A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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 Malik Karver

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PostSubject: Malik Karver   Wed Mar 07, 2012 4:13 pm

• Malik • Karver •

Name: Malik Karver
Nickname: Mal
Age: 60
Weight: Human: 250 lbs Werelion: 800 lbs
Height: Human: 6'4" Werelion: 9'2"

Eye color: Human: Brown Werelion: Bright Amber
Hair color: Human: Black Werelion: Tawny Brown
Race: Human / Werelion
Residence: Librium. Armored Troop transport in the surrounding lands.
Nationality: Omni Corp Sanctuary 4

Play By: Shemar Moore

• all in the details •

The life of one born to be a soldier is etched plainly into his body. Harsh life, years of combat, and unbreakable habits to remain in peak condition give him the look of a man forged from steel. Brown have the hard gaze that has looked upon violence and tragedy without turning away. These are the two traits that stand out when people first see Malik. His black hair is cut close, and a goatee usually graces his chin. Because of his work, Malik is usually dressed in functional clothing, and well armed.

When Malik unleashes the beast within his muscle mass quadruples and he grows to a height of over nine feet. Like the Lions that roam the plains, Malik's body is covered in tawny brown fur, and his hulking upper body is crowned by a dark mane that grows from his head and shoulders. It frames a feline head with burning amber eyes, and a powerful jaw of razor sharp teeth. His large pawed hands when opened wide are easily the size of a man's chest, and tipped with six inch long retractable claws that with his strength could possibly rend steel. Trailing behind him to complete his feline transformation is a long tail crowned by a tuft of thick black fur.

War changes people either for the better or the worst, but what if the person has known nothing but war? Malik had to be cold and cruel from the beginning, because his upbringing and training taught him nothing else. As life experience shaped him into a man, his interactions with others tempered his fire because he realized that not everyone was the enemy as he had been taught. Either by choice or by instinct, Malik developed a loyalty to those who earned his respect that was as fierce as the beast inside him.

Malik is quiet and thoughtful, but when he does choose to speak even his quietest words are heard because of the weight they carry. Unlike other New Breed or soldiers, Malik is extremely slow to anger. He exhibits a rare amount of patience, but when he reaches the breaking point of his tolerance his rage is terrifying. Now in times of peace, with no army to fight for Malik seeks to make a world of his own on his own terms. He shares this world with those who have earned his respect and loyalty. Over the years this collection of unique individuals has in many ways become his family, his Pride.

Malik was born a Werecreature of the New Breed. Like other werecreatures he possess heightened senses, increased strength, speed, agility, and durability. These vary in potency based on the phase of the moon, and differ slightly in distribution based on his species, but remain consistent with all Weres.

Heightened Senses: Whether in Human or Werelion form, Malik's sense of taste, touch, sight, hearing, and smell are all far superior to a normal humans.

Strength, speed, and agility: Like all Werecreatures Malik possesses increased strength and speed. These vary based on the phase of the moon, increasing as the impending full moon nears. In human form the increase varies from three to five times that of a normal human. In Werelion form, the increase is seven to ten times that of a normal human. The distribution of his overall power is different from other Weres because of his species. A Lion was chosen to emphasize strength and power. What gains he has gained in strength was made from the equal sacrifice in speed. Even though he is not as fast as other weres because of his size and muscle mass, Malik still retains his amazing feline balance and agility.

Durability: Like all weres Malik posses increased durability, and a slightly increased rate of healing.

Malik is a trained soldier with battlefield experience. He is well versed in hand to hand combat, small, medium, and heavy firearms, explosives, and hybrid weaponry.

• the tale of a lifetime•

Malik was born at the height of the war in Omni Corporations Sanctuary 4. The Sanctuaries were guarded locations where New Breed Werecreatures were bred and raised. Once they were old enough to be shipped away, the children were sent military bases where previous generations of New Breed Soldiers taught them how to be soldiers and survive in war. From the beginning Malik took to his training, and possessed a natural leadership quality. His teachers saw this as a stubborn streak and pushed him harder than others in an attempt to break him of it and make an obedient soldier. They failed in their task of breaking his will, but they succeeded in teaching him patience.

Like other New Breed, Malik served in the war faithfully following orders and carrying out any mission he was given. He fit well in the life because it was all that he had ever known, and seemed like all he ever would know. Thirty five years in war is an eternity, but the Enlightenment brought forever to an end. The world erupted in fire and quakes that lasted for weeks, devastating both sides, and putting a stop to al fighting.

With the war ended, and the Treaty of Terra forcing his discharge from the military, Malik needed to find another path in life. It was now that his unbroken stubborn spirit would serve him best. Malik refused to rejoin the military and be a government pawn. Instead he struck out on his own and uses his skills to make a living any way he can. Now he is a soldier of fortune, choosing his own missions if the pay is right.

In the first few years following his discharge from the military, Malik worked as a mercenary on high risk assignments. He used the money that he made from those jobs to salvage and repair an armored troop transport vehicle that was once used by the Human military. Similar to an eighteen wheeler that had been modified for greater mobility on adverse terrains, Malik had it modified to suit his purposes. Its interior has enough space to serve as barracks for up to ten people, a small armory, and a cargo hold for transporting items or rift beasts. The exterior of the transport is armor plated, with three turrets for defense. It is powered by a mana conversion engine that collects mana while the vehicle is at rest, and processes it to provide power.
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Malik Karver
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