A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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 Hiromi Sato

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PostSubject: Hiromi Sato   Tue Oct 09, 2012 12:40 pm

Gender: Female

Age: 30

Height: 5'4"

Weight: 110 lbs

Growth of Plant: A Woodling is innately a magical creature and its very presence has an effect on the land. Plant life is generally healthier when a Woodling is near it, and should a Woodling remain in one spot for an extended period of time, the land would naturally become more fertile. In times of need, a Woodling can focus this ability and accelerate the growth and maturation of plant life, but the process is extremely taxing on the land in which these plants grow. For example: If a Woodling were to stay at a farm for a time, the crop would be bountiful with no ill effect to the land. If that same Woodling were to force the crops to grow to maturation immediately, the ground would become fallow and be unable to support a crop the following year. In times of great need a Woodling could cause a small amount of plant life to burst to life and grow according to its whim by utilizing its own life force. In such cases, the more a Woodling accelerates plant growth, the more taxing it is on them.

Pass Plant: Being magical creatures that were born of the forest allows them to become one with it for a number of reasons, travel being one of them. Any Woodling can merge its body with a large enough plant (tree, bush, or area of ivy that is of equal size or larger than the Woodlings body), travel along its root system and any root systems touching it, and emerge from any large enough plant an instant later. While a Woodling can be seen merging into one plant and almost instantly emerging from another plant elsewhere, the process of merging is a slow one. For its body to completely pass from one plant to another, anywhere from thirty to sixty seconds is needed depending on the size of the Woodling and how much gear they are carrying. The magic that allows a Woodling to Pass plant affects any objects they are wearing on their person regardless of material.

Reproduce Plant: A Woodling, being the essence of plant life concentrated, has the innate ability to grow plants from its own body by force of will. The process consumes its energy and takes concentration, but a Woodling can grow and reproduce any form of plant life it has personally encountered. There are limitations to what a Woodling can reproduce however. They can easily cause vines to grow from their bodies, or flowers to grow from their hands or hair, but they cannot grow an entire tree from themselves. They can however, produce an acorn, that can be planted, and one day grow into a mighty oak. The more plant matter a Woodling generates, the more exhausted they become. At its peak, a Woodling can generate a quantity of plant matter equal to its own mass before becoming exhausted.

Plant Empathy: Woodlings possess a natural affinity with plant life. Although plants cannot communicate, unless they are a life spring tree of a Great Forest Spirit, a Woodling can sense impressions of events that have recently happened to any plant that they touch. This ability is similar to psychometery, and the farther back in time a Woodling tries to sense, the more taxing it is on their minds.

Woodland Creature Affinity: All Woodlings possess a natural affinity with the creatures of the forest. Any natural animal that is native to its lands will act as friendly to the Woodling. In times of great need woodland creatures have been known to come to the aid of Woodlings that nurture and protect their habitats.

Regenerating Slumber: Being creatures of the forest, a Woodling draws its power from Terra herself through her plants. Unlike animal life, Woodlings are incredibly resilient, and capable of bouncing back from a great deal of damage. On their own, they heal at about the same rate as a human with the same limitations on what can be healed as the human body. Woodlings, however, are not bound to only this method of healing. In times of great need a Woodling can merge with a large and healthy tree, to enter a state of hibernation. During this deep sleep, a Woodling's body is capable of completely regenerating to its original state. This process is slow and time consuming, taking anywhere from a week, to an entire year depending on how badly wounded a Woodling is. While in this coma like sleep a Woodling is extremely vulnerable. Should the tree they are sleeping within be destroyed while they are regenerating, the Woodling inside would die as well.

Fully trained in Ninjutsu and the 18 disciplines of the warrior, excelling at Kenjutsu (sword techniques), Shurikenjutsu (throwing weapons techniques), Hensōjutsu (disguise and impersonation), Shinobi-iri (stealth and entering methods), Chōhō (espionage) and Intonjutsu (escaping and concealment).


As a woodling Hiromi's "skin" is actually wood and is actually the same as would be seen in a Cryptomeria tree. This "skin" has a well polished finished look to it with the intricate grain markings seen when cutting a tree. Her eyes are a dark amber sap color. Her hair is actually made of thin black vines with a few lighter green vines that would only be seen when the hair was moved around. It gives the appearance of black hair with green hightlights, but looking closely, it is easy to spot the differences. Nearly reaching her waist, the length is usually pulled back into an intricate braid.

She wears the Shinobi shōzoku, the traditional clothing of the ninja, though it is often hidden beneath a long black coat, keeping in mind that she needed to blend in and not be obvious. She carries her weapons strapped across her body, all within easy reach to make her silent and deadly when necessary.

Hiromi is a quiet woodling, who spends her time being hyper-aware of her surroundings, a side effect of having spent so many years working as she did. Trust does not come as easily to her as it once did. Her training has taught her to be even tempered and almost detached from society, however her Woodling instincts still kick in from time to time and she craves the company of others. Nature is the one thing that makes her truly happy as with all woodlings. To wander a forest, she feels more at home than in the cities where she usually slinks around.

Hiromi came from the same sacred forest as Senshi Erito. The Kashima Jingu forest was where she called home during her years as a Kodama. The land was beautiful and a perfect place to start out, but her journey into life truly began the day she matured to a Dryad.

She had seen Senshi change and had longed for the same, watching as he had taken his leave of the community, she vowed that she too would follow that lead and leave to find herself in the outside world.

When she finally changed, she took no time in using her new found abilities to slip out and head for the towns and cities. She was curious about life and the other races that now inhabited the planet.

She spent a year taking in the sights, the people, and the lands, only to realize that she was now almost bored with this life. She needed a challenge, and so that is what she sought to find. Seeking out the Shinobi, she used what skills she had, trying to convince them that she would be useful. With her small frame and fast reflexes, she was almost made to be a member, though they did not think so at first.

She spent 3 years doing the training, showing them that she was not only capable of what they required, but that she could excel at it. It was after those three years that they finally admitted her to train properly among them, and so started the next phase in her life.

Mastering the 18 disciplines was no easy task, even for someone who had practiced as she had, and she understood why it took so long to finally be named Shinobi. She had to learn their rules and ways as if they were the only way to live. Second nature was not sufficient. She had to live, breathe and sleep this way of life, which gave her a feeling of purpose.

10 years passed in this fashion, learning the life. She watched as others came and went, most only taking about 5-7 years to be accepted into the ranks. Because of her heritage she was held back, despite obvious profficiency. They still believed that she could regress. It was only after all this time that she had shown them her dedication and determination, and she was finally granted the title of Shinobi.

Spending an additional 8 years working within the brotherhood, she gained comrads, friends almost, but she found that she missed the connections that came with sharing time with your own people. She missed being in the trees, and was oftentimes found wandering when she wasn't expected elsewhere. It gave her peace with what she did, as the game of espionage, even now, was still prevelent within the world.

She took her leave, vowing to never forget, but needing the time away. With that, she slipped into the night in search of her next adventure, Three years later, she was wandering a city when she thoguht she spotted someone she knew.
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PostSubject: Re: Hiromi Sato   Tue Oct 09, 2012 9:47 pm

Hello Hiromi,

Welcome to Dark Renaissance. Please use the template found here when submitting your application: http://darkren.forumotion.com/t2-character-application . Also, please register an account as Hiromi Sato before you submit the final draft. Once that has been done, the staff members will do the final review. We look forward to writing with you.


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Hiromi Sato
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