A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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 Nikola Farnsworth

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PostSubject: Nikola Farnsworth   Sun Sep 30, 2012 12:29 am

• Nikola • Thomas • Farnsworth •

Name: Nikola Thomas Farnsworth)
Nickname: Nick, Rusty, Farnsworth
Age: 27
Weight: 152 pounds
Height: Five feet and ten inches.

Eye color: Left eye is brown, right eye is literally a sapphire
Hair color: Golden Brown
Race: Human
Residence: Bastion
Nationality: United States of America
Affiliation: Bastion Police Department - Metahuman Crime Division
Occupation:Research and Development, officer on the side

Face Claim: Will Estes

• all in the details •

Nikola is somewhat on the short side with a lean athletic build. His right arm, leg, and eye were lost in an explosion just before his seventeenth birthday and the end of the war. All have been replaced with Dwarven crafted prosthetics (see the History section). Each limb resembles a fusion of human musculature and steampunk components, similar to the clockwork museum automatons that draw pictures. Clamps pierce the flesh around his rotator cuff and hip joints. The prosthetics were not designed for aesthetics. This can be clearly seen in the sapphire that now resides in Nikola’s eye socket. There is some scar tissue around the eye where his face was burned. Philo is very conscientious of these augments and will try to hide them up the best he can. He will wear wide wraparound sunglasses during all hours of the day when in public. He also always wears long clothing and a right handed glove.

Nikola is incredibly clever and intelligent. He is quite the adept in physics, following his namesakes, however Nikola’s injuries pushed him along a different career path. He is always afraid that he will one day not be able to take care of himself. As such, he blatantly ignores authority figures when they tell him he physically can’t do something. He will push the limits of his body to prove them wrong. Nikola is ashamed that he is disabled but despises it when others treat him differently for it. It’s one thing for him to hide the scars. It’s totally different when they point it out or go out of their way to help him.

Although he won’t admit it publicly, the prosthetics are painful. Nikola has learned to deal with the phantom pain for the last ten years but some days just leave him curled up on the floor. Removing them doesn’t help. In fact, detaching them can be even more painful. The sapphire does not come out, so he is constantly trying to rub his eye. Nikola is not a candidate for Paladin replacements nor could he afford them anyway.

Eye of the sapphire: This arcane gem gave Nikola his depth perception back. It does not enhance his visual acuity; however, the gem does allow him to see at night in black and white. The gem also serves as a filter allowing him to see magical auras. Nikola has learned to associate the colors of the auras to specific schools of magic.

Dwarven made metal limbs: Like the sapphire, these arm and leg prosthetics do not enhance Nikola’s attributes. Both limbs have neuro-magical cables that connect to his nervous system. The strength and tone in each limb matches that of Nikola’s normal side. The leg has air compressors, so Nikola hisses when he walks. The basic structure was actually part of a Dwarven golem designed to be an advance scout, so basically cannon fodder. The arm is made of a bronze-like alloy that uses gears and cables to move. Nikola’s fine movements are possible because of mana crystals dotted along the structure. The crystals absorb ambient mana each day, but the arm itself is powered by clockwork mechanism. Nikola’s replacement leg is actually in appearance to a human with the same crystals allowing for fine movements in the ankle. He has to wind up the arm and leg one full revolution for each hour or else the limb locks into place until wound again. The brass key is worn about his neck so that he can always get to it. Nikola can’t always fit the arm into a shirt sleeve, so he found wet suit sleeve to protect it from moisture and prying eyes. The gears usually tear the material to shreds within the day. For operations like police raids, Nikola custom ordered dwarven armor pieces to fit over the limbs. They utilize the crystals more than the clockwork, but Nikola still has to make sure he winds up before suiting up.

Arm: This piece of armor adds protection to Nikola’s shoulder and forearm, two of the weakest areas of the golem appliance. The forearm is unique in that it has an extension for blocking slashing attacks along the medial aspect but also makes for a great handhold to pull him to the side. However, this piece also houses a Dwarven boost tube. Saying the word “karn,” which means mighty, triggers the mana crystals to redirect energy to the tube. This speeds up a punch and adds more power to it. Nikola prefers not to use it on people, but it is quite useful as a battering ram on locked doors. The boost tube only activates when the user says the activation word. The crystals can also discharge some of their energy upon Nikola saying “otung,” or shock in Dwarven, which delivers a stunning pulse into a grasped target. This effect would normally be more lethal except that the crystals are also powering the arm. Nikola can use a combination of both effects a total of six times per day. Forcing another discharge will leave the golem arm too weak to manipulate the armor.

Leg: A modified tube called a Dwarven boost boot resides in this piece of armor. It is activated by saying “rutod” (dash). Since Nikola only has the one boot, it doesn’t really help him run. He finds it useful for hopping out of the way or to give an extra oomph to a kick. It can also add a little bit more height to his jump. If he does use it to run, every other stride doubles for ten seconds. This booster can also only be used a total of six times per day before the golem leg runs out of power.

Ambidextrous: Until Nikola’s body learned how to use the prosthetics, he trained his left side to do everything he normally did with his right. He can catch, write, throw, and kick, etc. just as well with his left side. This helps on the job because the full armor is too thick and clunky to use the radio, shoot, or place handcuffs on someone.

Human lie detector: As one of the older boys in a government run Home for Boys, Nikola spent a fair amount of time around a group of liars (to get out of trouble for sticking gum in another kid’s hair). He has picked up on a lot of subtle clues adults give off when they too are lying. He has to study the subject for a few minutes before identifying his/her tell. It is also not one hundred percent accurate. It’s a good skill for a cop to have.

Tinkerer: The headmaster at the home tutored Nikola in the works of Nikola Tesla, Thomas Alva Edison, and Philo Farnsworth. Nikola can pretty much whip up any of their inventions and adapt them for more efficient uses. This also applies to Dwarven technology, as he has needed to make his own repairs to the prosthetics. Dwarven technology has allowed Nikola to consolidate some of the bulkier human components and yield the same power output.

Silvertongue: Try as he might, Nikola cannot hide all his ‘battle scars’. He can sometimes use this to his advantage by getting the Poor Dear card out. In their moment of pity, they open themselves up to a line of questioning they might otherwise not answer.

Bation PD Training: Nikola is a lab rat with a gun. He’s a trained investigator and a graduate of the Bastion Academy.

• the tale of a lifetime•

It was a dark and stormy night. Isn’t that how most stories go? Well, it was particularly true in this case. Oppenheimer’s Home for Boys had two late night guests, but one didn’t stay for very long. The other remained for seventeen years. Bastion’s safe haven law gave the parent the ability to drop off the child without being seen or pursued. Said child had been left with nothing but a newspaper to protect it from the rain. Mr. Oppenheimer, a part time physics professor and full time caretaker, named the infant after three of his favorite scientists: Nikola Tesla, Thomas Edison, and Philo Farnsworth.

Since the world was at war yet again, the number of couples looking to adopt was at an all time low. Oppenheimer received a government stipend for each ward, so he had no incentive to find them new homes. He got paid while the boys had three hot meals a day and a roof over their heads. That didn’t mean the good professor skipped on his duties. He homeschooled each of them and used the older ones as teaching assistants. Nikola was one of the few who actually took to physics. He was fascinated by the modern day technologies based on their work: power generators, light bulbs, and television. Nikola and Oppenheimer would build Tesla coils and all sorts of things for the younger kids to marvel at.

And then one of the last battles of the Conflagration happened. Oppenheimer had taken the older boys on a nature hike in the nearby mountains. No fighting had been reported in this area, so they had no reason to worry. Unfortunately, they walked right into an ambush. A list ditch effort had been made by the Others to box in the remnants of the American military in the Northeast. Thinking the orphanage group was a military unit because of their age and backpacks, the Others opened fire. A Dwarven artillery shell exploded near Nikola. He woke up hours later on an infirmary bed with a dwarf peering over him very closely. At least Nikola thought he was staring at a dwarf. He couldn’t really tell as only the left side of his body was functioning. All he knew for sure was that his right side was screaming in pain before he lost consciousness again.

Three days went by before Nikola was aware of the world again. He had slept right through the Enlightenment. Still in pain, Nikola realized he did have his functioning back. It just wasn’t with his right arm, leg or eye. After he had calmed down enough, a Dwarf physician explained the human had lost those anatomical components in the explosion. The Others had realized their mistake in attacking a group of innocents and tried to make up for it by treating their injuries. The good news was that Nikola’s was the most severe. He had been on the outskirt of the group which put him the closest to the shell. One of the dwarven scouting golems was the only thing that had suitable replacement parts for him, as dwarven physiology is much thicker and heartier. The medics had considered just an eyepatch, but a cleric had figured out how to make his body respond to the golem’s eye. Their philosophy was that the discomfort it would bring would be worth it.

The group returned home some time later. Nikola went to the hospital to see about more conventional prosthetics. Many simplistic ones were tried, as the medical insurance provided by the Home could not cover the expense of the newer and more realistic ones. Nikola developed severe allergies to any of the human made materials. The physicians concluded the Enlightenment had somehow altered Nikola’s body in a way that it would reject any other prosthetic. The clockwork ones were put back on, and he had to go see a dwarf every time the limbs acted up. He was eventually taught how to care for them himself. He bullied through the pain and enrolled in a technical institute. Since he would only be a minor for less than a year and therefore unable to remain in the Home, Nikola needed to be able to support himself.

Surprisingly, Nikola harbors no ill will towards the dwarves who hurt him. He was pissed as hell for a while but not anymore. It was difficult for him to get a job without a college degree, so Nikola turned to the Bastion Police Academy at the age of twenty-one. He had some difficulties with the physical requirements but was able to complete them. The police was a little leery of all the headaches and crippling pain, although he proved himself as an equipment guru and beat cop. Nikola started developing armor pieces for his prosthetics when he found himself dealing with more and more nonconventional crimes. He needed help, so he sought out the aid of a dwarf blacksmith named Toru Ironcrusher. Ironcrusher had been an armorsmith during the Conflagration and was part of the same contingent responsible for Nikola’s injuries. The two ultimately came up with his current attachments.

Three months ago, Nikola was transferred to the Metahuman Crimes Division under the Research and Development branch. The Dwarven ‘enhancements’ made him better suited for dealing with the major crimes aspect of the police. The ingenuity he could bring landed him the job. And the money’s not bad either.

Reference material for the prosthetics – These images were the closest I found to what I envisioned for Nikola.
Right arm- http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4085/5224028775_85d836a726.jpg
Armored right arm - http://www.skyrimforge.com/media/images/37/12/CaptureGlove1.JPG
Right leg - http://geek-news.mtv.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/bespoke_prosthetic.jpeg
Armored right leg - http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20120616175205/elderscrolls/images/thumb/2/28/Dwarven_Boots_SK.png/250px-Dwarven_Boots_SK.png

Nikola also has a special jeweler's loupe for wiring his creations. They resemble welding goggles and come with two magnifying lenses that pivot over the right eye.

Is this a Canon?: No

Is this your second character, and if so, who is your first?:Seinshun, Lance, and Jack
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Nikola Farnsworth
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