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 Muses, Museums, and Mayhem in Mass (Sabre)

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PostSubject: Muses, Museums, and Mayhem in Mass (Sabre)   Wed Oct 03, 2012 11:29 pm

Blue was jolted again.

Her ass hurt. That was something she never thought she would even have to think about, but going over the completely broken tundra from Librium all the way out here to Massachusetts. She was in the back of a Jeep, that was closed off, with some sort of black tarp. Which only made the whole ride that much more uncomfortable, not including the wooden bench with nails, mostly hammered in place, that dug into your ass cheeks. After riding in this Terra-Forsaken vehicle for hours, she had no more spots on her ass that weren't sore.

No reprieve for Blue Tiran.

Blue's blue green eyes took stock of who was around her. There were Terran Guard soliders all over the place. But she, as a consultant was one of the few that weren't in a uniform. She wore a Terran Guard shirt, but her torn and ripped up jeans were her own. She had her tool belt and satchel on the floor by her feet, she wasn't letting anyone near them. There was a redhead, some other people, and herself that just had the shirts on.

They were trying to look unfied anyway.

The brakes were slammed. And Blue had to use the guy next to her to make sure she didn't crash to the floor. Didn't seem that he minded though, as the man in the front got out, beat on the side of the tarp. Blue was eager for the fresh air that would come with getting out of this hellhole.

Massachusetts was a little chilly this time of year, and Blue pulled on an over jacket that was made of leather with a soft inside that was made of wool and warm. Like a parka. She could see her breath in front of her, as she let out a long breath from sitting in the back of that Jeep. She was riding up front on the way back. Nearly wanting to rub her behind to recirculate the blood there, her blue-green eyes took in the broken landscape. Her ass remembered every single bump too.

So where do we start? I mean, I'm not here to get a tan boys, so lets get this shit started.

Yes Ms Tiran. We're here.. at least to start, to excavate a museum that was collapsed during the Enlightenment.

Blue grimmaced. Ug. Who ever told you to call me Ms Tiran, shoot them. I'm Blue, there is no reason to go about it any other way, show me the zone.

She looked over at the map and looked at the area. She strapped the belt of tools to her hips, and picked up her satchel.

Okay. Who is on the team with me?
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PostSubject: Re: Muses, Museums, and Mayhem in Mass (Sabre)   Fri Oct 05, 2012 1:17 am

The road between Librium and Massachusetts was a long and bumpy one. Sabre’s aching ass was a testament to that fact. Her face, on the other hand, was a mask of calm. Crimson eyes stared forward the entire length of the trip, actively avoiding the others around her. She’d taken a look at the different people going on this trip beforehand, of course. Most were active duty Terran Guard like herself. Most were in their active duty uniforms, however, which she was not.

Although the transfer had gone through and she was technically a part of Kale’s team now, she’d been handpicked for this mission as merely a consult. The fact that she was a soldier only aided her being chosen to go on a mission out beyond the Wastes. It was an archaeological mission, though, and she was one of the Guard’s leading history buffs. Besides, the team wasn’t busy with anything at the moment, so why not spend her free time to devote to a personal passion, while still earning a paycheck?

For this trip, she’d donned a simple pair of thick, beige cargo pants and a black low-cut Guard shirt. Wrapped neatly around her slim waist was her tool belt, complete with a gun holster, as well as a light sweater. Sitting on the wooden bench beside her was a much thicker leather jacket, lined with soft alpaca fur. Strapped tightly to her feet were her trusty combat boots. Her bright red hair was pulled back into a messy bun, but the most noticeable part of her today was the pair of sword hilts poking over the top of each shoulder.

Finally, the driver – whom she’d need to have words with before they headed back if he was intent on driving again – slammed on the brakes. Sabre grit her teeth as her upper body was hurled into the man beside her. Planting her feet, she quickly righted herself and ignored her human cushion’s appreciative raise of his eyebrows. With a growl, she stood and grabbed up her jacket, brushing past the pig-headed man a bit more roughly than necessary.

As her boots hit the ground, she quickly took in their surroundings. She wasn’t exactly sure what she’d expected, but the scenery wasn’t quite as bad as she’d thought it would be. There were trees, bushes, and even a few bright flowers littering the area on the side of the road they’d been traveling on. The buildings – or rather, what was left of them – were all covered in vines. Mother Nature, it seemed, had claimed this area as her own. And now they were about to delve in, in an attempt to reclaim some bits of what they’d lost in the war.

A female voice caught Sabre’s attention, and her crimson orbs moved to the form of one of the only civilians on the mission. Despite the fact that the woman was not a member of the Terran Guard, Sabre knew exactly who she was. Not only was she sister to Neona Tiran, liaison extraordinaire, she was also niece to Kale MacAllen. Sabre wasn’t entirely sure if they were related by blood, or if he’d just taken the technopath under his wing. But then, she hadn’t ever decided to really pry.

The right side of her mouth twitched upwards in the beginnings of a smirk at Niara’s disgust at being referred to by her last name. As a soldier, Sabre was used to being called by her last name – minus the “Ms.”, of course. “Gonsalves – check the perimeter with a buddy. Keller and Baines – you’re on home base duty.” Sabre’s eyes drifted upward, squinting into the sunlight. They still had quite a bit of sunlight left, thankfully.

As her eyes readjusted to the lack of sun blinding them, she looked towards Blue. “I’ll go with you,” she piped up, moving fluidly towards the woman. “I think I’ve been here before. That’s the building we’re looking for. It used to be a big museum, mostly dedicated to the fisheries and quarries that really got this area going back in the day…” she drawled, making her way towards the mostly-standing granite building.

It was easy to see that it had once been more a single story due to the staircase sticking up towards the center of the building, but with no roof and the upper stories tumbled down into the ground, it might be difficult to gauge just how high. Sabre guessed no more than three stories, based on the amount of rubble surrounding the base of the building.

Vines snaked their way all around the building, poking through cracks in the wall to wind up the rails of the staircase. Sabre paused on the front steps to make sure that Blue was still with her. The hairs on the back of her neck bristled, and as she reached the front door, her left hand instinctively reached up, brushing the hilt of the sword strapped to that shoulder. The area seemed deserted, but she’d rather be prepared nonetheless. Pressing her free hand against the door, she shoved lightly and poked her head in.

“Clear,” she announced after a few moments, and shoved the door open the rest of the way. Old paintings littered the old lobby floor, and a few broken statues were overturned here and there. One boot brushed the dirt off of a flat surface near her, and the blue letters “ORMATIO” peered up at Sabre. Her eyes lifted and stopped on the desk, which she guessed the sign had been painted to advertise.

With a slight grin, she eased over the rubble between herself and the desk. Grabbing onto the counter, she swung herself down and behind the desk. When she popped back up, she was clutching a pair of laminated pages in one hand. “Let’s see what this place had, eh?” she grinned, holding one of the museum exhibit maps out towards Blue.
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PostSubject: Re: Muses, Museums, and Mayhem in Mass (Sabre)   Sat Oct 06, 2012 9:05 am

The redheaded woman took charge. Sending people out to scout. Blue tilted her head to the side, as her mind felt a bit of a tingle. She knew exactly what that meant. Her eyes shifted slowly, going to the side, where there was a building that was not completely collapsed. The first and second floor were marginally completely intact.

Five people in that building over there, one walkie talkie, so keep an eye peeled, they may have backup, or others in the area, setting up an ambush.

Firstly, they all had phones. Which was an idiocy if you were trying to be sneaky. But then, no one really thought about someone being a technopath that just by entering an area she could feel all the electronics and networks that are all over the area. She didn't hack the phones, she could have, but she figured so long as they stayed over there, then she wasn't too worried, and besides that, the men were aware of them.

She knew that John was close by. She could feel his cybernetics, her mind was acutely attuned to the sound of his neuro-connections that went through the body and controled the parts that he had altered. She had to admit, that probably didn't sound sexy to anyone but her.

Awesome, lets go see what we can find. I wonder why they sent us out here instead of some sort of archeological group? Are we actually here to find something specific? Or just bring back whatever artifacts we find?

She asked this of Sabre as she and the few men that came with them for protection began to walk over to the musuem. It was all caved in, she wasn't even sure how tall it had once been. Just that it most certainly wasn't now. Some of the first floor still remained, but the rest of it had crumbled down and around it. It would be an interesting time out here. She was out here until they found enough to take back, so she supposed that depended on how much they worked together. How much they worked each other, which Blue was a hell of a taskmaster on herself, she'd probably work til she passed out, or John started sending her text messages.

Her pelvis still ached from being crushed when the android attacked the lab. Which was being rebuilt and allowed her to go on this very mission. Her legs still hurt, quite badly in the mornings. And she had packed her cane, just incase she needed it to get around. It was currently in her satchel. She had made herself a new one, that retracted. So she could carry it easily. Even though Elves healed quickly, she was only half, and her doctors weren't sure if she would always be in pain, or if it would pass at some point. The uneven terrain all ready was making things throb and ache. But if there was one thing to say about Blue, she was stubborn as hell and there was no John to call her on it.

They stepped into the musuem when Sabre said it was clear, and Blue looked around. Her eyes saw easily in the dark, so it was a gift, for sure, in this condition. She took the map from the woman.

Hey, if I'm going to be working with you, I should at least get your name. I'm Blue, but I don't know your name. she said as she looked over the exhibits that had been on display at the time the building had collapsed in the Enlightenment. Anything close, would have been looted all ready, but that was fine, they were looking for the good stuff anyway.

Looks like we should try to head down to the basement level.
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PostSubject: Re: Muses, Museums, and Mayhem in Mass (Sabre)   Mon Oct 08, 2012 5:12 am

Sabre’s attention returned to Blue as she mentioned there being other people around. The hairs on the back of her neck raised and she looked in that direction, but quickly averted her attention back to the museum they were in now. Her free hand fell to rest gently on the pistol at her hip as she chewed over Blue’s question.

“Well, it’s not exactly the safest place outside the big cities,” she grinned. The feral, amused look faded slowly as she went over the mission dossier in her mind quickly. “I’m not exactly sure what we’re supposed to be looking for here, but if there’s another team in the area, it’s got to be important. Damn the Guard and their secrets,” she growled as an afterthought.

As Blue took the spare map from her, she finally took a moment to scour what was on the laminated sheet left in her hand. Apparently, the museum had finally been hit in the middle of winter. A slight shiver raced up Sabre’s spine as she took in the picture of one of the small nearby granary towns. She knew that town... She’d been stuck in that little hellhole due to a blizzard for a short stint during the war. That was where she’d first heard of the peace, and she’d had to stop her last vicious combat with her current colleague’s uncle. Perhaps she’d be able to take a quick visit for nostalgia’s sake while out here…

Crimson eyes flitted away from the picture finally as Blue spoke again, and Sabre nodded, a grim, determined expression back on her face. “Right. The name’s Sabre. Sabre Galweigh.” A slight smile filled her red lips as she let a small chuckle escape in an attempt to lighten the mood. She wasn’t sure why, but she felt a slight urge to make a good impression on this girl. “And don’t worry – I already know who you are. I.. work with your uncle.” Ah. There it was. Funny how it always came back to that damn man. The grin on her lips seemed to jump up into her eyes at the last sentence nonetheless. She wondered if Kale had ever confided in his niece about their current friendship, and studied the reaction on the girl’s face intently while seeming to allow her eyes to wander back around the room.

Sabre’s head bobbed up and down as she nodded in agreement. “Good idea,” she concurred, checking with the map in her hand before stuffing it into the back pocket of her pants and motioning to the right of the front door. Stepping lightly over and around the rubble, she allowed her hand to drag on a few downed statues as she passed them. A small, overturned urn caught her eye on the way to the basement entrance and she stooped to inspect it. The markings on the side piqued her curiosity, so she stuffed it into the satchel slung across one shoulder and continued on.

“Don’t mind me, by the way. That’ll happen quite a bit. Don’t get too many chances to actually go out and collect things when I’m doing my real job,” she explained with a wink. Patting the satchel lightly, she hopped over a toppled pillar to catch up with Blue.

The entrance to the basement level was closed. There were no fingerprints in the dust on the door handle yet, thankfully. Good she thought to herself, as one of the Guards opened the door for them. While she didn’t need light to see in the dark, she knew that the two Guards and possibly Blue would need some form of light, so she removed the flashlight from the tool belt around her waist.

Another tingle raced up her spine, and she found her free hand up at the sword near her shoulder again. If there was anyone or anything down here, it’d be a close quarter’s scuffle, and a gun would be no use. Besides, the echo of the gunshot would be loud enough to alert anyone within half a mile of their presence. Eyes sweeping over the bits and bobs that had been on display down here, she paused to confer with Blue as to which direction they should start in.

“So, what caught your eye first?” she murmured, a small grin forming on her lips as she caught glimpses of a few artifacts she was interested in looking at.
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PostSubject: Re: Muses, Museums, and Mayhem in Mass (Sabre)   Tue Oct 09, 2012 8:08 am

Blue's brows furrowed.

I'm not certain, they're here for the things in the museum. Not initially. However, they are watching us.

Blue was able to learn the woman's name. Not a name that she had ever heard before. Her Uncle, whom the woman apparently knew, was a very secretive man when it came to his job. However, of all the people that he did mention, Sabre had never been one of them. The lack of mentioning her, only made Blue's thoughts grasp onto the fact that this woman must mean something, however small, to her Uncle. For there to be a complete void of having been mentioned.

Huh. Odd. He never.. well he doesn't really talk about work at all. He's all very hush hush you know. Though I think he just wants everyone to think he goes on these amazing adventures, I always picture him as a desk jockey though. she laughed as they decided where to go.

While they began to head towards the basement level she latched onto the nearest network and began to navigate it, towards the Terran Guard database. She did this with almost every person that she met. So she would know who she was dealing with. Some might call it cheating. But she merely used it as an advantage. Even still, she found that it came in handy, and helped her know who she could and could not trust. Most of the time, it turned out right.

That her name was actually Angel and not Sabre, was an interesting note to start out on. It was always interesting to Blue when people didn't go by their actual names. Since, of course, neither did Blue. As her actual first name was Niara, a name that she was not overly fond of, and when the nickname Blue had been given to her because of the natural blue highlights in her hair, she had taken to it rather easily.

Her biography was rather vague, until she was thirteen in which she was taken in by a man that had raised her. Blue assumed she had been an orphan before that, as did the TG according to her files. The man turned out to be a casualty of war, which was a shame, because she figurd that he was like a father to Sabre. Sabre was on the side of the Others, and was well known for her visciousness on the battlefield during the war until the treaty was reached.

Sabre fell off the map for a while before joining Kale's team, and beginning to work for the TG as a desk jockey. Though, Blue supposed this might be a test mission for the demoness. She may be being tested to see if she could be trusted with the real missions that her Uncle supposedly went to.

Blue pulled out of the servers, as Sabre picked up some sort of small urn and tossed it into her bag.

Works for me. she shrugged her shoulders as they found the doorway. The men opened it for them with crowbars and a lot of upper body strength. Blue, was suprised it took as long as it did since there were four guys with them. Still, Blue pulled out a small hover bug, and she turned it on with her mind. The little bug was fashioned after a lightning bug only a bit larger and as it floated, it put out a bit of light that would light the way. Blue drove it with her mind as they descended down the stairs. They stopped at the base and looked at the map.

Okay, the TG wants us to check out the security system down here, download the coding and get some of the units. As well as, any artifacts that we believe may or may not have significant value... that's vague.. I hate militaristic institutions. Blue shook her head, this was lame. Nothing like no real direction on a mission to ensure it would be sucessful.

Okay. There's an exhibit on mining and the pilgrims, through the right door way, the security terminal isn't until the very back, down a back hallway. she accessed the blueprints of the building mentally. Pulled out a black marker and added the things the map didn't show, to the map in her hand, so Sabre could see what she could see.
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PostSubject: Re: Muses, Museums, and Mayhem in Mass (Sabre)   Tue Oct 09, 2012 10:25 pm

Ethan let the all-terrain vehicle skid to a stop on a ridge nearly eight hundred yards from where the Terran Guard convoy had stopped. It appeared they had arrived at their destination, and for that, "John" was thankful. He hadn't anticipated the Massachusetts area being so damned cold at this time of year...he had forgotten from the last time he was in this frozen hellhole. Shrugging to himself in his large parka he dismounted from his ATV and pulled a pair of binoculars from his pack.

Now, yes, Blue had told "John" she was going on a specific invite-only expedition with the Terran Guard. He had been told he could go, but he politely declined, what with the whole "not who he said he was" thing going on. The last thing he needed was someone to recognize his face, and then he would have to face the entire detachment of Guardsmen, plus a rather betrayed and pissed off technopath. Kneeling on the seat with a small sigh, he rose the binoculars to his eyes.

You know you need to tell her. You haven't been making regular reports to your handler under the guise of the Android attack. You really need to make a decision.

Growling at his conscience as he surveyed the camp, Ethan had to admit: he had a point. Hemming and hawing over what he felt like he should do wasn't enough; he needed to make a decision, and fast! Blue exited the cargo truck and looked to grimace in pain.

Use your cane of your knee or back are bothering you...stubborn woman.

Ethan grumbled to himself as he watched her interact with some red-headed Guardswoman. They chatted and looked over a small map before Blue looked up and looked at the building they were in front of, and then glanced over directly at him. Well, seems my covers blown. Not that I expected it to keep for long.

Fact was, he wasn't going to leave her protection in the hands of some para-military nutjobs stuck somewhere in the middle of law enforcement and weapon fanaticism. He had three plans to pull her out of the encampment already with....varying levels of casualties. He had almost lost her once, and he wasn't going to lose her again.

I told you so...

Ethan suppressed a curse and narrowed his eyes. He hated his conscience when it was right. Without much more of a word, he looked for a suitable place to place camp.
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PostSubject: Re: Muses, Museums, and Mayhem in Mass (Sabre)   Thu Oct 11, 2012 2:40 am

Sabre scowled. If that other team decided what her group was after could be worth something, they could prove to be trouble. Still, there were four Terran Guards, Blue and Sabre herself down here in the basement, in addition to a handful of other Guards up top. Five people shouldn’t be too difficult to dispose of. She’d slain more than that on her own during the war. A mischievous grin filled her lips at the memory… Such carnage and bloodshed… War truly was a beautiful thing.

Blue’s voice brought Sabre’s attention back to the present. Her lips pursed together in slight annoyance. Ten years of trying to kill each other, and another twenty of trying to figure out what to do with each other after the fact… and yet he hadn’t so much as even mentioned her name to his niece? Her head bobbed in a nod as the annoyed look was replaced by a knowing grin. [color=red] “Yes, that boy does like to keep secrets, doesn’t he?...” she purred.

To some, it might seem odd for her to use the term ‘boy’ when speaking about a veteran the likes of Kale MacAllen. Despite the lack of grey in her fiery hair, she was nearly five times his age and had spent more time fighting in the war than even he had. “It’s okay, though… He’s never mentioned you either, except in passing. If I were the paranoid type, I’d think he was trying to keep us away from each other,” she offered, with a wink.

Blue’s suggestion that Kale seemed like a desk jockey brought a grin to Sabre’s lips. Having been stuck in that very same position for what seemed like eons now, she could easily picture him sitting quietly behind her desk. It was amusing, to say the least. The mental image didn’t last long, however. He was too much like her to succumb to such a mind-numbing, fat-inducing job. How she’d lasted so long in the position was a testament to her patience, her willpower, and whatever shreds of humanity still resided within her mortal frame.

Sabre’s head tilted some in curiosity as Blue explained the security systems objective. She hadn’t been privy to that information. Now Blue’s presence on the mission made a bit more sense, but she still couldn’t shake the feeling that information had purposefully been withheld from her dossier. At least Blue seemed somewhat unimpressed with the way the Guard ran things as well.

Glancing down to the map Blue was holding, she nodded at the exhibits the technopath referenced. Pilgrims were interesting and all, but something told her she’d find more archaeological gems in the mining exhibit… pun intended. “Let’s get you back to the security systems. I’ll poke around while you work, but I think keeping together would be best.”

With the lights dimmed, Sabre’s crimson eyes glowed brightly. They shifted to look upon the faces of the four Guards keeping watch over the “civilians” they’d been commanded to protect. The look she gave them was merely to make sure they understood her last sentence, but one of the four men seemed to fidget beneath her crimson gaze. Her upper lip lifted in what could almost be described as a sneer, but she turned away before it could seem demeaning.

“So, this way?” she asked, shining her flashlight in the direction Blue had marked on her map. Checking her peripherals, Sabre moved forward slowly to take point, her ears on high alert for any sounds of stress from the building foundations. While she had no doubt she’d be able to escape unharmed, something told her that if Kale found out Blue had come to harm while with her, he’d be less than pleased. Sabre’s eyes rolled back up into her skull in exasperation. If he hadn’t ever cared to mention her, he had to reason to be mad…

The hallway was long, but doorways opening up to different exhibits were placed strategically staggered on either side of the group as they moved towards their destination. Three rooms down on the right, the entryway was blocked off by a toppled statue of some sort. She made a note to check that room out for sure, but continued on until she reached the back area Blue had been talking about. Giving the room a quick once-over for stability, she stepped back and waved Blue in. “After you,” she smiled.
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PostSubject: Re: Muses, Museums, and Mayhem in Mass (Sabre)   Mon Oct 15, 2012 11:25 pm

Blue pursed her lips.

Yeah? That's probably true. He doesn't like to mix his personal life. Or anything really. He's very closed off. It's kind of a pain in the ass. Even if you're family it doesn't really matter. she shrugged.

It was true. There were times that no matter how hard she tried to open her Uncle up, he never really did. She knew that he liked to keep things to himself but there were times that she really wished the man would open up to his family. Make them feel as though he gave as much as they gave him.

Yeah, I think sticking together is the best idea. We don't know what's going on here. I know that no one is down there, at least, I can't tell that anyone is. But you never know if anyone left surprises or not.

They headed down the stairs. Flashlights leading the way as they headed through the hallways afterwards and towards the back rooms where they had all the security information and equipment. They found the room easily, helped the glass on the door was stamped with a heavy dark bold print of 'Security Personnel Only'. That made it quite easy. The door was locked, of course. But she popped her elbow into the glass and broke it. Reaching through the now semi broken window she undid the lock and opened the door.

Nothing a little B&E won't fix.

She laughed as they pushed the door open and she flashed her light all around the room. Not really sure what to grab. She bit her lower lip. Trying to decide what she needed to take. On the desk there was a computer. It was covered completely in dust. It was old. She wasn't sure if it would work but she pulled a small battery like device out of her bag and she plugged the computer in. Sitting down in the chair produced a mushroom cloud of dust as she powered up the computer and without touching it began to hack through the password which was insanely easy, and soon, she was in and cruising through all the computer files, finding exactly what she needed from that. She also needed the hard drive but first, this.

Okay. It's gonna take me a few minutes. So, if you want to go look around, that's fine, I'll stick it out in my cubicle and find you when I'm done. It'll probably only take a few minutes anyway!
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PostSubject: Re: Muses, Museums, and Mayhem in Mass (Sabre)   Mon Dec 03, 2012 5:56 am

Saying Kale didn’t like to mix his personal life with his work caused a smirk to flicker to life on Sabre’s lips. Oh, how innocent his niece was. The smirk faded slowly, but she continued to enjoy the silent joke that was she and Kale’s relationship. She shrugged lightly. If there was one thing she knew about Kale it was that he lived according to his own rules. It just so happened that her own list of rules was similar. Perhaps that was why they got on so well.

Sabre’s ears perked up at Blue’s laughter somewhat behind her and she turned her head slightly to catch a glimpse of the woman. Breaking and entering was nothing new to the demoness, but she’d never known anyone to be giggly about it before. One brow rose with curiosity, but the sound of the soldiers successfully opening the entryway made her turn back towards the door.

The room was pitch black, but she had no issues with seeing what was inside. As the guards lent their light to help Blue and themselves, she allowed her own crimson orbs to readjust. Inside, the room was mostly bare. A computer caught the eye first thing, sitting in the middle of a main desk. Blue was quick to step over the threshold, and even quicker to bring the computer to life. Both of Sabre’s brows rose at just how quickly the technopath had taken command of the computer situation. Good for her.

Exhaling lightly, Sabre finally took a look around at the rest of the room. A panel of old TV screens lined the right wall, just as she’d expected from a security room. On the opposite wall, a small section of lockers took up most of the space. A few stickers and pictures actually remained stuck to the metal surfaces, so while Blue really started to get going with her project, Sabre moved towards them.

“Sounds good,” she responded, moving to the first locker. Four of the five locks were unlocked. She made quick work of them, finding nothing of real value. Most of the items were personal trivialities that had belonged to the security team. Casting a quick look around, Sabre smirked and took a small step back.

“Ma’am?” she heard one of the Guards ask cautiously, but her foot was already in motion.

The heel of her boot smashed into the lock. Between the rust that had formed, and the demon-fueled power of her kick, the lock gave way with ease. A satisfied smirk filled Sabre’s lips as the lock swung open on loud, protesting hinges. She whistled with delight at what lay inside.

“Bingo,” she purred, holstering her pistol in order to pull one of the assault rifles out of the locker. She handed it over to one of the Guards who’d moved over to help inspect so that she could remove the other two. “Anyone else ever heard of a museum that requires its security to use this caliber of weapons to protect old vases and paintings?” she drawled, more to herself than to anyone else in the room. Once sure the gun was indeed loaded, she slung the strap over her head to keep it attached to her and handed the third off to another Guard.

Crimson eyes swept around the room in search of something… anything… that didn’t fit. A frown tugged at the corner of her lips, but she finally moved to the back of the room, stopping in front of a small painting of what she guessed was this area pre-war. One hand moved up, pulling the picture off of its hook. As expected, she found a flat metallic panel in the wall. She couldn’t hear anything coming from Blue’s area, so assumed the female was still deep in the mind of the computer she was digging into. It was obvious that some of the number keys had been pressed more often than others, but with a lack of knowledge on the people who’d set the lock up, she was at a loss for guesses. Pursing her lips, she made a quick decision and removed the number pad’s cover. With the wires exposed, she wrapped her fingers around them and yanked.

The electricity within the panel sparked in protest, but the near-silent hum stopped instantly. Letting the broken parts fall from her hand, Sabre removed one of the knives from her belt and made quick work of prying the safe door open. The item inside was not exactly what she’d expected to find. A shiver raced up her spine and her eyes locked onto the velveteen box. Her free hand reached in, grasping the small box and pulling it free of its hiding place. Crimson eyes locked on the pendant within as soon as she flipped the box open. It was almost as if the ruby were calling to her, purring and begging for her attention. She inhaled somewhat sharply, a tiny grin tugging at the corners of her lips.

After a few moments, she turned back towards Blue, who seemed to be nearly done. The grin remained on her lips as she snapped the box shut and clutched in one hand. Pocketing the item, she moved her free hand back to her new assault rifle, resting it there casually. “Get what you need? I know I certainly did,” she announced quietly, her eyes flashing with excitement.
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Blue had no idea what Sabre was doing. The girl had been hired same as her to go on this mission. Not to mention, she was actually in the TG. Blue was just a consultant and that was all thanks to her Uncle because he preferred her opinions and diagnostics to those that TG had hired. TG wished they could get their hands on someone like Blue. But there was no way they could pay her the amount of money New Dawn did to keep her happy.

The funny thing was. People always assumed it was the money that kept Blue working for New Dawn. But, it wasn't. Blue wasn't much to spending. After she fixed up her apartment just the way she wanted it, and enhanced the entire thing.. she had saved pretty much every dime she didn't need to live on and now had a very large nest egg. One day, she wanted to be able to retire to her own place and just be an inventor without anyone forcing her to invent certain things. Sometimes they tried getting her to invent things that weren't even possible.

That's what you got when idiots were in a think tank.

Blue liked working for New Dawn because so long as she kept her jobs completed on schedule they pretty much left her alone. She could buy anything she wanted, hire anyone she wanted, and she was left completely alone. That was the way she preferred it honestly. Except, John. He was the only one that she needed to have around her. Which was a massive change for the young technopath.

Blue picked up a small device in her hand and using her body transfered the information she had found in the computer from her mind to the device so that the TG would be able to use it. When she finished that, she put the device into her pocket and leaned over grabbing her tools out of her satchel and set to work taking the hard drive out of the computer now that she had shut it down.

She pulled the hard drive out just when Sabre returned. Her blue and green eyes shifted up and took in the woman. They weren't just here for themselves. They also had to shift around for artifacts but she figured they could probably do that tomorrow. They needed to set up camp anyway, and it was going to be too freaking cold tonight. She hoped she had brought enough blankets.

Yep. All done. You ready to go make camp. The soliders are getting restless.

She grinned as she shoved the hardrive into her satchel and began to walk out with the soliders and Sabre. Getting out was a lot harder than getting in for Blue. Going up stairs was a lot harder than going down them. Her cane was having to do a great deal of work. But, she was glad in a way that John wasn't here. Because, he would hoist her up and carry her. As it was, Sabre probably wasn't going to ask and the soliders were too afraid to ask because she hadn't asked them.

Just go on. I'll be up there eventually.

About three minutes after everyone came out, she finally emerged, shaking, sweating, and quickly sunk down onto a large piece of debris. Turned out to be an old washing machine but right now it was a chair. She sighed softly, and let her legs stretch out. Thankful John wasn't here, because he'd be bitching her out about it, and she didn't need him here to do that. She could bitch herself out about it later, but she was determined to do this job on her own. After a few minutes rest she began to help set up camp despite her weak and sore muscles.
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Ethan had found himself a ridge that overlooked the camp from a slight distance away. Setting up a simple camp, he kept vigilant watch of the buildings the Terran Guard seemed so damned interested in. He was glad he had the chance to use his new survival gear and he had made sure to bring some extra things for Blue. As much as he loved the woman, she was stubborn beyond belief.

No one outside of Bastion City understood the icy pit that New England had become, and Blue had been no exception. Therefore, Ethan had packed heat packs, warm clothing, blankets and various other implements for Blue. Knowing she would be pushing herself, "John" made sure that Blue had things taken care of and her reaction once she left the truck had set his actions.

Sneaking in to the Terran Guard camp had been too easy: you simply had to look the part. Wearing an olive drab set of garments, no one bothered Ethan as he gathered the supplies labeled for 'Blue Tiran,' and set up her tent. He arraigned her items in a way she would probably like...despite the fact that "John" was helping her. She would just have to deal with it.

Once the tent was set and fixed up, Ethan decided to take a look around the camp. There was a loose command structure; probably meant the commanding officer was with the research teams inside. There couldn't have been more than forty total personnel at this location, and they hadn't set up a distance perimeter. Otherwise, they would've found Ethan by now. Satisfied that his campsite was safe, he returned to his own camp.

Hours passed before the crew emerged from the abandoned museum. The movement caught "John's" attention, and he pulled a set of binoculars, trying to find Blue. Not seeing his main reason for coming show up, Ethan began to get anxious. Was she still inside? Trapped? Injured? No one seemed to be moving with any haste.

I can make them move with haste. Forty poorly trained men and a redhead wouldn't stand a chance.

A sly smile crossed his lips, his old life briefly emerging. It all disappeared as Blue emerged, favoring her cane. At least you're using it now. Ethan mused to himself softly, not enjoying seeing Blue in pain. She sat in a busted out washing machine, seemingly happy for the rest. Ethan pulled out his cell phone and sent her a quick text.

[You ok? How was the museum? Terran Guard suck the fun out of it yet? Your tent is set up at following coordinates.]

He followed up the text with geographical coordinates that she could find easily is she tried. Before he had left, Ethan had warmed some blankets with heat packs and set her coffee machine to dispense warm hot chocolate. Yeah...horrible boyfriend. Almost as if on cue, Blue got up and began to head to camp. Ethan didn't look for her reaction...if she was pissed, he didn't want to know about it yet.
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PostSubject: Re: Muses, Museums, and Mayhem in Mass (Sabre)   Mon Jan 07, 2013 12:54 pm

Blue was exhausted.

She wanted nothing more than to close her eyes and relax for a few minutes. That and get warm. It was frigid already. Maybe, John had been right. Maybe she should have brought more things with her. But she hadn't, she would just have to make do. She ached in ways that she thought.. were impossible and quite painful.

She felt the text before she heard her phone buzz. Not having the energy to pull it out of her pocket she read it through her mind and she narrowed her gaze. Son of a bitch! She could have .. set up her own tent! Or... something!

Slowly, with a great help of the cane, she got herself up, and she headed off towards her tent, where John had said he had set it up for her. She .. was grateful, she really was. Right now, that was the best gift ever though she would never admit it to him.

Shame. She'd be hot if she weren't all cripped up.

Blue froze. Hearing the words with her half elven ears that gave her a bit more reach than normal, and she sighed. Yeah that was pretty much how it was these days. Despair took over her face as she finished moving over the broken terrain and entered her tent. The overwhelming warmth brought a sigh to her lips as she collapsed on her cot and sighed softly at the warm blankets and the scent of hot chocolate brewing from her favorite device EVER in the corner.

She'd be hot if she weren't all cripped up...

That was unfortunately, playing into her worst fears. Sitting herself up, not moving her legs, as if they had no feeling like.. like before Liam had helped her. She grabbed the cup of hot chocolate and sighed, leaning back into her pillows and relaxing gently under the canvas of her tent.

~Thank you.~

It was a lot, coming from the ever stubborn Blue. But, she was eternally grateful for this moment, and .. even more grateful that he hadn't dropped her after she got hurt like this. The doctors said she would eventually get strong enough that she wouldn't need a cane anymore. But, she hadn't gotten that far yet and sometimes the pain was so overwhelming at the end of the day she cried when John gave her massages before bed as he worked out all the horrible muscle cramps and knots. She felt like she was a burden on him. She wasn't the kind of girlfriend he ought to have. It wasn't fair.

She'd leave her tent in a few minutes, once she was warm and let her legs rest for a few minutes. Probably in time to help the camp set up for Dinner. Sabre probably wanted to jack with whatever she'd found down below and besides, Blue was cranky when she wasn't feeling well.

And sadly, all she wanted was John. But she couldn't have him. He'd told her she wasn't ready for this kind of opperation, and to prove his ass wrong, she had signed up anyway. And here she was, missing him terribly. He was close, but too far.
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Sabre's eyes followed Blue's hand as she pulled a hard drive out from the computer and announced she was done. She couldn't help but allow at least an ounce of how impressed she was at the girl's ability to be quick onto her face. The look was gone in a second, however, and she nodded her silent answer about being ready to make camp. With a simple jerk of her head, she motioned for the other Terran Guard members to take the lead, choosing to take up the rear herself. The paranoia about this place going down was still very real in her mind, so keeping the others at least a step ahead of her was the most logically moral thing she could come up with.

The technopath's speed up going up the stairs was less than desired, but Sabre managed to keep her mouth shut. Clearly, she'd been in some kind of accident, if the cane and the limp were any indication. Not to mention, she seemed utterly exhausted just by the simple act of walking. One thin brow rose atop the demoness' forehead, but she plodded slowly up after the girl without a complaint.

When Blue asked everyone to go on ahead, Sabre paused, but finally consented. Carefully, she brushed past the girl. They were out from under most of the crumbling structure already, so most of the danger had already passed. Still... When she reached the top of the stairs, Sabre barked out a few commands and sent the soldiers on their way to start helping with camp. She'd set her own tent up, but that could wait until she made sure the only non-Terran Guard member of the group reached the surface safely.

Not wanting to cause the girl any embarrassment, Sabre moved to a statue that had survived the war mostly intact. Blending in with the shadows cast by the setting sun was easy enough, especially when her target was as fatigued as the technopath was. Crimson eyes watched as Blue plopped down onto what seemed to be an old washing machine in order to catch her breath. When she finally seemed able to move again, Sabre followed, but at a distance.

Despite her obvious fatigue, the girl began to help with camp set-up. Sabre frowned at how much she seemed to be exerting herself. Kale would not approve of his niece's actions. But, Kale was not here. And besides, her own role here on site was not to play babysitter to some girl from New Dawn... Growling beneath her breath, Sabre snagged her large pack from the back of the truck and headed off to get it set-up.

Having spent so many years in one camp or another during the war, setting up camp took far less time for the demoness than most. Once the tent itself was up and her things were stored inside, she made herself a small firepit. She was not the most social of creatures. After retrieving dinner, she'd most likely sulk back here to enjoy the rest of the night on her own. With a sigh, Sabre scanned her miniature camp and nodded her approval. Patting herself down to make sure she still had her swords - and the pendant - on her, she headed back into the midst of the soldiers' encampment to see what was taking so long with getting dinner cooked.
The words of a soldier standing nearby caught her ears and she turned to see what he was talking about. Crimson orbs fell upon the technopath as she struggled to rise, even with the help of her cane. A part of Sabre wanted to rush over to help the girl, who'd clearly heard the Guard judging by the way she stiffened... Unsurprising for an elf, but the human who had said the hurtful words likely wouldn't realize the error of his ways. Shoving the weak, nice part of herself back down inside, Sabre snarled and moved towards the insulting soldier as Blue ducked inside of her own tent.

One hand rose to connect with the Guard's throat and soon he was dangling a few inches off the ground. "You should really learn to hold your tongue," she hissed, her fingers squeezing slightly so that he was avidly grasping for breath. "One more comment like that, and I'll be the one holding it for you." Shoving the man back down onto the ground, Sabre turned her crimson orbs on the man's companion. "That goes for you, too. Now what say you two make yourselves useful and go get me some god damn dinner."

The companion helped his fallen comrade up and the pair quickly skirted off. Sabre was quite aware of all the eyes upon her, but as she turned, the snarl on her face was reason enough for everyone to quickly look away. Most she could tell were only pretending to be busy, but she didn't care, so long as nobody gave her lip, and so long as the other two got her some food. The ride here had been more than taxing, and she was quite famished. Granted, the human food would not satisfy her true hunger... but it would slow her need for the true hunger at least a little bit.

The smell of stew beginning to boil over a stove hit Sabre's nostrils and she allowed the thine line of a smile to grace her lips. Beneath her pale flesh, her blood was still heated from the spike of adrenaline threatening those men had given her. Letting a few breaths in and out, she silently willed herself to calm before heading over to the technopath's tent.

Balling her finger into a fist, she rapped lightly on the fabric. "Hey... Mind if I come in?" she asked. She wasn't generally patient enough to wait, but common courtesy begged it of her. Sabre shoved her hands into her pockets to escape the chilly air as she waited for the technopath's response. The fingers in the pocket that held her new prize slowly stroking the box subconsciously. Damn, but this being nice thing was horrid.
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PostSubject: Re: Muses, Museums, and Mayhem in Mass (Sabre)   Sun Jan 20, 2013 10:52 am

Oh.. she hurt.

Blue was in the process of digging through her bag for her hard core pain pills when she heard the soft knock of canvas on her tent. She looked up and heard Sabre's voice from the other side. Blue gave a slight smile, she couldn't help but want to get to know the woman. They seemed to both have a sarcastic side, and Blue could use a friend. Especially out here, when she tried to prove John wrong.. in a very .. not actually working kind of way.

Of course, come on in.

Blue couldn't get the strength to open the tent, so she hoped the woman would just come on in. Blue finally wrestled her prescription pills from the bottom of the bag with a little sigh of triumph and she slumped back on her cot. Shoving herself over to the side a little bit, and moving her legs with her hands because of how they pained her. She grabbed a bottle of water and swallowed two pills. She hadn't liked taking them when they were a daily occurance. Still didn't like them, they made her feel fuzzy. But, she would do it anyway, for the pain, it was necessary.

Please, have a seat. Oh, there's hot chocolate in that thermus over there if you want something. I don't have any coffee or anything.. I'm not supposed to have caffeine. she used 'air quotes' around the supposed to because she still had a cup every morning because she was practically useless in the mornings when she hadn't had coffee.

Blue had pointed to the spot on the bed that she had cleared so Sabre could sit down. It wasn't the smallest tent ever, but there wasn't any extra furniture. But it was warm, and she was fairly comfortable and about ready to pass out. But, she had to eat something because John would get 'that look' if she didn't. She smiled wearily at the woman.

Sorry about the whole.. not.. walking well thing. I don't want to be a burden here. So.. don't think I will be. I'll be all right, just.. still healing from being crushed by an android. Blue tried to make light of it, even though you could tell she was in a great deal of pain. Her legs were actually trembling, the pain was so bad, but the pills would kick in, in about five minutes and that is all that mattered.

My boyfriend, didn't think I could come out here and do this. she laughed. Which was stupid, because by saying that, just made me come out here all the more. she sighed softly. How are you doing Sabre?
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After a few moments, Blue's voice rang out from the other side of the tent flap. It was slightly muffled due to the thick fabric, but she heard the woman with ease. Pushing the flap aside, she slipped inside the tent. Her eyes quickly adjusted to the difference of lighting and picked out the form of the technomancer, who was perched at one end of the cot.

Before moving further into the tent, Sabre's eyes swept around the area, taking in her new surroundings. So far as she could tell, there were no immediate threats, so she continued in. Blue offered the other half of the cot to her, but her adrenaline was still pumping from the prospect of killing that peon outside. With a slight smile and shake of her head, she stopped in front of the woman and crouched down.

Her smile slowly shifted to a grin at the idea of the woman going against doctor's orders in order to fulfill her need for caffeine. She could appreciate that hint of rebellion in the woman. Sabre had vices of her own, but caffeine was not one of them. Tilting her head to the side at the woman's apology, she shrugged her shoulders. "It's not a burden to me," she responded simply. Thinking back to the insulting words of the soldier, she opened her mouth to speak again.

"To be quite frank, it shouldn't be a burden to anyone else on this mission. Most of the men here are no more than grunts. Unintelligent humans with guns to wave about in an intimidating fashion to those who might pose a threat to you, me, and the other actual members of the mission. And besides, how many of them do you think can claim to have been in combat with that android bitch and lived?"

A full grin filled her lips as she finished speaking. While she, herself, had not been a part of any of the encounters with the android, she'd read all of the mission logs on the... creature. She had, however, spent a solid amount of time fighting in the pre-Enlightenment war. That was something none of these peons could claim.

A quiet chuckle trickled out from between Sabre's lips at the mention of Blue's boyfriend second-guessing her ability to take on this mission. Men had a tendency to think women were weaker than they truly were. Blue was definitely not in top physical condition, but that was why some of these men had been assigned to accompany them on this trip. Despite her physical ails, she was an integral part of the mission. After watching her suffer silently, her legs shaking despite the obvious attempts to keep them still, Sabre decided she would need to have more words with the men. She would make sure there was always someone posted outside this tent, just in case. Doctors may trust in pills, but she had other methods of healing, and so tended not to trust the little bits of "medication".

An idea skimmed across Sabre's mind at the thought of healing. Perhaps if she drained a bit from Blue, she could give a bit more back... Crimson eyes drifted down the woman's face to rest upon her lips as she spoke. She heard the woman's words, but didn't respond right away. One hand was shoved in her pocket, and her thumb ran lightly in circles over the surface of the necklace she'd found in the lower level of the museum. Odd... She didn't remember having taken the necklace out of the box it had been in...

Finally jolted out of her urge to pull the woman towards her in the name of experimentation, Sabre turned her eyes back to the woman's own blue orbs. Sabre's expression softened and what could possibly be considered a genuine smile graced her lips. "I am doing quite fine, Niara. I could go for some dinner, but that should be ready soon enough. Would you care to join me? I can have the boys gather some grub for you, too, if you'd like."

She moved to raise from her crouching position, but then stopped and took a moment to look up into the technomancer's eyes. "Answer me this, though... Why was your boyfriend against you going on this mission? Is he full of self-doubt and afraid you might meet a nice, young soldier?" she asked, a sly grin tugging at the corners of her lips.
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PostSubject: Re: Muses, Museums, and Mayhem in Mass (Sabre)   Sat Feb 02, 2013 11:29 pm

Blue grinned. She liked Sabre, the woman had a way with words that was capable of putting Blue at ease. Something that just said, she would be all right, just allow herself to listen to the woman and let the woman take her under her wing. Which was of course, a very nice thought. She had to admit, she thought a lot of the strong woman.

Yeah.. well.. I don't know if getting your own building exploded on you and completely collapsing on you counts as actual combat with an android, but I think I have the scars to prove there was a battle. she grinned warmly.

The woman said she was fine, but that she was hungry and would enjoy getting some grub which the guys that were with them were supposed to be cooking up. Though Blue winced at the use of her real name. Most people had heard the rumors that she went by Blue, most people had also heard 'of' Blue because of the technological genius that she was and the fact that no one expected, when she showed up, that she would be a beautiful half elf.

Call me Blue, please. Niara.. is.. ugh, it makes me feel like my mom is here. She's the only person that calls me that. John does sometimes, but.. it doesn't make me want to murder him yet. she chuckled warmly. Let's go get some grub

Blue grabbed her cane and pulled herself up off the cot. Her legs were not shaking now because they were in use again and she knew that as soon as she got food into her body she'd probably pass out from the pain pills numbing effects. Something that she sometimes almost craved like a vice by the end of the day. As they started for the door Sabre asked her a question, at first she thought it was a serious one but then it seemed to end, instead, in a bit of a playful question causing Blue to smile a bit.

Nah, I'm sure, knowing him, he's got eyes and ears around here all ready. But, I think.. he just thinks I take too much on all by myself and I'm not really.. good at knowing when to quit. Sometimes, that's true, but since the accident, my body seems to crap out on me before my mind does which isn't at all fun. she shrugged her shoulders as they exited the tent a bit.

My Uncle .. Kale McAllen actually put my name in for this job, because he got me in as a consultant. Which basically is his horrible way of saying I spend too much time locked inside my lab.. I think he refers to me as Dr. Frankenstien sometimes. she laughed a little bit, as they made their way to the fire. How did you get slapped with this job?
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The fact that Blue was smiling again was good. Sabre allowed the brief glimmer of her own smile to touch her lips. The way she described her "encounter" with the android was interesting and rather humble. Details about that particular incident slipped from her mind as she subconsciously began to search the technomancer's pale flesh for the scars she mentioned. Her tongue darted out, sliding along her bottom lip as if anticipating... something...

The tone in Blue's voice after Sabre had used her true name caught the demoness' attention. Crimson orbs rose back to meet Blue's own azure ones and she cocked her head to the side slightly. "I apologize if I offended you," she offered. "It really is a pretty name. Although, I suppose Blue does suit you rather well."

Sabre rose back to her full height when Blue did finally. She contemplated offering a hand to help the woman up, but decided against it. Best to let her fight the pain on her own, rather than shame her by insinuating she was weak. Sabre had killed people for less when it was her own reputation on the line. Perhaps violence wasn't exactly the technomancer's style... But the fact remained that nobody liked to be made to feel like they were less than they truly were.

Allowing Blue to lead the way out of the tent, Sabre paused when the other woman did. She let one hand fall to rest on the hilt of her sword casually while the technomancer spoke. Despite her irritation at being put down by the man, she was quick to defend him. A slight frown darkened Sabre's face and she stepped forward to put a hand on the woman's shoulder. "Don't ever let them think you're any less than you are. You're a smart girl who can take care of herself. Next time someone tells you that you can't handle something, you tell them to fuck off for me, eh?" she grinned, squeezing the woman's shoulder gently before letting her go to exit.

As she passed back out into the cold night air, the hairs on her arms rose involuntarily. The temperature had dropped a few degrees since she'd first entered the technomancer's tent and her mortal frame was beginning to dislike the crisp autumn air. Two familiar faces heading in her direction helped warm her blood, and as the rude pair of soldiers approached with food for the demoness, she moved to intercept them. "Ah, good. You got Blue's dinner for me. But you seem to have forgotten mine. Won't you be a pair of nice lads and fetch it for me?" she purred.

A smile graced her lips, but her eyes glowed with the threat of what would happen if they didn't oblige. She made sure to keep her back to the technomancer so that the woman was not victim to her death glare as well. Before they could turn to bolt off again in search of another serving, Sabre took the first from their hands and turned back to Blue. The sound of boots scurrying over packed dirt put a smile on her face as she held the food towards the technomancer.

Motioning towards a pair of chairs near Blue's tent, Sabre waited for the woman to seat herself before handing down the food. "Mine will be along shortly. Please, feel free to start eating without me," she smiled, plopping down into the empty chair.

The mention of Kale again piqued Sabre's interest. Crossing one leg over the other, she leaned back slightly, shifting the hilts of her swords so that she could sit comfortably. "He's part of the reason I'm here as well, oddly enough. He knows about my love for history, and put in a good word for me. My ah... record helped seal the deal." In truth, she wasn't sure why the Terran Guard had approved her for the mission, especially just weeks after destroying her own office space. Perhaps they thought she could use the time away from the office. Or perhaps they thought they might need her combat skills. The wastes were a dangerous place, after all, and she was nothing less than volatile right now. Best to keep her where there was less of an ability to cause a scene.

"So, tell me... What is Kale like when he's not trying to be all he can be?" Sabre chuckled.
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Muses, Museums, and Mayhem in Mass (Sabre)
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