A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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 Kalinda "Aurora" Michaelson

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PostSubject: Kalinda "Aurora" Michaelson   Tue Oct 16, 2012 3:42 am

• Kalinda • Juliette • Michaelson •

Name: Kalinda "Aurora" Juliette Michaelson
Nickname: Kali, Aurora
Age: 34
Weight: 145
Height: 5'6"

Eye color: Human Form: Brown Celestial Form: Blue
Hair color: Blonde
Race: Celestial
Residence: Bastion
Nationality: American
Affiliation: The Divine Collective
Occupation: Psychiatrist

Face Claim: Carrie Underwood

• all in the details •

Kalinda could be considered very feminine, what was once known as a southern belle. Long blonde curls, tanned skin, shapely curves that were made to wear dresses. Her dark eyes are always laughing, always glittering with joy. Her eyes will change when Aurora takes over, changing to a striking blue. Kalinda bares the mark of Aurora's wings like tattoos along her skin, wrapping around her body down her back and sides even down her arms and legs. When Aurora steps forward, these wings turn into light and lift up off Kalinda's skin to form three pairs of feathered birdlike wings sprouting from her back. Kalinda is the type of woman who prefers nice things but she prefers them simple. Where some women might wear a dress of satin or lace, she would choose plain cotton, where some would choose jewelry and shiny baubles, she prefers not to wear such finery. She leads a simple life trying to help those around her, she doesn't think herself any better then anyone else, despite her divine guest.

Kalinda is a very simple being, if she had a choice between an all expenses paid vacation to some other romantic country or weekend with her closest friends she would choose the latter. It is very difficult to make Kali angry, she is always calm and happy no matter the situation around her. She is the type of person who can see the good in everything around her. It's hard to feel sad or depressed around Kali, even without her special gifts, she can lift the spirits of everyone in a room. She was raised amongst the collective, her parents were both shepherds, as were their parents before them. Taught from an early age the virtues of kindness and selflessness.

Aurora is much the same, choosing to let Kali run the show and only come forward as needed. She was never a warrior, but a healer. She doesn't believe that violence can solve anything, and Terra has only proven her point over the last two hundred years. Aurora was sent to Terra during the war to try and show the races where the war would lead them. Sadly she failed in her quest and is now trapped in this plane, forced to use Vessel's like Kali to continue living. Those that might have known her before would say that she has given up, as she is simply a shell of her former overbearing self.

Empathy: Kalinda was blessed with the ability to feel what others are feeling when she touches them. It must be skin on skin contact, barriers like clothing will block her power. She cannot turn it off and it will not allow her to know what they are thinking. She will simply know that whoever she is touching is happy or angry but have no idea what they are happy or angry about. The fact that she cannot turn off her empathy also means that she can be overwhelmed by the powerful emotions of others. Intense fear, anger or hatred can infect her should she touch someone while they are feeling such emotions. It can be difficult for her to push away these emotions, the only time her perfect calm exterior ever breaks. The other side of this coin is that it is possible for Kalinda to push her emotions away from her and fill the space around her, normally just a few feet though she can push it out further to fill a room with some strain. She uses this ability to spread happiness and joy to those in need. This power comes in handy when a fight is about to break out, or she needs to talk someone down from doing something stupid. The bigger the space it is she needs to fill the more draining it can be on her strength and energy. She can potentially cause herself to fall unconscious. The precursors to this are usually a nose bleed or bruises along her skin. While she has learned to control this ability, accidents happen and it is possible for her own emotions to get away from her and effect the space around her without her knowledge. This aura is generally just enough to take the edge off another's emotions. She cannot change their emotion completely, merely calm them enough to allow them to see reason.

Kalinda's Empathy is an ability she had before she welcomed Aurora into her body. It was passed down through her family line, some say there is fairy blood in her ancestry. Her other abilities belong to Aurora, the Celestial being that resides within her. She cannot use these abilities unless she gives Aurora control of her body.

Flight: One of the most obvious ways to tell when Aurora has taken over is the six massive wings that sprout from her back. While dormant these wings lay along Kalinda's skin like tattoos, wrapping around her body. They glow with a soft golden light and the feathers are some of the softest you'll ever touch. These wings allow Aurora to fly, each one giving her far better maneuverability in the air then even the Avians. These wings are only present when Aurora is in control, the moment Kalinda takes over they return to their dormant state.

Light Shield: Aurora has the ability to bend light into a shield around herself or others. The size of the shield is dependent upon the amount of power she uses, the bigger the shield the more exhausted she becomes. When she exhausts her power she will fall unconscious and Kalinda will take over once more. This shield only protects against magical attacks, and will do nothing to defend against physical attacks like bullets or knives. Fiends and other beings with evil in their hearts will feel uncomfortable in the light given off by the shield.

Light Wave: Rather then condensing the light into a shield, Aurora can push the light out away from her, forcing back those that are made uncomfortable by her light shields, like Fiends. It will blind any who are looking directly at the wave when it hits them but only for a few moments, allowing Aurora the precious moments she needs to get away. She is not a warrior, and chooses any other option she can.

Healing and Regeneration: While Aurora is in control, the regeneration rate of Kalinda's cells is increased allowing her to heal at twice the rate of a normal human. Healing others is much trickier. To heal another, Aurora has to take their pain and suffering, physical and mental, into herself. If she is trying to heal a bullet wound she will be forced to not only feel the pain of the wound, but also experience it. This is why she never heals a wound completely, she will only heal the parts that would mean the difference between life or death like healing a small tear in a major artery. She does not have the power to heal things like cancer or birth defects. These things are the will of the Divine and are not her place to tamper with. While not a judgmental person, she will not heal a wound that someone has brought on themselves, the risk to herself and her vessel is too great. She can make herself sick, her bones could break, she could bleed or suffer temporary blindness or deafness due to healing someone. However, she can take all this negative energy and direct it into another being should she wish it. This is really the only form of offense she has. By directing the negative miasma into someone else, she can keep herself from feeling the effects of a healing session and is really the only way she can heal herself rather then wait for time to work it's miracles. However, how could a being like herself ever wish such pain and anguish on others?

The one thing that has passed to Kalinda from Aurora is that Kali can feel if their is a Fiend or another Celestial near her. Her skin will feel like it is crawling, and the closer they are the worse the sensation will be.

Kalinda has chosen a profession that could be aided by her special abilities. She is very good at reading people even without touching them. She speaks English and Spanish fluently and she was taught Latin by her parents. She is smart but not genius smart, she had to struggle through college just like everyone else. She does have a penchant for puzzles and the like, games of logic are her forte.

Aurora is a far different story however, she can speak many languages including English, Spanish, Japanese, German, Russian, French, Italian and sh can read smatterings of others. She also has a built in sense of direction she uses to navigate while flying, comes in handy even when she's grounded. Aurora might not be a fighter but she is incredibly agile. She can dodge most physical attacks like punches or kicks, but bullets still prove difficult. As a Celestial, her life is considerably longer then a human's, and she remembers her life before she was sent to Terra, she also remembers each life she has shared with a Vessel since then. Kalinda is her sixth vessel. During her time with her fifth Vessel, Melanie, Aurora learned to play the Violin.

• the tale of a lifetime•

Kalinda was born in the Grand Temple in Bastion to Acolyte Cleric Third Class Anneliese and Acolyte Defender Second Class Ricard Michaelson. She inherited her empathic abilities from her mother, though unlike her mother she doesn't use hers as a weapon. Much of her life was spent in the Grand Temple, learning far more then just what she could find in the Temple Libraries. Despite her parents urgings, Kalinda never had the stomach for fighting, she knew her path lay down a different road. Instead she did what she could to help those around her. Even as a baby Kalinda rarely cried, unless someone else was crying near her. She was always calm and quiet. People would always comment on how deep her eyes were, as if she could understand everything that was going on around her. As she grew, her mother realized that Kali had inherited their family blessing, but it had manifested in Kali in ways it never had before. Anneliese could change a person's emotions when she touched them, enhancing them to cause them to falter when she fought. But Kali could effect the people around her without ever touching them, her emotions would spill out of her and effect entire rooms of people.

Anneliese began to train Kali at an early age to control her abilities, seeing as every time Kali got sad or threw a fit she had a tendency to throw the entire temple into depressions or rages. One thing was very clear however, Kalinda loved to help people. It started no sooner then she was able to walk, she would do anything she could to help those that came to the temple for guidance...a toy here, a bowl of soup there, doing everything she could to help the flock during the war. She even organized the yearly Winter's Day Celebrations. Everyone just assumed that she was destined to become a shepherd when she grew old enough, but Kalinda would surprise them. As soon as she was old enough, Kalinda applied to the few colleges that were left and was accepted to Yale. It was the first time she'd left Bastion, and her parents were loathe to let her go, especially since it was still the middle of a war. They both escorted her to New Haven, one of the few cities left in the former state of Connecticut. Apparently the citizens had flocked to it in lew of it's name during the war. A war that was about to break out in New Haven.

The Battle of New Haven was one for the history books, an entire contingent of Dwarves had been tunneling beneath the city for months, and had finally breached the surface. With them was an entire fist of Elven Shaman. The fight was bloody and it lasted for days. Anneliese and Ricard joined the fight with a zeal that the Church Acolyte's had become known for. While Kalinda had no place in the fight, she wasn't going to let innocent people die. Despite her father's orders to stay out of sight, Kalinda lept into the middle of a fight between a tall, and rather dark Elf and her own father who was loosing terribly against the much better trained and disciplined Elf.. The Elf's sword stabbed her right through the heart, and he seemed just as surprised as she was considering his target had been her father.

Kali remembers that the elf caught her, she remembers his face as he stared down into her eyes. His brooding features seemed just as pained by her death as the sound of her mother's voice screaming from off in the distance. "You should have stayed out of it." He told her, gently setting her on the ground before he walked away from her, leaving her to die on the pavement. What happened next is pretty much a blur. As the darkness took her and Kali let go of her life, a bright light suddenly filled her mind and a warm voice spoke to her. The voice told her that it could save her, all she had to do was let it join with her. It asked if Kalinda would be willing to be it's new vessel. Of course Kali had grown up with the stories of the Celestial beings all her life. She agreed and the warmth filled her entire body.

Stories of a golden woman traveling amongst the city, healing and helping it's citizens are still told to this day. Aurora had found one of the strongest Vessels she's ever had, Kalinda's strength allowed far more of her Celestial power to shine through. Her father never forgave himself for being the cause of his daughter's death, despite the fact that the Divine themselves had chosen to bless her. Aurora however had already known that she had failed in her Divine quest to save Terra and she had simply been looking for a Vessel to share the coming end with. Kalinda did something else that Aurora hadn't been planning on though, she gave the Celestial hope. While the two couldn't communicate with words, Kalinda's heart was contagious. They invented a way to talk to each other, while tiring it did help the two grow closer. Kalinda thinks of Aurora as the sister she never had. Kalinda and Aurora communicate the old fashioned way, by leaving each other letters.

Without a quest to fulfill her, Aurora contented herself with simply letting Kalinda do as she pleased. For six years the two went to college, one of the most mundane things Aurora had ever done. And then Enlightenment came, the moment Aurora had known was coming. Kalinda faced it without fear, without anger. This was the price they paid for their hatred. Kalinda and many others were trapped for days in the ruins of Yale, but with her power and perseverance they managed to dig themselves free and then set out to rescue who they could. It would be months before Kalinda returned to Bastion, Ph.D. in Psychiatry in hand, to be reunited with her Father and learn the terrible news of her mother's death during Enlightenment. She would mourn yes, but it wouldn't stop her. Single handedly her presence back amongst the flock lifted everyone's spirits and threw them all into the task of rebuilding. During the lowest point of Terra's history, Kalinda was there to talk them through it, to deal with the emotional backlash of so much pain and misery and she did it with a smile.

While the church pressed her now more then ever to become a shepherd, she turned them down. That wasn't her path, there were others that needed her in other ways. With Aurora, she could spread her healing beyond Bastion. Some only think of physical when they hear healing..but Kalinda knows that emotions can be everything. She chooses her clients very carefully, based on their need, not their wealth or power.

Is this a Canon?: No

Is this your second character, and if so, who is your first?: Vanessa Sirnos and Neona Tiran and Iris Kelrina
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I believe I am all done!
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PostSubject: Re: Kalinda "Aurora" Michaelson   

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Kalinda "Aurora" Michaelson
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