A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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 Seinshun Stormcaller

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PostSubject: Seinshun Stormcaller   Wed Mar 07, 2012 4:55 pm

• Seinshun • Stormcaller •

Name: Seinshun Evisar
Nickname: Stormcaller (after his rank)
Age: 24
Weight: 150 pounds
Height: Six feet and three inches.

Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Golden brown
Race: Magus – Evoker - Stormcaller
Residence: Celestis
Nationality: Avian

Play by: John Hoover

• all in the details •

Like his kin, Seinshun is very tall and lean. The smaller frame was evolutionarily necessary for flight. Despite that, Seinshun is just as strong as any human. His brown hair has naturally gone blond from all the hours he spends outside. He keeps it somewhat long to help block some of the sun’s rays from going into his eyes. Avians have a natural protection from the sun’s damaging rays. All of Seinshun’s digits, including his heels, have retractable talons.

Seinshun is a child of the war. The global truce has given him a sense of freedom though, something that all the sky people want. He still has his duties to Celestis, but he has his free time among the surface dwellers every so often. His feathers ruffle easily, but he is usually slow to lethal action. Used to the colder temperatures of the atmosphere, Seinshun feels quite warm on the surface. He has no qualms walking around half naked. Surface dweller shirts weren’t made for wings anyway.

Racial: Flight – Seinshun has a fifteen foot wingspan which often gets him confused for an angel by the mortal races. Seinshun’s wings resemble those of a silver morpher gyrfalcon. He can go for a few hours of flight before exhaustion. Avians prefer to glide as much as they can to extend this flight time. If Seinshun were to go unconscious during flight, his wings reflexively lock into place. He will then spiral slowly down until his fall is stopped or he regains consciousness.

Retractable talons: These are mainly for climbing but all Avians have strengthened their talons to be used for close combat fighting.

Keen sight: Seinshun has excellent vision. He can see much further than any normal human. It developed naturally as a means to catch prey and has helped greatly in battle.

Acclimatization: Avians adjust to different altitudes much faster than other races. They are used to living in the clouds where the air is thinner. They still limit their time on the surface so as not to get too adjusted to the higher air pressure.

Stormcaller Spells
Fogbank: Seinshun can draw the moisture in the air around a target to create fog. The longer he focuses on its casting, the thicker he can make it. It still obstructs his sight as well.

Lightning bolt: Seinshun can channel his mana to excite the particles in the air, causing lighting to strike from his hands to the designated location. It is natural lightening and therefore subject to conductors and resistors. He can modify the spell to give off a constant jolt, but that drains his mana reserves quicker.

Control winds: By flapping his wings forward as a gesture, Seinshun can generate a strong wing gust. This is a very handy spell for a flier as he can ride this new current. However, it expends the same amount of energy needed to fly the same distance. On the other hand, he can use the same change in air pressure to knock back opponents. Seinshun can also direct the wind into an opponent’s face to make it harder for him/her to breathe.

Stormcall: Seinshun can use a large percent of his mana to generate a lightening storm on the spot with torrential freezing rain. The idea is to make enemies flee from the spot. Seinshun has a natural resistance to the cold generated by the spell due to living in the clouds and has undergone extensive training to fight in the rain. He has no control over the lightening, however, and can still be struck by his own spell. If there are other stormcallers with him, he can control the strikes and can add hail to the mix.

Commune with birds: The Avian language is very similar to bird calls. This allows an Avian to speak with just about any species of bird on the planet.

Innate meteorology: Given his many years of flying alongside his training with the Flares, Seinshun is innately aware of changes in the weather. He is sensitive to air pressure which allows him to find thermals to assist him in flight. He cannot forecast the weather. Seinshun just knows ahead of time if a storm is coming, similar to how humans say their knees act up before one.

Aerial combat: Seinshun’s race lives primarily in the sky. It used to be their greatest advantage before the other races developed their own ways to fly. All Avian children learn how to hunt at an early age and then how to fight. A variety of weapons have been developed to assist in this endeavor. Seinshun has mastered two racial weapons: the swordbow and the foot spikes.

Swordbow: As the name suggestions, this weapon is both an archery bow as well as two swords. The swords resemble scimitars and join together at the pommels to form the bow. It does not use a bowstring but rather the weilder’s mana to produce and fire arrows. The arrows take on the form of lightning bolts and produce a thunderous cacophony on contact. Typically, the arrows do not cause bleeding as the electrical burns cauterize the wound. Seinshun still has to make the drawing and nocking motions before the weapon can fire.

Foot spikes: These boots end in spring-loaded spear tips. The springs allow the wearer to walk in the boots without damaging the spikes, which collapse into specially designed grooves on the bottom. An Avian will typically dive down and then try to land on its target. Kicking is not recommended but can still work, as the spikes will usually fold back.

Omnilingual: Seinshun has spent quite a lot of time among both the humans and the Children of Terra. He has picked up many of their languages if not all.

• the tale of a lifetime•

Seinshun is the son of a Flare and a Caster. Children of this kind of union are closely observed by both Circles. Most of the offspring take after one of the parents. A select few are chosen to join the ranks of the Stormcallers. Seinshun was one such Avian as he showed a great aptitude for both hunting and magic. He underwent a rigorous training regimen to become one of the famed battlemages. Seinshun wasn’t at the top of the class but was highly decorated by the Flares for his services.

Seinshun was in one of the Flare squadrons called the Aurorals, given their extraordinarily brilliant armor meant to blind their foes, during the Great Conflagration. He was quite effective at taking out human fighter planes. All that paled in comparison the day Terra decided to fight back. Seinshun watched in shock as his tumultuous event rocked the city and caused it to plummet to the ground below.

Finding himself in Indiana, Seinshun was reassigned to field defense. The resulting truce in 212 AC allowed the Flares to settle down a bit. He mainly spends his time guarding the convoys from the Other cities to bring resources to Celestis. If he’s not escorting trade caravans, he is with the ambassadors.

Auroral Armor - The Aurorals are a branch of the Flares that rise up like dawn to meet Celestis' foes. The armor of these warriors is highly reflective to redirect the sun's rays into their enemies' eyes. When not in direct light, the armor looks almost silver like a mirror. Direct light makes it an intense golden color. The main piece of the armor is a breastplate that covers the shoulders and goes halfway down to the elbow. Depending on the wearer's specialty, the forearms are covered in bracers or full guantlets. Seinshun is both a caster and an archer, so his set uses bracers of the same incredibly lightweight and reflective material.

There is a burnished dark spot on each bracer that absorbs sunlight and stores it in a crystal just above the wrist. These crystals can serve one of two purposes. One crystal, if exposed for about eight hours, can sustain Seinshun for a day without natural light. It is a sort of trail ration for Avians. Seinshun could instead discharge the solar energy in a beam of incredible heat and brilliance. A fully charged crystal can discharge in this fashion two times. The latter use is for one hit takedowns designed to get an attacker off the wearer or as a last minute weapon in case of disarmament.

Seinshun's lower body is protected in leather armor with the same reflective plates riveted on. The entire set weighs about fifteen pounds due to the Avian craftsmanship. Normal armor of this type would weigh double this, not to mention the use of leather straps also reduces weight. It is also specially cut to facilitate Seinshun's wings.
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Because everything is better with kittens
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Seinshun Stormcaller
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