A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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PostSubject: Points for Prizes   Points for Prizes EmptyWed Oct 03, 2012 10:15 pm

Hello fellow Dark Renaissance members! Below is an explanation of the point system we will be using here on DR which will allow you to further expand upon your character through your own hard work! As you earn points you can then exchange them for the prizes listed on ONE of your characters. Each character you have has it's own personal point total that belongs to them and cannot be traded between accounts. In the event of creating a signature or avatar you may choose one of your accounts to receive the points.

Your point total will be kept track of in the notes section of your application and will be handed out at the completion of a thread or graphics creation. Another thing to keep in mind is that when you purchase a prize half the points you use must come from actual writing (ie. Boss threads,events.plot driving threads etc.) and that once used they will be removed from the note section and a new note that shows the item bought will be set in its place. You can buy more then one item on the list should you have the points and multiples of any items except powers and custom magical weapons (These will be limited to a maximum of three per character.)

Finally the best part (and the one I am most excited about!) is that everything you see below is......PLAYER CREATED!!!! That's right ladies and gentleman when you pick your prize you simply come up with the ideas of what you want and submit it for approval to the mods. We will look it over just to make sure that it falls within the category of points you spent and as long as it does you will be given your own created idea to play with!. Feel free to take a look below and if you have any questions then feel free to PM a mod! .

1pt -Participation in big boss threads
1pt -Participation in events created by both the staff and the players (approved by the staff as a point earning event.)
3pt -Suggestions/Creations used to expand the site.
1pt -Making Signatures/Avatars for others (must go through the Siggy request board)
2pt - Participating in Plot driving threads created by the staff and players (Approved by the staff as a point gaining plot.)

As for Cost:

3pts - Name Change
4pts - Low Level Item
6pts - Medium Level Item
5pts - Magical Armor piece that could possibly belong to a set player wishes to build
8pts - Custom Magical or Technological weapon Level:Badass
5pts - Skill Book: Threads with progressive use yielding mastery
10pts - New Ability

Just to clear up any confusion that may be had about what the point totals on your application will look I have included an example here.

Mary sue created Zombies -3pts
Mary sue participated in Donnica boss thread and a plot driving thread- 2pt(one for getting involved in a boss thread and another for helping advance that plot.)\

Total points= 5

Mary Sue asked for armor of the wailing sirens= -5 pts

new total=0 pts.
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Points for Prizes
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