Blue to look at it. He felt like he had shorted out a circuit that worked with his inner ear or something, either way it was annoying. Finally, and the worst news, was that Albert was missing and the teams Ethan had sent to find the small blue owl had come up empty handed.

I know she's gonna lose it if I can't find him, even if he would peck at me the entire time. Ungrateful fake bird.

Turning the corner, Ethan got a quick glance at Blue's room. He saw her sister, Neona, sitting by her side. Her sister, the Terran Guardswoman. The last thing he needed right now was to be recognized by someone like Neona Tiran. Slipping quickly behind a wall, he hid himself from view. He would just have to come later, using her bag as an excuse...maybe it was still lost in the rubble...

"John! So glad to see you!" Nurse Hulsby exclaimed in her too-sweet-for-sugar voice. "She just woke up a couple of hours ago, go on in, she sure will be glad to see you."

Ethan sighed silently to himself and smiled at the nurse. He couldn't kill her...but he wanted to, there was no escaping now. Peering over the corner of the pillar, he looked to see if anyone had noticed.
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PostSubject: Re: Bedside Battles (Closed)   Mon Oct 22, 2012 9:54 pm

Aftermath.  It was a fitting word for it because after the burning of the church in Bastion, nothing would ever be the same.  In one day he had discovered the beast that caused his nightmares still existed and had not let him go, he nearly lost his life, and he found a reason to actually live instead of just existing.  Once Liam was strong enough to leave the hospital, he filed an official request to be be transferred from the Grand Temple, to a church in Librium so that he could be closer to that reason.  The Council saw fit to grant his request, but not for the same reasons he had in mind.  

The events of that fateful day had become a matter of public record thanks to the press.   The Church with the help of the Bastion Police Department did their best to contain the maelstrom of publicity, but there was only so much they could do.  The challenge had been made a public spectacle which involved Liam by name.  Camera crews with high powered cameras had been able to capture portions of the fighting through the smoke and flames after the doors had been blown off their hinges by the massive demon borne fireball.  The final piece had been a member of the Terran Guard pulling a near lifeless Shepherd from the burning building before it collapsed in on itself.  They had manage to spin it as a terrorist attack on the Church, with no mention of demon possession.  That was the important matter.  Now the last piece of the puzzle had been transferred to the largest city on the eastern coast so that he could be lost among the masses.  

Liam didn't care about the reasons for his transfer.  All he cared about was he could now be closer to Neona.  They no longer had to travel days just to see one another and cut each visit short so they could make it back on time.  He made himself home as the new Shepherd in a small church situated on the edge of the slums district.  Liam liked it, he felt like he could really do some good in a place where it was needed.  Bastion was a good city, but there were people in need of protection and guidance out there.  Now he was among them.  He was also on his own, free of the confining walls of the Grand Temple.   He could begin his hunt.  

The hunt had been put on hold, because Neona needed him.  Her sister had been badly injured and the news hit her hard.  He divided his time between ministering to the people, comforting Neona, and praying for her sister's life and soul.  He had yet to go to the hospital, because he wasn't family, and he didn't want to overstep any boundaries prematurely.  He waited until Neona invited him to come to the hospital.  When she asked him to meet her there, there was no hesitation in his voice.  He quickly asked when, and made arrangements for things to be watched while he was gone.  Liam quickly made his way across the city via the mass transit system, getting lost once because he was still new and didn't know his way around very well.  It was easy to miss a stop in this labyrinth of streets and high rises.  When he finally reached the hospital, he wasn't prepared for the stares that he got upon entering.  

Shepherds were always an unsettling sight at hospitals.  People seeing one walking into into view watched them as if they were seeing the grim reaper, because their presence usually meant someone was being given last rights, or confessing their transgressions before meeting the Divine Collective.  Liam rarely visited hospitals.  The only one he frequented was the medical center on Temple grounds, and he was usually the patient.   He turned away from the watching eyes and made his way toward the desks.  "I'm here for Niara Tiran."

The young woman behind the desk looked up at him, saw the cassock, and immediately looked up the name.  Her eyes went wide for a moment and she looked up at him, "I'm sorry Father, there must have been a mistake.  Miss Tiran's condition has just been upgraded.  It says here she's no longer critical, just sever injuries and high probably of paralysis."

Liam felt the world around him grow a little bet smaller, and his expression grew pained. He thought of Neona and her sister receiving such devastating news, and wondered if they had been told yet.  He wasn't family, and had no right to know this.  The young woman had just made a mistake in assuming he was there to perform last rights or hear her confession.  "Um, I'm sorry miss.  I'm a friend of the family, I'm here as a visitor."

She raised a hand to her mouth in shock. "Oh my gods, I'm so sorry.... I thought.  I saw your robes.  I..."

Liam raised his hand to forestall her apologizing.  "It's ok, miss.  You were just doing your jobs.  We don't have to let anyone know what happened.".  He said leaning in to her so that he couldn't be overheard.  "I'm just thankful he's alive, and would like to see her." The nurse nodded and gave him the room number. Liam made his way to the elevator, got inside, and spent the long ride upward burring what he had been told beneath the wore to keep the world simple for those who lived in it.  By the time the elevator car came to a stop, and the dig signaled the opening of doors, Liam was composed and ready to face them.  

The walk to the hospital one had been even longer than the ride in the elevator upwards.  It was possibly the longest twenty feet that he had ever walked.  Liam didn't think he was ready to meet any of Neona's family under these circumstances or any others.  He loved her, but was afraid that her family wouldn't like him.  He'd gathered from the way that she talked about them, that they were her world.  He knew it would be a serious obstacle for them to overcome, if they were against their relationship.  He was so caught up in his thoughts, he barely noticed the man leaning against a pillar, talking to a nurse.  It was only training that caused him to take note of the presence, but he didn't register much beyond that.  He was too worried.  Stopping outside the door, Liam took a moment to steel his resolve, and then knocked before stepping in through the open doorway.  "I'm sorry I'm late.  The busses still confuse me.  Are you ok, Ne.....Oh?  She's awake?!?!"
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PostSubject: Re: Bedside Battles (Closed)   Mon Oct 22, 2012 11:53 pm

Blue glared at her sister.

I swear, I will rest. I just.. if I don't get to do something with my hands in the next day or two you'll be visiting me in the psyche ward.

Blue was only half kidding because to be honest she was certain that would be the case. Since Blue had really come into her powers, she had always really longed for things to do. John knew it better than anyone that Blue was never idle. Even when she lay in bed trying to watch TV at night she was usually cruising the net or hacking something. Programming something for work, or texting people. Her mind was never slow, her mind was always moving and moving.

Niara was glad when her sister promised that she wouldn't go after the android alone, that was important. That stupid piece of machinery took out her lover, and two other men before they finally beat it into pieces. The problem was, she knew that the CPU unit had gotten away, there was a funky feeling in the back of her mind like she had heard it say something as she had faded away into unconsciousness.

Blue's thoughts were taken back by her sister saying that she had still not told her boyfriend about her other.. being. Blue sighed softly and took her sister's hand. She could understand being worried and scared. Julian, Terra murder the bastard, had done such damage to her sister's heart. Of course, her sister didn't know that Blue had wiped that asshole's files. He had no history, no credit, and no way to get a job. If he was still alive, it wouldn't be pretty.

I know what you mean, Neo. I would.. be worse off than I am now without John. But, you can't hide part of yourself Neo. You and the wolf, you are one, and if you don't tell him, and he finds out later he may feel betrayed. I don't know much about this man, but if he can put up with you, and your fashionista ways, and everything else... then I think a wolf is not that bad... Me, and Mom and Dad, all accepted it. What if Julian was just an asshole? Well I'm pretty sure that he was but, still..... think it over....

Blue sighed softly and was about to go into something else when she heard the nurse say something to a man named John. Something about her waking up recently and Blue smiled softly.

[You better get your ass in here. I'm awake, and I'd rather see you sooner than later.]

She sent the text just as the doors opened, and she assumed it would be John but it was not. It was a Shepherd. For a moment, fear struck her at the core. Was she so bad off that they had called the Shepherd for her?! Was this like a big party for her to say her goodbyes before they knocked her out and let her body go!? But the way that he looked at Neona and said something about being late...

Blue's eyes shifted to that of her sister. And there was no doubt. This was Liam. It was written all over Neona's face. Neona hadn't even had this face when she was with Julian. And she was fairly certain that Julian had never looked at Neo with those eyes either....

Blue ran a hand over her face, wondering if she looked as bad as she was starting to feel. The morphine was good, but .. she was starting to feel some of the pain. Nothing she couldn't handle. Just a dull throb.

You.. must be Liam. Neona talks about you all the time. I'm very glad to meet the guy that snagged her. She's a rare catch, this one, you might better hold on tight. Blue grinned, knowing that her sister would likely get her back later. She didn't care, she didn't spend nearly enough time with Neo. For a long time, she and Neo had a huge wall between them because of the past. But slowly, recently, they had begun together, knocking it down.

I'm Blue. Crushed Lead Inventor of New Dawn, and Little Sister, to Neona.
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PostSubject: Re: Bedside Battles (Closed)   Thu Nov 08, 2012 11:13 pm

Neona was perfectly aware that Blue's jibe about the psyche ward was closer to thrust then most people would have realized. While Neona did things like cook to calm herself, Niara programmed and tinkered. Everyone had their ways of coping, everyone had the thing that kept them from losing it completely. Terra was far from the utopia Neona dreamed about, and she knew she would probably never live to see it, even despite her Elven and Were blood. But she hoped that some day she could pass on her dream to those who could do something with it, make it happen, and perhaps they would live to see it.

As Niara took her head, Neona lifted her watery golden eyes to look into her sister's ethereal blue ringed orbs. Her lithe elven fingers curled around Niara's more human like ones. Neona had definitely gotten more of the Elven side, taking after their mother, while Niara took more after their father, she even looked more human then Neo did. That was one of the reasons Neona kept her hair down most of the time, to hide her elongated ears, the most easily recognizable Elven feature she bore.

"Some day I'll tell him Niara, he deserves to know how much danger his life could be in by being so close to me." While Neona had seen Liam do amazing things and knew he could take care of himself, she doubted he'd be very happy if he was forced to kill her if she lost control and he wasn't prepared for it. Though being around Liam made it both harder and easier for her to control the beast within. It made her more protective, but Liam always seemed to calm her.

At the sound of a knock at the door, Neona turned her head to look back over her shoulder, her lips curling into a bright smile at the sight of Liam. Normally her smiles could brighten any room, but the smile she seemed to save for Liam was nearly blinding. Even her golden eyes would seem to brighten in happiness. Blue's words of greeting to Liam had Neona in a mixture of embarrassment and annoyance. Typical little sister. As she played off the accident that nearly killed her, Neona couldn't help but roll her eyes. "Come in Liam, you might as well get the twenty questions over with sooner rather then later." Neona tapped the empty chair next to her, but movement over his shoulder caught her predator eye and she fixed her gaze on the face of a man that seemed oddly familiar. As if she'd seen his picture somewhere before. She glanced over to Niara for a moment, the sound of his heartbeat nearly drowning out everything else for a moment as she refocused. He was nervous about something, but what could he have to be nervous about? Meeting her perhaps? She knew she had a bit of a reputation but not normally the type to make people nervous.
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PostSubject: Re: Bedside Battles (Closed)   Fri Nov 09, 2012 4:11 am

Ethan ground his teeth as he saw a Shepard walk in to Blue's room. Who the fuck is he? Blue's fate had been uncertain for far too long, it had put him severely on edge.

Thank you, Nurse Hulsby. That is such fantastic news, I should probably be headed in...if you wouldn't mind.

Through a grimace and clenched jaw, those words sounded harsher than he meant them to be, and the nurse left with a look of hurt and shock emblazoned on her face. He had always been nice to Nurse Hulsby, except today when she had blown his cover and most likely killed his only ability to escape. His phone buzzing with a message only confirmed it.

[You better get your ass in here. I'm awake, and I'd rather see you sooner than later.]

He quickly replied, [Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Are you fonder of me yet?]

Ethan wasn't stalling, but the fact of the matter was that there was a distinct chance that things wouldn't go well today. Blue's sister, Neona, had been at her bedside nearly as much as "John" had been, albeit at separate times. There was a reason and a method to that, all based around one simple fact: Neona Tiran was the poster-child for the Terran Guard. Diplomat, negotiator, bureaucrat, and goodie all the way down to her two-shoes, Neona represented someone who could legitimately identify Ethan Kelly for who he was.

That was the last thing Ethan wanted.

Fact was, Ethan had been planning to tell Blue for some time now, and it was hard to find the time to tell someone you had been lying to them for the entirety of the time you had been together. Then again, Neona could put to rest the fears in one fell swoop, assuming that she had a decent memory for faces, which Ethan hoped, for everyone's sake...she wasn't.

Come in Liam, you might as well get the twenty questions over with sooner rather then later.

Neona's voice was sickly sweet, almost unbelievably kind in its tone and inflection. It seemed a complete contrast from Blue...it made the two of them seem rather well paired.

I assume if Liam is getting twenty questions, I'll be getting the formal interrogation then? Ethan smiled big, playing it off as a joke before his eyes met Blue's Hi babe.

Walking over to her bedside, "John" placed a soft kiss on Blue's forehead, whispering What took you so long? before turning back to the others, extending his hand.

Hi, John Rivers. Nice to meet you. You must be Neona, I've heard a lot about you.
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The smile had been a mask on his face, but the mask was only necessary until he walked into the hospital room. The moment his eyes fell upon Neona the smile grew until it touched his eyes, and brought light to the stormy blue orbs. It was genuine because she brought that out in him. She was one of the many blessings bestowed upon his life by the Divine. He was lucky to have found her, even luckier to still be alive in order to be with her. No, luck had nothing to do with it. She had saved him in more ways than one. Neona pulled him out of a burning building to keep him from dying, and became a part of his life, giving him something to live for.

Liam strode over to Neona first, not only because she was closer, but because he missed her. She had been spending most of her time here to sit at her sister's side during the troubled times. Leaning in, Liam wrapped his arm around Neona's waist, pulled her against his body in an embrace, and kissed her cheek. He wanted to do more, but they weren't alone. Both of them had their moral compass, and public displays of affection were somewhere east of true north. Letting her go reluctantly, Liam stepped away to stand near the edge of Blue's bed. "Yes, I'm Liam," he said with a slight bow of his head to add respect to his words. "Twenty questions?" he asked nervously. He wasn't one to like a lot of attention on him.

Resigning himself to the impending interrogation, Liam scrubbed his hand through his hair and let out a deep breath. "I don't think there is enough to need all twenty. I'm not that interesting a person. If Neona's told you about me, then she's probably already told you everything." He gave a slight laugh and a smile to hide his nervousness. He had been dreading meeting Neona's sister because he was afraid she wouldn't like him. "I'm just a simple Shepherd. Most of my life is devoted to the Church and the Flock. It was my entire life until I met your sister." It was the complete and honest truth. That devotion to Faith and Flock took him to dark places to protect innocents from evil, but part of protecting them was never telling them about it. There was a great deal of truth to the old saying, 'Evil didn't see you until you saw it', because human curiosity drove people to look for things when they discovered their existence.

"Blue, right?" he said just to make sure he was using the right name. Neona had told him that she liked being called that by people outside the family. "Neona tells me you're an inventor." he said to her as someone walked into the room and went straight to Blue's side. Liam stepped back and let the couple have their moment together. He turned to Neona and shared a moment of their own. A smile came to his lips and he brushed against hers as he leaned to her ear, "I'm glad she's ok. You look like the world's been lifted off your shoulders." The fingers of his hand caressed the sensitive underside of her wrist, a stolen touch that other's wouldn't notice or understand. Only the one who felt it would know it happened.

Private moments ended and it was time for the two new comers in the room to introduce themselves to one another. Liam took a step towards John and held his hand out to give a firm handshake. He looked into John's eyes as he spoke. "Liam Grey. I'm Neona's...friend." There was a slight pause when Liam was trying to decide what exactly to call his relationship to Neona. He'd never needed to vocalize it to anyone else before. The people of the Church did not ask questions because such things were a private matter, as long as they were not immoral and conducted respectfully. Honestly he'd never talked about it with Neona. He loved her with all his heart and soul, she was his world, and he didn't need to define the devotion he felt. Was he her boyfriend, lover, or simply her plaything? It was his first moment of uncertainty since meeting, but he still never questioned his feelings.
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Blue wondered, as she saw her sister with Liam, if she looked every bit as much of a love struck fool as Neona did. She wondered if she didn't, if that meant she was not as in love as Neona. Or perhaps, they just loved in different ways. Blue blushed. Mostly when he used her real name and not her nickname.

She got the text and smiled, lost in her own little world for the moment.

[Come in and find out.]

Liam mentioned that he didn't need all twenty, causing Blue to chuckle. He was right, Neona had told her some things, but unfortunately they didn't talk as much as most sisters would. Blue had been a bit bitter after her sister had left. They were making ammends now though, and spent time together when Neona was home. The man was devoted, that much was clearly seen.

Yes, it's Blue. I am. I Lead.. and mostly AM the Research and Development side of New Dawn. she smiled warmly at the man. So hopped up on drugs she didn't have to worry about the pain at the moment. She was in a weird state of inbetween.

Blue had no idea how much her eyes lit up upon seeing John enter the room. She held her hand out for him and pulled him to the side of the bed as best as her weakened body could. She smiled up at him. Unable to move too much, she was kind of stuck but she used her finger to show him she wanted him to come closer and nuzzled into his neck for a moment breathing in his scent in the best hug she could manage at the moment.

He whispered to her and she smiled.

Sorry. Guess I'm lazy. she laughed softly which they both knew she was anything but. She was the kind of girl that had to be forced to take care of herself. In fact, John did a fantastic job of making sure she ate and got enough sleep.

He pulled back and she smiled as he introduced himself to her sister. Those two had their own private moment but Blue hadn't noticed, she had been in her own little world seeing the man she loved again. The man she never thought she was going to see again crushed under the rubble of a building. Though she was still terrified that if there was permanent damage and she could no longer keep up with John that he might head out. He might decide she wasn't worth all the trouble and just leave. They were such a busy couple. Between work, and the little trips and outtings they took they were constantly doing something.

She didn't know what she would do if she couldn't walk through the gardens anymore. The doctors and nurses hadn't told her much about her condition yet. But, she feared for the worst.

Blue turned to the other two as John made his introductions. So how did you two meet? she asked curiously. She knew a little bit about the both of them, but she was curious exactly how what had happened. John here came to work for me. It's not exactly... forbidden to date, your coworkers. she laughed. Plus, no one at New Dawn really told Blue what to do except for John because she was too valuable to lose.
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As Liam wrapped his arm around her and leaned down to kiss her cheek, she leaned into him, just enough so he could feel the pressure of their bodies against each other, one hand rising up to curl around his arm, giving it a gentle squeeze. She was thankful that Liam shared her dislike for public displays, she had never been the type, some things were meant to be kept private. They were both private people, preferring that their relationship stay between them and not share it with the world, she was selfish like that.

Neona's golden gaze studied John's hand for a split second before she reached out and curled her Elven fingers around his hand. The heat of her would be the first thing he'd notice, burning far hotter then most humans...or Elves for that matter. She shook his hand in greeting, though she only offered him the smile she gave everyone else, but then, only Liam and Niara might notice the difference. "Pleasure to finally meet you John, my sister seems quite taken with you. So long as she's happy, I'm happy." There was a bit of a threat hidden in there, the Wolf stepping forward in it's small protective ways. Her family was her Pack, and she would protect her Pack with her life. That Pack now included Liam, whether he liked it or not, the Wolf had it's proverbial teeth in him now, and he wasn't getting away. Thankfully, Liam didn't seem to mind, he even welcomed it, as was made obvious by the words he whispered to her.

Liam's fingertips on her wrist soothed the beast within, and kept the threat from truly reaching her face or her tone. Though her eyes did narrow a tad as he introduced himself as just her friend. The wolf within snorted in annoyance. "Don't be modest Liam, with all we've been through friend just sounds so contrived. Boyfriend at the very least." Her heart yearned for so much more though, that much she knew. It felt like she'd know Liam all her life, that they'd just been separated and finally found each other once more. She'd never thought of herself as quite the romantic type but Liam brought it out in her in ways she never imagined.

At Blue's question, Neona turned her face up to look at Liam for a moment. "It was a few months back at the Annual Benefit Ball for the Divine Collective, I guess you could say I stalked him." She said, wrinkling her nose with a soft chuckle as she nudged him with her shoulder.
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Sorry. Guess I'm lazy.

Blue's laugh in his ear made him smile. He had missed that sound very much. The days at the hospital, waiting and hoping she would wake up, had been a living hell. As "John" turned to properly introduce himself and such, he softly gripped Blue's hand in his own, letting her squeeze him. He had no idea what kind of weakness she would feel and if he hurt her, he would never forgive himself.

Neona shook his hand and gave him a big smile. That was a good sign, right? Pleasure to finally meet you John, my sister seems quite taken with you. So long as she's happy, I'm happy. Her tone was something that made him smile back in a pensive way.

Did...I detect a hint of a threat there? If I hadn't been in the intelligence business so long, I'd swear she was just being nice.

Ethan knew that Blue was the baby, and it seemed that her older sister was rather protective of her. That unraveled another layer of the Tiran family onion of mystery. Neona had no idea who "John" really was, what he'd done, and what he was capable of, yet she still basically told Ethan that if he hurt her sister he would be in a world of trouble. Nodding in understanding a moment later to himself, Ethan made a judgement of Neona Tiran at that exact moment.

Neona's got teeth, and really big balls. Best to be careful with that one. Bureaucrats: who knew?

With the moment past, Neona continued with the story of how she "stalked" the Shepard. At the same time, Blue seemed to glaze over the fact that they had worked together and even said that he came to work for her.

Blue, I don't work for you. He said, shaking his head and chuckling. During the first week, you tried to get me to quit, or make my life feel Enlightened again until I took a bullet for you in the dump. Turning to look at her sister, chuckling, he continued, Ms. Stubborn over here refused to leave me for the quick escape chopper, worst bodyguard client ever.

He winked at Blue affectionately at the end, knowing he would never change a thing...especially because if she hadn't stayed, he'd be dead.
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Laim stood back ad Neona and John got acquainted with one another. He could easily see that she was protective of her little sister. Liam didn't have any siblings of his own, but he probably would be the same way with them. It was understandable. He stood by to give them their time together and held back the smile that he wanted to let out. It was the first time that he had seen Neona show teeth while smiling. He'd seen the teeth. He'd seen the smile. Now he'd seen it all. No wonder she made a good diplomat.

The story was something that caught him by surprise. Liam's eyes widened slightly at the mention of taking a bullet for her. He waited until they were done speaking when he looked to Blue, "He took a bullet for you? I thought you were an inventor and worked in a lab. Who was shooting at you?" If they didn't want to tell the story Liam wouldn't press them to find out about it. He wasn't the type to pry where he wasn't wanted. He did understand that some things were better left undiscussed.

At the moment they were all standing around Blue's hospital room awkwardly. He looked about the room and only saw the two chairs that were positioned against the wall. That just wouldn't do. "I think we need some more chairs. I'll be right back." Liam left the room and walked over to the nurse's station. "Excuse me, miss. We're visiting Miss Tiran, but we don't have enough chairs. Is it ok if I take one of these? I promise I'll return it when we're done."

The nurse looked up at him and said, "Of course, Shepherd. Go right ahead."

Liam picked up one of the chairs that were lined up against the far wall in front of the nurses' station and walked it down the hallway carefully. Once inside the room he set it on the floor near Blue's bed. Once it was settled he went over and grabbed the other by their backs and drug them over. They were added to the bed side collection and he stood back, "There we go. Now we can all get comfortable." He waited until everyone was seated before he took the last chair for himself. Liam wasn't much for dealing with small groups of people. He was fine to speak in front of large groups, but making small talk was beyond him. "Sorry.... I'm not much for making small talk."
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So she was right. Neona and Liam were dating. Not that it surprised her. She was just.. really glad her sister let someone else in. After that ASSHOLE had hurt her right after she had become a were... well, Blue had seen red. Even though she and her sister weren't talking much at the time.. to see her sister so terribly crushed was.. so hard on her. They had met at a ball, which seemed very Neona. Somehow, Blue always saw Neona as the 'Princess' of the sisters. Happily in place when she was in an extravangant gown with jewelry and people to meet and mingle.

Which of course, was Blue's nightmare.

Luckily, so far, there had only been ONE ball from New Dawn, but she was certain the holidays would come up with another. Maybe she wouldn't be able to dance do to her injuries and she could hibernate in her lab.

Blue grinned when John told her that he didn't work 'for' her. She begged to differ, but then, he knew that. They were always teasing each other about it. Since he was her bodyguard. She could pretty much ask him to do anything, and most of the time he would.. though she had a feeling it wasn't so much that he was her bodyguard as it was that he had interest in keeping her happy.

I tried to get you to quit because you're an asshole, frankly my dear. she said with seriousness which disolved into giggles. He WAS an asshole. And still could be, but she liked that they could be quick witted and throw harmless barbs back and forth at each other all day and head home hand in hand. He came out with the story of how she got John shot and her brow rose. She hadn't told Neona about that. But you forgot the part about how my stubbornness not only saved your ass but also got you to fall madly in love with this crazy inventor.

Liam chimed in with a question she was sure they were both asking.

Well, you see, corporate zombies want my brain. she laughed really really hard for a few minutes. There might have been a snort in there for a moment. But hey! She had an excuse. She was hopped up on more pain meds than should be legal. No... well.. sorta seriously.. a lot of people want their hands on me, because, wow this is going to sound really pompus. I'm a genius. I"m very good at what I do, the best. New Dawn pays me for that, and I work hard for them. But, others have their eyes on me too. Some will go to any means. That's why they hired John here, to protect me. Because I'm not exactly.. cognizant of .. my surroundings. Corporate ninjas might get me!

She giggled again, and held John's hand. He had no idea how scared she was sometimes. She was pretty good at hiding a lot of her feelings when they weren't going to benefit her. Or at the very least, when John would give her long lectures about staying behind and being safer. Or something... But Blue was not interested in living her life behind four walls under the control of someone not her. Liam excused himself to go get some more chairs and came back with them. Blue gave him a soft smile.

He was SOOOOO nice. It was almost creepy. She wasn't sure how Neona had been attracted to him. And that sounded terrible in her mind, but it wasn't really what she meant. She had always just thought of Neona with a hard attractive kind of guy. But, maybe that was why Liam and she fit so well, he wasn't Neona's normal type. Good for her. Blue's eyes shifted over to John. Standing there, holding her hand, she knew that she had put him through hell. Her mind connected instantly to his cybernetics.

Did a number on yourself didn't you.. she touched his arm gently with her hand, where he had wenched it trying to get her out from under the beam. You're going to need some replacement parts. And, some new wiring, annnnnd that tendon is trashed, I can fix it soon, okay?

Handy when a cybernetic was dating a technopath.

Then a thought occurred to her. So she looked at everyone for a moment. Have the doctors told you guys.. umm.. anything? Blue hadn't been awake for long but she really wanted to know if she was doomed. She was alive, but .. would she walk? Could she have children? There were a lot of unanswered questions.
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At the mention of Ethan taking a bullet for her sister, Neona's head shot up. First to Ethan, gauging the truth behind his words and then her golden eyes settled on Blue with a look that said her baby sister was in trouble. Her eyes glittered like molten lava in her anger. Ethan didn't seem to have any clue as to how upset Neona was over the fact that her baby sister was nearly shot and she hadn't heard a single word about it!

Before she had a chance to ask questions of her own, Liam stepped in for her. It was probably for the best as she could feel the wolf rattling the bars of the cage she kept it in. For once she and the wolf were in agreement. Unlike Liam however, if Blue didn't want to tell the story she had no qualms about forcing it out of them, she wasn't letting this pass without an explanation. Neona reached up to grip the crystal that hung at her throat, she'd wrapped the chain around her neck a few times, turning it into a choker to be displayed, normally she wore it long to hide it beneath her clothing. The green color made it look almost sickly, and the warmth that met Neona's touch didn't do anything to ease her worry.

She found that she had to wait for the response however until Liam had returned from his search for more chairs. This didn't help at all, it allowed her to sit and seethe on the matter until Niara could respond. As Liam sat down next to her, she reached out unconsciously and took his hand, an unusual display of affection for her in a public place but she needed the contact. Liam had the uncanny ability to sooth the wolf and she needed that right about now.

However his touch didn't have as much of an effect as she had been hoping. Something about this whole situation just plain pissed her off. The way Niara spoke about what happened to her as if it were some big joke, while it was normal for Niara, never sat well with Neona. Something about John just wasn't right but she couldn't put her finger on it. Niara was talking about fixing him as if he were a machine, and if it were true and he had cybernetic enhancements...well, there weren't many people who could claim such a thing. She'd have to do some research when she returned to the Guard. Her animal instincts were telling her that thins just weren't as they should be.

"I have not had a chance to speak with the doctors yet, perhaps they were waiting to speak to you first, as they should. I'm afraid my visit is at an end, I have a lot of work left to do back at the office." More importantly she needed to get out of here before she exploded. Leaning over she kissed Liam on the cheek, trying not to make a big scene of her leaving. She knew there was still a gap between Niara and herself, but not being told about such things hurt her. Rising up from her seat, she settled her bag on her shoulder and stepped forward to gently hug Niara, kissing her sister on the forehead. "It was a pleasure to meet you John, I'll see you again soon I'm sure."

Should Liam get up as if to follow her out, Neona would meet his gaze and give a short shake of her head, telling him that she wanted to leave alone. [exit Neona]
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The firestorm that Ethan had apparently set off by revealing the first aspects of his mission was still hidden as Blue acknowledged and explained the incident in the dump. Neona's Shepard boyfriend seemed impressed by the event, although the woman herself nearly shot fire from her eyes at "John." Despite the awkward tinge to the air, it was perpetually broken by Blue's laughter and ridiculous words.

While her slight Elven frame would heal faster than most, it appeared that the heavy doses of pain medication that she had been administered was also being metabolized faster. This left Blue in a haze of giggles and truths that abounded from her while they spoke. Despite her drug-induced hilarity, Blue's abilities to mentally access networks wasn't hindered. At least, to some degree. He felt her access his systems, it was a foreign feeling before, and it was all too familiar now. The drugs were definitely affecting her response times, as Blue's actions seemed sluggish and at the same time sped up.

You're going to need some replacement parts. And, some new wiring, annnnnd that tendon is trashed, I can fix it soon, okay?

"John" simply nodded, rubbing her hand softly. My tendon is fine, but I will need some work done for response time and strength. Whenever you get better, sweetheart.

Blue asked about the doctor's giving them information on her medical condition, and Ethan instinctively squeezed her hand. The doctors had refused to talk to him, so he had stolen her chart for a brief bit a day or so ago. It wasn't a good prognosis, but, it wasn't Ethan's place to tell her. Neona reflected his own feelings, saying they were probably waiting to talk to her first. Getting up to leave, Neona softly kissed Liam on the cheek, excusing herself.

It was a pleasure to meet you John, I'll see you again soon I'm sure.

Ethan waved softly to Blue's sister as she left, Pleasure was all mine, Neona. I look forward to it.

As Neona left, "John" took careful notice of her exit. Was it possible she had made him? No, not possible. He had never met Neona Tiran before...and no traces that could definitively pin him to anything had ever been left. Still, her tone made Ethan think about their next meeting, doubting it would be pleasant.

Well, that was fun. So glad to slowly get to know your family.
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With the circumstances and location of their meeting aside, Liam finding the chance at meeting Neona's family while getting to see her at the same time pleasant. He looked to Blue and thought about how pleasant she was. Here she was in the hospital intensive care unit, having severe injuries treated, and she was still remaining to keep a good mood about herself. This young woman was very strong. Liam turned to look at Neona and smiled. She was strong as well. It seemed that strength was a family trait. That smile became a smirk while he wondered if he would regret that strength when he meet the people that raised and watched over the two of them.

His eyes turned to look at John. He didn't know that it wasn't the man's real name. Liam had been taught to take everyone as they presented themselves. John seemed like a good man, and the smile that he had when he looked to Blue was genuine. He knew because it touched his eyes. Liam knew the difference between a real smile and a fake one. He spent enough time practicing his in the mirror. It was good to see that in a world that has seen so much suffering, two people could still find happiness in each other, and survive together. His attention was pulled away by Neona's sudden outburst.

He couldn't help the furrow that came to his brow as he listened to her and watched. It was unexpected. He could understand being protective of her sister, but John was a bodyguard. People didn't hire bodyguards unless they had need of them. It wasn't the bodyguards fault when people came after their charges. He turned to look at Blue and Jon once more. She was still very alive which meant he not only did his job once but twice. The world wasn't a perfect place and bad things happened to good people, but these two good people had managed to come through the worst of it together.

Liam frowned as Neona not only stood up to storm out, but turned around and barked at him to stay put. He was surprised at how much it hurt, but he quickly stamped down the anger he felt. He needed to be careful with his anger. Liam had too much anger and hatred bottled up inside of him. He didn't want any of it spilling out on to Neona. He cared for her too much to carelessly let that happen. Liam did his best to school his features into an passive mask as Neona left the room.

"I'm sorry" he said after the door closed. He didn't know what else to say, and he didn't want there to be any strife between sisters over something that had already passed. Closing his eyes for a moment of reflection, Liam prayed to the Divine that the sisters would reconcile instead of letting it drive them apart. Standing up he looked to Blue and said, "I should leave too. I'm sure the two of you could use some time to spend together alone. It was a pleasure meeting the both of you. I'll say a prayer for your speedy recovery if that is alright with you." That last part was said directly to Blue. He reached out a firm hand and shook John's before leaving the room. He did have important business to tend to, but it would have to wait until John left and Blue was alone in her room.

<<<Exit Liam>>>
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Her sister was mad.

No... pissed was a more aptly used word here. Blue could feel the anger coming off of her in waves, and in the crystalline necklace that they shared. Blue's was a blue crystal that hid underneath her clothing that she wore even now. A way to tell that the other was safe. So then, she really shouldn't be pissed off because if Blue was hurt she would have known through the amulet. Just like when she got crushed by an android. She assumed that Neona knew well before anyone else.

Blue didn't know what to tell her sister. She was always traveling, always gone, and they went months without talking. It just .. was what it was. Her parents didn't even know about the whole.. hospital visit.. thing.. that time. Which hadn't been for her, but for John who had been shot and needed to get fixed up. Blue could fix up anything mechanical, but when it came to flesh, she needed the professionals for that.

She was just glad that through her sheer stubborness, she had saved John's life. That had paid off in more ways than she could have ever imagined.

Neona shot up off her seat and glared at Blue. Who's face drained of any remaining blood and then she said she had to leave. Blue's face showed how crushed she was. What was it going to matter anyway? It was a thing of the past. month and months and months ago. Nearly a year ago. When she had first met John and she had been at the scrapyard to get herself some supplies for her projects at New Dawn. The problem was the fact that.. her sister was mad for being discluded, but it wasn't like there was much to tell.

You don't call up your sister and talk about getting shot at in a scrapyard with your new bodyguard. That just.. wasn't a phone call kind of thing.. or rather.. anything you needed to tell anyone at any point. They'd just worry needlessly, and there was no reason to worry.

Blue didn't let any tears leak until the door had shut behind Neona, and only then it was a few traitor tears that fell from her eyes and into her hair. She looked up at the ceiling and blinked them back. She didn't think there was a reason for such a reaction to news that was so old. There was a lot that Blue didn't tell her family, and she knew there was a lot they didn't tell her. At least.. not Neona. Apparently, it wasn't allowed to go both ways.

She was so upset that John's little joke that normally would have made her smile or come back with a witty comment had no effect. She pulled her blankets up on her a bit higher, and looked over at Liam when he too rose. He said he had to go, and that he would pray for her.

It was really nice to meet you, Liam. Take care of that sister of mine, and I would appreciate any prayers you can send my way. Thank you.

She gave a weak smile to the man and then watched as he too left. Blue seemed a lot heavier when they left instead of lighter. Tears welled in her eyes and spilled over the edges of her eye lids as her lower lip trembled from her trying desperately not to cry. When they said people in pain or with grievous injuries shouldn't be upset they were right apparently. They were in a fragile state all ready. And to make it worse, now she had pissed off her sister, and she probably wouldn't be back. If she'd talk to Blue again at all.

She'd lost so much. She couldn't feel her legs, and her ultimate fear is that she never would. She hadn't heard anything from the doctor yet but she could take stock of her body she doubted they just had her lower half asleep for some reason. She'd been crushed by an android. Saved. Brought here. And now she wasn't even sure if she was worth saving. What kind of life would she have, half crushed...

When John touched her, to comfort her, as he often did, the dam broken open and she grabbed for him twisting her waist as best as she could and clung to him as she poured her tears into his shirt.
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Bedside Battles (Closed)
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