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 Unexpected Arrivals In Unexpected Places (Senshi)

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PostSubject: Unexpected Arrivals In Unexpected Places (Senshi)   Tue Oct 16, 2012 9:13 am


Kimber checked the address.

Sure enough. The dilapidated building, was of course, exactly where she was to go. Unfortunately, there were times that the outside did not match the inside. Still, it was the kind of building, she did not expect when called to an interview. Her stomach swirled around, she had come to interview for some sort of publication. She supposed it could be a back water magazine. The kind that was not on the newstands, or instead, perhaps, the internet.

She honestly didn't know.

Her publicist had done this for her. Kimber pressed the button on the out dated buzzer system and heard the sound of a buzzer from within. With a bit of a wary thought, the door popped open and she stepped forward. Inside, she could not see much. But she could tell there was something down a slightly dim hallway that was marked with nothing.

Kimber readjusted her hold. The violin case in her hand. The pale pink, with the hidden knife blade that could come out of the case with the press of a button were she in trouble. With her finger on the button, she stepped across the threshold.

It was strange though.

Suddenly, she was no longer in a building. Instead, outside. What kind of magic this was. She began to wander around. Looking around. For signs of the building. For the streets, for the scents of the city. Nothing. Kimber's chest began to heave in fear and panic. Where was she? Was this some sort of magic? Some sort of trick? She had no idea how she had gotten here, or even where here was. Clutching her violin case even tighter, she looked around with her soft blue eyes. Blonde hair tumbled down her back, in loose soft ringlets.

The wind blew. It was biting cold. There was wilderness all around her. She could not even remember where she came in, to try to get back. Was it by that flower? Or that rock? Or was it by those tress over there? She couldn't see anything. She was terrified. She didn't know how to survive on her own. All she had was what was in her purse, a violin, and her clothes. If it turned to night time, it was going to get cold. She had no way of making a fire. She would die out here if it became night. She knew that for certainty.

But where to go?

Where to start walking?

Which direction was proper?

Kimber bit her lower lips, as tears stung her wind burned face. She just began to walk. She couldn't call for help. She couldn't start a fire. She knew, this was probably it. There was no way anyone was going to find her. She couldn't see any city or village in sight. Even if she could... she couldn't speak, and who knew if these people could read? Or if they could speak the same language as she? She didn't even know 'what' language it was. She actually was quite fluent in languages. Written at least. So Kimber began to walk. Shaking, and tears streaming down her cheeks as she walked. Holding her violin like one might expect a girl to hold a stuffed bear.
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PostSubject: Re: Unexpected Arrivals In Unexpected Places (Senshi)   Tue Oct 16, 2012 8:06 pm

Senshi had been mulling about the forest and tending to the plant life contained within for about two days now. He had stimulated the growth of new plants and helped those that had been trampled regain the former glory that they once held before feet of hooves and carelessly stepped upon them. The woodling in him often made trips to his home in order to check on the progress of his friends and today was another day in which he was doing such. A wolf came padding along the forest and Senshi smiled before reaching out and petting it upon the head and in turn it licked his hand. He had an affinity to speaking with the native creatures of his home as did all woodlings and the wold was no different.

He reached over to place his hand upon a tree when he was suddenly given images of a young girl who was scared and lone within the forest. He could not speak with plants but he could see what they saw and the root system of the tree's were all connected within the forest so he was able to see all over the place. He focused his mind and a minute later he melted away into the tree and his body zipped along the roots of the ground. Pass plant was something all woodlings had and they used it to travel long distanced in very short amounts of time. The woman he had seen was scared and crying and it was his duty as a samurai to help her.

A few moment later Senshi jumped from within a tree and landed a few feet away from the crying girl. She had found the Cherry blossom grove and as he landed a strong wend blew. He rose to his feet as hundred of thousands of petals were swept from the branches and began to fall link giant pink raindrops. They floated among the air and danced about the two of them until finally it all settled down upon the ground at there feet. Senshi looked to this woman and bowed low before speaking in Japanese.

"Welcome to my home madame. You seem lost and scared so I have come to help you in anyway that I can. Where do you come from?"

The thought did not cross his mind that a woman who was lost within the forest and dressed in such odd clothing might not be from japan and also might not speak Japanese. He stood once more and smiled to her to show that he was friendly before very slowly walking in her direction with his hand out. However before he could reach here there was a growl followed by a roar which pulled his eyes in the direction of a rift beast charging out of the wilderness and in the woman's direction.

The abomination was in no way a part of japans ecosystem and therefor it was a foreign invader that brought harm to Senshi's home. He rushed foreword and pulled his blade swiftly from the saya that held it. As the blade came free there was a giant gust of wind as the ground began to tear asunder slightly and dirt flew up as the line progressed quickly. The beast lunged and dropped right into the invisible slice which cleaved its head from its body and sent it tumbling to the ground.

Turning to the woman as he sheathed his blade Senshi looked to make sure she was alright. The sun was fading in the sky and because of this he knew that he needed to get the woman out of the forest and into civilization as soon as he could. At night the forest became a dark place that was home to some of the most bloodthirsty creatures that Japan had to offer. He held his hand out to her once more and motioned with his head for her to come with him. "This place is not safe for you. I will find you somewhere to rest tonight."
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PostSubject: Re: Unexpected Arrivals In Unexpected Places (Senshi)   Tue Oct 16, 2012 10:12 pm

Cold raked over her bones.

The shiver that moved through her body, caused her to tremble slightly. She was beyond cold. What had been fine for a small walk when she was in the city, was not as good out here in the open. There was not much to break the chill of the day, and where ever she was, it was colder than home. Kimber wished for pants. A jacket. Something she could warm her hands in. The fear that she would never be able to play her violin again, ached at her. Ate at her. Chipping away at the only happiness her soul had ever truly known.

She couldn't even tell how long she had been walking. Her cell was in her purse. But she was too cold to stop and look at it. It wouldn't matter. Hours mattered not. Hours, minutes, days, they all seemed to run together. She wasn't sure where she was going. If there was an end in sight. Or if someone, come spring, would find her body and wonder how she got lost. Sell her violin, if it wasn't rotten, or perhaps, a girl would play it.

Kimber was so cold, she was near delerious.

There was a samurai. Walking towards her. She blinked. In a sort of daze. Having never seen the like of him before, she was certain she was dreaming. Or perhaps, halucinating. Perhaps the end was near afterall. Could she offer up something to the Divine to make her passing easier? She knew not. What would people think of her disappearance? Would her parents even care?

He began to speak. She recongized the dialect. Japanese. She knew how to read some of it. And write a little. But she could not speak it, not that she could speak anyway. She looked at him. Trying to understand what he was saying. Something about help. Home. And something about a location. That was all she could gleam.

Kimber, shivering a great deal, began to reach for her bag. In hopes that she could pull out her notepad and write something down for him. A simple symbol would probably be enough for him to understand most of her delima. But, before, she could even get to it. A roar errupted from close by. She barely had time to look up, when the beast began to come after them. She stayed silent, only because, with her ability, or disability, one could not hear the scream that errupted from her chest.

The man, smoothely stepped in front of her, and killed the beast with one swoop. Kimber fell into the frost covered grass from the shock of the whole episode, not to mention the fact that a beast attacked her, she was freezing, and it was getting on towards dark. Biting her lower lip she looked up over at him as he explained that it was getting dark. And something about a town or.. shelter. She wasn't sure.

Reaching into her purse. She pulled out her notepad. And a small pen. Her hands quaking as she made a simple, probably grade school rune. But she knew it. And she was happy it would work. She wrote the symbol for 'lost'. Holding it up to him she trembled as she got up on her own. She did not wish for him to find out about her silence just yet. Not that it was technically contagious through touch alone. People freaked out about that, and right now she needed him to help her if he was willing. It seemed that he was.
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PostSubject: Re: Unexpected Arrivals In Unexpected Places (Senshi)   Wed Oct 17, 2012 9:53 am

The young woman was shaken and he could see the tears that stained her cheek still. The sight of such an innocent and young woman who was now alone and scared on her own managed to touch Senshi on many different levels and he watched as she pulled a pad and pen from her bag after standing. The symbol for lost was crudely written and he had to assume that she had only the most basic of ability in understanding his language and no way to speak it with him. The pressure of a task such as this was going to require patience and deep thought when working to help her and he had to make a choice on what he was to do. He looked around for a moment and held his hands out for the paper and pen which he grabbed slowly and gently tugged away from her before slipping to a new page with which to write.

He stared at the blank page for a few brief moments as his mind quickly ran through his choices on how to handle this newest problem. He nodded his head and began to draw quick lines one the paper and etching away a drawing of some kind for the woman in front of him. The choices he had were to take her in to town and get her shelter then resume his normal tasks or he would have to sacrifice the things he did within the forest for a time and tend to her needs until he could find a way to get her home and figure the whole thing out. The choice only took a few seconds for the samurai as he let the way of Bushido guide him in this matter as he did in all things.

He finished the sketch he handed it back to the woman along with the pen and waited for her to look it over. The drawing was of a samurai and a woman dressed much like herself and they stood at the top of the page together. Below them was another scene in which they sat and ate and the notepad itself was drawn upon the table with each of them drawing in it. Below that was the two of them waving goodbye as the woman stepped into a house and two bigger figures hugged and kissed her. The symbols for friendship and home were written at the bottom of the page and his choice was one of sacrifice and duty to those who were in need.

Senshi pointed to her and then to himself and with both hands he interlocked his fingers and held his hands tightly together with a nod. Kimber would not be alone for the rest of her stay in Japan and Senshi would see to it that day and night he was with her and helping her to get home. The Way dictated that he help her but beyond that he saw this as something that should not have happened to one so young and innocent. He held his hand out with the palm facing up and from it grew a pink lotus. It started as a small pink bud within his palm which grew larger and larger until a few seconds later the bud busted open. Pink petals spread themselves wide as the center of the flower ascended upwards until it was mature. With a smile Senshi held hit out to her with three nods of his head and to small rises of his palm to show her it was a gift.

Night would fall soon and he did not have time to skin the animal he slayed to make the woman a coat. He closed his eyes for a moment and when he opened them he motioned for the woman to follow. Koutai would join them shortly and with him he would bring something small but indeed warmer for the woman to wear as they had a good hour long walk through the forest before they reached a comfortable spot to rest for the night. He walked beside her in case she needed to draw within her book and also because it would offer her greater protection in the wild. He needed to figure out the answer to what brought her hear in the strange clothing she wore and where it is she came from.
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PostSubject: Re: Unexpected Arrivals In Unexpected Places (Senshi)   Wed Oct 17, 2012 10:11 am

Kimber watched, as he began to draw.

She had no idea what he was doing. She was freezing. Trying to blow into her frozen hands to warm them up. The night would probably bring with it dangerous lows. It was not, cold enough to snow without some sort of rain. But it was cold enough to die. He seemed to be willing to help though, she merely waited. The drawing was lovely, much better than she would ever be able to do. It didn't matter though, as she took the drawing, she saw them together. Then them eating together, in a warm place, using the pad to talk to one another, and then a third drawing where she was home. She supposed those two bigger people were supposed to be her parents.

Kimber was no child. She knew that with her innocent nature it might seem that way. But, being in her early twenties, and traveling the world, made her much more seasoned than it might seem. Still, the young girl had been born fragile, and still was. She had always been a very soft person. Yet, she was with someone now, and her resolve was hardening.

She nodded to him.

He held his hand out. Her eyes widened as the beautiful pink flower blossomed in his hand. She gasped, silently. Making not a single sound. Not the crunch of the grass under her feet. Not the wind snapping at her clothes. Not the chattering of her teeth. nothing about her made a single sound. She was a void of noise all together. But she accepted the flower, with a bright pink blush on her cheeks, and tucked it into her hair where it fell against the soft blonde locks.

They began to walk. Side by side.

Kimber was already drawing again. She was no where near as good as Senshi. But she knew that this would get her to communicate what she needed to communicate. She had no idea, how a samurai still existed. She had thought those were long and gone. But perhaps, there were still some that lived and practiced the old ways. She actually found herself liking that. A very nostalgic way of thinking, that would lead to a fantastic life.

She handed him the pad this time. And on it was a flattened Globe. The world was drawn out okay. It wasn't exact and it wasn't proportionate. But it didn't matter she would get her point across. She drew a big arrow pointing to North America. Where she was from. And then a question mark. Not sure where she was. Not sure where they were standing now. She figured this was the easiest way to get him to understand just how lost she was.

When he had the pad, she wrapped her arms around herself. Trying to get herself as warm as she could. She had no idea how far they were from civilization. But she hoped, it was not too far.
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PostSubject: Re: Unexpected Arrivals In Unexpected Places (Senshi)   Wed Oct 17, 2012 12:32 pm

Senshi was not a warmblooded creature nor did he even have blood flowing through his veins. He never had use of clothing that warmed him because he was at home in the elements of nature and so long as plant life could survive and he had oxygen then he would be fine. Thus he had no answer on how to warm Kimber who seemed to be freezing at that moment so he had to think on this issue as they walked. He would have given her his armor but it was rather heavy and they had a long distance to walk which would cause more wear on the traumatized girl then it would actually help. He noticed her scribbling in her pad and as she did a thought struck his mind.

Taking the pad from Kimber when handed to him he looked it over and when he saw the drawing of america he knew what she was saying. It made no sense to him that she had come from america to simply appear here in japan however that seemed to be exactly what she was saying happened. He did a quick drawing and handed it back to her with a picture of the rising sun as found on the Japanese national flag and under it was a picture of him running and Kimber hugging something that looked like a bear as it ran with him. He held up one hand to her to signal he wanted her to stay and then turned for the treeline.

It was a few minutes before he returned but when he did there was a decent sized black bear walking next to him as if it was a pet. Senshi smiled and pointed to Kimber and the bear walked over to her with Senshi at his side petting it softly. He motioned to Kimber to get onto the bear and smiled as the bear turned its head to lick her hand. The only thing he could figure was that if she laid down on the pair and rode it lick a piggyback then the bears body heat would at least take the edge off the cold a bit and at the same time allow him to run alongside the bear which would speed up the trip.

As they stood there a screech was heard and from the tree's dropped a Japanese macaque. It landed on Senshi's shoulder and tied around its neck was a small blanket and around its tails were some gloves and a knit hat. Senshi handed the gloves to Kimber along with the hat and the blanket he held onto fro a moment. He removed his blade and dropped the blanket over its edge which showed the sharpness of the blade as it feel upon it and was sliced in half. The woodling moved to her feet and wrapped the blanket around her shoes to provide extra warmth to her bare skin in that area.

He then stood and reached for her scarf slowly before untying it and wrapping it around her ears and face and tying it off in the back. It was not the best protection in the world but with her face and head covered along with the bare skin of her feet it seemed like it would do the trick in keeping her from shaking so long as they made it back before nightfall. He motioned once more for her to climb onto the bear and Koutai moved off of Senshi's shoulder to climb up on Kimbers back and hug her from behind. The woodling pointed to the bear and Koutai and shook for a minute to show cold and then fanned himself to show he was hot as if to say they would help keep her warm.

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PostSubject: Re: Unexpected Arrivals In Unexpected Places (Senshi)   Wed Oct 17, 2012 2:34 pm

Taking the paper back, her eyes widened.

So she really was, in Japan.

Her eyes shifted, looking around. Trying to figure out how in the heck she had arrived here. How could she.. ever.. be here? She had been in the city. Heading towards a interview. Was it them? Had they caused this mess? Was it someone else? Was it a mistake? Was it a new power? What had happened.

Underneath, he drew himself. And her, cuddling a bear. She furrowed her brow. Seeing as there was no bear. She had not brought a stuffed one with her, she was confused as to what the picture was supposed to be. Or mean? Pictures were great. Language barriers were not. If only he could read English or she was better at reading Japanese they might be able to do this without testing her art skills.

He motioned for her to wait.

So she did. Standing there she watched as he loped with grace towards the woods. She had no idea what he was doing. If he was leaving her alone. maybe he had to go to the bathroom. That filled her with the thought that she might have to use the restroom. Which only made her feel like she did have to go. But there was no way as cold as it was, she was going to use the bathroom. Not only because of the steam it would create. But because that much skin barred to this cold, would not help her current situation.

He came back, and this time, with a bear. She was so shocked, she just stood there. Watching him walk. Petting the bear as if it was a pet and not a wild beast. Perhaps it was, she had no idea. The bear came over to her, and she was just.. in awe. It was a huge bear. Easily three quarters of her size. And probably outweighed her by at least four hundred pounds. She was just, shocked how easily it stood there, and followed this man around.

Which made her realize, she did not know his name. But, how could she, they had a language barrier.

Before she could even contemplate his request to get on the bear. A monkey came out of the woods and with it a blanket, mittens, and a hat. She was grateful for them all. She pet the bear absentmindedly after it licked her hand as she watched the monkey. The man cut the blanket and helped her wrap her ankles. Then took her scarf and wrapped her face with it. Her hands in the mittens she felt a great deal better. Apparently, she was going to be a Kimber sandwich with the bear and the monkey

With help, she climbed up onto the bear, and lay down so that it's warmth would touch more of her body. The monkey climbed up onto her back and she snuggled it. One hand holding her violin case, the other holding her purse in the mittened hands as they began to walk again. She could not draw, could not write, not like this. But she was warm. Before Kimber realized she had fallen asleep on the bear. Often, her own tears brought upon sleep in herself, and this time was no different. It was as if the influx of emotions just wore her small body out.
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PostSubject: Re: Unexpected Arrivals In Unexpected Places (Senshi)   Wed Oct 17, 2012 2:56 pm

Kimber was fast asleep when they arrived at the outskirts of the city and Senshi had left her with the bear and Koutai while he went in and looked about. He returned with a large parcel and picked Kimber up carefully before setting her against a tree very gingerly. He opened the parcel and set down six deer flanks in front of the bear which it began to happily eat. Senshi did not just look at people as the ones with feelings but animals as well and the bear had gone out of its way to help him and Kimber when it did not have to. He was paying it back for that help and as it ate he moved to Kimber and pulled a pad and pen of his own out before drawing something and when he was finished his hand moved out to shake her shoulder very lightly.

He shook her until her eyes opened and he greeted them with a smile before pointing down to the paper he held in his hand. The picture was of her eating at a table with him and under that was another one where she was in a bed sleeping while he sat by the window watching over her. He was careful in the way he moved as she had yet to make any gesture to his face being made from wood as was his whole body and he didn't want her to get scared now. The initial shock should have worn off by now and he had to think that at some point she might freak out over the way he looked.

Once she had time to come to grips with everything he offered his hands to her and helped her to her feet before heading in the direction of the city. It was night time now and as hey made they're way in he pat the bear one last time and crossed the threshold. It was a very short walk to the place they would be staying and he had been lucky enough to catch the woman right before dinner. It was a family he had met a few days back in the town square and it was also where he had fought and defeated two ronin. One of those ronin had taught Senshi a great deal about his beliefs and the man never even got to know but that was the way of life.

The city had pipes running through the ground and into houses all over the place as water dripped from them and steam poured off the surfaces and into the air. The stars were bright above the pair as they came to a small iron house and Senshi knocked three times. The door opened and they were welcomed in by the mother of the little girl that Senshi had fought for and shown to a table that had all manner of food laid out on it. The woodling had gone out and paid for it all and the woman prepared it as he would not have them losing any food because of him.

The woman nodded her head a few times and showed Kimber to the low table and showed her the pillow that she would be sitting on while eating. Senshi followed them both and before Kimber was all manner of food. Sushi, Gyoza, chicken terriyaki, tempora, sashimi and much much more. Water,saki,and tea were one the table for her to choose from and Senshi nodded his thanks to the woman before sweeping his hand over it all and nodding to Kimber to dig in. It was a fabulous layout that the woman prepared and he thanked her again in Japanese as he waited for Kimber to eat her fill.
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PostSubject: Re: Unexpected Arrivals In Unexpected Places (Senshi)   Wed Oct 17, 2012 11:02 pm

She didn't realize they had stopped. How far they had traveled. She had no idea that he had taken her from the Bear's back and put her on the ground so that he could thank the bear for his services. All of this went on while Kimber slumbered somehow, peacefully, there leaning against the tree with a large bear to guard her while he went off to get the reward. Of course, the bear was hungry, and should be thanked for carrying the slight woman over the terrain to the area where she now was outside of a small village.

She was shaken awake, and her eyes opened and focused on the man in front of her. Seeing him without burning eyes, cold deliria and everything, she could actually make out the bit of wood that his skin took on. The way that it was almost like a tree. She tilted her head to the side softly, and reached out. Touching his cheek with her fingers. Feeling the texture there. Enjoying the different feel. He was warm, but he was not flesh. Yet he was not wood. It was intriguing.

She asked no questions, and instead looked at his drawing.

She was there. With him. In a house. With a woman and child. There was a table with food. Her stomach grumbled at the mere thought. She had skipped breakfast because of nerves. Then lunch, because she had gotten lost here. And now, she was starving. Then a later image showed her asleep. Him sitting beside the window. Guarding her. She smiled.


Taking his hand, she let him help her up.

He lead her through the village. It seemed old. Bastion and Librium were so technologically advanced. It seemed here, they had reverted back to an older time. Though she knew not if she had traveled back in time, or if it was present day, and she Japan was just different. They got to a home and a woman welcomed them. The scent of food was heavy in the air as she stepped in. Kimber put her violin case and purse by the door. Kept her pad and pen with her, incase she needed to write something or draw something.

There was an over abundance of food. Kimber wished she had some way to thank them, and she did, but that would come later. She eagerly sat down. She did not know how to use chop sticks. So she put them together and used them more as a platformed spoon than what they were. Still, she worked to get the food into her mouth when she noticed that the man was not eating. She furrowed her brow.

Pointed to the food. Then to him. Curious if he was hungry, or if he would eat. She also wondered if he could speak. About to ask that question too, when he spoke to the woman in Japanese, which made Kimber tilt her head again. He spoke to the woman, but not to her. Perhaps it was just because she was not privy to the language. But, she was not certain. Kimber continued to eat, watching the exchange of the people around her.
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PostSubject: Re: Unexpected Arrivals In Unexpected Places (Senshi)   Fri Oct 19, 2012 1:21 pm

As they sat at the table and the woman sat with them to enjoy the food the woodling noticed Kimber using the chopsticks like a shovel and he tilted his head to the side slightly. Reaching down to the side of his empy plate he now picked the chopsticks up and then ripped a small piece of paper from the book he had picked up while he was out and about. Folding the paper into a tight rectangle he placed it between the chopsticks at the larger ends of them. He then reaches behind him to the band that held his "hair" in a small ponytails and wrapped that around the chopsticks that sandwiched the paper now. He held them the proper way before Kimber's eyes and pressed down lightly to show how they were to be used. Easing up the pressure a bit the chopsticks returned to a natural and partially opened state.

Handing them over to her he simply smiled as she was now set to learn through the use of children's chopsticks as they were called. He took his pad in hand and began to draw quickly as she ate her meal. His hand sketched along the pad rapidly and the only sound in the room was his pen scrawling across the fine piece of parchment and the chopsticks working the food into hungry mouths. Koutai came into the room with an orange and jumped up on Senshi's shoulder as he simply watched the drawing take shape upon the paper as the writing continued.

Samurai were trained in various forms of art as a way to expand the mind during training. This was because a sharp mental ability was even more deadly then just the skill one had with a blade. A warrior who was rich of mind as well as body was one that would not be easily defeated and could reach heights that others might see as unattainable. The woodling was a gifted poet but things like drawing and painting were not his strongest point however he managed to make due and the things he produced were not terrible nor were they great. He was pulled from his thoughts as Kimber locked her gaze upon him.

When she pointed to the food and then to him he took a moment to think of how best to explain it without having to add to his drawing. He nodded his head and reached up to pluck a tiny leaf from his "hair" and held it up for her to see. He then dipped his finger into the glass of water provided for him and let a few droplets hit the top of the leaf before he held it up to the light and made a circle with his other hand. He was trying to describe that he was a plant just like a tree and that he survived off of the water and sunlight that he gathered through the day which his body transformed into food for him to survive.

He handed the leaf to Koutai who promptly ate it and rubbed his stomach before climbing down and curling up in Senshi's lap. The woodlings hand etched along the paper for awhile more before he finally offered the pad over to Kimber. Upon it was a depiction of a massive explosion in the shape of an atomic cloud that turned the sky black and rained down flames. The picture next to it was of an elf and a human shaking hands over a charred and decimated section of land as the humans stood behind they're leader and a host of fae stood behind the elf. It was to show her that in his country the races had grown above simple hate to create a land in which they could both survive. He was trying to explain how it was he had come to be accepted among its people.

She had many questions he was sure and he would have to draw the answers to them all to be able to explain the answers but she to would have to do the same to ask them. He thought about this and smiled to himself as the reality of this whole thing hit him a bit more deeply. This hurdle was nothing more then a blessing in disguise for not just Kimber but himself as well. When one use's words every day they begin to lose meaning and people only rush to hear themselves talk however with the situation they now found themselves they had to think about what they drew before they even drew it. This would lead to a deeper connection then if they had simply been able to speak to one another right off the bat and he had to appreciate the way that fate sometimes worked.
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PostSubject: Re: Unexpected Arrivals In Unexpected Places (Senshi)   Fri Oct 19, 2012 6:44 pm

He modified a pair of chopsticks for her. She looked at them. As he showed her how to use them, and she was most curious how this was all.. going to work. She had never traveled this far away from home and she felt very lonely, and worried about how in the world she was supposed to manage getting home somehow. She was glad that she had her violin with her. Otherwise, she would be even worse off.

She knew that she would use it to pay for her meal.

She tried to work the device that he had created for her. With a small success she ate a little bit more traditionally but without a life time of using tiny sticks for silverware, she was clumsy. The little girl giggled, and Kimber shot her a warm and soft smile. You could almost see the laugh that you could not hear in Kimber's face.

His hair was loose now. And she could see that it was different. A strange texture. Like his skin. A bit different. She reached over, cautiously, as he drew something on the large pad that he had gotten somewhere when she slept. Her fingers brushed the edges of his hair. It was fine, and soft. Much like normal hair. But the texture was different. Like, a soft.. vine.. perhaps. She swore there were tiny leaves within. It was hard to tell though. Very hard to tell. When his eyes met her own as she touched and explored his hair, she blushed a bright red and looked away.

The little girl giggled again. Saying something in Japanese to the man who had rescused her.

He tried to answer her question, on why he was not eating. Taking a tiny leaf from his hair and trying to explain something. But, the explaination was lost on Kimber. Somehow.. he got nutrition. From water? She wasn't sure. It was hard to figure out, so she let it go. Without being able to speak with him, she was not sure how she could get true answers. But, it mattered not.

When he was done with the drawing, she had eaten enough, and scooted over closer to him. Feeling his hair brushing against the arm of her sweater. It was long. About as long as her own. Which she actually kind of liked. He was. A very good looking man, but, they couldn't even talk she doubted that they were going to ever be able to hold a conversation. The drawing was of the Enlightenment, she supposed. And then, two creatures. One human, one other, were shaking hands. As if some sort of agreement had been made.

So then, that meant Japan was peaceful. Unlike her own part of the world where a very tenative peace had been forcefully arranged.

Kimber took his writing implement. Turning the page, in his book she moved to a clear page and she wrote her name. Her hand writing was lovely, with curls and small movements here and there that provided and elegant nature to her writing. She wrote her name down.


Then she pointed to it, and then to herself. So that he would understand, this was her name. Then she looked expectantly at him, and held out the pen. Hoping he had a version of his name that she could read. If it was just another symbol she may not understand it, or it might be too litteral of a translation to form a real name. But anything she could think of him as rather than Samurai. Though that worked as well.

When she finished trying to get his name, she stood and bowed to everyone. Holding up her hand, she motioned for them all to wait a moment. She needed a proper thank you. Picking up the pink violin case, she unclasped it silently. The entire case made not a sound, as she lifted her violin, also pink, out of it's case and poised it on her shoulder. She closed her eyes, and began to play.

Began to play the story, of Senshi and how he had come to her rescue, as viewed from her own eyes.
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The woodling drank his water and poured a second cup that he would indulge in slowly this time while the rest of them consumed the food laid upon the table. He had turned to look at Koutai and began to pet the macaque as it slept next to him and his brain began to storm with ways that he might be able to return the woman home. He also had decided that he would escort her home as he wanted to make sure that she would be safe upon her return and not fall into any trouble. This was all part of the Way and he would see the task through to the end even if it meant he had to leave his own home to do so. He was pulled from these thoughts as he felt someones hand upon his head and he slowly turned to look at his new charge as she played with his artificial hair.

He smiled as she turned lead and looked away but when she did he took a hold of the vines and pulled it over to the shoulder closer to the woman so she could get a better look at it. He was used to people wanting to touch him and figure him out and so long as they did so without being rude then he was fine with it. The little girl looked at him and asked "Where did you find the pretty lady?" The woodling turned to regard the child as he answered "she was lost in the forest and is now a long way from home little princess." He watched as the woman took the pad to examine it and wrote her name upon the paper then pointed to herself.

He started to write his name but then stopped and smiled as he pointed to himself now and said "Senshi." Finally they had found a word that translated in both languages and could get past the barrier between them. He looked at her name a bit longer and sounded it out in his mind before attempting to speak it. "Ki-Kim-Kimbah!" he stated finally with a confident smile before repeating it once more and happily nodding his head. She had a name that he could now use and she had his own to call out to him should she need to. However that was when it struck him that when they first met she did not try to speak and instead went directly to writing and drawing on the pad.

He did not have time to ask her about why that was as she moved to her case and opened it with what should have been the sound of clicks. However it was silence that followed the removal of the cases latches and while the other two did not catch it he did. She picked up the violin and readied herself to play a tune to which Senshi tapped Koutai awake and spoke with him mentally now. Cover your ears. Should we start to act in a manner that does not seem natural I want you to stop her from playing. He was not sure if she was some kind of a witch but the more he thought about it the more he noticed that no matter what she did she never made a sound. Koutai covered his ears as Kimber began to play.

Magic was indeed what came from her violin and she expertly strung together note after note into a song that carried such power within it not only provoked emotions within him and the other but imagination. She seemed to play a song that fit exactly to the events of the day as he recalled them once more within his mind. It was sad and slightly dark at first as he pictured what is must have been like alone in that forest and only became slightly more so when he thought of how scared she must have been when he then showed up before her. As it went on the tune grew more and more happy and the first of them to break into dance was the little girl followed by her mother. Senshi was swaying back and fourth as the music played and tapping his foot to the rhythm of it.

She was a splendid musical artist the likes of which the woodling had yet to meet in Japan and he thoroughly enjoyed the song. Koutai to removed his hands from his ears and happily listened to her song as she played and filled the room with joy. She had Senshi's full attention as the other two danced and played to the song he simply admired the woman and her ability with a smile upon his face and widened eyes. She had a raw talent that transformed with hard work and dedication into a full blown artist of the ages and he hoped that she never stopped playing.
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At first, they were listening.

Kimber played. She played the dark woods. The feeling of lost. Of loneliness. Of being afraid. Of fearing where she was. Fearing herself. How had she gotten here, what was she going to do now? How in the world was she to get home. She had money, but it was back in Bastion. Not to mention, that no matter what, she didn'tthink she could afford to fly on a plane.

The song morphed. Began to move into something beautiful. When Senshi showed up. His name played over and over in her mind, while she played. It was a nice name, it suited him well. She played how she felt when he found her, and the connection they seemed to have now. After talking, in their own special little way. She played their journey and the bear, the people and the food, and then... opening her eyes she spied the little girl and her mother dancing.

Morphing the song into a celebration. Of life, love, of safety and food. Of family and caring. She smiled as she watched the family dancing. It was the only gift that she could give them. She could not properly thank them, and she wanted to give them something to have. To remember. To hold. Somethig special, and she hoped that this would be it. Kimber was truly quite talented. Her natural talent, seemed to be combined with something that made the people feel what she was thinking in the song.

She liked that it was becoming more and more pronounced every time she played. She finally ended the song, and gave a great big smile. She bowed to everyone. Her music was the only sound that she could make, thanks to the armlet that her grandmother had crafted for her, after knowing that her grand daughter's music needed to be heard. Even as the girl went silent, her Grandmother made sure she would be able to play music the only thing that Kimber truly had.

With her 'disability' she was often alone. People feared they would catch it. Especially, once they realized that it was contagious of a sort when she touched them. Kimber had spent a great deal of her life alone. Even, when she was still living with her parents. They had not much to do with her. Fearing her, she always knew. So when Kimber's career had taken off, she had left, to sustain herself. High on the top of a building, because, when she let her aura go to sleep, she silenced everyone around her. On the rooftop apartment, it was not as dangerous, because she was incapable of reaching those around her. It was the perfect place, so that she actually could relax.

Putting the violin back into it's case, she snapped it shut silently and took her seat back on the pillow. Wanting to toy with Senshi's hair again, but incapable of doing so, for she knew that it would make her blush again, and .. well that was just embarassing.
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As the song ended and Kimber bowed she was met with the applause of everyone in the house including Koutai who jumped and clapped as she went to set the violin away. The woman said something to Senshi and he waved his hand and shook his head as he responded and patted his chest with a smile. She seemed as if she was going to argue the point but he gave her a stern look and another smile and she bowed with a smile of her own before leading her daughter away into another part of the house. As Kimber sat back down on the pillow he turned to look at her and placed both hands together and then to the side of his face. Tilting his head to rest upon his hands he then closed his eyes to show that they were going to sleep before he pointed to her and stood up offering his hand.

He would help her up if she took it and then show her to the room she would be sleeping in. Three rooms occupied the house and one bed laid in each of them with a chair set up outside the room Kimber was to sleep in. No window's in her room just the one door that she would enter and exit from and the chair that sat against the wall next to it. He pointed to himself and then the chair and finally to her and then the bed to show that he would spend the night in the chair and be right outside the room should she need anything. He smiled to her once more and then headed back out to the table where he began to collect the plates and food that was left over and took them to the kitchen.

Turning on the water and grabbing a sponge he began to soap and wash the dishes before passing them to Koutai who would begin to dry them and set them away. He was repaying the kindness of the woman who was allowing them to use her home and while he was there she would not have to clean or go shopping because that was going to be his payment to her in return. He was a samurai warrior at the top of his game but that did not mean he was above repaying the kindness he was shown by other people in the form of manual labor and washing of dishes. He had left Kimber in the hall so she could decide upon if she was ready for bed or not while he put away food and cleaned up after everyone.

He was absent of mind as he began to sing a song that he was taught while he was training. It was in Japanese and it was the story of a girl who had gotten lost only to be saved by a boy who was raised within the forest. The boy was chased off after returning the girl home and never thanked for the rescue of the young woman. The young girl grew up as did the forest child and she had children of her own one of which was a little girl who also got lost in the woods one day. Again the forest boy returned the little girl home and this time was greeted by the husband and wife who turned over the family lands to him and gave him everything they owned. The boy turns down the offer and tells them that was was simply doing what any decent person should do for another and then he returns to the woods.

The song held great importance to the woodling and not just because it fit the current situation but because the lessons held within were many and held great points for ways to treat others and ways not to. He continued to sing the song as his hands worked the surface of each dish and he began to get lost in the story it told as he let those lessons sink in. He was proud of himself but quickly he killed that pride within and reminded himself that he should not be proud of something that people should do on a daily basis. If anything he had not done enough this night and needed to step his efforts up in regards to getting the young woman home safely. A warrior of the Way should never be happy with a place they reach or a thing they do but strive to go beyond it and better himself with every passing day. He reminded himself of this and continued to wash the dishes as he sang his song.
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The woman and girl left.

Kimber gave them a soft smile and a slight bow of thanks. It was the only way she knew how to talk to them at the moment. As they walked away, Senshi got her attention. She turned to face him a little bit more. Blue eyes studying him as he made the universal sign for sleep. She smiled. Since that was actually, the sign for sleep. She nodded, and did the same sign as he had done. Sleep. It was universal, but it was also the real one. It made her feel, strangely, slightly more comfortable.

She bit her lower lip as she gathered her violin, and purse. Following him silently up the small stair case. Above, there were three bedrooms, situated over the house below. She wondered too if there was a bathroom. But, she didn't know how to ask, she would have to just deal with it. He opened a door and within lay a windowless room. With a single bed, a small oil lamp, and lack of other things. There was a chair, strangely, stationed outside of the room.

He motioned to himself and the chair. Then her, and the bed. Her brows furrowed. She didn't like that. Not at all. She motioned for sleep, him, and then the bed. Then lifted her pinky, and her thumb. The rest of her fingers folded into a fist. Then moved this back and forth between them, even though he would not understand.

What it meant was 'same'. For a simple explaination. They should both sleep.

He left her, and headed back down the stairs. Kimber put her violin on the table inside. Placing her purse on the floor beside it. She looked at the bed. It seemed comfortable enough. She sat down on it and the lay. Her blonde hair lay out around her gentle, spilling like silk over the bed. She stared at the ceiling with a silent sigh escaping her lips. Whatever was she to do....

A song drifted up from down below, and she smiled. Slowly she kicked off her shoes, and padded back down silently. Luckily, because of her disability she was able to sneak without making a single sound. At the bottom of the stairs she sat down. It was just across from the kitchen where she could see him.

He was singing.

It was beautiful. She leaned against the wall, her legs stretched out on the stair as she watched him sing. Listened to his deep voice. It was beautful. She had no idea what the song was about. But she could most definitely tell it was beautiful. She could only smile softly as she listened. Secretly watching him.
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The last dish was set to the side as Koutai finished drying it and Senshi smiled to the macaque without the slightest idea that he was secretly being stalked by Kimber. He carried the tune as he headed from the kitchen to the front door of the house and quietly stepped outside to breath in the fresh air that it offered. The night was clear as the stars burned brightly against the black canvas of the sky and the moon lent its glow to the world. The woodling stood upon the dirt and looked skyward as he took the beauty of it all in and smiled to himself a bit before turning his gaze slowly to the empty space before him that went on for a decent distance before reaching the deeper parts of the city proper.

His hand moved to his blade and he pulled it from the saya slowly as the keen sound of the metal scrapping the inner lining shattered the silence of the air around him. The moons glow amplified by the pristine condition of the sharp edged blade caused a much stronger light to bathe the area in which he stood and as he held the blade upright the light rested at the tip and sparked much brighter before fading out to a dull reflection. He knelled down on the ground and from the dirt grew thick green vines that bent at the midway point to create a resting alter for him to set his blade.

Upon placing the blade on the alter of vines he began to mumble something that was inaudible to any but those who would be right next to him then but that was no one.He waved both hands over the blade starting from the center and then moving them both in opposite directions from one another. As he did the vines grew dark blue and purple flowers upon themselves and Senshi smiled before pulling a dagger from his side and cutting his palm enough to make it "bleed". What came from the wound however was not blood but sap which he allowed to flow a decent amount before closing his hand and holding it above each flower on each vine.

Each flower was given one drop of the sap and as the last one hit the vines thrust upward to toss his sword into the air. Senshi caught it as it came down and slide it into his saya as the thick green flower vines retreated back into the earth and he turned to face the door with his eyes closed. He flexed his hand a few times before letting it rest at his side once more as if it was normal. He kept his eyes downcast as he moved to the house and headed for the door ready to take his post outside of Kimbers room should she find herself ready for sleep.

His ritual for the night was complete though he was the only one who committed such a ritual among the samurai order because he was the only one he knew of that could and because he was the one that created it. He had asked the mother earth for her blessing and in return he offered a piece of himself to be used as she wished and fed the plants that served him in the fashion of his own lifes blood. He paid respect this way every night since he had joined the samurai order and he would do so until the day he was struck down.
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He finished the dishes.

But he was not done, with whatever he was doing. Ever curious, Kimber watched as he passed right by her. Not seeing her. Luckily, he was just as suspetible to the only seeing what you want to see, part. What you expect to see. Like humans. So she rose, silently. Using the fact that he could not hear her she followed him to the door way.

Watched his entire ceremony. Leaning her hip against the frame, she watched as the vines were called from the Earth. She watched as he seemed to pray to his sword. She was not sure if that was what it was. Or if it was some sort of offering. Perhaps it was merely a way for him to meditate. She was not absolutely sure but it didn't matter in the long run.

She was curious.

The purple flowers popped up one by one, and she gasped silently when he began to cut himself. Wanting to go check his wound to make sure that it was all right. She did not like to see people harming themselves. Still, as he dropped the strangely thick and oddly colored blood onto the flowrs, each one seemed to accept it as a gift.

Kimber too a step into the yard. As finished, the flowers and vines through his sword into the air, which he caught like it was attatched to him all ready. The whole vision was amazingly beautiful. Like a dance. Songs and melodies all ready inspired within her mind. She watched as he turned, returning the sword into his sheath again. Now that he was done, Kimber stepped fully into view. Walking to him, she took the hand he had cut. Giving away the fact that she had seen him, but also her worry.

Picking up his strangely textured hand, she inspected the center. Looking to see if there was a wound. If there was, she would take him into the house. Wash the wound gently with great care. Finding an old cloth she would use it to make him a bandage. Her fingers nimble and deft at what she did. Not fearing him or what he had done. Being silent, Kimber had been privy to many things in her life that people knew she would never speak of because she could not. Besides that, being judged herself led her to judge a great deal less of others.

Her eyes, when finished would look up at him. If there was no wound at all, she would stand outside, look at his hand, and then up at him gently. Curious about him. He was so strange, this man. So different. Yet so confident and kind. She was not sure what to make of someone like him. He felt safe, yet exciting, and at the same time, he felt as though he had secrets that she was dying to know.

After all was done, she would make the sign for sleep, and point to the stairs. Extending her hand for him. They both had room upstairs and she had a plan. He was not sitting in the hallway.
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He was almost to the door when his eyes caught site of Kimbers feet and he raised his head to look her in the eyes as she approached him. He did not have an idea of how long she had been watching him until she grabbed for his hand and went to inspect it. He tried to pull it from her grasp gently but her grip was iron clad upon him and would not allow for escape. The cut was deep enough to draw the flow he had needed for the ritual and before he had a chance to speak she was pulling him in the direction of the house and her movements left no room for argument to be had. He walked up the steps and as he did he couldn't help but notice that his steps did not make a single sound.

He tried to speak but his voice was lost to him for the moment and as they walked through the living quarters he began to muse about the woman and this new magical affect she had on him. He did not freak out or even let onto the fact that he had discovered it as he was worried it might make her feel bad or even make her think that he was upset with her for some reason. He was not afraid of it but rather he was more curious then anything else as it was a new feeling for him to be silenced in such a way and it only brought to him a feeling of serenity. Silence was something that people rarely ever got to actually practice and it was thrust upon him at that moment.

He watched as she cared for his wounded wooden hand and cleaned it gingerly and with great care. She was the first person to look after him in his entire life and this was the first time anyone had ever taken the time out to make sure he was okay. The feeling was strange to the woodling as she pulled the old rag from the counter and made it into a mock bandage to wrap about his hand. He felt joy like he had not felt in a long time and he also felt compassion which was an emotion that he had never experienced coming from another person and directed at him.

Flexing his bandaged hand a few times he smiled to Kimber and bowed before her in thanks. She made the sign for sleep and held her hand out to him as she pointed to the stairs. He nodded his head and took her hand as she led him up the stairs and in the direction of the her room for the night. In his mind he reached out to Koutai who was a few steps behind and as they drew closer to the door he slipped his hand from Kimber's and smiled to her with yet another bow before moving in the direction of the chair.

Pointing to himself and then to the chair he made the sign for sleep so she understood that he would be in that spot for the rest of the night should she need him. It was his job to protect her now and he would not allow harm to come to her no matter how unlikely it seemed that someone would try. He was going to sit outside her room taking shifts with Koutai and watching the door to make sure no harm would be brought to the lost woman. She had been through enough and deserved a good nights sleep in a warm bed without interruption.
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The thankyou was given.

She smiled warmly.

He seemed grateful for the bandage, and she was all too happy to give it to him. They headed up the stairs and she was ready for bed. Her body was tired. She was ready to lay down and she just wanted to just.. relax and calm down. She went up the stairs and there was the chair where it had been before. She watched as he motioned that he would be sleeping in the chair. Her brows furrowed.

Planting her hands on her hips she gave a very firm shake of her head. motioning for him to get up, he did, and she smiled. Stpping over she touched the chair and she moved it. It made not a single sound against the ground. Even though it was wood against wood and would definitely be in danger with any normal person of waking up the two sleeping woman, it, in Kimber's hand, made not a peep.

She pulled it into the room and she settled it close to the bed. Her purse and violin were still there waitng for her. She took the extra quilt from the edge of the bed and pointed at the chair with a firm gesture.

No room for argument.

If he was going to sleep in the stupid chair then she was going to make sure he didn't do it in the drafty hallway. Once he sat down she smiled and came to him. Unfolding the blanket, she tucked it around his shoulders and tucked him in nice and softly. She motioned for him to hide his eyes.

Once he did, she took her sweater and skirt off. It wasn't as though she was nude underneath. She wore a camisole and her leggings. But, undressing in front of a man she didn't know seemed very cheap. Instead, she shed her clothes where he could not see. Now she tapped his shoulder, so he could look again and smiled. Her body was much more shown off now, but Kimber was completely used to being invisible so she did not even think he would notice.

Softly, she kissed the center of his forehead and gave a little bow before she climbed up into the bed. Pulling the blankets over her, she sighed silently and stared up at the ceiling. Turning, she blew out the light. Laying there, she wondered what her life would bring now. What she was supposed to do here. How she was suppsoed to get home. Her body was tired, her eyes tired but.. she felt as though she could not sleep as of yet.
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He had been sitting in the chair all of thirty seconds before she had given him a look that spoke volumes and then motioned for him to stand. He complied as he was unsure of what her move was going to be and she dragged the chair into the room before he could react and grab it to pull it back into the hallway. She set it next to the bed she would be sleeping on and as she did he scratched his head but decided that if she felt safer with him closer then he would not argue. He was not sitting in the chair because it was comfortable he was sitting in it to make sure she was safe and would feel a bit more secure. If she felt that she was safer with him closer then he would not argue the point but instead he would comply.

She pointed to the chair once more and he made his way over to it taking a seat as instructed and then she moved to the end of the bed to grab the extra quilt. She tucked it around him and then motioned for him to close his eyes. He lowered his head downward and closed his eyes as she had directed him without argument. He figured she would be undressing and he would have done this even if she had not asked him to. It was a point of respect that he would not treat her like some piece of meat but instead he would treat her like the lady she was .

When he was tapped on the shoulder again he opened his eyes with the expectation that she would be in the bed and under the covers. His shock was easily seen upon his face when she stood before him with her body much more shown off now and in less clothing. He had never seen a woman like this before as he had dedicated his entire life to the Way and he was unsure of what to do as she stood there. The green leaf like iris's of his eyes swirled about faster as his breathing quickened a bit more and he struggled to compose himself at the sight of her.

He was going to close his eyes again when she leaned in and kissed his forehead softly which triggered within him a natural response. His hand reached up and gently rest upon the back of her neck as she placed her lips against him and he smiled. As she pulled away his hand left her neck and then she hoped into bed which he watched her do unable to tear his eyes from her at the moment. Woodlings were not sexual creatures by nature but his life had been spent among others who were and when that happens it tends to change you over time and he was experiencing something new.

He found himself attracted to Kimber as she lay in the bed and he could not explain what it was that caused this sudden feeling. He did see more of her in that moment then he had of any other woman but that was only part of it and in truth it was the smallest part. The way she cared for his wound in the kitchen and demanded that he be close to her tonight as well as the kiss upon the forehead made him feel like he was wanted for more then just his skills with the blade and his ability to manifest Bushido in a physical form. She cared about him even if it was only a little bit she still did and that was something that he had never had before.

He smiled as he turned his head back to the door and let his imagination play in his head of what they might do tomorrow when they woke. He was lost like this for a good few minutes before he realized that he was still in his armor and that would not have been a comfortable way to sleep. He stood as silently as he could thinking that she had already passed out and stripped the armor from his body and setting it against the far side of the chair away from the bed. His wooden body was muck like that of a well trained and fit human except that it was made of wood. Just about his heart was a slightly lighter shade of wood what carved a three inch long scratch along his chest in the direction of his arm.

He sat back down as silently as he could manage and pulled the covers up over himself once more. Turning to Kimber he just barely noticed that her eyes were open and he figured he must have woken her up at some point in the whole process. He didn't think of it at that moment but what he did think of was how best to help her get back to sleep. He thought in silence for a moment and then he smiled and his voice carried out onto the air lightly as he began to sing..
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Shuffling caught her attention.

She turned her head to see what he was doing and saw him rising up out of his chair. Her eyes followed his shadowed movements in the room. They had left the lamp extremely low so that they could see, without it being pitch black incase they had to leave the room. There was just enough light to make a bit of him out. She couldn't help but watch though as he began to untie his armor and began to lay it to the side.

As the armor began to shed she found that she was staring at his bare chest. Her eyes widened. He was in excellent physical condition. But, it was not really that which made her enjoy him. It was actually, more the fact of the way that he took care of her. How he was so gentle. He took care of her, was so considerate of her. It was this that caught her attention, the rest was just an added bonus.

She saw the scar. One that was likely healed and old, but still very there. She watched as he moved back to the chair where she had set him up in her very own room. Where he sat, covering himself back up with the blankets. She couldn't sleep.

Especially, not now.

Even as he began to sing, it was soothing but it was not enough to cause her to calm. It only added to the problems and the thoughts that were running through her mind. The thoughts of exploring his chest, of curling up in arms. She supposed that had always been a dream of hers. To really have a pair of arms that she could sleep in. To cuddle up and curl into. To feel safe without being guarded. To know that someone cared for her enough they did not care about the fact they could not speak while they touched her, but rather prefered the risk.

She sat up. As he sang, and rose. Incapable of sleep, too jazzed, too nervous... too something, she crossed over to him gently and silently. She stood in front of him for a moment, before she sat down into his lap. Her head curled up slightly on his shoulder. The blanket meant, she wasn't touching him. It meant, he was buffered enough that her power did not silence him and he would be able to keep singing.

The problem was, she wanted to touch his skin again. His hair. He was so different, so unique. Kimber Grace had never fallen in love. Never even imagined that she would or could but she could almost think it possible with this man. So soft and gentle, yet at the same time he was so tough and confident. Protective and shielding. There was something about him that made her feel relaxed. Like she could even be herself.
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PostSubject: Re: Unexpected Arrivals In Unexpected Places (Senshi)   Sat Oct 20, 2012 10:46 pm

He had been singing when she rose up from the bed and slowly made her way to stand before him once again. He lost the words to sing as he saw her body now in the light once more and soaked it all in before closing his eyes and casting his head downwards. He would not stare at her as it was not the gentleman's way of doing things and she was not a piece of meet to be used for his visual pleasing. His eyes opened when he felt the blanket move however and time seemed to freeze for just a moment as she was now near him and then climbing into his lap and resting her head against his shoulder. He still felt that he could use his voice and make noise but she was outside the blanket and she would catch a cold if she was not kept warm.

The contact was enjoyable and was only made more so by the woman who was giving it to him but he had to find a way to get her within the blanket without forcing it upon her if she was going to sit with him. No sitting was not an option either because it would not be comfortable for her and that was his main concern at the moment. He was lost one what to do next and spoke mentally with Koutai who was sleeping on a pile of extra blankets at the end of the bed on the floor. It seemed to remain silent for a few minutes until a choice was made and Senshi very carefully lifted Kimber and set her on his feet holding his finger up to her.

He wrapped the blanket about his waist but left his upper body exposed to her as he slid into the bed that she was to sleep in and pulled himself against the wall to leave open room for her. He slide himself under the blanket that rested on the bed and held it peeled back for her to join him if she liked as he pointed to her and then the empty spot before making the sign for sleep. If she wanted to be that close then he would make sure that the part of him that was not prone to being controlled by his mind was wrapped up and not able to offend.

If she wanted him to be that close to her then he would do so but he also had a trick up his sleeves. She had gotten him to stay in the room by pulling the chair next to the bed and he would not argue and so now he would remain in the bed with her until she feel asleep and then he would move back to the chair. She had a way of silencing him and he would use it to silently remove himself from the bed without waking her when he needed to.

He was still focused on her body as she stood in the soft glow of the lamp and he allowed his eyes to drink her in one more time before the swirling green iris's of his eyes lifted back to her soft and beautiful face and locked upon her own eyes. He was counting to ten in his mind now and if she did not move then he would remove himself from the bed knowing that he was right in the first place and that the whole bed idea was not a good one. No harm no foul.
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PostSubject: Re: Unexpected Arrivals In Unexpected Places (Senshi)   Sat Oct 20, 2012 11:14 pm

He went quiet as she climbed into his lap.

She felt as though she had over stepped a boundary. She almost wanted to get up just because she knew that somehow she had crossed an unwritten line. Nearly, she wanted to cry. Perhaps, this was all wrong. Perhaps she was letting her fear take over herself way too much. Perhaps she was letting it make decisions for her that she shouldn't. But, before she could fully make that decision, he lifted her up and sat her down. She looked up at him, in the very dim light she could just see what he was doing as he motioned for her to stay put.

She watched as he wrapped the blanket around him. He moved to the bed and lay down underneath her blanket. She bit her lower lip. As he motioned for her to come and to lay down with him. She gave a sligth smile. Thankful he could not see the massive blush that now covered her features. She crossed to the bed a moment later and climbed in. Laying down beside him in the darkness.

She looked over at him. Turning on her side, she noticed that he was on his side too. She looked over at him. Her fingers rose, as she lay under the blankets and touched on his chest. Feeling the scar that was there. She bit her lower lip. Looking at it, wondering what happened, and knowing that without paper and drawings he could not tell her. It didn't matter though. She knew that it was old, he had healed, and yet, she still cared.

She snuggled up close. Resting her head against his chest. Listening to the heart beat within. His warmth. Her fingers found the ends of his hair, and played with them. She felt as though she was being much too forward. Perhaps, it helped that she felt as though he understood her. Perhaps it was that she felt they had connected in some way. She wasn't completely sure what the familiarity of him was, but she liked the way that she felt comfortable around him like this.

She yawned softly, her eyes growing heavy with his warmth. She was not yet ready to sleep. There was a strange delight in feeling her breath against his chest, his hair in her fingers, and the way that she was so warm right now. She pulled her face back just enough to look into his eyes. In the darkness. She wanted to ask him so many questions, and not for the first time she yearned for a way to truly speak to someone. She feared she would never connect properly with a single soul if she were never allowed someone that could understand her.
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He had reached ten and was about to move when she crossed the expanse and slowly climbed into the bed with him and got under the blanket which he tossed over her body. The feel of her soft flesh against his hard wooden exterior was another experience he had not been able to enjoy in his life and as she trailed her hand along his chest he just watched her hand and spoke not a word. She seemed to stare at the scar on his chest and he made a mental note to tell her about it tomorrow as right now was not the time for pens or paper but simply time to enjoy the time they shared in the silence of the night.

Words were something that was overrated and he had to admit that without the use of them he was able to better use his other senses much more effectively. Her hair smelled sweet as she placed her head against his chest chest and seemed to be in a much more comfortable position now. His hand curled up and rubbed up and down her back gingerly as her hand played with his hair and he felt the compulsion to do the same thing. His hand slid up her back slowly and up along her neck before finally making its way up into her hair carefully. It was soft and he ran his fingers through it a few times with a smile.

He did this a few times before he curled his fingers and lets the tips rub her scalp in soft and slow circles. It was something he had seen others do and it always seemed to make people feel good which was his goal at that moment in terms of what he wanted for Kimber. She had been through a lot this day and she deserved to feel comforted and safe and if he could offer that to her then he would be sure to do so. He didn't mind it in the slightest but actually was enjoying the contact he was able to share with her as the two lay in the bed.

He seemed to think for a moment as if something was on his mind and he was unsure of what to do but soon he decided and leaned his head down slowly. His lips pressed to her forehead now as his eyes closed and he laid a gentle kiss upon her resting head. She had done so to him and he felt like it was the right thing to do at this point in time. He had never been this close to a woman in his life and he was kind of winging the entire experience and taking it one step at a time. It was not strange anymore but rather it was something that he did not want to end any time soon.

He continued to play with her hair and then shifted his position as he moved closer to her and placed his other arm around her waist to gently pull her closer to his frame. He wanted her to be closer to him and he wanted to feel the warmth of her flesh against him as they lay down. His other hand worked its way up and down her spine trailing his fingers along her back as he rested his chin over her head and held her close. He was wide awake and knew he would be unable to sleep tonight as he now had a lot on his mind.
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His hand ran up and down her back and for once, for a small moment, she was glad he could not hear the effect he was having on her. His hand slid into her hair, and she closed her eyes. Incapable of keeping them open any longer. She felt bliss. Soft bliss, the kind that consumes the body and the soul. Relaying a calm atmosphere around her entire body. Her hair was long, soft, and silken. She took good care of herself, when she had the ability to do so, and with her job that was quite frequently.

He picked her up by her waist. Settling her even closer. Her leg slid in between his own, the blanket still wrapped around him underneath, but she managed to get part of her leg between the two of his and settle comfortably and completely against him. Kimber was breathing heavily. Glad that he could not hear her, and hoping that he was not feeling the heaving that her chest was all ready giving away. Hopefully he wouldn't notice, that was all she could hope for. She didn't want him to get the wrong impression.

But, here in the dark, all senses were heightened, and she could not help but feel overwhelmed and yet yearning.

Her fingers left his hair and drifted across his shoulder and down to his chest. Where the scar lay there, darker against the other wooden like skin. She kissed the scar, before she could stop herself. Settling in against him, tangled up in him, she felt at peace for the first time that day.

Her eyes drifted closed, the way he was massaging her scalp caused her to relax even more than she had meant to. She had not wanted to fall asleep. Thoughts of him lifting her chin to kiss her filled her thoughts as she felt the consciousness began to drift away. She enjoyed laying beside him. She enjoyed the way that she could curl up into him and he would hold her there. Because there was nothing making him do it. He was not recieving anything from her, and yet at the same time so much. No pressure to do a single thing except to sleep where they could warm and protect each other.

It wasn't long before the blonde passed out against him. Her head resting completely on his chest. Her hand filled with his strange hair. Her breathing soft and deep even if she was silent. Though when she slept, her aura crept outward and silenced the entire house. A hazard of her falling asleep. But sleep she did, and there was no way that he would be getting out of this bed without waking the sleeping girl up.
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Unexpected Arrivals In Unexpected Places (Senshi)
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