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 Kimber Grace

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PostSubject: Kimber Grace   Wed Mar 07, 2012 5:54 pm

• kimber • amie • grace •

Name: Kimber Amie Grace
Nickname: Kim
Age: 22
Weight: One hundred and eleven pounds
Height: Five feet six inches

Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Blonde
Race: Meta-human
Residence: Bastion
Nationality: Bastion

PlayBy: Kirsten Prout

• all in the details •

Kimber is a very shy girl. She has a very gentle and fragile look about her. She’s the kind of girl that could be easily over looked. Often sitting silently by herself reading a book, or just watching people with those soft blue eyes. She’s very slight in figure. Not having much in the way of curves, she has a small chest and slender hips. Her legs are long, and her form is more waif like and graceful. A dancer’s body.

Kimber has wide innocent blue eyes, and gentle pale skin. Her fingernails tend to be perfectly manicured when ever possible and she is the kind of girl that could look cute covered in soot. She tends to be on the side of cute instead of beautiful. A large smile when she shows it and a gentle small nose with soft cheek bones. She is often modestly dressed, with her hair up or down.

Kimber is often very shy. She is the kind of girl that is often left behind because of her inability to interact with others. She is slight and waif like. Often, preferring solitude to being around a great mass of people. She has no fear of people, but she does prefer to be by herself because it is just easier that way. Kimber fades into the background, she is the kind of person that people can easily miss or over look because she is very unimposing and takes up little to no notice.

In social situations she is most uncomfortable. She has a hard time communicating and most people aren’t willing to put the time in that it takes to get to understand Kimber and her way of speaking. Kimber frightens easily, usually around large imposing men and loud noises like thunder. She is most happy dancing, listening to music, or playing music herself. She loves children, meeting friends, and hopes to one day find someone special. But knows the reality of it is unlikely and therefore does not hold her breath.


Kimber has two very unique abilities. She is what she calls A Silencer. What this means is that her body creates an aura of silence. She cannot turn it off. It is on all the time. What she can do is control parts of it. Control how far the aura goes. She herself is silent. Everything she does is silent. She cannot speak, it is not because she doesn’t wish to but because she cannot. She could shoot a gun, and because she is holding the gun in her hand, the gun will make no noise. When she holds the aura in, to where it only affects the things that she touches, she can live her day to day life without wearing herself out. But if she expands the aura, up to and never past 30 feet in circumference then she begins to get weary and eventually will have to sleep. Being able to hold that kind of radius for only about thirty minutes before she is worn out.

Since Kimber cannot speak, her body, filtering the mana that runs through her body created it’s own way to communicate. She is capable of communicating through touch. Using flashes of pictures or scenery to get her point across. Like movie clips. This does not take any real energy from her and she is able to hold conversations without worry.

Kimber uses Sign Language to speak.
Is a musical prodigy.
Plays piano, violin, cello, flute, harp, and sings.

• the tale of a lifetime•

Kimber was born to her parents Glorianna and Brandon Grace. She was the third and youngest child born to the family. She had two older brothers; Kenneth and Kevin. The Grace’s were the kind of family that others look up to. The kind of family that everyone loves and tries to get to know. Aspires to be.
Kimber’s father worked at home in a business he started himself, and her mother was a stay at home mom for her two sons, and then Kimber when she was born.

Kimber was different from the very beginning. She, like all her family members, were blonde headed with blue eyes. But there was a spark within her from a very young age that caught the attention of those around her. She was always free with a smile and a giggle. She never seemed to be in a bad mood (though her mother remembers times that she was) Kimber was always remembered by others fondly.

It didn’t take long for her family however, to realize that something was different about Kimber. She looked at the world through different eyes. Seeing things in a different light than the rest of her family. She was curious, but she was also very quiet. At night, during the day, she didn’t speak much even when developmentally she should, she could only say a few words and her voice was very soft.

Worried for their daughter’s health and safety they took her to a doctor that could find nothing wrong with her physically or mentally. She was intelligent, and understood what a child her age should, but her speech was greatly delayed. They began to send her to speech therapy but it seemed that all the time she was getting quieter and quieter. Gently fading away in a sense. She was thin, but not sickly, she merely didn’t speak, except when she had to and you had to strain to hear her whisper like voice.

What really surprised her parents, was the fact that age four, she was able to pick up music with perfect pitch. Her mother had played the piano a very long time and as a child she had always played for Kimber. To her surprise one day, she heard piano music being played and when she came out of the kitchen she was even more surprised to see her daughter, at four, playing a complex piece of music from memory alone.

From then on, her parents immersed her in everything music.

At the age of five, with a vocab of a two year old, her voice faded away all together. Her parents were scared, and the specialists could not figure out what exactly was going wrong. She merely had lost the ability to use her voice. Over time, it expanded. Things she touched began to grow quieter and quieter until they too were silent. She could touch the blender and it would make no noise so long as she touched it. Over time she began to learn how to expand that aura into more and more.

Toying with it as she grew up she learned how she was able to expand and contract it. It was hard for her though, and when she expanded it too far she grew tired easily. And besides, for the most part she didn’t want to expand it. Going through school being a musical prodigy and one that couldn’t speak was hard enough. She wished sometimes merely to fit in. When the silence took over her music as well, Kimber felt completely lost.

It was Kimber’s grandmother, who recently gave her a gift. An ‘artifact’ she called it from her own childhood. But it had never been used. She could not say the exact origins or who had made the magical device but she had taken Kimber to a small shop in the back alley of a city where they opened the cuff just enough to squeeze her arm into it. Before they squeezed it shut, and then, soldered it in place carefully. So it would never come off. But it gave Kimber the one thing that she longed for the most. Her powers did not work on music, she was able to play again.

Reunited with her music, she began to really thrive. Though still painfully shy and very cute, she found herself more withdrawn into her music than the world around her. No one seemed to want to get to know her, and she was fine with the notes on pages to be her friends for the time being. When she finished school she continued to play her music trying to make it big, so to speak. She struggled with it because she cannot speak. However, she works as a teacher, currently, for deaf students.


The bracelet given to her by her Grandmother. It cancels out her silence only to allow her to play music. It does not cancel out her voice because it is inside her, and only works when used for music. Or something that she really loves. If she really felt in love with someone, it might, let her speak for a very very brief moment, but it cannot work for long on something that altered by mana.

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PostSubject: Re: Kimber Grace   Thu Mar 08, 2012 4:02 am

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PostSubject: Re: Kimber Grace   

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Kimber Grace
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