A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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 About Japan

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PostSubject: About Japan    Sat Sep 22, 2012 3:45 pm


The Start of Unity: August 4th, 1945 the atomic bombs were dropped on Japan and a fey sanctuary was decimated in the crossfire along with the cities of Japan which brought about the war that raged for two centuries. While other countries fought against the fey and both sides battled for control genocide, Japan found common ground on which to unite with the fey in time of strife. The bombs that were meant to end the war hurt both races in Japan, and as the humans began to rebuild the fey made themselves known. Moved by their shared plight the people of Japan helped the Fey as well as their own to recover from the tragedy that had befallen them. Together they tried to rebuild what both races had lost.

Through the mutual destruction in Japan both sides met and agreed to help one another through the hard times that were forced upon them by the rest of the world. Peace reigned within the archipelago that was the country as both sides became one united front rather than two sides separated by their differences. The Japanese people always had a healthy respect and honor for the fey, which made the transition easier for both sides to accept one another.
While the war did reach the shores of Japan in the form of surrounding human nations and fey trying to encroach upon the territory it was pushed back easily by the untied front of both races working hand in hand. This not only allowed Japan to suffer very little in the form of battle scars from the war, but to grow in a time that other nations and powers suffered heavy losses and constant battle.

Advancement through old ideas: Oil and gasoline were hard to come by as producing such things required man power in acquiring and transporting these imported goods, and the world was too focused on the war it was fighting for these things to be made as abundant as before. The humans and the fey worked together on coming up with a source of power that did not require them to harm mother Terra to obtain and with this idea in mind they revisited the steam power as an alternative. Cities were transformed as well as ships and weapons, everything was gradually converted to run off the power of steam. Through this new power source not only did the races of Japan quickly find a new way to power the country, but they began grow even faster in the wake of both the bombs and the war that ravaged the world. Steam power was not the only change that the country saw in their struggle rebuild and carve out a niche in the world. Through the magic of the fey and the beliefs and martial arts of the human race the Samurai way of life was reborn within the country.

The ideals seemed to fit perfectly with the new way of life that had been established between the Fey and the humans. The fey learned the martial arts and the code of Bushido from the humans while the humans were gifted with both magic and abilities by the fey. Through their combined efforts the old warrior code was reborn with a new warrior to uphold it. Magic was not the only influence to give rise to this new warrior. The inspiration of steam power drove scientific minds to find ways to contribute to this second renaissance of Bushido. It was this desire that gave birth to the mechanical samurai that were powered by steam, and used as shock troops in battles against invaders. These new inventions were strong enough, and quick enough to hold their own in combat, but were unable to utilize the new magic that was imbued within the samurai order since they were merely soulless machines. Through years of living with one another and mutual assistance the country has grown strong and self reliant without the need for outside help. The whole of the nation is powered by steam and mana while its military consists mainly of the new steampunk samurai and ninja. Fey and Human alike live in harmony throughout the country with only minor renegade bands here and there trying to revive the idea of separation of the races.

Samurai: The Samurai make up the most prestigious fighting force within the country of Japan and is comprised of both Fey and Humans alike. They are sworn not just to a liege lord, but to their country as defenders of its peace and law. They are trained from a young age in not only martial ways of the body and sword, but also in calligraphy, art, and a myriad of other scholarly pursuits. The samurai are not looked at as simple warriors that fight, but as a symbol for others reassuring them that: Japan is still strong and will not only overcome any strife or adversity, but will emerge victorious and stronger. People look upon them as extraordinary heroes who will lay down their lives for any one of their countrymen should the need ever arise.

Samurai are bound by the code of Bushido and the Seven Virtues that it represents in the Way of the Warrior. Righteousness, Courage, Benevolence, Respect, Honesty, Honor, and Loyalty are the virtues by which the Samurai lives its life, until the day that it should end. If the samurai fails to uphold any of these Virtues, they are disgraced, and to regain their lost honor must commit seppuku which is a ritual suicide. This ultimate sacrifice made to uphold the Virtues not only regains that honor, but actually catapults it to new heights in the eyes of the society that admires them.

Should a samurai no longer serve under a lord that samurai becomes a ronin or a masterless samurai, and although they have no lord to serve they are still expected to uphold the code of Bushido in all things. Fey and humans alike serve the country as samurai and will fight to the death to defend not only the honor they themselves have, but the honor of Japan herself and all the people that dwell within.

NINJA: Masters of stealth and assassination ninja schools in the new society of Japan are a very closely guarded secrets. Their secretive order consists of many different schools and practices. They are neither good nor evil, but rather play a neutral rule within the society, and use their skills to the purpose for which they were paid. Personal morals and ideals can influence a Ninja's decisions in matters of which contracts to accept or who they allow to use their services. If Samurai are the warrior elite sworn to uphold law and order the Ninja are the grey area of Japanese society that do the jobs others will not.

Again these shadow warriors are trained from a very young age to master all forms of combat and a variety of weaponry and tools that can be used to help them complete the tasks they are hired for. The most notable difference between ninja and samurai is that the Ninjitsu schools for the most part only accept humans within their walls. Only a few schools accept fey to train in the ways of the ninja and even then it is very rare to hear of one.

There is no code to ninja life other than: Never attack another ninja from the same school, and never bring disgrace upon ones school and master. If any ninja were foolish enough to break this one sacred law that is accepted by one and all regardless of clan, they are condemned to death and hunted down by their own clan until they are finally put down.

Yakuza: The dark underbelly of Japan is run by the Japanese mafia known worldwide as the Yakuza. Japan remained strong and able to grow and with it everything that originated from Japan did the same including the Yakuza. They are not just a normal group if crime syndicates, but are very organized and live by a strict code that is all their own. Breaking any of these codes in any way results in swift action and discipline that most times comes in the form of death.

The structure of this organization is based on Oyabun-kobun where the Yakuza boss (Foster Parent) is owed allegiance by every member of the organization (Foster Children). They refer to it in such a way because when you join the yakuza you are a member of the family and are expected to conduct yourself as such. Fighting from within is not tolerated nor is disrespect of the family head and both are dealt with violently.

While at one point there were many different families the dropping of the bombs and the rebuilding of Japan forced a major restructure to the Yakuza families. Those members that survived the blast were absorbed into other families. This goodwill fostered an era of cooperation that allowed the Yakuza to gain a foothold in Japan that neither the Fey nor the Humans could pry loose. Fey have been welcomed into the families, but like all members they must start at the bottom of the organization and must prove themselves worthy of moving up through the ranks. In the years that followed the Yakuza gaining such a strong root in Japan, the greed that comes natural to the criminal element has once more given rise to the classic disputes over territory, money, and pride.

Even though it isn't admitted by any of its members Fey or human, there is an internal prejudice that exists among the Yakuza ranks. When fey join the Yakuza ranks they are seen as lower than the lowest human member, even though they supposedly hold the same rank. They are often the scapegoats used when botched jobs occur, or the object of aggression when their superiors are angry. However once they prove themselves and are welcomed into the organization fully, they are seen as equals with the humans they serve beside. The only rule within the family is that a fey will never be able to rise above the rank of lieutenant as they wish to keep them from taking too much power within the group itself. No fey has ever been given the rank of Chief or Underboss, so there is no hope of a Fey ever succeeding the Oyabun to become head of a family.

Japan Now: With the introduction of steam as the major source of energy within Japan everything has been converted and redone over the years to better except this form. Electricity is created by the Steam Stations which are power plants where massive cisterns of water are heated by a mana induction process to create huge amounts of steam that turn giant turbines. Fey made materials optimize the output and collection process so that it can then be channeled out to the various cities. The steam is then cooled, and the condensed water is reintroduced to the cisterns which keeps the process entirely self contained and self perpetuating. Magically hardened pipes run through the cities, guiding the wires to their destinations, protecting them from attack, and the elements, because steam power is the nation's life's blood. Larger buildings have been known to have their steam generators, which are smaller versions of the Steam stations, so they do place a burden on the nations power grid.

With the war there was little desire to create new materials to use in making homes and such and so Japan is comprised mainly of things that could be recycled from the cities devastated by the bombs and smaller such sites. polished brass, iron, wood, and leather are the main components used by the Japanese to create their homes and environs. As it grew smaller cities and towns were torn down to give the country as a whole more materials to use and the people living within these places were given homes within the major cities.

With the assimilation of these smaller cities and towns came the new growth of the forests and wilds that once ran rampant in these areas. Because of this animals were given more areas to reproduce and live, and thus leather became much easier to obtain. Another benefit of this was that the natural homes of most fey were able to be found and they had little trouble reestablishing themselves once more and came back even stronger. The end result of it all was that the bombs that were dropped on Japan to bring it to its knees actually ended up strengthening the country as a whole, and forging the bonds between fey and humankind.
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About Japan
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