A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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 Evyn Frost

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PostSubject: Evyn Frost   Wed Sep 19, 2012 6:23 pm

• evyn • rosalynd • frost •

Name: Evyn Rosalynd Frost
Nickname: Evy
Age: 25
Weight: One hundred and twenty nine pounds
Height: Six feet

Eye color: Blue with a silver starburst around the pupil.
Hair color: Red sometimes seemingly a deep auburn.
Race: Auroran and Avian
Residence: Librium
Nationality: Elyrian
Affiliation: The Aurora Project
Occupation:Odds and Ends

Face Claim: Emma Watson

• all in the details •

Evy is a waifish short of woman. She is tall standing at a sturdy six feet in height, and with her low weight makes her quite thin. That doesn’t mean she is without some curves, it just means it’s harder to find them in certain clothes. It also doesn’t help that with her being homeless she doesn’t get much to eat. Upon further inspection one would be able to count every rib on her body and see a concave area where there should be a flat stomach.

Evy’s hair is a vibrant red color that catches the sunlight and shimmers with gold highlights that are natural. Her eyes, almost give her away as to what she is if you’re paying attention. However, since most people do not know about Auroran’s the silver ring around her pupil is just an interesting characteristic. Her skin is very pale and never tans or burns.

Her wings are nearly the same color as her hair. They start out as a soft tawny color closer to the root of the feathers and slowly fade to a vibrant red much like her hair by the very tip. Her feathers have always been something of a pride to her, though currently unwashed and dirty she does her best to keep them cleaned.

To say Evy has trust issues, is to make an enormous understatement. Due to her past, she is the kind of girl that looks at everything wondering ‘what is in it for them’. Believing truly, that no one does anything out of the kindness of their own heart. It is not something she herself has ever experienced. Evyn tends to be a big closed off, clipping her words and making her sentences shorter than they have to be. As such, Evyn does not have very much confidence in herself. She feels as though she is completely worthless and is shocked daily when she wakes up and finds herself unscathed.

When she has activated her StarDust qualities, she finds herself much more confident. Knowing that her abilities are the one thing in life that she can count on for anything. She feels powerful and knows that she will not let herself down. It is when she is activated that one can see the true spark of happiness within Evyn. The spark that her normal human self let go of a long time ago.

Evyn is an Auroran. The race that was actually created. Once an Avian, her powers are of the more natural kind. Being an Auroran, her true powers are only activated in a time when she is in emotional distress. When she needs them the most. And only for half an hour at the most. These powers then will disappear when her body goes back into hibernation.

Auroran Powers: Being an avian, her powers were always of the airborne variety, however, now that she has been infused with StarDust her powers have altered. When she is activated, her body nearly completely transforms. Turning from that of a girl, into a more birdlike girl creature. Her face elongates and her mouth turns into a beak lips disappearing all together. The beak is skin colored however, and her nose too is fused into the beak. The beak itself is a decent weapon as it is sharp and with her newly formed jaw is able to place a great deal of pressure onto the object she is biting. Easily able to bit hard enough to wound severely, or even to take a finger or ear off easily. Not to mention, that if she pecks someone and it lands, the pointed nature of her beak will most certainly be as a shallow stab wound.

Her entire body will be covered in the same color feathers as the rest of her body. Though the feathers on her stomach and chest are much lighter in color than those on her back and head. Her eyes will widen outward giving her much better vision, though not at night, at night she is not able to see if there is no ambient light. Her feet turn into talons, and they can cause a great deal of harm with the three main toes, and the one back talon that is curved to deal extra damage.

Screech: A loud, super sonic sound that is very jarring to the person hearing it. Projected outward, towards where her face is positioned, the sound will form a cone that can carry up to thirty yards. This sound will disorient most people, and incapacitate those that have highly sensitive hearing. The sound causes confusion easily. Giving her a chance to put her talons and beak to use. The screech can also be used to stop certain projectiles. If timed properly, the projectile will hit a wall of sound, causing it to change direction instead of coming right at her. She is incapable of stopping anything, however, larger than a small missle.

Razor Tips: Her feathers, the ones on the ends of her wings, are all covered with razor blades. Because they are hidden underneath the feathers, it is not obvious that these exist until she throws them out. They are much like throwing daggers. She can toss them out or she can keep them with her, allowing her wing itself to be the weapon.

Whirlwind: Flapping her wings, begins to create a whirlwind, with her extra dexterity being a human and a bird she is able to control her wings a lot better. Allowing, her to create and send out a small cyclone no larger than four feet at the top, that will harm, and suck up small debris. If a person is hit by it, they would not be sucked up, but instead tossed to the side, and come out quite confused.

Fire Storm: Some of her feathers, four on each wing, are tipped with a special explosive that allows them to explode on contact. She is capable of tossing them into buildings or even people. Causing a great deal of explosive damage. They must hit a mark before they explode. They are not heat seeking, merely explosive on contact.

Healing Tears: If driven to tears, she can heal medium to small wounds with a single tear. Even poisons can be healed with her tears. Healing small stab wounds, slashes, cuts, bruises, and the like. The tear has to hit the wound specifically.

Survivalist: Being homeless has made her a bit ruthless at times when it comes to survival. She had no problems picking pockets, stealing a bag of food right out of someone’s hand, or digging in the dumpsters for uneaten tidbits from restaurants.

Fighting: Each Auroran was taught how to fight. Especially, hand to hand. She knows how to use weaponry, mainly guns, and a small pocket knife that she carries with her at all times.

• the tale of a lifetime•

There is not much of her history that Evyn remembers. There is a file somewhere that has written down that her parents were both of Avian descent. That they had too many mouths to feed as it was, with sixteen brothers and sisters before the young redheaded Avian came about. That file would also comment that the woman looked quite frazzled and the young man with her was basically forcing her hand across the signature line. There is no actual proof of the other children.

Once paid, the couple were never heard from again. At less than a year old, the nameless avian child was sold to the Aurorn Project for a sizeable sum of money. They were, of course, quite excited to have found an avian child they would be capable of working on. Infusing StarDust into as many different species as possible was most definitely on their ‘to do’ list.

While she was being raised, she was sent to two of the scientists, to take care of until she was old enough to care for herself. She barely remembers them. The scent from the woman, of soft lavender and rosemary, and being tossed by the man. They were fired when she was only two years old.

The infusions of StarDust had started well before that. Most of the children they were given had been of older ages. The youngest thus far had been five. Thus, when they got their hands on the baby that was not yet six months old, they began to infuse immediately. It did not matter the side effects, and in fact, since the child was still developing in many ways they were quite floored as to what exactly happened to her body. The effects began showing immediately.

In a few years, her changes were easily noticeable. Every time she got angry, was made to fight, or was in danger, she changed. Feathers covering her body, talons sharpening, even the biology of her feathers were different. They were not just feathers, they were feathers with razor tips, or special capabilities. The scientists were quite pleased.

She continued to be raised in the lab. A small room that was her own. Shared with no one even though there were other children raised in the lab as well they were not usually allowed to co-mingle. Most of the time the only time they were shown to one another was to observe and then to fight. Pitting child against child until there was a yield or one of them was too injured to get up.

At twelve, they were starting to be trained into a force. An army. To follow those that had been trained before them. They were placed in groups, taught how to fight together, instead of each other. Hard going at first because, that was all they were used to. But, the scientists worked hard with some of those that were much more gifted in the armed forces and soon the group of children were being cultivated to be a formidable force.

Evyn and the other children would never see actual combat however. The forced treaty came and Aurora was forced to shut down. The children were banished. The building shut down. Aurora moved it’s quarters elsewhere, but cast out all their current projects. It was now illegal to do experimentations. Evyn was one of twenty eight children cast out that day. With nothing but a little money and some identification.


Evyn is completely illiterate. Incapable of reading outside of the smallest of words. About on a third to fourth grade level. Tops.

Her name came about from her Project Identification Number. EV-YN-A60

Is this a Canon?: No

Is this your second character, and if so, who is your first?: Blue, Kimber
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Evyn Frost
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