A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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 Senshi Erito

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PostSubject: Senshi Erito   Mon Sep 24, 2012 11:14 am

• Senshi • • Erito •

Name: Senshi Erito
Nickname: Sen
Age: 32
Weight: 130lbs
Height: 5'7

Eye color: Amber with swirling emerald as the iris. Looks like a small hurricane.
Hair color: Light weight and thin black vines that closely resemble hair.
Race: Woodling
Residence: Japan
Nationality: Japan
Affiliation: Samurai Order

Face Claim: Donnie Yen

• all in the details •

Being a woodling Senshi's "skin" is actually wood and is actually the same type of wood that would be harvested from a Camphor tree. This "skin" has a pale yet well polished finished look to it with the inner grain markings one would see when cutting a tree. His eyes are an amber sap color with emerald green iris's that swirl clockwise like a hurricane might. His hair is actually made of thin black vines with very small leaves sprouting from them vines which have white tips. It gives the appearance of black hair with whitened tips but upon close inspection once can easily tell the difference.

He wears traditional Samurai armor with an updated boost to its efficiency to better protect against more modern weapons. The armor is constructed of leather plates backed by small sheets of iron and connected to one another by rivets of a steel like silk. The armor is light weight and protects well against piercing melee attacks. The armor is green and gold in color with a light brown trim to match his woodling nature.

Belted on to the right hip he carries his Katana which was crafted for him by one of the legendary Japanese blacksmiths within the city that he trained. The blade has a old and worn look to it but is razor sharp. Made from a special Japanese steel called Tamahagane and folded two thousand times it is able to cut through a piece of silk dropped onto it.

Bound to the code of Bushido he embraces the seven virtues of the code (Rectitude,Courage,Benevolence,Respect,Honesty,Honor,Loyalty) and it shows in every aspect of his life. Senshi is the kind of guy who will show respect even to his sworn enemy and while he does get angry and frustrated it is extremely rare to see him act these feelings out. It is because of the Bushido code that others might see him as a rather dry fey as his sense of humor is a little different from everyone else.

He will remain even tempered and calm in most situations unless he is pushed to the point where his code is challenged or someone offends his code. Bushido is everything to Senshi and to disgrace ones self by breaking any of the virtues,Samurai or not, will cause him to act accordingly. A perfect example is if someone bigger is picking on someone smaller Senshi would step in and do to the bully what they were doing to in order to teach them a lesson.

Nenshō Burēdo(Burning blade): The swordsman is capable of slashing the sword at just the right angle and speed, causing the blade itself to ignite like a match. The intense heat will cauterize wounds after they have been dealt, set objects a fire, and burn any who touch it. Depending on the skill of the swordsman the flames will linger up to a minute after.

Oshitsubusu Burēdo(Crushing Blade): Even though a cutting cutting tool, a master of the Empowered Blade can channel all the force of his stroke for a single attack into a crushing blow that will not cut but pulverise his target.

Ishi Kattā(Stone cutter). Channeling his focus and energy into a single attack, a master of the empowered blade can embue a mundane blade with a supernatural sharpness that can cut through stone or other mundane metals.

Shōshitsu Burēdo(Vanishing blade): Through shere focus and swordsmanship a Master of the empowered blade can use his movements in such a way to make his blade become invisible for a split second allowing him to attack his opponent in a moment of confusion.

Suraishingu Nami(Slicing Wave): The Bushi can draw his sword with such ferocity that a cutting wave of force his thrown off of the blades edge and travels up to 20 feet from the swordsman. The wave can cut all things that would be nomrally cut by the blade itself, and will continue to travel until it disapates or encounters a large enough obsticle that it cannot overcome.

Narihibiku Burēdo(Resounding Blade): The Bushi can use his blade as a tuning fork for his spirit. While holding the blade drawn and concentrating, the metal will begin to reverberate. This resonance can be held in the blade for a short period of time (up to 60 seconds depending on the skill of the bushi, holding it any longer will cause the blade to shatter). When ready to release the energy of the attack, the Bushi must drive the blade into the ground at his feet. Upon contact a burst of explosive force will radiate outward in all directions with force equivilent to a hand grenade. All within a 10 foot radius of the blades strike point are effected except for the Bushi. When the debris clears the Bushi remains unharmed.

Burēdo No Dansu Hikari(Blade of Dancing Light): The most dangerous technique of the Virtues because it requires the Bushi to sheath his sword. The Bushi must focus all of his energy into the drawn blade and then sheath his sword. While sheathed the samurai focuses his intent into the saya (scabbard) to further empower the contained energies. When he breaks the seal by drawing his blade, lightening erupts from the saya's mouth and arcs across the battlefield striking all surrounding foes, leaving the Bushi's allies untouched.

Growth of Plant: A Woodling is innately a magical creature and its very presence has an effect on the land. Plant life is generally healthier when a Woodling is near it, and should a Woodling remain in one spot for an extended period of time, the land would naturally become more fertile. In times of need, a Woodling can focus this ability and accelerate the growth and maturation of plant life, but the process is extremely taxing on the land in which these plants grow. For example: If a Woodling were to stay at a farm for a time, the crop would be bountiful with no ill effect to the land. If that same Woodling were to force the crops to grow to maturation immediately, the ground would become fallow and be unable to support a crop the following year. In times of great need a Woodling could cause a small amount of plant life to burst to life and grow according to its whim by utilizing its own life force. In such cases, the more a Woodling accelerates plant growth, the more taxing it is on them.

Pass Plant: Being magical creatures that were born of the forest allows Woodlings to become one with it for a number of reasons, travel being one of them. Any Woodling can merge its body with a large enough plant (tree, bush, or area of ivy that is of equal size or larger than the Woodlings body), travel along its root system and any root systems touching it, and emerge from any large enough plant an instant later. While a Woodling can be seen merging into one plant and almost instantly emerging from another plant elsewhere, the process of merging is a slow one. For its body to completely pass from one plant to another, anywhere from thirty to sixty seconds is needed depending on the size of the Woodling and how much gear they are carrying. The magic that allows a Woodling to Pass plant affects any objects they are wearing on their person regardless of material.

Reproduce Plant: A Woodling, being the essence of plant life concentrated, has the innate ability to grow plants from its own body by force of will. The process consumes its energy and takes concentration, but a Woodling can grow and reproduce any form of plant life it has personally encountered. There are limitations to what a Woodling can reproduce however. They can easily cause vines to grow from their bodies, or flowers to grow from their hands or hair, but they cannot grow an entire tree from themselves. They can however, produce an acorn, that can be planted, and one day grow into a mighty oak. The more plant matter a Woodling generates, the more exhausted they become. At its peak, a Woodling can generate a quantity of plant matter equal to its own mass before becoming exhausted.

Plant Empathy: Woodlings possess a natural affinity with plant life. Although plants cannot communicate, unless they are a life spring tree of a Great Forest Spirit, a Woodling can sense impressions of events that have recently happened to any plant that they touch. This ability is similar to psychometery, and the farther back in time a Woodling tries to sense, the more taxing it is on their minds.

Woodland Creature Affinity: All Woodlings possess a natural affinity with the creatures of the forest. Any natural animal that is native to its lands will act as friendly to the Woodling. In times of great need woodland creatures have been known to come to the aid of Woodlings that nurture and protect their habitats.

Regenerating Slumber: Being creatures of the forest, a Woodling draws its power from Terra herself through her plants. Unlike animal life, Woodlings are incredibly resilient, and capable of bouncing back from a great deal of damage. On their own, they heal at about the same rate as a human with the same limitations on what can be healed as the human body. Woodlings, however, are not bound to only this method of healing. In times of great need a Woodling can merge with a large and healthy tree, to enter a state of hibernation. During this deep sleep, a Woodling's body is capable of completely regenerating to its original state. This process is slow and time consuming, taking anywhere from a week, to an entire year depending on how badly wounded a Woodling is.

Bugei Juhappan- is a host of different skills that Samurai must learn before they can become an actual Samurai. These skills are practiced daily until they become second nature to the Samurai so that there is no way for them to forget these things.

Poetry- It is also required that Samurai learn non combat skills to help expand there minds and keep them in touch with there creativity and imagination. Senshi grew found of writing poetry and is a rather well known poet within Japan although he gets none of the credit because he gives his work away to others so that they might prosper from it.

• the tale of a lifetime•

The quite and beautiful forest of Japan called Kashima Jingu was the sacred home in which Senshi began his journey. The day he became a Briar was the day that he needed to decide where his life would be going and so he used the new abilities he had acquired to start down the road to discovery.As he prepared to head out a Japanese Macaque jumped down upon his shoulder and began to pick at the vines on his head. the Macaque was his gift from the forest and he named it Koutai. The two were Spirit bound to one another and could speak telepathically with each other.

He spent his first two years moving around the cities and learning from other Fey and humans about the different roles that one might be able to play within the society of the growing country. He also learned about how the cites assimilated the smaller communities and towns to run more efficiently and because of this the forests and wild life were given more room to grow and thrive then ever before. This not only pleased him greatly but caused him to understand and respect the human race even more.

Woodlings were very private and reclusive creatures by nature but with the changes Japan had undergone since the bombs were dropped he found that he no longer needed to hide to prevent humans from hunting his kind. In his studies of what could be done he came to the decision of joining the Samurai order and immediately set upon trying to become a member of this prestigious and renowned order. His appearance was that of a full grown human male plant which off set a lot of people. He was to be turned down at first until he explained that he was in fact only seven years of age but with the knowledge and ability of an adult human.

They tested him first to make sure he would be able to keep up and he spent a year proving himself to his teachers and the students both. Finally accepted into the ranks once he proved he was all they could want in a pupil and more he spent the next twenty years training and working with other Samurai to prefect his skills and grow as an individual. He watched as three separate classes came,trained,and became samurai before he finally felt himself ready to set out on the world and become a full fledged Samurai. However all of his training as not wasted as he managed to do something no other Samurai had done and that was to call upon the virtues in the form of attacks that would help him in battle.

Hired the moment he left by a wealthy lord Senshi went to work protecting the man and his lands from all those who would cause him or his people harm. He had a few run in's with bandits and thieves but he always managed to come out on top of the situation. In his time there the lands of his lord saw great prosperity and the people ate well. Things were not to last however as his lord was an older man and soon died of natural causes. He had no living family and in his death he left everything he owned to Senshi who then took what he was given and turned it over to the people.

A ronin now or lordless Samurai, Senshi travels Japan following the code of Bushido and everything that comes along with it. He defends the weak and small while helping those in need even if it is just mundane daily tasks that someone could use a helping hand with. He embraces his people and does what he can to help them while roaming the land from city to city with his pet macaque.

Koutai- This is Senshi's spirit bound familiar. they can speak with one another telepathically and see through each others eyes. They also feel each others pain to some extent and should Senshi die Koutai would also perish. However should Koutai die Senshi would still live however he would carry with him a pain like that of a parent losing a child.


Creation of Fallen Race: +3 points
Creation of Forsaken Race: +3 points
Expanded Write-up of Fiends: +3 points

Point Total: 9 Points

Is this a Canon?: Nope

Is this your second character, and if so, who is your first?:Daven
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Senshi Erito
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