A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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 Vanessa Sirnos

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PostSubject: Vanessa Sirnos   Wed Mar 07, 2012 6:07 pm

• Vanessa • Kali • Sirnos •

Name: Vanessa Kali Sirnos
Nickname: Nessa, Artemis
Age: 45
Weight: 147
Height: 5'8"

Eye color: Silver, though her right eye seems more metallic
Hair color: Deep chocolate brown with natural blonde highlights
Race: Human
Residence: Librium/Armored Troop Transport
Nationality: Europe

Play By: Milla Jovovich

• all in the details •

At first glance, one might think only the words beautiful or hot when looking at Nessa. A second glance will cause an uneasy feeling of danger to move down your spine. Vanessa moves with the deadly grace of a trained and battle hardened soldier. Well muscled, yet curved in the right places. Looking into her eyes will reveal a sadness from her left, and a cold hardness from her right. Rarely are her features graced with a smile, always serious, always ready for the next fight. She always holds herself perfectly positioned to leap into action at the slightest provocation. There is no softness to this soldier, only hard edges.

Vanessa can be described as cold, hard and deadly. Her version of a joke might have other people looking at her as if she were crazy. She is more the dead pan or sarcastic type. A survivalist at heart, there is nothing Vanessa won't do to ensure her survival, or the survival of her new pride mates. When given a job, she will see it through to the end. Some say she has no emotions at all, this isn't true in the slightest, she just never shows them. Bred to be a soldier, raised to be a soldier, it is all that she knows. Emotions have no room in a soldiers life, they are simply a distraction, especially for a soldier who's talent is for taking out targets without knowing anything about them. Standoffish and watchful, it takes time to earn Nessa's respect and get her to open up...though cookies can help pave the way.

Vanessa is a Human, she has no magical abilities. Her right eye is an engineering marvel however. At the age of 16, during her military training, she agreed to have her right eye removed and a robotic version installed in it's place. This eye sharpens her sense of sight far beyond that of a normal human. She is able to see farther, clearer and even in the dark as it is equipped with night vision and thermal imaging. It is equipped with Micro and Macro zooming functions. This upgrade was to make her a better sniper in the war.

Vanessa is a highly trained soldier, an expert with firearms specifically long range weapons. She also has expert hand to hand combat skills and an agility heightened by her robotic eye allowing her to dodge projectiles like grenades, knives, or rocks.

• the tale of a lifetime•

Vanessa Sirnos was not born out of love, but out of necessity. Two of the best soldiers the war had produced were asked to breed and hopefully pass on the genetic traits that made them such excellent soldiers. The product was Vanessa and she was everything they had hoped for and more. Her childhood was not loving or carefree. Her mental training began from the very beginning, and when she was old enough it expanded to include physical training as well. She knew no other way of life except war. Constantly pushed to the breaking point, she triumphed over everything they could throw at her. After her surgical procedure to replace her eye, Vanessa knew no equal in marksmanship. Her military career was marked with success after success but when the Enlightenment came and the treaty was signed..there was no place for her.

She became a Mercenary of the highest caliber. Having worked with Malik during the war on several missions, meeting up with him again after the war was 'over' seemed like fate. She allowed him to convince her to join his pride. Never having worked with such a close nit team before, it's a new experience she is dealing with the only way she knows how.

Along with her robotic eye, she was given a Rifle that was electronically linked to her eye. Her eye acted as the scope for this rifle, allowing her to shoot without having to aim down the barrel. Impossible shots suddenly became possible, and she has taken expert care with this weapon so that it has lasted through out her many missions.

Artemis is the call sign she was given. Each Unit of Snipers took their call signs from different pantheons of the ancient gods. Upon joining the Olympians they graced her with the name due to her perfect "hunting" skills and her ability to ignore any male advances much like the virgin goddess herself. While Snipers are usually attached to missions on their own, it was the closest thing she knew to group mentality, though they were all trained much the same as she. It is nothing compared to the "family" she now belongs to.
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PostSubject: Re: Vanessa Sirnos   Thu Mar 08, 2012 3:43 am

Because everything is better with kittens
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PostSubject: Re: Vanessa Sirnos   Thu Mar 08, 2012 9:13 am

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PostSubject: Re: Vanessa Sirnos   

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Vanessa Sirnos
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